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4900 Reed Road, #331, Columbus, OH 43220 (614) 221-0034 cipcols@aol.com www.cipcolumbus.org

Dear Friends of CIP,

I am excited to share with you our 2016 Annual Review. Our organization creates high
quality professional training programs for International Professionals in Residence (IPRs).
During Fiscal Year 2016 (from 10/1/15 and will end on 9/30/16), we hosted 55 IPRs from 8
countries. We hosted a total of 6 delegations, including a Chinese New Media delegation
sponsored by the U.S. Embassy in Beijing; our third Chinese Social Work delegation; a
Chinese Youth STEM Camp in partnership with COSI; a Chinese Breast Cancer Survivor
program; a Rule of Law program represented by Russia, Rwanda, and the Democratic
Republic of the Congo (a first for CIP); and a Nepali Small Business Development program
made possible through connections to Anil Pandey, a former CORE participant.
CIPs CORE IPRs benefit the Central Ohio community by training at local organizations where they provide
their professional services full-time. They improve local businesses, organizations, and agencies by providing
unique insights into how similar organizations operate in their home countries. Our members and the local
community gain cultural immersion through our monthly cultural events, hosting, and other interactions with
the IPRs.
To demonstrate the reach and impact of CIP, we have created an evaluation metric called Intercultural Credit
Units (ICUs). This metric measures the number of intercultural interactions provided through CIPs training
programs by assigning one credit unit to each IPR, each local organization, and each event. During fiscal year
2016, CIP generated 14,344 ICUs.
Global communication is increasingly important as we attempt to address our worlds problems together. With
a strong social service sector, a number of the worlds most successful corporations, and hundreds of
international shops and restaurants, Columbus is an excellent venue to Promote International Understanding
through Intercultural Exchange.

Mark Poeppelman, Executive Director

Cultural and Occupational Resource Exchange
Program (CORE)The program intended for
participants from foreign countries who want to
train in the U.S. but need help with a professional
placement. Each participant has an individualized
training program designed to further their specific
needs and professional goals. Training length varies
from 1-18 months. CIP hosted 5 IPRs in FY 2016.
2,400 ICUs
Global Partners ProgramA specialized longterm training placement program for U.S.
businesses funded by the host company or
corporation. CIP hosted 5 IPRs in FY 2016.
3,700 ICUs

DelegationsShort-term training programs

(averaging 2-3 weeks) organized for a group of
professionals with similar interests that consist of
visits to a variety of organizations in central Ohio.
Delegations are individualized and may consist of
2-16 members with similar training requirements.
Funding comes from a variety of sources including
grant money raised by CIP, funds raised by the
delegates or their organizations, and grants
provided by the U.S. State Department.
CIP hosted 45 IPRs in FY 2016.
2,905 ICUs
Note: FY=Fiscal Year


A Sample of the Local Organizations
Abbott Labs
ASHA Ray of Hope
Asian Health Coalition
Central Ohio Minority Business Association
City of Columbus, Office of the Mayor
City of Dublin
Columbus Blue Jackets
Columbus Cancer Clinic
Columbus Public Health
Columbus Underground
COSI (Center of Science and Industry)
Ecole Kenwood Alternative Elementary School
Franklin County Municipal Court
Hope Hollow
JPAC Trading
Kobacker House Hospice Care
LifeCare Alliance
Lincoln Theatre
National Association of Social Workers
Nationwide Childrens Hospital
Nationwide Insurance
Nemeth Counseling
OhioHealth Bing Cancer Center
OSU College of Education and Human Ecology
OSU College of Social Work
OSU James Cancer Hospital and Solove Research Inst.
Otterbein University
Pink Ribbon Girls
Phillips Pharmacy
St. Stephens Community House
Stefanie Spielman Comprehensive Breast Cancer Center
Susan G. Komen Foundation
TiE Ohio
U.S. Representative Joyce Beattys Office
U.S. Representative Steve Stivers Office
U.S. Together
Whitehall City Schools
YMCA, Columbus North Branch

