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Fight like an Elite Soldier: Win ANY Hand-to-Hand Combat

I. Self-Defense Survival Patterns ....................................................................... 3
Self-Defense in a Post-EMP World ........................................................ 5
What is Self-Defense?.......................................................................... 6
Your Body as a Weapon..................................................................... 10
Self-Defense Tips & Guidelines ........................................................... 11
II. Hand-to-Hand Fighting ................................................................................ 15
Offensive-Defensive Techniques ......................................................... 17
Target Areas of the Body ................................................................... 21
Disarming an Opponent ..................................................................... 26
III. The Will to Win ........................................................................................... 29

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Fight like an Elite Soldier: Win ANY Hand-to-Hand Combat

I. Self-Defense Survival Patterns

My shield is with God, Who saves the upright in heart. (Psalm 7:10)

The certainty of your morality is a powerful weapon; everyone has the right to defend
him- or herself against physical attack. Bearing this in mind will have a huge impact on your
behavior in any life-threatening situation. But why is self-defense so important? you might
Well, the first step to learning personal safety is accepting the fact that we live in a
dangerous and violent world. To think otherwise is both naive and, to a certain extent,
irresponsible. In the world we live in today, you actually have only two choices: forget about it,
cross your fingers and hope for the best; or accept the responsibility of learning to protect
yourself and your loved ones from the realities of violence that surround you every day.
The large picture alone should make you become aware of the danger - cities are
overcrowded and most peoples physical abilities are neglected to the point of non-existence.
Many people, particularly the young, are trapped in dead-end jobs, alienated from discipline and
regular physical activity. They are also fed a TV diet of violence, where the role models are
often muscle-bound supermen, and the major motivation are greed, rage and revenge.
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Fight like an Elite Soldier: Win ANY Hand-to-Hand Combat

Many dont realize that what they might be left with in the end is a set of non-values
that have nothing to do with the real life scenario they are about to experience. And since our
world as we know it is sure to suffer some dramatic changes, many will perish because of their
Jesus said there would be a great falling away of believers. You may be one of them
when things get tough, especially if you are caught off-guard both spiritually and physically.
There are no promises of a "Get out of Tribulation Free Card." But you should know the truth
and be ready for what is coming! The Revelation was written to prepare believers for the end
time, so we would not be taken off guard.
These warnings are for believers, as well as they are for unbelievers. Hang on to your
faith, do believe in the Bible and be not misled by false teachings and false prophets. You
shouldnt be a part of the great falling away when the masses realize that they will go through
the tribulations.
Since many in this nation would not even consider returning to God as an option, those
of you who will hear God must prepare yourselves for a great journey. Believe that this is a
near possibility, and make sure you are ready.
All EMP experts say that such a catastrophic event could wipe out America's urban
centers, due to their total dependency on critical infrastructures for electricity, communications,
food and water delivery, oil and gas, transportation, automated banking and financial
institutions and even emergency services.
I have dwelt on this matter in my book
Survive the End Days (in the chapter What
Exactly is an EMP? p. 22); however, for the
purpose of the present book, I would like to
draw your attention to some general aspects
related to the effects of an EMP. A major EMP
burst wouldn't just force us to reboot
everything. It would require physical abilities
and psychological strength in order to survive.
Fires and explosions could burst in public
places, as well as in your own home.
For months, huge numbers of people would have no power, food or transportation. It
would all soon come down to an incredible sense of insecurity and thus, to the fight for survival.
Within hours youd have to defend yourself from looters and basically anyone trying to steal
from you or harm you in any way. But how prepared are you to face this nightmarish scenario?

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Fight like an Elite Soldier: Win ANY Hand-to-Hand Combat

Thinking about your defense comes pretty natural, dont you think? First, lets deal with
firearms and then well take a look to some special survival skills that can guarantee your

Self-Defense in a Post-EMP World

Most firearms would not be affected in any way as far as their basic function is
concerned, but many newer firearms could absolutely suffer after an EMP. Considering the
current trend of integrating microelectronics technology into firearms, the likelihood of future
designs being affected is certain. Here are some firearms technologies that most certainly could
be affected:

Firearms that use any form of biotechnology to prevent discharge by anyone other than
the owner
Laser sights
Tactical flashlights that use LEDs
LED-based optics
Night vision optics
Thermal imaging optics
The tracking point line of smart rifles
Firearms with electronically actuated triggers.
Weapons systems that rely on laser rangefinders for range estimation.
Weapons paired with a ballistic computer or combination of ballistic computer and
sensor technology to make accurate adjustments for precision shooting at long ranges.
Weapons systems firing proximity-fused ammunition.

