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Starting from the very beginning of the country Italy, in the first century Italy

was under control by Rome. Italy remained over this single control till the fifth
century. The Italian Bronze Age begins which began around 1500 BC, most of the
people who moved there were a part of the Italics. The Italics were a part of the
Indo- Europeans who descended from the Iron Age. All of the groups of people who
settled in Italy during Rome was founded. Beginning with Northern Italy we have
Ligurians, and Venetians. North East we have Etruscans, Latins, and Umbrians. East
Italy parts carried the Sabines, the Samnites, Campanians, and Apulians. Lastly we
have Southern Italy which carried the last two groups being Bruttiums, and Sicilians.
To begin with settlement starting in 2000 BC, the first groups of people
moving to Italy made their ways across the Alps. Starting with the first two groups;
northern being the Ligurians, and southern being Sicilians. Romulus and Remus are
brothers who founded Rome which was the northern of Italy. Romulus decides to build the first actual city
on Palatine Hill, however there is no explanation for him choosing this location many people it is because
of how close the water was to the Hill and the supplies for great soil and grow crops there. The first
settlers to choose to move here, not to just discover the land but to have a reason were criminals.
Romulus wanted to build the city so he allowed almost anyone to come and be a part of this nation. This
meant all of the criminals, misfits or others that needed to get away from their past would move here.
Considering the criminals needed to start a new life for them selfs this was the perfect opportunity to
move and get away. However nearly 90% were all men considering they were on the run criminals
Romulus needed to change this in order to grow, he began to kidnap the Sabine woman who later just
became willing to move and be there husbands.
Although the Latins settled in this hills to begin with they also took advantage of the many plains
surrounding them in order to grow plants, and supplies. They also took this to grow their homes and
amount of people continued to grow. They quickly found out the building there homes on the hill would be
more of benefit. Since the Ligurians and the Phoenicians would raid the border land with their pirate ships.
Later on as they grew more added the new village on the Hill called Rome since Romulus had founded
the palatine hill to begin with.
As the people grew in numbers they soon discovered more cities which was needed in order for
the people to survive they needed more supply of wood, wool, and just more land to live and grow crops.
Around 3000 year after the Palatine Hill many groups of peasants came to the Hill. In order for the new
men to start a new life and to cleanse those selfs from all evil they all had to jump through a fire of
brushwood. The man that was chosen to lead the new land had to drive furrow with a plow. All the other
men had to take a piece of the earth being leaves, grass, and other particles and threw them into the land.
Then the leader began to be the one to show them the ways around the new land and where they were to
put the walls of the city.
Later on in Italy they were consistently founded by many different attacks threatening the states.
Finally being the last straw German tribesmen named Odoacter challenged Rome and then soon became
the first leader of Italy. This then continued many other kings, and popes to rule Italy. Then around some
time in the 568 the Lombards entered Italy the northern swath of the country was captured. The

Lombards then settled for the land of Venice. This then continued to 751 where they now controlled Italy
and were no longer be considered a part of the Roman Empire.