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1. Jurisdiction and Venue

2. Defendants are delegated to perform state functions

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3. Nature of Case, Related Case, Support for Emergency(30days) Injunctive Relief Pages 2-14
4. Defendants are Accessories After The Fact to Aggravated Sexual Assault, and
not mere medical malpractice. Consequently, the maliciousness of their actions,
undertaken to evade justice are of the type undertaken by sex offenders
Pages 2-3
5. Evidence is simple, quick, obvious and overwhelming: Plaintiff was rendered
unconscious during a simple MRI test for the purpose of committing sexual
assault. A simple injection to the hand, but a violent mechanical process,
internally; mainly to the heart and brain. Plaintiff reported to his physician at
Inova, vague details and that his preexisting condition, a minor heart condition
was a little worse. Conspiracy was already, in place. As part of the cover-up
process, Dr. Kulkarni blamed the symptoms on a problem that did not exist.
Then, went on to give Plaintiff a drug that acts upon the heart and is known to
have deleterious effects in patients with certain heart conditions. A volcano
blew and a progressively and exponentially worsening heart condition, with
corresponding suffering and disability was underway and eventual; death.
6. With treatment, all problems are greatly relieved, including shortened life; the
condition will cause a premature death and this could be Capital Murder.
Inovas Dr. Cochran conducted an operation of tortious interference, for the
purpose of concealment. There was no conspiracy already, in place with any
of The Plaintiffs new treating physicians. The new physicians initiated
contact with the perpetrators for the purpose of stealing and selling
The Plaintiffs rights to the perpetrators.

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7. Guidance for granting the relief sought, based, solely on the nature of the
medical condition

Pages 8-9

8. Evidence of existence of that aggressive heart condition

Pages 9-13

9. Relevant Laws and Standards

Pages 14-19

10. The Parties, The Plaintiff

Pages 19-21

11. The Parties, Defendants Macarthy, Syed, Oke, Dhar

Page 21,27

12. The Parties Defendant Carol Attia; Attia and MSFC are entirely, one. The
entire operation is for her own, personal; profit. Evidence of Attia using staff Pages 21-27
as puppets. Later, everything including emergency care is deferred to Attia

13. Dhar, Macarthy, Oke recognized, sexual assault, immediately and made the
familiar statements where the victim is blamed and where the victim is told
to remain silent. Also recognized chance for unjust enrichment, evidence
of unjust enrichment by Dr. Kulkarni is also presented

Pages 27-30

14. Additional , Dhars acts and omissions

Pages 30-33

15. Additional Oke acts and omissions

Pages 33-39

16. More, string pulling of her employees, by Attia

Pages 39-41

17. Macarthy denies his patient, basic medical care

Page 41

18. Plaintiffs condition significantly worsened in early May. He made

appointment with Macarthy. Macarthy called Attia. Instantly Attia
conspired with a state employee to knock-out Plaintiff from the
Medicaid rolls. Attia also sent a threatening letter to The Plaintiff,
that he has no chance for any medical care unless turns over his
First Amendment Rights to Attia
19. Attia (MSFC) filed statements with This Court in related case, but
supplied not a scintilla of evidence
20. Plaintiff escaped from the grip of Attia over his medical care for two hours.
The resulting diagnostic test provided strong evidence of deteriorating
condition and provided additional evidence that Okes work was a sham.
The work Attia told This Court was found to be appropriate by an expert.

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21. Attia, Macarthy and Syed by conspiracy execute scheme comprised of

Several schemes, including substituting Dr. Syeds receptionists name,
in place of Dr. Syeds name on an entirely fabricated set of medical
Pages 50-55
records. Treatment plan is entirely based on the sham records and
effectively is; go away, come back after a year and then maybe something
The group lied to The Plaintiff and told him that the test was normal
On a hot day Plaintiff looked overtly, sick, so Dr. Syed was peeping into the
waiting room, several times and waiting for Plaintiff not to be looking so sick
After ninety minutes of this, The Plaintiff was finally seen.
22. Additional evidence from the MRI incident

Pages 55-56

23. Besides, intentional neglect, Attia attempted to cause, immediate

physical injuries

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24. Damages, Claims and Prayer for relief

Pages 57-70