But theres another aspect to it: even if you do have a simple mechanical firearm, lack of
ammunition (or having difficult time procuring ammo) may become your biggest problem in no
time. Moreover, then you would have to deal with the real threat - using other equipment which
you dont know how to operate.
The point is that there is always something you can do about the EMP and your survival
becomes a matter of awareness and access to knowledge. In the present book I want to
highlight the idea that anyone interested in learning self-defense should improve their general
fitness. But remember that you dont need to be a black-belt master to learn the instructions in
the upcoming chapters.
As far as your mental attitude is concerned, learning defense skills will boost your selfconfidence, help you think clearly and quickly, stay away from potential danger and focus your
energies if the time comes for physical action. You also have to know the mentality and
probable physical limitations of your attacker.
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Fight like an Elite Soldier: Win ANY Hand-to-Hand Combat

What is Self-Defense?
Nothing feels better than knowing that you can take care of yourself mentally and
physically. Being able to protect yourself in all situations can be very reassuring. In fact,
everybody wants to be a better version of themselves, but many people think they simply dont
need self-defense skills. Statistics say there are several reasons why people overlook selfdefense:

Fear of the unknown.

Negative attitude I can't do it!

Common belief that the police will protect them.

Lazy personality.

Is naive or oblivious to the real world.

Claims they don't have time.

The truth is most people rely a lot on technology and would have to make some major
changes in order to make a living without it. However, there is one main aspect that you should
take into account: train without technology before you train with technology, which
means among others:

Learn how to use a map or compass and then a GPS (and even if the EMP catches you
completely off-guard, you have access to my book Conquer the Unknown without Using
Maps or GPS; the world is full of possibilities and you can also learn how to become a
natural navigator to save yourself).

Go through the standard operating procedures from a post-EMP paradigm. (For

reference, consult Survive the End Times, Chapters: Planning in Advance: Preparing is
Vital p.45; Life-saving Techniques p. 127; Security: When the Fight for Survival
Becomes Real p.169). Walk through these procedures step by step, imagining what
could go wrong if an EMP had occurred and analyze your options.

Keep others away from competing with you for the same resources.

Learn how to defend yourself.

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Fight like an Elite Soldier: Win ANY Hand-to-Hand Combat

The answer to what is self-defense? will vary to a great extent. For some people it
means learning how to throw a punch or going out to the gun shop and buying a gun. There
are others who think that martial arts are viable solutions. The unfortunate truth is there's a lot
more to personal protection.
First, personal protection can best be understood in terms of three related qualities:
psychological, intellectual and physical.
1. The psychological aspects involve your understanding and acknowledgment of the many
criminal threats that exist. But self-defense also means taking responsibility for your own
personal protection and well-being. This acceptance is not as easy as it sounds. You are
conditioned to expect that someone or something else will protect you from criminal
violence and aggression. But if this ware true, the statistics on violent crime would look
much different. Not to mention the fact that in an every man for himself scenario,
relying on someone else would be suicidal.
2. Then, theres the intellectual aspect of self-defense - the same kind of intelligence that
makes the dangerous attacker so effective at what he does. Among many other things,
you have to know who is most likely to be the victim of a violent criminal attack, who
will most likely attack this victim, and where and when this attack is likely to take place.
3. Finally, there is the physical aspect of self-defense. Essentially, you need a wide variety
of skills or fighting techniques that can save your life. Physical self-defense is divided
into two categories:
Unarmed fighting: involves the use of various techniques to protect yourself or
a loved one from physical attack (the main concern of this book).
Armed fighting: requires using various hand held weapons such as firearms,
knives, sticks, pepper spray and everyday objects which you can use of
First of all, an improvised weapon should:

be an item that is not automatically viewed as a weapon.

be strong enough for its purpose.

be better than an unarmed option.

be able to be used quickly.

be available in context.
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Fight like an Elite Soldier: Win ANY Hand-to-Hand Combat

If you need to use force in a real self-defense situation, grab anything you can, and hit
your attacker with it. The biggest benefit with using improvised weapons is the element of
surprise. Here are some examples:
1. A pocket of loose change
This is a simple and basic projectile
weapon. A bunch of loose change thrown really
hard straight at an attacker will likely trigger a
flinch in them. Just get the change out and
throw it really hard. An alternative would be a
suitably small rock or rocks. To conserve ammo,
throw the coins one or two at a time.
This improvised weapon can take an
attacker by surprise; its quick to get to and
provides enough time to call out for help or
adopt a fighting position.

2. A bottle of drink
A bottle of drink (glass or plastic), a hot
coffee, a can of soft drink, etc. can all be used
as excellent improvised weapons. They are
cheap and you can have one anywhere. They
can be used a number of ways and some of the
benefits are simply amazing: you can carry a
drink almost everywhere. Hot fluid can be used
to scald, whereas cold fluid can be used to
distract and regain initiative. Half full or more
bottles and cans, as well as glasses, can be
thrown as projectiles.
You can use it as an impact weapon with many sharp edges. However, you should
master some fighting skills, because you can injure yourself with broken glass. You should also
consider that a full unopened can is a solid impact weapon, especially when thrusted straight

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Fight like an Elite Soldier: Win ANY Hand-to-Hand Combat

