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Republic of the Philippines

Department of Education
Cordillera Administrative Region
Division of Mountain Province
District of Bauko I
Gotang Primary School

Narrative Report on Early Language, Literacy and Numeracy Division

I. Introduction
Last February 24 to March 4, 2016, the Dep. Ed. Division Office of Mountain Province
conducted the Phase 3 training on Early Language, Literacy and Numeracy at Brentwood
Apartelle, Brentwood Village, Barangay M. Roxas, Baguio City.
The objectives of the said training are the following:
(Reference: DepEd. Order no. 12, s. 2015)
After the 10 day training, the supervisors, school heads, and teachers are expected to
A. Enhanced pedagogical knowledge, skills and attitudes on early literacy and numeracy.
B. Improved ability to assess learners literacy and numeracy skills.
C. Sustained commitment in mentoring, sharing of teaching experiences.
II. Activities
After the registration and checking of rooms, the participants from the different districts
of Mountain Province were oriented regarding the 10 day training. They were given an
identification cards and they were divided into groups according to colors. Each group have team
leaders to check the attendance and other functions.
The facilitators in each session follow one approach in delivering their assigned task and
that is direct delivery of video presentations and power point presentations from the NTOT.
Each team or group were expected to have the following outputs:
A. session outputs
B. teaching-learning materials
C. lesson plans
D. SLAC action plans
And the general content of the 24 sessions were as follows
1. Nature of K to Grade 3 learners
2. Early literacy and numeracy domains and strands
3. Early literacy and numeracy teaching
4. Classroom-based assessment of early literacy and numeracy skills

III. Personal Learning

A. What I enjoyed the most
- The session facilitated by Sir Jacinto Yassan which is the classroom differentiated
activities and the session under Madam Billy Jean Pocyao, the reading of childrens literature
B. What I learned
- Principles of assessment that assist learning and inform instruction
- The explicit teaching framework
- Principles of decoding and explicit teaching
IV. Photos

Training venue

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