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ESO Elementary / Unit 2 TEST

Name: ___________________________

Date: _____________

A. Fill in the correct family member. (10 points)

1. My mother's sister is my ______________
2. My daughter's brother is my ______________
3. My father's daughter is my ______________
4. My mum and dad are my ______________
5. My sister's son is my ______________
6. My aunt's son or daughter is my ______________
7. My father's brother is my ______________
8. My mother's father is my ______________
9. My daughter's son is my ______________
10. My brother's daughter is my ______________
B. Write the opposites. (5 points)
1. Tall
2. Slim
3. Long
4. Fair
5. Straight
C. Put the letters in the write order to form nouns or adjectives. (5 points)
1. B R A E D
2. N S O E
3. A W Y V
4. M O E S U T C A H
5. D B L A

D. Correct the mistakes in these sentences. (8 points)

ESO Elementary / Unit 2 TEST

1. Hes green eyes.

2. We got have two dogs and a cat.

3. She got a brother and a sister.

4. They no have got any chilli peppers.

5. Have Daisy got a boyfriend?

6. We have got not many ideas.

7. Has you got the time?

8. Does he has a pencil?

E. Complete the sentences with the correct possessive adjective (7

1. She brushes __________ teeth three times a day.
2. We are checking __________ luggage in. Can I call you back in five
3. The dog wagged __________ tail when it saw the postman.
4. He's almost bald, so he never combs __________ hair.
5. Did you know cyclists shave __________ legs?
6. Do you open __________ eyes under water?
7. I can't touch __________ toes any more. Time to go to the gym.

F. Write the correct form of the possessive S in the gaps. (10 points)
1. Sarah is __________aunt. (Emily)
2. These are our __________cats. (friends)

ESO Elementary / Unit 2 TEST

3. Let's meet at __________for lunch. (Giovanni)

4. Where is the __________shower? (ladies)
5. This is our __________car. (James)
6. My __________dad is my uncle. (cousin)
7. Did you read __________newspaper? (yesterday)
8. __________and __________bags are black. (Jack Joe)
9. Our grandparents live in an old __________home. (people)
10. That sandwich would not be to __________taste. (everyone)

G. Match the imperative with the correct situation. (7 points)



_____ 1. Dont touch that!

a. Someone is visiting a friend.

_____ 2. Look both ways.

b. Someone is going out. Its cold.

_____ 3. Put your coat on.

c. Someone is crossing a street.

_____ 4. Dont cross your legs.

d. Someone is taking an exam.

_____ 5. Mark each answer true or false

e. Someone is doing aerobics.

_____ 6. Come in. Make yourself at home. f. Someone is tasting some food.
_____ 7. Try a little more salt.

g. Something is hot.

H. Write down the correct plural form. (8 points)

1. city

9. sandwich

2. house

10. nurse

3. boy

11. bookshelf

4. woman

12. village

5. family

13. toy

6. bus

14. man

7. photo

15. child

8. person

16. baby

1 Read the text and tick ( ) A, B, or C.
Famous People
Julio Iglesias (born 1943) is a singer. Hes very famous in Europe and America. Julio is from
Madrid, the capital of Spain. Hes tall and very good-looking. He has short black hair and
brown eyes. He has eight children.
Wayne Rooney (born 1985) is a British footballer. Hes from Liverpool in the north of
England. He isnt very tall and he isnt very slim, but hes a good footballer and hes rich! His
wifes name is Coleen and they have one child.
JK Rowling (born 1965) is English. Her full name is Joanne Kathleen Rowling. Shes
famous because she writes the Harry Potter books. She is also very rich. Joanne is slim, but
she isnt tall. Her hair is long and blond. She has beautiful blue eyes and shes very pretty.
Barack Obama (born 1961) is a politician. Hes the President of the USA and his home is the
White House. Hes about 50. He is tall and attractive. He has very short black hair and his
eyes are brown. His wife is Michelle Obama. They have two children.

Julio is a Spanish singer.

A True
B False

C Doesnt say

Julio has a small family.

A True
B False

C Doesnt say

Wayne is a sportsman.
A True
B False

C Doesnt say

Wayne is tall and slim.

A True
B False

C Doesnt say

JK isnt very rich.

A True
B False

C Doesnt say

JK is married.
A True
B False

C Doesnt say

Barack is very young.

A True
B False

C Doesnt say

Michelle is very pretty.

A True
B False

C Doesnt say

2 Read the text again and write Julio, Wayne, JK, or Barack.
Example: JK is a very rich woman.

____________________ is a famous singer.

____________________ is an author.
____________________ is a politician.
____________________ is about 50 years old.
____________________ is quite young.
____________________ has eight children.
____________________ has one child.
Reading total


Describe yourself. Answer these questions, then write a text. (75100 words)

Whats your name?

Where are you from?
What colour is your hair?
What colour are your eyes?
Are you famous / slim / rich / tall / attractive ?
Is your family big?

My names . Im from .

Writing total


Reading and Writing total


1 Listen to Tim, Akiko, and Paul saying what they have on their table or desk.
Match the things with the peoples names.

a file
a printer
a red lamp


5 a dictionary __________
2 Listen to five conversations. Tick ( ) A, B, or C.

1 __________ is worried about the road.

A The woman
B Mark

C The boy

2 The girl is __________.

A angry
B cold

C hot

3 Who is hungry?
A the boy

C their father

B the girl

4 The girl has __________.

A an iPod
B a radio

C a magazine

5 The sign near Grans house says __________ .

A No parking
B Park here
C Turn right
Listening total


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