3. Flashlight torch
This is an excellent, solid impact weapon
that can be used tactically as well. I have had one
for years and it will always feature in my selfdefense strategy. It comes along with some great
befits, since flashlights can be used as impact
weapons, too. They are strong and can be used
both for offense and defense.
At night, you can turn light on in attackers
face for further effect. Such items as the ones
described here may offer a more solid and less
forgiving striking surface or weight. Remember that
a good improvised weapon should give you a clear
advantage over a good unarmed response.
Of course, any object can be of help, but its best to think about the ones most
available. Wouldn't an unarmed knock-out blow to the chin be more effective at stopping an
attacker? A flashlight is great and keys may be impressive when fighting back, too. Your
umbrella may also become a useful improvised weapon on occasions. For a weak defender, this
kind of objects may inflict a lot of damage.
If you cannot use an improvised weapon well, it will likely be largely ineffective. It may
even be taken off you and used against you. If you identify a good improvised weapon, you
should learn how to use it. Consider one to three moves and practice them again and again.
Know where it will be, know how to go for it and know how to utilize it.
A bad improvised weapon will just break as you crash it over an attackers head or even
break as you begin the swing. Do not annoy the attacker with an ineffective improvised
weapon. You will just make the attacker more committed and determined in his attack when he
realizes you are attempting to fight back with a weapon. So he will likely go further with his
attack. There are times when an uncommitted attacker will flee but don't chance your luck by
assuming that will be the case.
An improvised weapon could offer any number of advantages. It may offer a more solid
and less forgiving striking surface and/or weight. It may be completely unexpected and provide
the element of surprise. It may offer us a sharp edge for us to cut or stab if you need to. It may
be able to be used as a shield, which would be especially useful in an armed attack.

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Fight like an Elite Soldier: Win ANY Hand-to-Hand Combat

Your Body as a Weapon

If you ever have to use self-defense in a real situation, you are likely to be scared and
under a lot of pressure. So, its got to be a fast and natural reaction to a violent stimulus. You
basically need to adapt without thinking, so that if you, say, miss with a kick, you dont stop,
but rather switch into another technique. But these features come with practice and the right

Your body is designed to help you, but first of all, there are several interconnected
aspects that you should take into account:

1. Practice
Put as much time into learning self-defense techniques as you can. If its only one hour
a month, thats better than nothing. You can get useful practice outside the martial art club.
You can hang a punch bag and practice on that. You can also practice at home (safely!) with a
friend. Get them to attack you in different ways, so you can practice a wide range of selfdefense moves.
The ideal is to train with as many people as possible; this way you will end up facing
people of different heights, weights, age and strength, so your reactions will improve.

2. Mental training
You should also practice mentally. You can always go over the basics in your mind even
while waiting for a bus. You can play through different situations, analyze potential threats
and working out how you would deal with them.

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Fight like an Elite Soldier: Win ANY Hand-to-Hand Combat

When I am going on any expedition I do a lot of travelling and spend hours at airports.
Rather than waste this time, I play games with myself. Wherever I am, I look around the room
everywhere, and try to figure out the safest place to be.
After taking up martial arts I have learned to always check out the environment
thinking: Ah, if I sit in that corner there and if I watch this or that, then Im safe. I also look
around at other people, analyzing them and their actions. Is he a member of security? Is he
thinking like me? If I am attacked, wheres the best escape route? So all the time I am aware
of whats going on around me, working out the best reaction to any potential danger.

3. Mental Agility
You dont need to be an elite soldier to benefit from a mental training like this. And
while you dont want to bring on paranoia, you can do similar exercises in your daily life. For
instance I may be standing at a bus stop. Whos behind me? What are they carrying? Look
upon these exercises as being fun they will ensure your mental agility in any self-defense
situation. And remember self-defense is for everyone, no matter how old or young or big or
small you are.

Be on the alert, stand firm in the faith, act like men, be strong. (1 Corinthians 16:13)
But perhaps what is most important is to avoid becoming a victim in the first place. Here
are some defense tips and guidelines that are meant to help you avoid direct confrontation.
They are intended to help you in most circumstances.

Self-Defense Tips & Guidelines

1. Familiarize yourself with your usual travel routes.
2. Be particularly alert at red light, stop sign, and gas station.
3. Always look under and inside your vehicle before you get too close to it.
4. If your car breaks down, raise the hood and stay inside with the doors locked.
5. Never accept a ride from a stranger.
6. Never leave your driver's license in your car.
7. Always remember where you park your car.
8. Always walk with confidence.
9. Never pull into a parking space next to anyone loitering or sitting in a parked car.
10. Familiarize yourself with ambush zones on the streets.
11. Avoid high-crime areas.
12. When walking the streets, constantly scan your environment.
13. Avoid entering dark environments.

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Fight like an Elite Soldier: Win ANY Hand-to-Hand Combat

You should also know that most parts of your body, if used correctly, can be used to
defend yourself from an attacker. With the proper training and knowledge you can call upon
your personal arsenal to beat off and escape from violent assaults.