Lydia Githinji and Anil

Pandy receive their
certificates from board
members Ron Andrews and
Yana Belan

Jesse Eruare, Nigeria (CORE)
October 1, 2015Seprember 30, 2016
Social Worker/Youth Advocate
Trained at LeaderSpark
Esther Kamore, Kenya (CORE)
October 1, 2015January 1, 2016
Social Worker
Trained at U.S. Together

1,200 ICUs

300 ICUs

Henry Maduka, Nigeria (Global Partner)1,100 ICUs

October 1, 2015August 23, 2016
Business Management
Trained at Phillips Pharmacy
Lydia Githinji, Kenya (CORE)
100 ICUs
April 30, 2016May 28, 2016
Banker, focus on Small Business Development
Training Sites: Camel Consulting, Columbus Chamber
of Commerce, Columbus 2020, COMBA, Community
Bankers Association, Continental Reality, Dublin
Entrepreneurial Center, First City Bank, OSU Fisher
College of Business, Ohio Cooperative Development
Center, Ohio Small Business Development Center, Rev1
Ventures, Richwood Community Bank, TiE Ohio
Rule of Law Delegation
560 ICUs
August 1, 2016August 19, 2016
Miteo Kabeya (Democratic Republic of the Congo),
Claire Kayirangwa (Rwanda), and Alexandre
Mugenzangabo (Rwanda).

Impact on Europe
Rule of Law Delegation
560 ICUs
August 1, 2016August 19, 2016
Timofey Rudas (Russia). *Part of African Delegation
Cultural Events
5,285 ICUs
CIP held a total of thirteen Cultural Events:
5th Annual International 5K
42nd Annual International Taste of Columbus
Asian Dragon Boat Race
Asian Festival Information Booth
Chinese New Media Farwell Dinner
Chinese STEM Camp Farwell Dinner
Columbus Young Professionals Club Presentation
Electronics Recycling Event
Indian Consulate event with Kegler+Brown
International Womens Day at the Ohio State House
Nigerian dinner/cultural presentation
Turkish dinner/cultural presentation
Welcoming Communities Transatlantic Exchange
(WCTE) Program

Countries of IPRs Who have Trained With CIP

Since 1972
FY 2016

Impact on Asia
500 ICUs

Chinese Youth STEM Camp

450 ICUs
July 15, 2016July 27, 2016
Haowen Shi, Jinli Yu, Kun Li, Ruozhu Xiong,
Yuhui Feng, Dan Lei, Nuan Li, Yang Yu, and
Wei Fang Yu

Li Peizheng, China (Global Partner) 1,200 ICUs

October 1, 2015October 1, 2016
Business Management
Trained at JOSS Data

Chinese Pink Ribon Breast Care

660 ICUs
July 25, 2016August 9, 2016
Su Li, Jia Bao, Zeming Guo, Liyan Chen, Song Guo,
Wenli Chen, Xinyi Ma, Yingxue Huang, Caozhi
Cheng, Wengfang Liu, and Yizhen Lai

Melis Kahraman, Turkey (CORE)

October 1, 2015April 1, 2016
Counseling Practices
Trained at Nemeth Counseling

600 ICUs

Nepali Small Business Dev. Delegation 135 ICUs

August 1, 2016August 18, 2016
Anu Khadka

Gunul Ocar, Turkey (Global Partner)

March 25, 2016September 30, 2016
Trained at Abbott Labs

600 ICUs

Second Nepali Small Business Dev. Delegation
To arrive September 1, 2016

Ji Jinglu, China (Global Partner)

October 1, 2015Fenruary 15, 2016
Business Management
Trained at JPAC Trading

Chinese New Media Delegation

420 ICUs
March 6, 2016March 20, 2016
Ning Fanggang, Sun Haiyan, and Bian Zhixin
Anil Pandey, Nepal (CORE)
100 ICUs
April 30, 2016May 28, 2016
Banker, focus on Small Business Development
Training Sites: *See Lydia Githinji, they trained together.
Chinese Social Work Delegation
680 ICUs
May 20, 2016May 31, 2016
Wentao Yu, Chidan Ni, Kaimeng Chen, Zhiyou Chen,
Lu Wang, Shan Su, Qiaoling Yang, and
Huijuan Wang

Indian Financial Planning Delegation

To arrive September 17, 2016

CIP Staff Jiyu Jia and

Paul Saltz accompany
the Beijing Embassy,
Grant Sponsored ,Chinese New
Media Delegation to
the U.S. Department of
Education in Washington D.C.

