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Grade : 10

ICSE Project work 2016 - 17

Choose any one of the given topics.
Limit each answer to approximately 1500 words.
All projects must be handwritten.
The cover page should show the subject, name, grade and section.
The second page should be the content page stating the page numbers.
Each topic should be written on a new page.
The last page should contain the bibliography.
All project work must be submitted in an ordinary plastic file.
Your projects must be simple but appealing.
Use pictures and captions wherever possible.
Marks will be deducted for spelling and grammatical errors.
The project should be submitted on Sunday 18th September, 2016.
Choose any ONE question from the following and answer them in not less than 1500 words:
1) Conventional stereotypical women in Shakespeares society were usually submissive and
powerless. How do the female characters in The Merchant of Venice defy that image? Compare
and contrast to the women of the 21st century.
2) When obstacles arise, you change your direction; you do not change your decision to reach
there. - Zig Ziglar.
Explore this statement with reference to the setting and theme of the short story, The Journey by
Night by Norah Burke.
3) Earthly desires for such things as beauty and lack of conflict should not override the eternal nature
of love. Explain this statement with reference to the poem If Thou Must Love Me.


Ecrivez quatre rdactions de 300 mots au minimum au sujet donn ci-dessus :
1. Lintegration nationale la ncessit de lheure.
2. Ecrivez une histoire qui termine avec ces mots : Jai embrass ma mre avec joie.
3. Les changements apports par les nouvelles technologies. Imaginez quen 2030 les
coles et les universits nexiste plus?
4. Identifiez deux ou trois problmes plantaires qui vous paraissent difficiles
rsoudre. Expliquez vos choix et envisagez des solutions possibles.
5. tre en forme! crivez un article pour le site web de votre cole:
Quest-ce que vous aimez manger et boire?
Est-ce que le rgime des adolescents est bien quilibr? Expliquez
pourquoi/pourquoi pas.
Quelle est limportance du sport lcole?
Dites quels sports vous avez pratiqus rcemment.
Quest-ce que vous changeriez dans votre vie pour tre plus en forme?

Que vous voque cette image ?

Quels mots associez-vous cette image ?
Ensuite, nous pourrons faire une description dtaille de ce dessin, par exemple :
- La porte : elle spare le personnage du monde rel ; symbole disolement, de solitude
- La fentre : un moyen de communication, une fentre sur le monde

1) Choose any four topics and each of the topics needs to be 300
2) The projects would be handwritten and presented in a file.
3) Relevance to the topic would be given primary preference.
4) Pictures (wherever needed) should be presented on the left hand
5) The presentation would comprise of
a) Index
b) Bibliography which would be the last page
c) Pictures or sketches.
6) Plagiarism of the content WILL NOT BE ACCEPTABLE.
7) Last date for submission of the draft is 31st MAY 2016.
8) Last date for submission of completed project 10th Sept 2016.


Collect relevant material for the ICSE project, on any one of the following topics.
1. The United Nations (UN) is an international organization whose aim is to facilitate
cooperation in international law, international security, economic development, social
progress, human rights and to achieve world peace.
In this respect, present your research on the following topics:
Brief History of the UN.
Role of the UN as a peacekeeping organization & also ensuring security to the member
Role of the UN in abolishing violation of Human Rights in different parts of the world.
2. First World War, or the Great War, was a global war originating in Europe that began on
28 July 1914 and lasted until 11 November 1918. Its total casualties were unprecedented,
soaring into the millions. This War is known for the extensive system of trenches from
which men of both sides fought. Lethal new technologies were unleashed and for the first
time a major war was fought not only on land and sea but also below the sea and in the
skies as well.
In this respect, research the following sub-topics and come up with precise and relevant
material pertinent to the First World War.