The Correct Stance

If trouble is about to start you need to be in a stable stance: one that is well balanced,
but allows you to move easily in any direction. Keep your feet about shoulder width apart (no
more than 18 inches/45 cm), with your weight evenly balanced on both of them.
Also, try to stay at an angle to a potential attacker, some 30 degrees or so. I prefer to
stand with my leg slightly forward- this gives you a good balance front and back, as well as to
either side. Stand on the balls of your feet, so you have your weight and center of balance in
the middle. Keep your knees slightly bent your chin down, elbows in to your side and your
hands up. Dont form a fist you have much more flexibility with your hands open. Also, this is
not a completely aggressive stance and thus you can still avoid an unpleasant situation.

Most importantly, whatever stance you choose, stick to it. Even professional fighters
dont change stances from left to right, but stick to one and master it.
For most people, the only weapons they will have to hand in a self-defense situation will
be their limbs. But your body comes with an arsenal of other weapons that can be most
effective. But teeth can also be very useful in self-defense and so are knees or feet. You have
to realize that your body comes complete with a set of natural weapons.
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Fight like an Elite Soldier: Win ANY Hand-to-Hand Combat

1. The Head
Starting at the top, there is your head a big bony structure. The hardest part of the
skull is the back, while the forehead and bone structure around the face is also fairly strong. For
a smaller person grabbed by someone larger, the head can be a devastating weapon. If you hit
above the eyes, this will probably cause a cut and many people feel completely defenseless if
they are bleeding (even though they should be able to see through the blood).
You always need to keep your chin tucked in to protect your neck and make sure you
dont bite your tongue. If you are held in a tight grip and cant move your arms and legs, the
head butt is a good opener to make him let go. It is also very effective if you are held from
behind. You just snap your head back into him, but you have to bear in mind that the top of
your head is vulnerable and a strike to that part of the temples can be fatal. You should never
strike someone in the temples unless your life is at risk.

2. Teeth
No matter how fit or unfit you are, a bite can cause an incredible amount of pain. This
can be especially useful for women: if an attack has a sexual motive, the attackers ear, or
sometimes hand - are going to be within reach of your mouth. So bite on whatever you can get
hold of, ideally the ear. And once you bite, dont let go; bite into his neck, his throat; just bite,
rip and spit; this can and will save your life since you can make a quick escape.

3. Hands
Most people think of using their hands to punch an attacker. However, it takes a long
time to develop a hard, accurate punch and without practice, you are more likely to hurt your
own hand without doing a great deal of damage. But what you can do is strike with the fingers.
If someone is coming towards you, one of the most effective strikes you can apply them is by
jabbing your fingers into the eyes.
The exterior side of
the hand can be used to
attack an aggressors soft
areas, such as the throat or
side of the neck. Just keep
the fingers straight and hit
with the lateral side of the
You can deliver a
devastating blow by palm
strikes and punches, too.
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Fight like an Elite Soldier: Win ANY Hand-to-Hand Combat

But to get force behind a punch, you need to get your body into it. Twist forward from the
waist as the arm moves and before your arm is fully extended. Use the first punch or two to
distract your opponent. Open him up by making him block your attacks before you step in with
some finishing strikes.

4. Elbows
Elbows are always hard, bony and pointed. They make excellent weapons at close range
and can deliver a surprising amount of power without requiring great skills. When attacked from
the front an elbow to the side of the head, face or up the chin can disorient the attacker long
enough to get away. If the attacker has grabbed you from behind, an elbow to his solar plexus
can knock the wind out of him.

5. Knees
Your legs have some of the most powerful muscles in your body and the knee can
deliver incredible powerful strikes at close range. If you are comparatively light or small, you
can still deliver a blow without much effort. The dead leg involves driving the knee into the side
of the attackers thigh, halfway between the hip and the knee. If the threat is more menacing,
the same knee hard into the groin will most probably put your attacker out for longer, and allow
you to make an escape before he can even think about moving.

6. Feet
A skilled martial artist can kick a door off its hinges, but you wont see many trying such
techniques in real life situations. The one kick I would consider using is a side kick if you turn
side on to an opponent you can thrust out with the sole of the foot. Its best to keep the kick
low, preferably to the knees and bringing your foot back fast. The advantage of this type of kick
is that you dont risk losing your balance if you miss.
Effective self-defense requires knowledge of how you can inflict pain upon the other
person. This includes knowing where to strike, and how to do it. As you can see, there are
many natural weapons that your body has and you can use them to save your life. Some of the
best methods for self-defense include:
Preemptive counterattacks
Using your opponents most vulnerable areas to your advantage
Paying attention to possible escape routes
Using common objects at hand for self-defense
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Fight like an Elite Soldier: Win ANY Hand-to-Hand Combat

II. Hand-to-Hand Fighting

Keep on the alert at all times, praying that you may have strength to escape all these
things that are about to take place, and to stand before the Son of Man.
(Luke 21:34-36)

There might me some who will be shocked by the methods advocated in this book,
but to them I say: in war you either kill or capture or you will be captured or killed. You've got
to be tough to win, and you've got to be ruthless - tougher and more ruthless - than your
enemy. This is also one of the most basic principles of elite soldiers, which forms the core of
hand-to hand fighting.
There are several things you should be aware of. Offensive-defensive hand-to-hand
fighting is a composite of boxing, wrestling, karate, judo, and even football. Its easily taught,
easily learned, and extremely effective for offense or defense. In many situations, when
weapons are either not available or their use is impractical, the employment of the techniques
of hand-to-hand fighting is of inestimable value. It provides the individual with a most effective
means of executing a decisive attack or assault on an opponent, or of adequately defending

