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Flying Stong

2015 Annual Report

Wild Bird Clinic

Operating 365 days a year, our Wild
Bird Clinic is dedicated to providing
professional and humane treatment for
native wild birds in need.

In 2015, the clinic admitted more than

2,600 orphaned or injured patients.

In 2015, several improvements were

made, including major repairs to our large
outdoor flight cage, the addition of new
rearing pens for young waterfowl, and
an upgrade of our patient database to a
cloud-based system.
The clinic continued to improve
treatment practices and collaborate with
our colleagues at several conferences
throughout 2015.
Of note in 2015 was a cold snap early in
the year, bringing a number of debilitated
loons, grebes, and other seabirds requiring
specialized care to the clinic.
The summer of 2015 brought in a record
number of young waterfowlover 170
baby and juvenile waterfowl patients
were admitted.
Tri-State Bird Rescue & Research 2015 Annual Report 2

Oil Spill Response, Planning, & Training

Our team continued to make advances in the field of oiled wildlife response with the opening of
the Wildlife Response Annex, a purpose-built facility specifically designed to meet the complex
needs of oiled wildlife and respond to large-scale incidents. The Corporate Wildlife Partnership
program was launched, further bringing industry partners and incident responders together for
the benefit of wildlife.
In 2015, the team responded to a total of eight
incidents, including responses in Maryland,
Ohio, New York, and Canada. In addition to
direct response, the team taught customized
workshops or served as technical specialists for
industry and agency-led exercises in several
states, including Alaska, Missouri, Michigan,
New Jersey, New Hampshire, and New York.
Throughout the year, our team collaborated
with our national and international
colleagues at conferences around the
worldsharing information, safety practices,
and presenting cases and findings.
In early 2015, the team was activated to respond
to an incident involving over 400 waterfowl in
northwest Ohio. Arriving quickly, the team set up
on-site facilities and began stabilizing the affected
Despite the frigid January cold, many of the patients
beat the odds and were successfully cleaned and
3 Tri-State Bird Rescue & Research 2015 Annual Report

For more than three decades, Tri-State
has hosted a select group of interns
during the summer to give them handson experience in wildlife rehabilitation.
Many of these interns go on to pursue
careers in veterinary medicine, wildlife
rehabilitation, wildlife conservation, and
other related fields.
In 2015, we introduced a new internship
position in the Development Office
to provide fundraising experience for
tomorrow's non-profit leaders.
The 2015 Summer Intern Program was funded by generous gifts from:
Bank of America
The Dansko Foundation
Delmarva Power

The Deupree Family Foundation

Philip Johnson
LabWare, Inc.

Clyde Locker
Pepco Holdings, Inc.
Maryanne Yingst & Dick Ho

Sharing our Knowledge

For nearly twenty years, Tri-State has been
presenting the Introduction to Wildlife
Medicine course to first-year veterinary
students at the University of Pennsylvania.
This course provides a comprehensive
overview of wildlife medicine as well as an
introduction to oiled wildlife care. Through
wet labs and hands-on anatomy labs, over
100 students gain practical knowledge of
wildlife medicine every year.
Tri-State also offers training for our
volunteers, rehabilitation colleagues, and
industry partners.
4 | Annual Report 2014

4 Tri-State Bird Rescue & Research 2015 Annual Report

Saving Lives Together

Tri-State has a long history of working with
agencies, other non-profits, and industry
partners to help our native wildlife. These
long-standing relationships benefit our
patients in many ways.
In December of 2015, our friends at the
Delaware Bay & River Cooperative assisted
in releasing an adult Northern Gannet from
one of their vessels. The seabird had been
successfully treated for fishing line injuries and
needed to be released on open water.
This partnership is just one of many that
ensures our patients receive their best chance
at returning to life in the wild, every step
of the way.
Tri-State has over 200 volunteers that donate
over 20,000 hours of service annually. They
help in all areas from bird care to landscaping.