Life in the Trenches

War and Medicine
War in the Air
War at Sea
Home front
Poison Gas
Weapons and New Technology
Up close and Personal a Soldiers Perspective

3. Discuss the relevance of any one of the following movies to understand the history of 20th
Century Europe: Great Dictator, Escape to Victory, The Boy in Striped Pyjamas, Life is
beautiful, the Sound of Music.
The following points should be kept in mind.

All matter should be pertinent to the topic and concisely tabulated.

Projects should be simple; they must be handwritten.
Completed projects should not exceed 10 pages.
Pictures drawn or photocopies should face the relevant text and must be given a title.
Newspaper cuttings/ articles from magazines etc may be used.
Emphasis must be on clearly labeled headings and subheadings

Suggested Outline of the project (10 pages inclusive of cover page, index and

Cover page with Name, Grade and Section

Index with topic and page number

Projects will be collected on the 15th September, 2016

Having travelled to many countries in your life, I am sure each holds fond memories in its own unique way, be it
the majestic mountains or its rich culinary tradition. However , one always longs to be back HOME.
As Dubai prepares to host Expo 2020 , think about a few changes you want to make to your home city .

Use your imagination. The sky is the limit. Have fun. Want your country to be under ground? Go for it. Want it to be
city with flying cars !! fine. There are just two rules. First it must be magical , inspiring, futuristic, never seen .
Second, you must make at least five major changes and validate the changes suggested. All changes must be linked
to real life geographical problems that we residents face. (These may be related to the *physical or * human and
economic geography of Dubai)

*If youre not sure of the meaning of these terms, please read up on them.

It just wouldnt be a geography project unless we had maps. You need to draw one map of Dubai 2020 your
way . Alternatively you may use an existing map of Dubai , and incorporate changes in it .

You should find some useful guidelines below to help you compile your project. Remember , to be make it your
own genuine project. Have fun!
a. First page- Cover page
b. Second page- Contents
c. Third page Introduction- Current Dubai scene (the problems)
d. Fourth page onwards- Transformation you would like to see by 2020 and why
e. Second last page- Summary
f. Last page Bibliography
2. DATE OF SUBMISSION: 1st September 2016 ( Thursday)
3. DRAWING OF MAP: In all Map Work, by a wise use of arrows to indicate positions of countries, cities and other
insertions that you make, you will be able to avoid overcrowding parts of the map.
Each of your maps must have a scale, a compass rose, and any lakes, rivers, mountains, or other major physical
features. They should be colourful, creative and neat. A4 size paper must be used to draw or make your map .
Again the more detail the better.
a. Use a simple A4 size flat file used to file punched papers.
b. Use simple paper. Fancy paper does not get you any extra marks
c. The matter must be handwritten and easily readable

d. The cover page must contain the following in the given order:
i. Geography project - ______________ ( year)
ii. Topics
iii. Students Name , class and section
iv. Schools name
e. Content page- Should have columns for Serial no, Topic, and Page No.
f. Introduction page
i. Briefly introduce the topic.
ii. Introduction
iii. Aim of the project- how do you hope to benefit from it.
g. Subject matter:
i. The matter should be written on one to two A4 size paper per topic and should
be hand written.
ii. Should cover only the required information.
iii. Should be presented with the use of headings where necessary or required.
iv. The use of short paragraphs is always more effective
v. The matter should be supported with relevant pictures , maps, chart, and
diagrams, wherever possible.
h. Conclusion or Summary
i. Bibliography- give all the sources from where you have gathered the information
used by you, including the exact websites, if used, name of the article/ books and
its author. Do not give references of Search Engines such as Google. Refrain
from quoting from Wikipaedia as the source of information is not authentic and


Project 1:
Topic: To determine the total surface area of a right circular cylinder.
Objective: To verify that the total surface area of a right circular cylinder is
2( + )
Using coloured A4 size paper; construct two 3D cylinders with radius
3cm and height 6cm and paste one of them on another A4 sheet.
Divide the other cylinder into three 2D parts and identify them.
Paste these figures on a separate A4 size sheet.
Evaluate areas for these three 2D figures.
Add these areas to verify that total surface area of right circular
cylinder is 2( + )
Write one real life situation where this result can be applied.