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Fight like an Elite Soldier: Win ANY Hand-to-Hand Combat

Mastery of the art of hand-to-hand fighting will give assurance, confidence, and selfreliance to anyone. Hand-to-hand fighting utilizes full strength and leverage against any
opponent's vulnerable, vital, or more sensitive areas, such as the arch of the foot, the knee, the
groin, the temple, the ears, etc. In this regard, when learning the movements of hand-to-hand
fighting you must be careful not to accidentally injure or immobilize those with whom you are
The basic principles which the hand-to-hand fighter must constantly bear in
mind are:

Be aggressive.

Keep eyes on the opponent.

Distract the opponent.

Vary the attack to fit the situation.

Turn the defense into an attack.

Feel superior to the opponent, regardless of the latter's size or demonstration of power.

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Fight like an Elite Soldier: Win ANY Hand-to-Hand Combat

Offensive-Defensive Techniques
In the execution of the various movements from the OFFENSIVE-DEFENSIVE STANCE,
as a hand-to-hand fighter, you will move as follows:

To move forward: lift the left foot and move it forward about 14 inches; the right foot
To shift left and forward: step left and forward with the left foot, pivoting on the ball of
the right foot.
To shift right and forward: step to right and forward with the right foot, pivoting on the
ball of the left foot.
To shift left and to the rear: step back and to the left with right foot, pivoting on the ball
of the left foot.
To shift right and to the rear: step left and to the rear with the left foot, pivoting on the
hall of the right foot.
To move directly to the rear: move the right foot approximately 14 inches to the rear,
the left foot follows.

You would often hear of expressions such as throwing a punch, take-down or neck
hold. If you never thought youd actually make use of them, then its time to plunge into the
real fighting. For instance, when an opponent attempts to strike with his left hand, the hand-tohand fighter will deflect the blow to the left with his right hand, or forearm, and grasp the
opponent's left arm with his own left hand. Does it make any sense? Well, first of all, youd
have to get familiar with some notions.

1. Blows
You can deliver blows with the edge of your hand, or by forming a fist - fingers straight
and close together, about half-way between the knuckle of the little finger and the wrist. Blows
can also be delivered with the head, elbow, foot (boot), knees and feet. Here are some general
1. Deliver the blow with a bent arm (never with a straight arm), using a chopping action
from the elbow, with the weight of the body behind it.

2. You can deliver this blow in two ways:

Downwards, with either hand;

Across, with either hand; the blow always being delivered outwards, with the palm
of the hand downwards, never on top.
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Fight like an Elite Soldier: Win ANY Hand-to-Hand Combat

3. Attack the weak points (which will also be discussed in this chapter) on your opponent's
body, delivering every blow as quickly as possible.

2. Releases
You may be seized from the front by the throat or gripped around the waist or around
the chest. Theres always the possibility to be seized by the hair from behind and pulled back,
but no matter what, you can release yourself from the grip or seizure. Heres what to take into
account and choose from, depending the situation youre in; all the following movements must
be one rapid and continuous motion:
1. With your left hand seize your opponent's right elbow from underneath.
2. With your right hand, reach over his arms and seize his right wrist.
3. With your right arm apply pressure downwards on his left arm; at the same time, with a
circular upward motion of your left hand, force his elbow towards your right side. This
will break his hold of your throat and put him off balance.

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Fight like an Elite Soldier: Win ANY Hand-to-Hand Combat

4. Keeping a firm grip with both hands, turn rapidly towards your right-hand side by
bringing your right leg to your right rear. Follow up with edge-of-the-hand blow on his
right elbow.
5. Seize your opponents testicles with one hand, causing him to break his hold.
6. Stamp on his feet with either foot.
7. Seize his little finger with your right hand, bend it back-wards, and walk out of the hold.



The thumb hold is the most effective hold known, and very little exertion on your part
(three to four pounds' pressure) is required to make even the most powerful prisoner obey you.
It is possible also for you to control him, even if resisting, as far as he is able to walk. You have
such complete control of him that you can, if necessary, use him as cover against attack from
First concentrate on making every move slowly, gradually speeding up until all
movements become one continuous motion. When you have thoroughly mastered the hold,
then learn to secure it from any position in which you have secured your opponent. It should be
understood that this hold is not a method of attack, but simply a "mastering hold.
1. First, insert your right thumb between the thumb and forefinger of his left hand, your
fingers under the palm of his hand, your thumb to the right.
2. Seize his left elbow with your left hand, knuckles to the right, and thumb outside and
close to your own forefingers.
3. Step in towards your opponent; at the same time, turn your body so that you are facing
the same direction, simultaneously - forcing his left forearm up across his chest and
towards his left shoulder, by pulling his elbow with your left hand over your right
forearm and forcing upwards with your right hand. Release the hold with your left hand
just as soon as you have pulled his elbow over your right forearm, and hold your
opponent's left elbow very close to your body.
4. Keeping a firm grip on the upper part of his left arm with your right arm, immediately
seize the fingers of his left hand with your left. This will prevent him from trying to seize
one of the fingers of your right hand and also give you an extra leverage for applying

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Fight like an Elite Soldier: Win ANY Hand-to-Hand Combat

5. Press down on the back of his hand towards your left-hand side with your right hand.
Should your opponent be a very powerful man and try to resist, a little extra pressure
applied by pulling his fingers downwards towards your left-hand side with your left hand
will be sufficient to bring him up on his toes.



