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TSM Health Check

To assess the health of TSM, find attached some useful commands:

View a node's backed up files
select * from backups where node_name='nodename'
Find volumes marked as unavailable
q vol * acc=unav
Update volumes to read/write status
upd vol vol_name acc=readw
Query volumes physically in library
q libv
Audit all volumes in library quickly
audit libr lib_name checkl=barcode
Query storage pools
q stgpool
Query occupancy, lists how much space each node is using
q occ
Check scratch count
select count(*) from libvolumes where status='Scratch' and library_name='TS3200'
Check for client node backup schedules getting completed
Q EVE * *
Q EVE * * BEGIND=-2 ENDD=TODAY for last two days backup status.
q eve * * begind=-1 endd=today -- for last 1 day backup
Monitor the client sessions.
Monitor server process.
Check for admin schedules
Check for DRIVE Status. All should be online
TSM Server Health check.
Q DB F=D Check TSM DB Backup status, date and time
Q LOG Active Log status.
Changing the reclaimation threshold of the storage pool
update stgp tapepool reclaim=60

Check the last db backup is completed or not

Query volhist type=dbb
Query event * t=a
Query actlog search="DB BACKUP"
Query db f=d
To see currently working sessions
q sess
To view assigned nodes in TSM server
q node
To check backup space utilized for each file system of a server, filesystem type...
q filespace
To view activity log
q actlog
To view activity log from yesterday 12:00 am
q act begind=today-1 begint=00:00
To view activity log for a node
q act search=nodename
To get detailed report of drive, it's status ...
q drive f=d
To get detailed information about tape library
q library f=d
To see volumes in the tape library and it's status
q libvol
To show detailed report about schedules including schedule backup path
q sched f=d