Sajid, a juice seller has set up his juice shop. He has three types of
glasses of inner diameter 5 cm to serve the customers. The height
of the glasses is 10 cm. (Use =3.14)
Type A:
A glass with a plane bottom.

Type B:
A glass with hemispherical raised bottom.

Type C:
A glass with conical raised bottom of height 1.5 cm.

1. Which glass has the minimum capacity?

2. Which mathematical concept is used in above problem?
3. By choosing which type of glass Sajid will make a maximum

Your project must be hand written and should have a cover

2-3 pages for content and the last page must have a
Use A4 size paper for the project and submit the completed
project in a plastic file by 11th September, 2016.
Project 2:
Topic: To determine ratio of the area of the two similar triangles
Objective: To verify that the ratio of the area of the two similar triangles is equal to
the ratio of squares of the corresponding sides.

On A4 paper; construct two equilateral triangles ABC and PQR of side 5
inches and 3 inches respectively.
.Divide each side of ABC in 5 equal parts and PQR in 3 equal parts
Now join the corresponding points so that the lines formed are parallel to the
respective sides of the triangle
Count the number of smaller triangles of same size formed in ABC and
Using the above observations verify the result showing the mathematical
Using your knowledge of similar triangles and information given below find the
height of the Burj Khalifa Tower:
A mirror is placed on the
ground so that the top of
the Burj Khalifa Tower
can be seen by you in the
mirror. You are facing the
tower and looking into the
mirror. Take your height as
1.80 m. You are 6 m away
from the mirror and observe
the top of the tower when
the mirror is 2.76 km from the tower, (Draw the two similar triangles) find the
height of Burj Khalifa Tower.
Your project must be hand written and should have a cover page, 2-3
pages for content and the last page must have a bibliography
Use A4 size paper for the project and submit the completed project in
a plastic file by 11th September, 2016.

Complete the Journal : Experiments uploaded on My learning

Presentation should be neat .
Complete the index .
Submission date : 4th Sept 2016

Note: Following are the list of experiments to be completed and recorded in the biology journal for
term 1.
All diagrams have to be drawn and labeled in pencil and on the drawing side of the journal. (only
pencil and no colours are allowed)
It is preferable to include aim, apparatus, procedure, conclusions and precautions to be written
sequentially and neatly.
Note: Student is supposed to write the above mentioned criteria using his text book as reference.
However, student may take the diagram or resource from lab manual or any other relevant
Language of presentation can vary from one student to another.
Dates to be written on the Journal
1st week

Observe Permanent slides of mitosis from Plant cell

2nd week

To prove diffusion

3rd week

To prove Osmosis by Thistle funnel Experiment

To prove osmosis by potato osmoscope
To prove absorption of water by roots

4th week

To prove absorption/transpiration of water by potometer

To prove the process of transpiration by leaves (plastic bag
To prove the process of differential transpiration by cobalt chloride test

5th week

To prove the presence of starch in leaves

To test that CO2 is necessary for photosynthesis
To test that leaves need sunlight to perform photosynthesis
To test that O2 is released during photosynthesis
To prove that chlorophyll is necessary for photosynthesis

6th week

Observation of human blood smear

Observation of human heart

Date of submission: 10th September 2016.



