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IX International Conference

Black Sea
Freight Market & Ports

29 May 2015
Odessa, Ukraine
+38 056 794 33 94
+7 499 346 20 40

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Cooperation Reinforcement
in Turbulent Times the Priority
for Maritime Community

Black Sea Freight Market & Ports

Black Sea Freight Market & Ports is the major annual specialized Freight & Sea Shipping forum devoted to the development
of the sea-borne trade of dry and break bulk cargoes in the Azov Sea and the Black Sea regions, including special topics
for the MED Sea region.

Target audience of the event

Cargo owners

Chartering Brokers
River shipping companies

Freight Agents
Railway Operators
Freight Forwarders

Session 1: Main Dry and Break Bulk Cargoes Freight Flows (Black and MED Sea regions)
Main dry bulk cargo freight flows: export/import redistribution forecast in the Black Sea region for 2015/16
Grains and oilseeds: demand on the traditional markets, potential to increase export volumes from the CIS region
Regional grain export structure by countries (Ukraine, Russia, and Kazakhstan): dynamics and forecasts
Partial metallurgical and coal cargoes replacement by grains, oilseeds, imported steam coal and industrial minerals
in the Black Sea region: opportunities and prospects for fleet operators and carriers
Coal export from Russia (anthracite, steam and sized coal) to consumers in Eastern Europe and Turkey
Coal import into Ukraine supplies diversification, infrastructure issues
Transit of exported cargoes from the CIS region via Turkey plans for the freight flow increase
General cargoes shipping, opportunities to increase freight flow (steel products, pipes, rebar, cement, ores and nonferrous concentrates, timber products, sawn-wood & veneer)
Session 2: Fleet and Freight Rates Sea & River Shipping
Dry bulk fleet overview: newbuilds orderbook and fleet modernization, freight rates forecast for River-Sea, Coaster
and Handy/Supramax vessels
Dry bulk tonnage oversupply in the region: redirecting for the new routes or new types of cargoes choice of carrier
River shipping/barging (Danube, Dnepr, Volga, Don): main cargoes, volumes, freight rates
Infrastructure, legislation and investments into the river shipping: ports, berths, terminals and their role in the
different cargo handlings
Benefits of the river transportation on Danube compared to transport by trucks and trains, economy and ecology
Restrictions for sailing on Danube River locks, critical sectors, requirements to convoys and crews
Challenges in Ukrainian inland waterways shipping: availability vs. deficit of small-tonnage vessels, transshipment
in the road
Cabotage shipping within Ukraine supplies of industrial raw materials to Eastern Ukraine vs. railway transportation
Special Topic:
Shipping to the Caspian Sea and CIS with shallow draft vessels: forecasts for developments in 2015
Prospects for Ukrainian grain and oilseeds export: is it possible to compensate the decline of ore and coal exports
by the increasing of grain exports
Bottlenecks in the grain and oilseeds export from the CIS
Outlook for the river shipping of grain and oilseeds development
Session 3: Cargo Transshipment on the Main Routes
Main transshipment hubs on the way from the Black Sea to the MED Sea region, export/import dynamics,
infrastructural projects (grain and bulk terminals)*
* Ports: Odessa, Ilyichevsk, Yuzhny, Batumi, Novorossiysk, Rostov-on-Don, Varna, Burgas, Konstanta, Istanbul
Special Topic:
Ports development in Georgia: handling of dry bulk and break-bulk cargoes, construction of new deep-water

+38 056 794 33 94

+7 499 346 20 40


Black Sea Freight Market & Ports

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An exhibition devoted to the sea shipping will be presented as a separate product of the conference for more efficient
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The workplace of an exhibitor will create individual negotiation conditions in order to establish strategic contacts, improve
competitiveness and strengthen the companys image in the market.
The variety of exhibition opportunities may be estimated only in case of direct participation in it.

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Department Head
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Black Sea
Freight Market & Ports
29 May 2015, Odessa, Ukraine, Londonskaya Hotel
REGISTRATION FEE (all taxes included):


Till 30st of March

After 30st of March

One delegate

900 USD

1100 USD

Two or more delegates (each)

800 USD

1000 USD

Londonskaya Hotel
Ukraine, Odessa, Primorsky blvd, 11
tel.: +38 048 738 01 02/12
E-mail: hotel@londred.com

Registration fee includes attendance at all events within framework of the conference, documentation, on-line access to final
conference materials, coffee breaks, lunches, standing buffet.
If you cannot attend the conference you may purchase on-line access to final conference materials for 450 USD.
Note: Hotel accommodation & transfer are NOT included.
Registration Cancellation
All inquiries regarding participation cancellation should be sent in a written form not later than 15st of May 2015. Registration
fee is not refunded if cancellation is received after the 15st of May 2015. Delegate substitution is allowed without any additional
payments or fines.



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