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Headline: Lancers are ready to debate.

Subheadline: The debate department is preparing for its debut in the 2013-2014 competition season.
By: Kelly Sanmiguel
DEBATE is normally seen as a heated argument between two different people about a certain topic. Presidential
debates have guided this belief of debate yet its only half right. Debate includes speech events like: prose-poetry,
dramatic interpretation, humorous interpretation, Extemporaneous speaking, impromptu, and original oratory just to
name a few.
Debate is the ability to speak and communicate thoughts Dr. Tuckness said. Dr.Tuckness is one of the many new
additions to Granger Highs beloved faculty. A former teacher at Cottonwood, Dr.Tuckness not only teaches two
debate classes but he also teaches a concurrent enrollment class to seniors.
Granger has had a debate department but it hasnt been so active in competing over the years however that hasnt
stopped students from being interested in the class. Ive been in the debate club [thats what got me interested]
Kyree Gardner (11) said.
There are many reasons why Lancers chose to participate in this class. I needed to work on public speaking
skills Megan Allen (11) said. Previous experience in debate, and need for another class to fill up a schedule have
all fallen under reasons to take up debate.
School may have started only two months ago but much learning has been done within that time. Ive learned
quite a bit already, its made speaking in front of other classes less intimidating Allen said.
Speaking is one of the most important elements of debate but it isnt the only. Theres a lot more to it than just
talking. She said. Memorization, voice projector, organization and common knowledge are all key elements.
There is one other key element that plays a huge role, self-confidence. [The focus of debate] is to give students
self-awareness; to be able to go out to apply for jobs, school and be self-comfortable. Dr. T said.
Not every event is one-on-one with a judge, many of them are done in-front of other debate kids from other
schools, and it can be a nerve-wrecking situation. I learned not to be shy Izack Schnoor (11) said.
Competition is what debate is pretty much what debate is based on. People who are looking to compete should
join Dr. T said. Schools all over the U.S take part in big debate tournaments and along with there being many
national tournaments there are many local tournaments.
Granger is set to hold its very own novice tournament the first week of December. Im nervous but excited Allen
said. Although being nervous isnt a problem for every debate student. When I think of competitions I think of
having fun and winning. Im confident about it Scnhoor said.
Along with many other expectations that Granger has now, the debate department has its own. The students
participating are ready to take the debate scene in Utah by storm. Im ready to win another debate trophy said
Pullout quote: I learned not to be shy