Identify at least three examples of market equilibrium in your local economy. Draw the
necessary schedules and graphs depicting the condition of market equilibrium.
**Define and explain market equilibrium ;schedule and graph for each commodity
Take any three commodities and with the help of hypothetical schedule explain the concept.
II. Identify the sources of income for the local government. Write the merits and demerits of at
least two different sources of revenue. Give specific examples along with its importance. Also,
identify the major expenditure areas of the government.
**for eco students it will come under the chapter -Public Finance its importance in economic
development;For eco app students it will come under the chapter-State of economic
development.Students should use both the text books-eco and eco app.
III. Do you think government can play a role in creating/controlling demand and supply of various
goods in the economy? Identify two such commodities each and steps taken by the
government to regulate it. How does it affect demand and supply of these commodities in the
IV. Visit a branch of a local bank. Identify the various services of the bank.Also, mention the role
of the bank in the development of an economy on the basis of various activities carried out
by that bank. How is the working of these banks controlled by a central bank in the country?
**Chapter on commercial banking in both eco and eco app.
V. Do a comparative study of the following commodities:
Electricity and Toothpaste; in terms of:
Competition among Sellers & Buyers;
Price control by seller or buyer;
Number of buyer and sellers;
Availability of substitutes;
Elasticity of supply and demand;
Shape of demand curve.
Economics students have to submit two projects.
Economic Applications student have to submit four projects.
Submit handwritten projects only.
Each project should be between 6-10 pages.
Use A4 size, ruled sheets.
Use separate sheet to draw graphs
There should be a cover page with the title; content/index page and bibliography at the end.
Bibliography must include the url of any website from which you may gather the information about
any of the topics.
No student should copy from the website / text book, only in case of statistical data it is allowed
but you should mention it clearly in bibliography.
Last date of submission: 18th Sept2016.


Maximum no. of pages for all projects 20 25 (4pages for each project).
All projects have to be hand written.
Project should be supported with pictures, forms, report and other relevant information.
Each project should be segregated with Project Name and a Cover page
All pages be filed properly and in sequence.
Total number of projects - 4 as per the details given below.
Submission date is SUNDAY, 11th September, 2016.
The topics are as follows:
Features of a good Advertisement: (FMCG product)
You need to cut out 5 A4 size advertisements of the FMCG products from different magazines (Friday
or weekend) and newspapers. Make an analysis for each such advertisement regarding what
features of a good advertisement is fulfilled by that advertisement. What positive and negative
points they have in those advertisements. You need to justify your answers with suitable answers.
Design an advertisement copy of an FMCG product for the print media. It should be of A4 size only. You
can actually draw pictures or write text on the advertisement. It must have an original idea and must not
copied from an existing advertisement. You can present this in the following way:
The print media coloured for a newspaper or a magazine [print or paint on A4 size paper].
2. Design a Marketing Mix for an existing product:(no two students across the sections must take
same product)
Product Mix.
Price Mix.
Place Mix.
Promotion Mix.
3. Services of a Commercial Bank:
You need to visit any commercial bank and interview a Customer Relation Officer on:
The Agency Services and General Utility Services offered by the bank to its customers and noncustomers. Explain various types of deposits, loans and other services offered by that bank.
Must prepare and include the questionnaire for the interview.
Include the picture, if possible of the Bank Officer interviewed, his business card and a brief profile.
4. Interview a Human Resource Manager of a firm regarding:
The sources of recruitment for the various levels of employees.
Selection procedures for the various categories of employees such as Lower Level, Mid-Level
Managers and Senior level management personnel.
Must prepare and include the questionnaire for the interview.
You must include the profile of the person interviewed, his business card and the photograph.

Computer Application
Basic guide lines that need to be adhered to for all the Projects
1. Login screen- Accepts the user name and password and verifies the same with a list
that contains 3 user names and their corresponding passwords.
2. The Login screen to be followed by an appropriate menu.
3. The Menu should be repeatedly displayed as long as the user chooses the exit
4. Use switch case for testing the menu options.
5. Basic validations related to name, salary, age, gender etc. must be performed while
entering data. For example, name should contain only letters and numeric data should
not be less than 0. Display appropriate error message and allow the user to enter the data
6. Display appropriate error message if the record is not found during search operations.
7. All the data must be maintained in one dimensional arrays.
8. Appropriate comment lines have to be placed in the program
9. Variable descriptions have to be placed in the end of the program.
10.The first draft of the project should be mailed to your respective teachers on or before
11th September 2016.
11.Names given to variables, classes and functions should be short and meaningful.
12. Rubrics
Assessment criteria that will be used for evaluation include:
Class design
Algorithm design
You are required to do only one of the following projects as assigned to you by your

