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ECE 150

8 hours

Brookings, SD

ECE 150

8 hours

St. Thomas
Brookings, SD

ECE 228

90+ hours

SDSU Fishback
Brookings, SD

EDFN 475

18 hours

Brookings, SD

ECE 371

15 hours

Brookings, SD

Brief Description
I was placed into a first grade classroom with
Mrs. Scott. There were about 20 kids in the
classroom who were all full of energy. I
helped certain kids catch up on missing
homework assignments. I helped Mrs. Scott
read to the class and helped the kids learn the
new words of the day. I loved this experience
and loved how much energy each kid had.
I was placed in the STM Preschool where I
worked with about 15 kids split into two
different groups, A.M and P.M. I really
enjoyed this age group of kids because they
were all excited to learn and all wanted to
participate in everything. I enjoyed reading
with the kids and playing outside for recess.
I was placed in a 3 and 4 year-old classroom
with Mrs. Gloege. The classroom had about 17
children with many teachers. During the
semester, I was able to work in small groups as
well as large groups with all of the children. I
was able to create lesson plans for children and
learn how to assess children in different ways.
A major part of this experience was creating
lasting relationships with children and working
together with colleagues.
I was placed at Hillcrest Elementary School
with Mrs. Alberts and worked with
Kindergarteners. It was big classroom with
about 20 students. I was able to witness many
different teaching strategies for multiple
learning capabilities. I witnessed how Mrs.
Alberts disciplined that age group. I enjoyed
being part of the big classroom and starting to
see how the students develop intellectually and
Kidsworld is a day care where I worked with
twelve to eighteen month olds. I worked with
the leader Jackie and anywhere from five to
eight children. It was a great experience that
allowed me to see the developmental
milestones that occur during that period, for
example, learning new words, phrases, and
running. I liked this age group because they
constantly kept you busy and on your feet.

ECE 488
225+ hours

ECE 470
ECE 465
ECE 478
ECE 488
ECE 495
ECE 455
EDFN 466
EPSY 302

18 hours

SDSU Fishback
Brookings, SD

This semester I was one of three lead teachers

in the four and five year old lab at the SDSU
lab school. Here I planned multiple lessons,
created activities for different centers, utilized
positive home and school communication.
Additionally, I held six parent teacher
conferences and create six child portfolios. This
experience was one of my favorites, I
understood more clearly who I was as a teacher,
created lasting relationships with peers and
children, and grew in my own teaching

Brookings, SD

At Camelot, I was placed in a fifth-grade

math classroom. I worked once sometimes
twice a week with two class periods. I
unexpectedly loved this age group and
subject. It provided me with the opportunity
to get out of my comfort zone and try knew
ideas and activities. I liked how the students
had a sense of identity and would explain if
they did not understand something. This was
a classroom where I could really see when a
student fully understood what he or she was