Creating Connections
Annual Open House

Our annual Open House saw a record number

of attendees. Over 1,200 people joined us
for this fun and educational day to learn
more about wildlife rehabilitation and injury
Giant Yard Sale

Following in the footsteps of our Open House,

the Giant Yard Sale raised over $14,000 for our
patients, an all-time high.
Benefit for the Birds

Over 170 guests attended Banding Together

to Benefit the Birds. The annual fundraising
evening once again raised nearly $100,000
for wild birds in need, thanks to our generous
supporters and sponsors.
Tri-State Bird Rescue & Research 2015 Annual Report 5

A Community Effort
Individuals, businesses, and local response
authorities came together to rescue this
young Double-crested Cormorant that was
dangling from a fishing line nearly 100 feet
above the surface of a local reservoir.
Thanks to their
courageous rescue
efforts, the cormorant
was delivered to
Tri-State, where it
made a full recovery.
The public's eagerness
to help this young,
injured bird is
proof positive of
the community's
continued compassion
for wildlife.

Looking to the Future

When we began in 1976, our founder, Lynne
Frink, was looking for a better way to treat
oiled wildlife. Today, we continue her tradition
of seeking continual improvement and
expanding our knowledge.
Tri-State is always working toward better
treatments, safer processes, and
innovative techniques.
We deeply appreciate all our supporters and
partners who continue to help us remain a
professional and compassionate resource for
wild animals in need and the community that
cares for them.
Tri-State Bird Rescue & Research 2015 Annual Report 6

2015 Financial Report

Audited financial statements for the
period October 1, 2014, to March
31, 2015. As part of a transition to a
new fiscal calendar, fiscal year 2015
was a six-month period.














Current assets
Cash & cash equivalents

Pledge and grant receivables


Accounts receivable
Prepaid expenses


Fixed assets



Total assets

Liabilities & Net Assets


Unrestricted net assets

Temporarily restricted net assets

Total liabilities & net assets

Program income
Individual contributions
Corporate contributions
Government grants
Fundraising events (net)
Investment income







2015 Sources of Funding



Permanently restricted net assets




2015 Use of Funds

Wild Bird Clinic
Oiled Wildlife Response
Total programs


Tri-State Bird Rescue & Research 2015 Annual Report 7

Thank you!
Tri-State Bird Rescue & Research is very grateful for the members
and donors who make our life-saving work possible. The following
individuals, corporations, foundations, organizations, and
businesses contributed $250 or more of financial and in-kind
support to Tri-State in Fiscal Year 2015 (October 1, 2014 through
March 31, 2015). Giving totals do not include event tickets or


$1,0004,999 (continued)

Vera Lee and Malli Rao*

The Allerton Foundation*

Chevron Corporation*
Citgo Petroleum Corporation*
Colonial Pipeline Company*
Elaine Conroy Moore Charitable Foundation
Exelon Generation
Bob and Lorraine Reeder*
State of Delaware*
Sunoco Foundation*
Water Quality Insurance Syndicate*

David McPherson
David and FM Mooberry*
Cindy Naylor*
Doug and Arlene Reppa*
T. Garrett and Mary Robinson*
Rosalind Schwebel Trust
Schwab Charitable Fund
Sigma Data Systems, Inc.
State Employees Charitable Campaign*
The Stewart B. Eckers Charitable Trust
United Way of Delaware*
Max Walton*
Nancy D. Wells




Bernice Barbour Foundation*

Delaware Bay & River Cooperative*
Joan and Ron Gardner*
PSEG Foundation
The Trust of Elsie M. Roy
Pat Ryan
University of Pennsylvania-School of Veterinary Medicine*

Axeon Specialty Products*
Bank of America*
Buckley's Tavern
L. Leon and Alice P. Campbell*
Corky Connor
Gerret and Tatiana Copeland
Paulette and Stephan de la Veaux*
Denise and Jay Dee*
Barbara and James Druding*
Gerry and Clara Kluis*
Phung T. Luu
Patricia and Fred Mann
Marathon Petroleum Company
Maryland Department of Natural Resources
Michael and Sharon McCormick

8 Tri-State Bird Rescue & Research 2015 Annual Report

Thomas W. Adams, Ph.D.