1. Telephone Directory Management System

The System maintains the ID, Name, Residential address and the Phone
number (must start with Area code) for N subscribers. Write a menu-driven
application for performing the following operations.
a) Accept the Subscribers details
b)Search for records based on one of the following and display the
(i) Name
(ii) Phone Number

Note: User can enter either a part of a name or in full for searching.
c) Sorts the records in the ascending order of one of the following
fields based on users choice
(ii) Phone number
d) Displays the subscribers details in a tabular form as shown
Address List
Phone Number
06-234 5678 12
06-456 7831
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------2. Employee Payroll Management System
The System maintains the employee ID, name, designation, age and basic pay
for N employees.
Write a menu-driven application for performing the following operations.
a) Accept Employees details
b) Sort and display the records in the ascending order of Basic Pay
c) Print the following reports
(i)Employees aged between 50 and 60 (inclusive of both).
(ii)Employees who earn above a given salary.
d) Display Employee details
Accepts an Employee id and displays the employees details
e)Print Salary slips in the format shown below for a given month and year.
SALARY SLIP FOR THE MONTH OF <month name> Year <year>

Employee ID :
Employee Name :
Designation :
----------Basic pay :
DA :
Gross pay :
Net pay :

Total Deductions:

HRA is calculated as 20% of basic

DA is 10% of (Basic + HRA)
Gross pay is sum of Basic, HRA and DA
PF is 12.25% of Basic Pay
TAX is 25% of Basic Pay
Net pay is Gross Pay Deductions
3. ATM System
The Account details and the Transaction details of N customers are
Account details: Account number, Pin, Name, Type of account (Savings or
Current) and Balance_amt of N accounts.
Transaction details: Account number, Transaction_dt, Amount and Type of
transaction (which is W for withdraw, D for Deposit).
If the transaction type is W or D then the Balance_amt must be updated.
The program must first accept the 4 digit PIN. If the PIN entered is correct a
welcome screen with name, account number and the following menu options
is displayed.
a) Check balance
b) Withdraw Cash
The maximum limit that can be withdrawn is Rs.25000 in the
case of Savings account and Rs.50000 in the case of Current
Ensure a minimum amount of Rs. 5000 is maintained in the case
of Savings account and Rs.10000 is maintained in the case of
Current Account.
c) Deposit Cash
d) Print the last 3 transactions.
Note: Cash deposited and Cash withdrawn transactions have to be recorded.

4. Library Books Management System

Library Management System maintains the Book details and the Books Issued
details (Transactions) in a library.
Following details are maintained for N books:
Book_Code, Title, Author, Publisher, Price and Issued (a Boolean data type
which will be set as true when the book is issued and set as false when the
book is returned).
Following details are maintained regarding the books issued:
Book_code, Issue_date, Return date, Member Number
Write a menu-driven program to perform the following operations.
a) Search for a Book
Accepts the title of the book and prints the Book details.
(Assume there is only one copy of each title available in the library)
b) Sorts and Displays the records in the ascending order of the
c) Sorts and Displays the records in the ascending order of Publisher
d) Search for a Publisher
Accepts the Publisher name and prints the Book details
e) Book Issue
Accepts and stores the following details:
Book_code, Issue_date and return date. Set Issued as True.
e) Accept the Book code that is to be returned and search for it in
the Books issued details. If found, calculate and display the fine if the book
is not returned within a week from the date of issue. The fine per day is
Rs 0.50. (Assume that the book is returned within the same year)
For option b, c and d display the book details in the format
shown below:

5. Airline Reservation System

The System maintains the flight details and the passengers travel details.
Flight Details: Flight number, Flight name, total seats, number of
seats reserved, number of seats vacant, departure junction and
arrival junction and Travel_date.

