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Discuss how your research question developed, if at all? Why/why not?

Began with how the media portrays the black lives matter movement.
Now based around how the media influences this movement.

Demonstrate evidence of sustained research into your chosen issue in your

Google site.This should include at least ONE research entry during each Integrated
Learning lesson. You should ensure that you:
have found appropriate resources from varying perspectives and
summarised these in your own words
Have analysed these resources and evaluated their usefulness to your
research question


Police brutality is defined as the use of any force exceeding the

reasonable in order to accomplish a lawful police purpose
Black Lives atter- international activist movement- against violence a
systematic racism towards black people.

Police brutality is mainly focussed in America where roughly a thousa

deaths per year are caused by their law enforcement. It is a major issue which has
people questioning more than just the physical brutality to the issue. Racial reason
is being blamed for the actions which police take where the movement of
#BlackLivesMatter has evolved.
Further insight into the issue, it is recorded that majority of lives being taken
these brutal events are black Americans
"Every 28 hours, a black man, woman, or child is murdered by police

vigilante law enforcement"


Areas of concern include:

Discrimination against race
#Blacklivesmatter especially cultured within America. Enforce

around the world

A culture of violence in law enforcement
Perceptions of people such as police
Mass incarceration
School to prison pipeline ((increasing amounts of kids being placed in
juvenile detention centers)

The #BlackLivesMatter movement evolved after a striking case of police brutality.

Recent Cases/News stories based on issue of Police brutality:
Michael Brown- 18 yrs old, Ferguson, Missouri

Shot dead by officer Darren Wilson

Sparked the #BlackLivesMatter movement
In result of this the issue of police brutality has become a major issue raised. The t
of Ferguson has now become a constant war zone between law enforcement and
people fighting for the black community rights
Police brutality particularly abused against Black Youth.

Huge protests and rivalry over the aspect of black discrimination in America.

Celebrities acting on the issue

"We know that right now the struggle for freedom and justice is real. We live
the most incarcerated country in the world There are more black men under correctio

control today than there were under slavery in 1850" John Legend
Beyonc has taken an open stand in the Black Lives Matter movement, inje
her videos and lyrics with pro-black messages and taking police forces to task - Beyonc

Another portrayal made by the media:

"The only specific "evidence" the conservative media has actually off
for this accusation is an inflammatory anti-police chant shouted by some
demonstrators at a reent protest at the Minnesota State fair and social media
statements of a handful of individuals who use the phrase Black Lives Matter but
actually have no direction connection to the active participants or organizers of th
BLM movement itself""


The #AllLivesMatterMomvement. Relating to rather than just conside

the BLM people are starting to advocate the ALM. Although people of the BLM
movement are finding this offensive and defeating the purpose.

The nature which has come due to the BLM movement also involves a very negative side.
have been recent riots, protests and explicit violence due to the confliction between police
people supporting the black lives matter movement
Michael Brown
Trayvon Martin
Age 18

Age 17

From Ferguson Missouri

Sanford, Florida

Shot dead by Officer Darren Wilson in 2014

Shot dead by Officer George Zimmerma

Sandra Bland

Eric Garner

Age 28

Age 43

Waller County Texas

New York City

Found dead hung in jail cell after being arrested

due to a minor traffic violation imposed by racial

violence against her.

Tamir Rice

Rekia Boyd

Age 12

Age 22

Cleveland, Ohio

Chicago, Illinois

Shot by officer Timothy Loehmann and Frank Garmback

after having a toy gun in his waitband. Died the following
day in 2014

Killed by detective Servin. He

"mistook" a cell phone for a g

Police +


Kept in chockehold for about 15-19

seconds whilst getting arrested. Resu
in death.

to report police brutality

Write everything down as soon as possible
Consult with an attorny or someone else of high importance that can help
File a police misconduct report

43% of police officers in 2000 felt that following 'the rules' was not compatib
with 'getting the job done.' Whew.
25%- of police officers surveyed stated that they've witnessed fellow officer
harassing a citizen 'most likely because of their race"
79% are not satisfied with the way that the justice systems deals with the
individuals that they arrest
84% surveyed have witnessed other officers use more force necessary to ma
an arrest.
16% of police officers "never" use more than the force "necessary."
https://www.humanrights.gov.au/complaints/complaint-guides/makingcomplaint/complaints-under-racial-discrimination-act - racial Discrimination Act
Australia's Act about racial discrimination. What is unlawful.


The concept of AllLivesMatter has also evolved to repel against the BlackLivesMatter
movement. Media has recently reported violence related to this controversial issue. The




L1- conducted researching on BLM

L2- Continues researching on BLM
L3- found perspectives on the BLM as well as more victims of police brutality
L4- Worked on finding real life cases and statistics to support
L5- Found information about the opposite views towards the BLM and police brutality
L6-Continued research as well as analysing current research

Show how has your mentor assisted in helping you think critically about this
Show evidence of a bibliography.