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(Dance Monologue).
>>Entering from the left..(Music starts)
>>>Dance piece:- One minute long to Possession
>>Music stopsAntonia start speaking.
Aye, Aye. (looking for people in the audience with your on your fore
But wait nah look at people. All yuh like that dance piece eh. Yuh like meh
costume (Spins around). Yes, I knowI was hot eh. (Laughing).
Well, Good evening, Chaguaramas. I, Antonia Gonsalves aka Eggy (yes eggy
) considered myself as a QUEEN. Why Im a Queen? Hmm. Let me tell yuh. I
am a Queen, young and intelligent one like Queen Elizabeth II at the starting
of her reign. I am a Queen Like Cleopatra, beautiful and strong.
You think I am not a QueenHa. Dont watch my size and think I am not
Queen material like Miss World. I know that Im beautifully and wonderfully
made in Gods eyes. I AM QUEEN.
Yes, Queen.waiting to be Miss Queensize 2013. (posing) No. Not a Queen
size mattress from Courts.Miss Queensize of Trinidad and Tobago. (walks
around imitating a queens walk).
Love that organization. (pause) Always wanted to be in a pageant. Hmm.
Anyway, this queen size committee well getting there girls readylike
myself. I have seen the dramatic changes of being a Queen from a normal
passerby. This years pageant teaches all Plus-sized women to be fityes
their Fitness Edition. (yes keep fit: shows muscle) Also they help women
to build their confidence to be Queen-like as their theme states Loving
Myself Enough. (hugs self)
Hmm..nice people in that committeeGood, good people. Helping me, Miss
Antonia aka Eggy to add the finishing touches to BE A QUEEN.
Like in Nigeriawomen my size are accepted and are called Thick Madames.
My size represents a high respect and wealth. So yuh know, all yuh I get
through.. I RICH!!!!. So I can go in town now and get some shoes and thing.
Hmm.. Antonia girl you are a Queen. You are not FAT.you are PHAT. P-H-ATPRETTY HOT AND THICK. (shakes her head). Yes, yes I am Queen, a
great role model for my community at East Port-of-Spain. A town Queen.

I am Queen. Im proud, hopeful with a dash of inspiration. QueenQueen.

(pick up a mirror). So Mirror, Mirror in my hand, tell me if I win the Lotto
no tell me if I will win this Queensize title. (rest mirror on her lap, looks
Oh gosh..its time to go..WELL LADIES & GENTLEMEN. Next I will see youyou
will hear and in 1st place, Miss. Antonia Gonsalves, Miss Queensize 2013
(laughing). Well not yet..but let me practice my winning walk..all yuh
goodbye. (puts on crown) (exits stage)
>>>plays AH ZABENYA