Passenger Details of N passengers:

Passenger Number, Passenger name, Age, Passport number, seat number,
Write a menu-driven program that would handle the following operations.
a) Book a Ticket
b) Cancel a ticket.
c) Search for a passenger name and print the details of bookings made for
that passenger.
d) Sort the records in the ascending order of passenger name.
e) Print the air ticket for a given passenger.
f) Display the seat availability status
Assume that the airline operates only two flights to two destinations.
Assume the flight has only Economy class.

6. Insurance System
Insurance is a special type of contract between an insurance company and its
client. The insurance company agrees that on the happening of certain events
the insurance company will either make payment to its client or meet certain
costs if the client pays premium amount for a specified duration in specified
For example, in a car insurance policy, the insurance company agrees that if
the car is damaged, the insurance company will pay the cost of repairing it.
The Insurance system maintains the Insurance Policy details for N policy
Policy Holders Details that are to be maintained for N policy holders are as
Policy number, Name, Age, Duration of policy, Premium interval (can be
Half-yearly or Annual) and Premium amount

Write a menu-driven application perform the following operations:

a) Accept Policy holders details
b) Search for an input policy number and print the details of that
c) Sort and display the records in the descending order of premium
d) Print a list of all half yearly payable policies.
e) Print a list of policies that match a given duration.

7. Date Manipulation
Write a program to accept a date as a String in one of the following formats :
dd/mm/yyyy or dd-mm-yyyy or dd.mm.yyyy . Check for
the validity of the date; display error message if it is not valid and ask the user
if he wishes to try again. If the users responds yes, accept the date again
otherwise exit the program.
Write a menu driven application to perform the following operations on the
a) Print the date in full ( eg: 23rd May, 2005 )
b) Find the number of days between the input date and current date
c) Print the corresponding day of the year

8. School Results analysis System

The system records the academic details of N students of grade 10 and
generates an Academic Performance report.
Academic details:
Roll number, name, grade and marks in 5 subjects
Write a menu-driven application that would perform the following
a) Accept Student Details
b) Search and Display Students detail for a given Roll number
c) Display the Roll Number, Names and Average marks of students
whose average mark is above 75% , arranged in the descending order
of average marks.
d) Print the Academic Performance Report 2014 2015
The format of the report is shown below.
Gems Modern Academy
Grade :
Roll No.
Average Marks Total Points Remark
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------For each subject, calculate the points scored according to the following table:
Less than 60
60 to 69
70 to 85
More than 85 1
Average Mark >=40 remark is Passed , otherwise Detained

9. Rent a Car
Develop a car rental application.
The system maintains the following details about N cars: Model name of the
car, total number of cars available, number of cars rented out and the rent per
The System maintains the following details for the car that has been rented
Customer name, Car model, No.of days for rent, Rented_date, Cost
Write a menu driven application to perform the following operations:
a)Display the details of the car arranged in the descending order of
b)Search for a specific model and display the details.
c) Rent a Car
Accept and store the following details:
Model name, Customer name, Number of days for rent,
d)Display the details of the cars that have been rented, arranged in
the descending order of number of days for rent.
Accept the model name to rent. Display appropriate message if
the car model is not available. If the model is available accept the
customer name, number of days for rent and date. Calculate the
Total Cost. Display the receipt as shown below:
----------------------------------------------------------------------------ABC Car Rental
----------------------------------------------------------------------------Customer Name:
Car Model:
Rent Per Day:
No.of Days for rent:
Total Cost:

Activity: You are expected create a value scale and then apply the same on a group of objects.
( You have to make a still life composed of 3 objects and apply the value(shading) scale to the same).
The activity may be done in any medium (you feel confiden)of your choice.
Please find below the link to the rubric, syllabus and the images for your reference: