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54 Principles of Emotional Healing

Emotion is /energy/, felt in the body and inner being as pain or pleasure.
/Painful /emotions include despair, shame, grief, and anger.
/Pleasant/ emotions include courage, compassion, gratitude, and Love.
In this context:
* Painful emotion, negative emotion, negative energy, negativity,
emotional pain, and evil are the same thing.
* Positive emotion, positive energy, emotional pleasure, and
goodness are the same thing.
* /Emotional release/ is the /expression/ and depletion of painful
emotion (negativity) that results in a return to positive emotion
The following principles can serve as a guideline for people who want to
know how to heal from emotional pain and improve their ability to
function in the world and in good relationships.
/*Emotional Pain and Negativity*/
1. Emotional pain splits and splinters the /self/ and the
persons /energy/ and /focus/, producing *functional incompetence in
life and harmful, destructive relationships*.
2. Emotional pleasure results in personal power and mutually satisfying
3. All emotions are experienced (felt) through
either /repression/ or /expression/.
4. Positive emotion is transformed into negativity through /repression/.
5. Negativity is transformed into goodness through /expression/.
6. Emotional pleasure is a sign of /healing/: moving toward wholeness
and unity with the True Self.
7. Emotional pain is a sign of self-splinteredness and the need for
emotional healing.
8. Emotional harm is caused by negative emotion (negativity) in the

person harming. It causes negativity in the person harmed.

9. Emotional healing means releasing negative emotion from your being
through /expression/. Positive emotion automatically replaces it.
10. Human history is the process of emotional healingovercoming or
releasing negative emotion (negativity) caused by harm.
11. Everyone (at this point in history) receives harm and negativity at
some point in life.
12. Negativity came to you through someone else, who harmed you.
13. The negativity you got wasnt the other persons, either. They got
it from someone else, who harmed them. And so on, back in time.
14. Negative events happen to you for a reason: /you are helping to rid
the world of evil/ by releasing the negativity someone else gave you
instead of passing it on to others.
15. You are more powerful than any negativity.
16. With any emotion (positive or negative), you can either express
(release) or repress (hold) it. /These are your only options/.
17. /Repression /is postponing the expression of (or, holding) your
negative emotion.
18. Repression demands a lot of energy from you.
19. The pain you feel (in the background) when you repress negative
emotion is not intense, but it can last a long timeeven until death.
20. Repression affects every aspect of your life in a bad way,
especially your most intimate relationships.
21. Repressed emotion causes or contributes to many physical ailments,
including headaches, stomachaches, high blood pressure, sexual
dysfunction, anxiety, and cancer.
22. Your emotional pain will last as long as youre willing to expend
energy repressing the emotion.
23. When the perceived cost of repression exceeds the perceived benefit,
you will express (release) the negativity. (This can be inconvenient.)
24. Repression leads to the spread of negativity through your actions.
25. Repression kills. Expression brings life.
26. Expressing an emotion is the same as /feeling it completely/, the
way you didnt when an event happened to you (or you wouldnt be holding
it now).
27. When you express an emotion fully, you release it from your inner being.

28. When you express (release) negative emotion, you are involved in the
most human of experiences: emotional healing.
29. When you express an emotion fully, others can see the emotion by
observing your actions. /You cant hide it./
30. Expressing negative emotion stops the historic transfer of
negativity (evil) and spares others from harmthat is, /it keeps you
from transferring your negativity to them by harming them/.
31. The pain you feel when you release negativity is intense, but temporary.
32. With experience, emotional release gets easier and faster.
33. To release negativity completely, you have to relive (emotionally)
the experience that brought it to you. You do not have to remember the
event, just /feel the pain/.
34. When you release negativity, positive emotion takes its place,
letting you know that you did well.
35. Although intimacy facilitates emotional release, the release itself
is private and personal.
36. The male and female creative principles are complementary aspects of
(two halves of) the wholeness that resides at the core of our inner being.
37. The male and female creative principles long for unity together, in
38. /Intimacy/ is the closest that physical beings can come to
re-claiming the unity of wholeness in the physical.
39. Intimacy is witnessing, and accepting, another persons emotional
pain and inner ugliness.
40. Acceptance is Love.
41. Intimacy is the highest calling of human relationships.
42. Intimacy creates the strongest bonds possible between two people
(except possibly for motherhood).
43. Intimacy is the result of two peoples desire to achieve wholeness
and emotional healing.
44. /Intimacy/ and /monogamy/ are not the same thing, and neither
requires the other. They are different worlds, which nevertheless can
45. The /desire/ for wholeness and emotional healing is a result of
sexual maturity (puberty).
46. Through intimacy, we watch ourselves and each other become weakand
then more powerful.
47. Intimacy is a powerful force against negativity. No negativity is
stronger than Love, which intimacy can produce (indirectly).

48. Intimacy creates a safe environment that fosters emotional healing

(releasing negativity), which results in growth toward wholeness.
49. Sex exists ultimately to produce intimacy. Reproduction is a
convenient by-product and evolutionary mechanism.
50. Ideally, intimacy releases negativity before sex produces children.
This spares them of the burden of their parents negativity.
51. When sex produces children /before/ intimacy produces emotional
healing, the children bear the burden of their parents unresolved
52. Negativity is a physical (outer) phenomenon. Intimacy is an inner
53. The inner is more powerful than the outer.
54. Emotional healing will one day eradicate negativity (evil) in the
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2 Responses to /54 Principles of Emotional Healing/

upwards&onwards says:
April 1, 2016 at 7:58 pm
This is by far the most life change, awe inspiring writing I have
ever read. The person who wrote this is a genius and I cannot
BELIEVED that it was posted in 2011, its not 2016 and I am the
first person to comment?
venbaxter <http://venbaxter.wordpress.com/> says:
April 1, 2016 at 8:41 pm
Thank you for this wonderful comment! Maybe youve broken the
I bet youre reading this because of Let Me Reach with Kim
Saeed. If so, please thank her.
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