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Choose your attitude. Play more. Make someones day. Be present.

Intermediate Algebra (College Algebra)
Teacher: Steve Bearss

Room #: 100(log100)+4
Cell: 616-403-2088

Website: zezwintermediatealgebra.weebly.com
Prerequisite: College bound senior that has taken Alg 2.
Goals: 1)

Work to the best of your ability. Invest time, energy, and thought daily.
Make a commitment to outstanding attendance.
Make an honest attempt on homework. It takes effort to improve not IQ. Ask questions.
Get along. Treat everyone with respect. Encourage. Compliment.
Set goals.

*Grading: Homework: 20% Quizzes: 20% Tests: 60%

Projects: Included in homework, quiz, or test scores.

Semester Grade: 1st 9 weeks is 40%. 2nd 9 weeks is 40%. Exam is 20%.
Grading Scale:




67-69 D+
63-66 D
60-62 DBelow 60% is failing.

*Retesting: You will be allowed to retake 1 test per semester.

*Homework: Most sections will be graded and are worth at least 10 points.
If you find yourself falling behind, see me for extra help!
Expectations: 1)

If you want food in class, bring enough for everyone.

Attendance is crucial. If you miss a class, stop by to get notes and handouts ASAP. Email me.
Keep an organized notebook.
Be ready to ask questions.
Bring a smile with you to class. Applaud something good.
A graphing calculator is necessary. I recommend the TI 84 plus or one comparable.
Use your class time wisely, but get to know someone new this year. Work together.
You are intelligent young adults. Work hard. Raise the standard. Take a chance. Be nice.
Do things in such a way that you wont cause a problem for you, your classmates, or your
10) 5 days in a row of perfect attendance for your class earns a treat from me.

Study Sessions: I offer study sessions before many if not most of the tests. It is a good review and an opportunity for
you to get extra practice. They typically start at 8:30 or 9:00 pm which avoids most work and school conflicts.
Catch them if you can.
Tardies: It is important and respectful to be on time. Think of others and be considerate. If this is an issue, I will
prescribe an appropriate consequence. If you are late because you are getting a treat for the class every once in a
while..... well that really isnt being late.
Cell Phones: Please manage your cell phones carefully. Engage in the class and with each other by turning them off
when you arrive in room 204.
Ipad protocol: This is year 6 of the Ipad rollout. We all know that the Ipad is powerful and useful. We have also
learned that it can be distracting and addicting. It is a wonderful communication tool while at the same time it gets in
the way of communicating. We also recognize that using the Ipad in math can circumvent learning how to do the
math. The Ipad may not be allowed on tests or quizzes. You may use and will want to use a calculator. Furthermore
you will have limitations placed on Ipad use during class. Sometimes it is appropriate and other times not so. You
are expected to follow my lead on that.
This year I will be using short video clips as a way of challenging you or inspiring you or maybe just to inform you. I
also intend to bring in some guest speakers. You will want to have a notebook in which you can respond/react to the
speakers and video clips. Many are quite memorable and meaningful.
Classroom rules are posted on the walls in the classroom. I think they are appropriate for where we are in life.
Our time: What is taught, learned, questioned, demonstrated, performed, and shared during class is our time. It is
not meant to be tweeted, photod, recorded, or posted. Respect for these boundaries is very important. Let me share
with you why.

Lets have a great year! It can happen if you want it to.