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How To Find The Work You Were Meant To Do
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Marie Forleo introduction
I'm Marie
You have gifts to share with the world and my job is to help you get
them out there.
read more <http://www.marieforleo.com/about>
Have you ever met someone who genuinely loves what they do? Theyll
often quietly confess, You know I love it /so much/that it rarely
feels like work.
*People like this have hit the career lottery. *Theyve found a way to
earn a living doing meaningful, profitable work that perfectly aligns
with their skills, strengths and experience.
But what if those folks arent just lucky? What if there was a way you
could crack the code and get your own golden ticket to livelihood
Shangri-La, too?
Because lets be real. When youre creative and ambitious not knowing
what youre meant to do quickly becomes one of the most overwhelming,
frustrating, anxiety /and/shame-inducing struggles of your life.
You dont have to choose between doing what you love and making a good
living. @chrisguillebeau
@marieforleoTweet This
At least that was my experience, when I was first getting started on my
path <http://www.marieforleo.com/2015/06/if-i-only-knew/>.
If you or anyone you know is struggling to figure out what you
/should/be doing with your life, have a listen to my conversation with
my friend and best-selling author, Chris Guillebeau.
Hes just written an entire book on the subject called /Born For This/
<http://amzn.to/1RzFVfy>and today hes sharing some of the key lessons
you need to find the work you were born to do.
Two parts of this wonderful conversation that I think youll love.
* Why both myself and Chris fiercely believe that Everyone should
think like an entrepreneur. (You need to hear this whether you plan
to run a business or not!)
* The reason Chris believes that, Winners give up all the time.

Since this is a topic close to my heart, here are three other episodes
thatll help you find clarity and perspective to move ahead.
* Why You Shouldnt Ask What Should I Do With My Life? and Ask
/This/Instead. <http://www.marieforleo.com/2014/11/life-purpose/>
* How To Find Your Special Gift, Even If You Dont Think You Have One
* Why Youll Never Find Your Passion
Now, Chris and I would love to hear from you.
Click here to get your free audio training now.
download thisdownload thisget started
Click here to get your free audio training now.
Whats the single biggest insight youre taking away from todays
interview and how can you turn that aha into action?
Leave a comment below and let us know!
Remember, share as much detail as possible in your reply. Thousands of
incredible souls come here each week for insight and inspiration and
your story may help someone else have a meaningful breakthrough.
*Important: share your thoughts and ideas directly in the comments.
Links to other posts, videos, etc. will be deleted as they come across
as spammy.*
Enormous thanks for sharing your voice and making Tuesday one of the
brightest, most beautiful days the week!
With so much love and appreciation,

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Add a Comment
Great video! Really needed this today!
Im not as young as I used to be and I feel Ive wasted so many
years (45) of them) spinning around in circles. But I know I have to
figure this out soonotherwise Im going to have a lot of regrets. :(
Ill grab a copy of your bookhopefully it will help me.
Kristin - Team Forleo
Youve got this, Tracy. So many people feel this way, but youll
definitely figure out whats right for you! Dont give up.
Jennifer Vigil <http://www.mayaartstudio.com/>
Tracy, Keep in mind that Julia Child didnt publish her first
cookbook until she was 49 (I think that is the correct). So we
all know her as a chef but that journey didnt start for her
until later in life.
And, as a baking & pastry school student at the age of 51,
that gives me SO much hope! Sometimes I forget it, and I
start feeling panickedlike the clock is ticking, and I am
running out of time, and I must hurry and figure out what
direction to go after schooland on and onand then I feel
overwhelmed, afraid, and rushedwhich I know is not
conducive to either intuitive or rational thought and
decision making! So, thank you for reminding the more
mature crowd of Julia. You are very kind!

Tracy I feel exactly the same way! Im 46 and though have
several degrees, I still cant figure out what I truly LOVE to
do! Sometimes options hinder rather than help
I SO empathise with you Rana!
Hi Rana, I am in exactly the same boat I too have several
degrees and have many options, but I feel like you, that
sometimes Ive let too many options hinder instead of help
me. And I now I really feel that time is ticking
Beth <http://www.unicornrose.com/>
Tracy I am 42 so I totally feel you. I am absorbing so much this
months right now. I am finding my way. <3
Janet H <http://www.homebodiesdesign.com/>
I right there with you Tracy! Just had my 38th birthday and
still feel like I am trying to sort out what Im going to do
when I grow up. And it just feels like it is time to start
excelling in life now. Im grabbing the book and getting ready
for brighter days!
Heather <http://www.letsmakeupourminds.com/>

