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Statement of Purpose

Submitted by - Ye Wint Thu

I used to write engineering and naval architectural articles on Facebook page in the purpose of
sharing knowledges to maritime students. One day I lost confidence to write theses because the
education levels all other admins and authors of the page are higher than me. I felt something is lost
in my writings compared to theirs. My writings came from workplace, so they are more experiential
than educational. Experience is about the past and education predicts the future. Experience is a kind
of repetition, so I cannot move forward without advanced education. Since then, Ive decided to
improve myself by studying at a higher level.
After making decision to make further study, I had brain-stormed to choose which type of course to
choose. While working in Singapore, I could apply part-time course in Singapores leading
universities. But these part-time courses are based on course work approach. I hesitated to apply
coursework-approach master degree since my ultimate goal in life is to become a researcher in
Last month, I visited to my friend who is studying at Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand. Staying in
campus with him, I was motivated by research students around me. They were very active in
developing their research thesis. I felt like I was in right community. That visit made my decision
strong. When I found about this scholarship program, I felt that the time is ripe to implement my
When I looked back to undergraduate student life, I found myself happily in classes concerned with
structural analysis. Starting form engineering mechanics to finite element method, I did not feel boring
to attend these classes. Force, stress, section modulus, bending, shear, bearing, etc. are very
fascinating terms for me. Again in work, building model, applying loads and analyzing the structure
are never tiring process for me. My deep concentration on structural analysis never fails to attract me
to work late at night.
Now I am working on the design of derrick and substructure for drilling rig to get API SPEC 4F
certificate. This process involves a lot amount of structural calculations and ANSYS modelling and
analysis. Using a standard or specification to develop a design is not a great deal, but ability to write
these standards need a lot of researches and efforts. I would like to be the one who can write these
standards and specifications.
Risk assessment is one of the branches of engineering I interest. Risk assessment involves in every
steps from contract review to actual product operation. Marine structures are always experiencing
unexpected conditions, and it will be very interesting if I have a chance to study different kinds of risks
on different kind of conditions. Result of risk assessment is contingency plan which is the fruit of
research involving a lot of works. I believe that if we have a strong contingency plan on the loss of
structural integrity, we can save many lives and properties in marine and offshore industry.
I have learned that Fugikubo Lab. has ongoing research about Structural Design and Risk
Assessment of Very Large Floating Structures. I believe this program will suit my craving on research
and study.