1. Hip Throw
If you are facing your opponent, seize his clothing slightly above the height of his
elbows. Pull down with your right hand and lift up with your left hand, pulling him off-balance.
Simultaneously shoot your left leg as far as possible behind him, keeping your left leg rigid and
close up to his thigh.
Continue the downward pull of your right hand and the upward lift of your left hand, at
the same time bending forward and downwards from your waist towards your right foot. All the
above movements must be one rapid and continuous motion. Follow-up with a kick on his spine
with either boot, somewhere near the small of his back.
2. Wrist Throw
Because of the unusual manner in which your opponent's hand is seized at the initial
start of this throw, you should first learn the procedure as follows:
1. Force your left thumb into the back of your opponent's right hand, between the small
bones of his first and middle fingers, your fingers passing around to the palm of his
2. Bend his hand towards him by pressure of your thumbs on the back of his hand and
backward pressure on the palm and wrist with your fingers.
3. Retain your hold with your left hand, take your right away, and permit his right arm to
hang naturally at his side. (Remember, this is practice.)
4. Bend his arm, by a circular upward motion, towards your left-hand side, turning the
palm of his hand towards him; then force both your thumbs into the back of his hand.
6. Applying pressure on the back of his hand and on his wrist, force his hand towards the
ground on your left-hand side. This will throw him on to his right-hand side.

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Fight like an Elite Soldier: Win ANY Hand-to-Hand Combat

Target Areas of the Body

As youve seen so far, your natural weapons - edge of either hand, the heel of your
hands, your fingers folded at the second knuckle, your boot, your elbow, your knees, your
teeth, your fingers and your fist are some of the most powerful weapons you can use. And
since you now know the basics of fighting, let me list for you the best places where you should
strike your enemy:



A sharp blow to the temple may cause instant death since there is a large artery and
nerve located close to the skin surface. If you give a medium blow to the temple it will cause
severe pain and concussion but a hard blow will kill the enemy instantly. The best way to strike
the temple is with the knife edge of your hand but if he is on the ground you, then you can kick
him with the toe of your boot.



The eyes are also a great place to strike if you can, since a good strike in the eyes will
cause temporary or permanent blindness. To blind the enemy, make a "V" shape with your fore
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finger and second finger and stick them into his eyes while keeping your fingers stiff. Also, you
can gouge the eyes with your thumb.



The nose is another excellent place to attack him. Hit the bridge with the knife edge of
your hand and you will cause breakage, severe pain, temporary blindness and even death. Or
you can use the palm of your hand to strike upwards and push the nose up. If done hard
enough the nose bone may puncture his brain.


Upper Lip

The upper lip contains a lot of nerves close to the skin surface so if you strike it with
the edge of your hand it will cause great pain and even cause unconsciousness.



If the enemy is on the ground, you can use the heel of your boot and strike him on
the mouth. Since there are a lot of veins and arteries in the teeth there will be a lot of blood
which will frighten the enemy and he will lose concentration on defending other parts of his



The chin should only be struck with the palm of your hand as you can break your
fingers on the enemy's chin. Use the palm of your hand and strike the enemy with a very strong
upward blow. This will cause extreme discomfort and destabilize your opponent.

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Adam's Apple

Usually the enemy will defend this part of his body well but if you do get the chance,
give it a sharp hit with the edge of your hand. If you hit it hard enough you will inflict a lot of
damage. You can also squeeze the Adam's Apple between your fingers.



If you have a chance to get a hold of his neck, press your thumbs into his esophagus
(located below the Adam's Apple). Pushing hard will be very painful and it will block the oxygen
flow to his lungs.



If you give a very strong blow to the base of the neck with the knife edge of your
hand you will usually break it. However, if it is not hard enough, the enemy might just be
knocked unconscious so be sure to hit him in the temple or twist his neck around to be sure he
is dead. The neck is the best place to hit someone if you want to be quiet as it is quick and the
enemy goes down without a word.

10. Collar Bone

The collar bone is an extremely sensitive part of the body. A sharp blow to it with the
knife edge of your hand or your elbow gives the enemy excruciating pain. Also, digging your
finger into the collar bone can bring your enemy to his knees.

11. Shoulder
The shoulder can be easy dislocated and it takes little strength to do. However, it
should be done quickly. Grab the enemy's arm and pull it behind his back and then jerk it
upwards quickly. You should here a popping sound which means you have dislocated the
enemy's shoulder. There are other methods of doing this, but this is the easiest.