Janet and TracyIm with ya, 38! I listen to Napoleon Hill a

lot and he says that most people peak in their careers
between 40s-50s! No need to get in a hurry because its
just a natural experience we are all having to find and
establish ourselves. I loved this episode!! Those 2
questions are so key in plans I am making now, and in the
moments I recently gave up a career! I feel incredibly
excited and at peace from hearing this messageshout out to
ya Chris! Thanks Marie!
Karen Shoshana <http://wellnessgirl.net/>
Ive been there and it took me 47 check out also a book Marie
has recommended called Fire Starter Sessions. I recommend this
to clients who are mid-way and stuck.
If you are determined, you will find your thing.
Be patient..
Wellness Girl
wellnessgirl dot net
I so relate, Tracy! Its encouraging to know Im not the only
one at this age feeling this way.
Carla Holden <http://www.herbusinessboutique.com/>
This was so inspiring, Marie and Chris!!
$100 dollar start up helped me start my first consulting side biz
and being on an entrepreneurial path has been such a winding and
rewarding experience. Excited to get the new book!
The new site is so classy, fun and sophisticated and I love all the
new graphics and images.
Well done Team Forleo!!
Carla xo

Trish <http://www.wisefashionista.com/>
I turned 40 last November and am resonating with this message for
months now! Marie has been an integral part of my journey which is
still unfolding. No regrets though and no going back. Im moving
forward to meet my lifes passion and work and not wasting another
day doing what others say Im supposed to be doing. Thanks Marie and
great website. Totally  Your style 
ale <http://piloncilloyvainilla.com/>
In love with the new, clean and sleek look! Great episode!
Kristin - Team Forleo
Thank you so much, Ale!!
Lana | aspire.balance.bloom <http://lanamarcus.com/>
Marie, the new website is so smooth, classy and inviting! Gorgeous!
Todays episode is a great reminder about flow and asking if theres
still joy in what you do, even if there was at one point, things can
change. My favorite takeaway was the permission to quit. If its not
working and doesnt bring you joy what is on the other side of
Kristin - Team Forleo
Thank you, Lana! So glad youre liking the new site design :)
And that takeaway is such a good one. I love the idea that
quitting isnt always a bad thing!

Priyanka Chopra Umrigar <http://www.priyankachopraumrigar.com/>
I love the way Marie co-creates her teachings. Chris is one of my
favourite authors. It is because of him and Marie that I am
venturing into my business now. Scared but eager to move forward..
Colleen <http://www.angelsallaroundyou.org/>
I loved this episode!
I am the Founder of Angels All Around You Military Ministry in
Boerne, Texas and ONE of my visions is to help our Veterans apply
this information to their lives and help them find their passion and
purpose as they reintegrate back into civilian life!
Sharon <http://fitnesswithheart.com/>
Walking away when the joy and happiness have left, even if it is
somewhat working. Thank you! Love all of your great content, Marie
and speakers. Thank you Chris!
Julie Sergel <http://www.iamcitizenjane.com/>
Great conversation. I think the money part is the new awarenessat
least for mebut not as in the context it was presented. Meaning,
yeahif its NOT bringing in the money, the joy is fore sure
stressed. However, however, however: Weve been caught/taught that
only certain routes bring money. Collective beliefs have built
structures like cages, cubicles, prisons, that keep us from
connecting to the idea that hey, what you love to do, is valuable
and it CAN support you. But YOU have to open the bridge to
see/feel/believe/allow that. B-School community is invaluable in
shifting the limits of what is impossible to possible. I think that
is so RIGHT NOW. Opening to the unconventional, the creative, the
out of the box BELIEFS that abundance/financial flow, is as
limitless as you are. I love you Marie. You carry that energy and
stir us all. XOXO
Kristin - Team Forleo

Youre amazing, Julie. Thank you for this comment so

insightful and true!
Chris Guillebeau <http://chrisguillebeau.com/>
OMG Im on MarieTV!!!!!!!
And I *love* the new site.
Thanks so much for watching, everyone. Ill check this thread
throughout the day if any of you have any questions or feedback. :)
YJ <http://facebook.com/yongjue>
Hey Chris, this is YJ from Malaysia. Was there at #WDS2013. Time
to rethink what am I good at and what makes me flow! One point
Im taking away from this video is Its ok to try several
things when I am starting out, the path will unfold! Thanks
Marie TV for having Chris!
<http://www.lauraclarkmurray.com%20(though%20it%20isn t%20up%20to%20date
Hey Chris! This episode of MarieTV was just what I needed this
morning, and I hopped right on Amazon and bought the Kindle
version of your book. I have the joy & the flow which is
awesome, and Im grateful for that. But Im in hobby territory
still as I havent figured out the money part. I end up putting
so much time in to each clients project (because its fun),
that my effective hourly rate is less than that Burger King job
you were talking about! I look forward to reading your book and
delighted to be introduced to you today by Marie.
Lori <http://www.lorimcnulty.ca/>
I think the joy, money, flow concept is extremely smart as a
litmus test for action. However, what frustrates me as a
non-conformist (even one who has spent years on researching and
trying different ways to make a living), is how challenging it