Dr. Robin Andreasen
Nancy Jean Balogh*
Richard and Dolores Baxter*
Brandywine Zoo*
Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation*
Combined Federal Campaign of DE*
Theodora B. Corroon*
Dansko Foundation
The Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund*
Margaret E. Filman*
Fox Chase Cancer Center
Carol Gungui
Ralph S. Hauck
Marilyn K. Hyte
JP Morgan Chase Foundation*
Jane C. MacElree*
John and Valerie Mayfield*
Cheryl and Jeffrey A. McCann
C. Hans Miller*
Charles and Mary Miller
Joseph Mitchell*
Dr. Alan B. Palmer*
Chris and Fran Petersen*

$500999 (continued)

$250499 (continued)

Catherine and John Renzetti*

Royal Pest Management*
Daniel Siders
Jeffrey D. Sinclair*
Lisa Smith*
Harold and Kirsten Snyder*
Janice Stenger
David and Susan Stratton*
Vanguard Charitable
W. L. Gore & Associates*
Wild Birds Unlimited*

Christine Smith & David Dolloff*

Anne and John Fields*
Forever Fit Foundation
Toni Foster
Rebecca Lee Garnett*
Denise Geran
Gayle Gibson*
Hockessin Business Association
Dave and Mary Koechert*
Florence Kvalnes*
Claudia Lamp*
Joyce L. Maack
Jim & Sue McVoy*
George and Holly Miller*
Monica Olson*
Stephen Penrose
Pew Charitable Trust
KT Porter and Bill Swope*
Rentzel's Bird Farm
Harry and Elizabeth S. Walton, Jr.*
Sallie C. Welte, VMD, and John Embick*
Freda Wilson
Christopher Wright

3M Foundation
Advanced Skincare Center
Aero Taxi, Inc.
James and Linda Amundsen*
Bruce Balogh
Jim and Joyce Bambrick
BP Fabric of America Fund
Tom and Bobbie Breske*
Ray Bryant
Capital One Services
Chadds Ford Animal Hospital
Susan E. Child
City Wildlife, Inc.
Susan Crane, VMD
Mary Jane and Jack Dalton*

10 years or more supporting Tri-State

Giving totals do not include event tickets, raffle tickets, or

other purchases.

Tri-State Bird Rescue & Research 2015 Annual Report 9

Board of Directors
Executive Committee

Charles Robertson, PhD, President

Robert Bryant, 1st Vice President
Lucinda Peterson, CPA,
2nd Vice President
Rosemary Francis, Treasurer
Barbara Schumacher, Secretary


Barbara Druding
Toby Erlichman, VMD
Amy Evans, Esq.
Keith Hall
Arlene Reppa


Lisa Smith
Executive Director
Duke Doblick
Director of Development
Julie Bartley
Volunteer & Office Manager
Kim Righi
Accounting Manager
Rebecca Stansell
Marketing Manager
Greg Keegan
Maintenance Supervisor


Andrea Howey-Newcomb
Clinic Director
Cristin Kelley, DVM
Wildlife Veterinarian
Aimee Federer
Clinic Supervisor Level II
Jennifer Caldwell
Clinic Supervisor Level I
Brie Hashem
Clinic Supervisor Level I
Meagan Demeter
Clinic Supervisor Level I
Sallie Welte, VMD
Clinic Director Emeritus

Advisory Board

Henry Bryndza, PhD

William Francis, CFA
John Frink
Patricia McGee, Esq.
David Mooberry
Gary Patterson
William Tansey