12. Armpit
Although it is hard to get at, the armpit has a large network of nerves. If the enemy is
on the ground, hold up his arm and then kick him in his pit. This will cause severe pain.
However, it is not a very common place that will be struck in a fight but it is good to keep in
mind anyways.

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13. Solar Plexus

The solar plexus is located on the chest at the little "V" shaped point where the rib
cage ends. There are a large amount of nerves so a blow with the knuckle of your second finger
can cause severe pain and even unconsciousness.

14. Spine
A blow to the spine with the heel of your boot can paralyze or kill your enemy. The
lower spine between the enemy's kidneys is the best place to hit as that is the least protected
part of the spine. You will only be able to attack the spine when your enemy is on the ground
or if his back is turned to you.

15. Kidneys
The kidneys have two large nerves that are close to the skin surface. If you strike the
kidneys hard it can cause death. You can use a fist or the edge of your hand to hit the kidneys.
For women, a kick with the heel of your boot will work too.

16. Groin
The groin is a good place to strike if you get the chance. Generally, the enemy will
protect this area the most but if you have a chance, strike it with your knee in an upward
motion or with your fist. I'm sure you can imagine the pain the enemy will get from it.

17. Fingers
The fingers should be broken because the enemy becomes almost helpless with
broken fingers. Grab the enemy's arm with one hand and with the other hand push the fingers
upwards until they snap. It is only necessary to break the first two fingers. It is also helpful in
breaking a grip.

18. Knee
You can destroy the knee by kicking it with the side of your boot in an upward motion.
This will rip the ligaments and the cartilage. This will cause unbelievable pain and make it
impossible for the enemy to move around. Once a knee has been ruined, you will have a great
advantage over the enemy.

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But there are other equally important things you should remember when you are
fighting somebody.

Always look for a weak spot and attack it. Whenever he leaves a vulnerable part of his
body unprotected, attack it with all your strength. By doing this, he will then try to protect the
part of his body that you just struck, thus leaving even more unprotected parts open. Use any
available object that you can. By this I mean throw sand in his eyes, block his strikes by hitting
him with a large branch, or any other kind of available material that can be used as a weapon
against your attacker.
In a life or death situation there is no such thing as foul play and there are no rules
either. Although hitting someone in the groin is considered a cheap shot in high school, it is a
very effective way of destroying your enemy. Just hit him where you can and kick him when
he's down.
I have now explained to you the basics of fighting and the best places to attack your
enemy on his body. Of course, these methods may take some practice in order to do them
properly, but you can learn hand-to-hand fighting in no time if you stay focused and
determined. You also need to study it like a science. Studying instructional self-defense
techniques will certainly help you and its an important part of the learning curve that is often
overlooked by many people.
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Disarming an Opponent
Fighting unarmed against an armed aggressor requires a control over adrenaline rush,
an understanding of a weapon's effective field, and a capacity to go from zero to 100% in a
single burst. When facing an armed assailant, it is essential to remember that the advantage is
created when you initiate a clear plan of action before he realizes he is under attack.
Your plan of action should usually be to run. A knife-wielding assailant may pursue you,
but can't attack you at a distance. If you are cornered and have no means of escape, this
advice may apply. However, if you are not trained in disarming opponents, and even if you are,
attempting to disarm someone has a high risk of injury or death.

1. Knife Attacks
1. Assume proper fighting stance and
remember that a knife is effective at close
distances, specifically, at punching range. You
should firmly plant your non dominant foot
forward, with the dominant foot resting on its ball
slightly behind and slightly outward. You should
rotate your torso to face the opponent. Hands
should be up in front of the face with elbows
tucked in. Keep your fingers curled, but not in fists.
This will allow you to grasp, palm strike, elbow
strike, or punch.
2. Give yourself distance. The best way
to avoid a knife attack is to create distance. Thus,
a low kick to the knee, groin, or stomach is a very
effective way to counterattack while minimizing risk.
To counter a stomach to chest-level thrust, deflect the arm towards the opponent's line
of symmetry; this will help expose his back. You can then reach over the arm and pull back,
while simultaneously reaching around the neck with the other arm. You must then step
backwards at once to prevent your opponent from throwing you. Kick the back of the knees,
step on his ankles and kick his heels to help bring him down. Alternatively, you may apply a
choke hold.
3. Be quick and determined. For a low attack to the groin or legs, place your nondominant elbow (left if you're right handed, right if you're left-handed) at a 90 degrees angle.
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Use your outer forearm to block the trust. Step in and get close. At the same time, you must
perform the following three actions simultaneously. Put your arm over his knife arm such that
his elbow is in your armpit and clamp down to prevent him from attacking your kidneys. At the
same time, throw an elbow strike at his chin with your free arm. After the strike connects, grab
the crown of his head in a half clinch and pull it in. With your feel positioned parallel to each
other (do not let one foot move forward as you can easily be toppled to your left or right) begin
striking with your knees. Aim for the groin, bladder, and liver.