is to savour joy and flow when you do something creative (like

fiction writingmy first book out next year), but falter on the
third: money. The creative life feels like a constant,
exhausting tug of war. And marketing was lucrative, but I feel
no energy/passion in it anymore, even when working with
values-based firms. I embrace storytelling, over metrics and
sales and SEO and click-throughs. So the struggle itself becomes
so soul-sucking. I end up feeling lost, confused, moving in all
directions at once, and feeling like a perpetual outsider. Where
do you turn, when youre reasonably resourceful, intelligent,
very well educated, and creative, but have found life kicking
the stuffing out of you in terms of making a living?
Bonnie <http://www.theprogressery.com/>
I hear ya Lori! Ive been in marketing for years now but
consider myself creative.
Im great at my job, and the flow bit is definitely there,
but after changing to a values-based organisation in search
of meaning in my work, Im still not getting the joy (and
because we are a not-for-profit org Im now not getting the
money either!)
I tried to resolve it by starting a blog, but Im facing
similar issues as you I love the writing, I love
connecting with people, I like to think Im good at it and
I reckon I could potentially make some money from it if I
followed the advice out there on making your blog
financially viable; but as soon as I think about moving it
from a hobby to a business it takes the joy away, and I feel
yucky about it!
Im off to get Chris book and hope that has some more tips
for me!
Thanks Chris and Maree, and thanks for naming up your
struggle, Lori!
Susie Ruhland <http://www.windowfashionsia.com/>
Thank you, Chris ! This interview was so inspiring ! The comment
you mentioned.your ultimately responsible for your own career
is so true ! I love my job and the people I meet in this career!
Thanks again for all your insight and beliefs!

Natalie Gaetani
I love the ease and flow with which you talk about these subjects!
The biggest take away from this episode is to use your happiness as
an indicator for how to movr along your path, but ALSO look at how
what your doing is interacting with the world. For most of my life
Ive always only looked at hapiness and ignored the fact that it
still needs to be viable in order for me to happy. Im in the
beginning stages of my path to finding a career and being
financially independent. I know that I have a great heart and ead
for the journey as well patience. Thank you for reminding me to try
out new ideas and to let things go when its time, to be aware, and
most importantly to realize that it doesnt happen over night.
Danielle Jackson
Getting ready to watch this new Tuesday video. Just wanted to say
the website is looking GREATTT!!!!! I love how clean and interactive
it is.
Kristin - Team Forleo
Thank you SO much, Danielle! That means the world to us!!
jerry <http://marieforleo.com/>
I was created to help end this alien control the interdimensional
beings and bring light to a darkened world death was a lie the human
race will become god my goal is to be a divine healer thank you marie
Thanks so much!! I really enjoyed this episode and even though its
perhaps obvious enjoyment, $$, and flow it actually shows me a
clear fork in the road that I am seeing right now.

Kristin - Team Forleo
Thrilled to hear that, Jila!!
Claudine Roussel <http://www.quedessolutions.com/>
Merci !! Thanks for this episode, which brings me back 10 years ago,
when I walked away from a paralegal job to find what could bring me
joy (and money). I listened to the signs, the synchronycity and
wound up in an Event Planning job, and eventually created my own
business in the field. I had vowed to avoid anything lukewarm,
anything as Chris says that was either not working OR not making
me happy. Thank you for putting words on a concept that I have been
holding dear for the past 10 years.
Great job, again, Team Forleo!!
Louise Wilson <http://www.louise-wilson.com/>
Wow Claudine .. very inspiring!
Sue <http://www.thewholefoodhome.com/>
Amazing timing.. I was just having this conversation.. Should I
keep going or pack it in? I will imedeatley take into account is
it working? and am I happy ?
Thanks a bunch and I will be ordering the the book asap!
Ooh Marie, I loved the video, but I loved the dress even more! Where
is it from?
Monica <http://peacefulhealingacu.com/>

Wonderful video and I have to buy this book. I love the idea that it
is ok to let it go and walk away. I am 42 years old. Working a full
time job that brings no pleasure or fulfillment and I am running a
part time business. I am newly married. I have been doing both the
unfufilling job and the business for three years and I am getting
burned out. Herein someone say it is ok to let go of what isnt
working is a relief. Now I just have to figure out what to let go
of. The unfufilling job that provides money and benefits or the
dream business that I love but provides very little money and no
benefits thank you again Marie and Team Forleo for the perfectly
timed video. Much love to you all. Monica T.
Kristin - Team Forleo
Much love back to you Monica. I have no doubt youll make the
right choice for yourself and your life. Congrats on your recent
wedding, too!
I dont know what your dream job is or if the money piece is
viable there but it sounds like the unfulfilling job is missing
BOTH the joy and the flow. And I dont think its possible to
manufacture those Something to consider. The message I got from
this episode is that we need to have all three of those
ingredients to feel happy and successful. Best of luck!
Monica <http://peacefulhealingacu.com/>
This is true. I am a Licensed Acupuncturist trying to build
a practice. I cannot financially jump in and run with this
full time. So I am starting to be frustrated that I cannot
pursue passion full time yet. I just need a money tree. 
Thank you responding and reminding me of that very important

