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Psychiatry is the branch of medicine devoted to the diagnosis, prevention,

study, and treatment of mental disorders. These include various

abnormalities related to mood, behavior, cognition, and perceptions.
Psychiatric-mental health nurse practitioner (PMHNP) is an advanced
practice registered nurse trained to provide a wide range of mental health
services to patients and families in a variety of settings. PMHNPs diagnose,
conduct therapy, and prescribe medications for patients who have
psychiatric disorders, medical organic brain disorders or substance abuse
problems. They are licensed to provide emergency psychiatric services,
psycho social and physical assessment of their patients, treatment plans,
and manage patient care. They may also serve as consultants or as
educators for families and staff. The PMHNP has a focus on psychiatric
diagnosis, including the differential diagnosis of medical disorders with
psychiatric symptoms, and on medication treatment for psychiatric
Clinical social work is a healthcare profession based on theories
and methods of prevention and treatment in providing mentalhealth/healthcare services, with special focus on behavioral and bio-psycho
social problems and disorders.
Clinical psychology is an integration of science, theory and clinical
knowledge for the purpose of understanding, preventing, and relieving
psychologically based distress or dysfunction and to promote subjective
well-being and personal development.Central to its practice are
psychological assessment and psychotherapy, although clinical
psychologists also engage in research, teaching, consultation, forensic
testimony, and program development and administration. In many countries,
clinical psychology is a regulated mental health profession.

Marriage and family therapists are mental health professionals

with a minimum of a masters degree and two years supervised clinical
experience. Marriage and family therapists (commonly referred to as MFTs
or family therapists) are trained and licensed to independently diagnose and
treat mental health and substance abuse problems. Marriage and family
therapy is one of the core mental health disciplines and is based on the
research and theory that mental illness and family problems are best treated
in a family context. Trained in psychotherapy and family systems, marriage
and family therapists focus on understanding their clients symptoms and
interaction patterns within their existing environment. MFTs treat
predominantly individuals, but also provide couples, family and group