Oil Programs

Sarah Tegtmeier
Oil Programs Manager
Danene Birtell
Interim Oil Programs Manager
Cristin Kelley, DVM
Wildlife Veterinarian
Samantha Christie
Senior Coordinator
Michelle Neef
Erin Norris
Ryan Wheeler
Canadian Coordinator

Tri-States Corporate Wildlife Partnership is a working relationship with our corporate and industry
partners to help save birds lives. Thank you to the following for banding together for native wildlife:

Gold Level Partners

Phillips 66

Silver Level Partners

Colonial Pipeline Company

Delaware Bay & River

Bronze Level Partners

Chevron Corporation
Citgo Petroleum Corporation
Hess Corporation
Monroe Energy
Pepco Holdings, Inc.
Water Quality Insurance


Animal Hospital of Chester County

Axeon Specialty Products
Marathon Oil Corporation
NuStar Energy, L.P.
PBF Energy (Delaware City Refining
Co. & Paulsboro Refining Co.)
Philadelphia Energy Solutions
PSEG Foundation
The Vane Brothers Company

Tri-State solicits contributions from individuals, companies, and foundations that are supportive of our mission, and we work across many sectors to
improve the environment, but we do not endorse any company, product, or service.

10 Tri-State Bird Rescue & Research 2015 Annual Report

The Wildlife Response Annex

In February of 2015, a unique resource for compromised wildlife was dedicated and officially opened.
The Wildlife Response Annex was designed for patient and human safety during contamination
responses large and small. Not only is the building a dedicated space for treating oiled wildlife, but it
can also be called into action to quarantine or house patients during a large-scale incident of any type.
Within 48 hours of opening, the building was called into action. Four contaminated Double-crested
Cormorants were transported to the facility for care. Since its opening, the annex has been instrumental
in cleaning many species of wildlife from several incidents.
In every case brought to the Annex for care, the
value of the specially designed features of the
building has been apparent through increased
efficiency and safety of responders during the
decontamination process. Thanks to the support
of many individuals and organizations, this oneof-a-kind facility is response ready 24/7/365.
We would like to extend a special thank you to the following companies who provided support through contributions of
services throughout fiscal year 2015:
Action Special Events
Production & Rentals
Animal Behavior and
Conservation Connections
Arbordale Publishing
Consolidated Drake Press

Kenny Family ShopRites of

Delaware & the Kenny Family
Lindenmeyr Munroe
Loretta Schumacher Carlson,
B2B Copywriter

Port Penn Bait & Tackle

United Distributors

Real Charitable Housewives

of Delaware

University of Delaware
College of Agriculture &
Natural Resources

Royal Pest Management

RR Donnelley

Crowl Advertising Design

Maryland Department of
Natural Resources

SaveWay Compounding

Dialog Direct

MultiDesigns Unlimited

Dogfish Head Craft Brewery

Pamela's Gourmet

Schneider Trailer & Container


Herr Foods, Inc.

Perfect Moments

11 Tri-State Bird Rescue & Research 2015 Annual Report

Sigma Data Systems, Inc.

Speedpro Imaging Wilmington

UPENN New Bolton Center

Laboratory of Avian
Medicine & Pathology
UPENN New Bolton Center
Toxicology Laboratory
Wild Birds Unlimited,

Making a difference,
one bird at a time

Thank you to the following photographers for the use of their images in this report:
Front Cover: Great Horned Owl by Thomas Hedrich
Page 2: Red-tailed Hawk by Marian Quinn
Page 2: Mallards by Steve Howey-Newcomb
Page 4: Osprey re-nesting by Pete McGowan
Page 5: Open House by Russ Carlson

Page 6: Double-crested Cormorant rescue by Chris Walton

Page 9: Eastern Screech-owls by Marian Quinn
Page 10: Brown Pelican by J.T. Blatty
Back Cover: Bald Eagle by Roger Suro
Photos not credited are by Tri-State staff members.