Mark Poeppelman
Executive Director
Kathy Moser
Director of Business Operations
Marcus Andrews
Communications Coordinator
Jiyu Jia
Chinese Development Coordinator
Paul Saltz
Project Coordinator for Grants and Development
Board Executive Committee
Phil Beltz, President Retired
Mark Waite, Vice-President of Programs
International Aid Consultant
Mikalene Guiser, Secretary Columbus Metropolitan Library
Pranab Bhattacharya, Treasurer Retired
A Special Thank You
to Our Generous and Vital Host Families!
Chris Akunne
Jay and Seema Anand
Ron and Debbie Andrews
Phil and Shirley Beltz
Tom and Mary Blosser
Zhixiong Chen
Andy Drake
Cathy Elkins
Mark and Claire Fohl
Seth Frey and Matt Burns
Mikalene Guiser and Tim Skinner
Marian Harris
Gary and Penny Hsieh
Barb and Jim Kimmel
Menodora Srianti and Jim McMahon
Dick and Emilie Miller
John and Kathy Moser
Nancy and Mark Poeppelman
Charles Rutonesha
Mark Stansbury
Jeff and Jennifer Whal
Kay Wilson
Leo Zupan

Board Members
Graham Allison, Grahm A. Allison & Assoc. LLC
Teri Alexander, Alexander Financial Planning
Seema Anand, Attorney
Ron Andrews, Cardinal Health
Yana Belan, Russian Language Interpreter
Nick Buckner Wolf Composite Solutions
Seth Frey, Cardinal Health
Katja Garvey, Kegler Brown Hill + Ritter
Bethany Glick, Nationwide Childrens Hospital
Sara Hall, Attorney
Marian Harris, Retired
Bahram Hashemi, Accuware Consultants
Vlad Kapustin, Interkap, Group LLC
Leo Knoblauch, Nationwide
Charles Rutonesha, Consultant
Lyndsie White, The Mentoring Center of Central Ohio
Alexandra Wintrich, IT Independent Consultant
Advisory Council
Dave Fritz, Nationwide Insurance
James Liu, JPAC Trading, LLC
Kamal Panchal, Banana Leaf Indian Restaurant
Gus Shihab, Law Firm of Shihab & Associates
Don Slowik, Slowik & Robinson, LLC

A Special Recognition to Our Restaurant Sponsors,

The 42nd Annual International Taste of Columbus!
Banana Leaf Indian Restaurant
Barroluco Argentine
Comfort Food
BDs Mongolian Grill
Basil Thai
Blue Ginger
Caf Istanbul
Cinnamon Indian Grill
Diamonds Ice Cream
Hoyos Kitchen
Hot Chicken Takeover
Huberts Polish Kitchen
Intercontinental Restaurant
Kolache Republic
Caf and Bakery
Korean Chamber of Commerce
Lao Volunteer Donation Assoc.

Milos Caf
Mozarts Bakery
and Piano Caf
(Host Venue)
My Old World Bakery
Nancy Poeppelman
Yana Belan Russian Special
Scandinavian Club
of Columbus
Secret Vessel Hot Pot
Spaghetti Warehouse
Sunflower Chinese Restaurant
Lyndsie Whitehead
Tandoori Grill
Taste of Belgium
Uzbek Catering by Alluza
Wurst und Bier
Wycliffs Kitchen

We are very thankful for the support of our sponsors and our community.