4. Stay focused. For a downward attack with the knife blade pointing downwards (also
called "Dracula stab"), block the attack in a manner similar to the low stab but your arm will be
up above your face; the procedure is very simple and very effective. When his forearm makes
contact with yours, quickly grab his wrist. Then, as fast as possible, reach over his arm with
your free arm in such a way that his forearm is in the pit of your elbow. Then grab wrist. You
now have a powerful lock. Step towards him and use your back and torso to crank his arm
backwards at the shoulder. By taking a hard step forward you will knock him down.

2. Gun Attacks
Guns are effective at extended ranges, so its essential to reduce distance if attacked
with a firearm. Each of these techniques can be adapted for pistols, and also long rifles.
1. Reduce distance. If the attacker is pointing the gun at your face, it is essential to
redirect the line of fire upwards to reduce the chance of collateral damage. Do so by placing the
balls of your hands together and making a V with your hands. Your fingers should remain
spread, however, to ensure that you can grasp the gun.
Remember that your opponent is expecting some sort of reaction, so try to fuse this
with a feigned raising of your arms. Grasp the barrel of the gun from underneath with the
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aforementioned V hand positioning. Do not grab the handle or your opponent's hands. Push up
and then quickly pull down. As you pull down, step in and push your hands forward to crank the
opponent's wrist back and point the gun vertically.
2. Twist the gun sideways.
Being in front of your attacker will allow
you to take this measure. Doing so and
then quickly pulling back, should force
your opponent to release the gun by
hyper extending the thumb.
Imagine this situation: you are
held up with a pistol and ordered to put
your hands up. The fact that you have
not been shot on sight clearly shows
that your opponent wants to take you
as a prisoner or is afraid to fire,
knowing that it will raise an alarm.
Lead him to suppose, by your actions, manner, etc., that you are scared to death and
wait until he is close up to you. Provided that all your movements are carried out with speed, it
is possible for you to disarm him.

With a swinging downward blow of your right hand, seize your opponent's right
wrist, simultaneously turning your body sideways towards the left. This will knock
the pistol clear of your body. Note that the thumb of your right hand is on top.

Seize the pistol with the left hand.

Keeping a firm grip with the right hand on his wrist, force the pistol backwards with
your left hand. If you are strong enough, you may be able to break their wrist with
that move, which will help even more or you may be able to force the attacker to
drop the weapon.

3. Eliminate your attacker's ability to further attack. If no one is around but you
have pinned your opponent down, you have no choice but to make sure you can escape
without risking them pulling another weapon. Your life IS at risk, so assume that they want to
kill you at the first opportunity. Try to knock them out by applying swift, forceful strikes with
your dominant hand to the side of their jaw or temple.
If you are not strong enough to pin them down or they are overpowering you, put as
many objects between your attacker and yourself as possible. Buildings, trees, cars, people,
whatever it takes. Your life is at stake.
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III. The Will to Win

I have fought the good fight, I have finished the course, I have kept the faith;
(2 Timothy 4:7)

In many scenarios in life we are called to do battle. But how do you know what the best
way is to prepare? How do you know if youll be the winner? The answer may be far from
obvious. When it comes to being successful theres a lot more to it than desire. A helpful place
to start answering these questions is within yourself. A winner is someone who recognizes his
God-given opportunities and talents, works hard to develop them into skills, and uses these
skills to accomplish his goals.
Protecting your life in a dangerous situation has a lot to do with knowledge. The more
you know about the dynamics and characteristics of hand-to-hand fighting, the greater your
chances of surviving and ultimately winning a fight - maybe the fight of your life. However,
simply learning how to use a fighting stance is not enough to win a fight. You will need to
remember to stick to the fundamental techniques of self-defense.
For example, always keep both of your hands up when fighting with your opponent.
Avoid the natural tendency to lower your hands when fighting. This will leave you wide open to
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a possible counter attack in a hand-to-hand combat situation. Remember, when executing a
punch or strike to always keep your other hand up to either defend against a counter strike or
follow up with another strike.
You should always assume that your adversary is an expert in all forms of hand-to-hand
fighting combat. You must always respond to what your opponent is doing in the fight and not
what he seems capable of doing. Deal with the here and now and not the what ifs!
During an actual fight, you will be under a tremendous amount of stress. This shouldnt
cause you to tense up and actually hold your breath as you are fighting. Breathing is one of the
most important and often neglected aspects of real fighting training. Proper breathing promotes
muscular relaxation and increases the speed and efficiency of your compound attack.
And remember, you have many body weapons (or hand-to-hand fighting techniques) at
your disposal at all times. When properly executed these techniques have the capacity to
disable and even kill your criminal adversary. Whenever you are squared off with a dangerous
adversary and there is no way to safely escape the situation, you must strike first, strike fast,
strike with authority, and keep the pressure on. A first strike is meant to interrupt the initial
stages of an assault, before it becomes a self-defense situation.
So there you have it. Be a winner. Stand up for your life! I've managed to outline some
of the most important concepts and principles you will need to study and master to prevail in a
hand-to-hand fight. They were designed for people who really want to learn how to fight,
people like you!


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