Sumesh Chhabria
Great Video !!! I really needed this.
I believe there is a very thin line between deciding when to give up
and when not to give up & its so important to master this decision
(making a correct decision) in every aspect of our life.
I feel if we think about what we want in our mind & make that our
dominant thought, well bring that into our life :-)
Jodi <http://www.tattyheaddesign.co.uk/>
Great video, thank you. Im ok at being an artist and greetings card
designer/ publisher, they sell and feedback is great but I think
Im only OK at it and it doesnt pay all the bills. Its hard to
know whether to pack it all in and do something else or just carry
on being mediocre at it. However, its a job that allows me to work
from home and be a mum which Im awesome at. BUT I want to be more
commercially successful so your video has prompted me to do a bit
more soul searching and see if Im missing something deep within.
Many thanks again Marie and the team. Love what you do!
Wow! I feel relieved after the episode. It came in at the right moment.
My biggest take away is about giving up, or allowing yourself to
move on.
I started my small biz last year at the same time as B-School, and
by now I started to realize that it isnt working so well and Im
not really excited about doing it. So I had some thoughts about
moving on, but was too ashamed to give up. Thank you for the insight
and a chance to quit with peace of mind :)
I loved the takeaway of the never give up belief in our society,
it gave me an instant ah-ha!. I realized I harbour this belief and
it is time to let it go. Very insightful thank you Marie and Chris!

Jackie Lamas <http://jackielamas.com/>

Oh, this episode is so true of the path that most people take. I
remember while I was working toward what I really wanted to do
(professional photography) I worked several different jobs that
helped me gain the experience I needed but I always kept my eye on
the prize and when it was time to go, I left without turning back.
All of those experiences were needed to get me to where I am today!
Louise <http://www.louise-wilson.com/>
Jackie, I loved that take-away too. Great to be reminded that
its ok to try lots of things until the thing that truly speaks
to our soul shines through. Right on!
Your comments overflow with wisdom and life experience. Thank
you for sharing!
Riya Mitra
Fantastic episode Marie Forleo. Thank you Chris for sharing this
incredible message with us. It is not only important to live our
life purpose..Yes!! we all have some unique purpose. The website is
looking great. Very minimalist yet savvy. So much love to Marie
Forleo and Team for these insightful episodes of Marie TV. Love, Riya
Kristin - Team Forleo
Thanks for the kind words about our site, Riya! And I agree we
all have a unique purpose. So glad this episode resonated with you!
Kathleen <http://kathleendubo.com/>

Loved the video especially the quote Quitting is a valuable skill.

I left a 23 year teaching career to launch a new business and career
as a health coach and I have never been happier. While I loved
teaching, the system had become toxic. I had to quit and trust
that the restlessness I was feeling had a purpose in getting me to
be where I am supposed to be. Thanks again for the inspiration.
I wish you every success and joy in your future pathway,
Kathleen! It takes a lot of courage to do what you have done, I
know as I have done exactly the same as you, after the same
length of service for exactly the same reasons to set up my own
counselling practice. And I dont regret a single minute, even
when it gets tough. I went back to teaching for a year out of
fear and quickly realised why I left the first time. When I have
a wobble I reframe Chriss simple questions of does it bring me
joy and is it working into the past tense and I quickly snap
back to the present and look to the future, and not wallow in
the nostalgia of the past. A wonderful episode, I will be buying
Chriss book and the new look website is inspiring. Thank you,
Marie and your team, for Inspiration Tuesdays!
Alicia Benjamin <http://www.hirealicia.com/>
I believe once you know what you are meant to do (i.e. purpose or
purposes), there is a transition period of incredibly hard work to
pave the way to allow you to do work you love full-time for profit.
Currently, Im working on my first Young Adult fiction novel. Im a
storyteller, and thankfully employable as a content strategist for
emerging and established brands. I juggle my personal writing time
with client work, and I realize there will never be a more perfect
time to pursue my purposeful dream than now.
I love Chris. Ive gone to the World Domination Summit twice now,
and its the best non-conference-y type of event filled with
inspiration, practical approaches, amazing people, and incredible
Portland atmosphere. xo!
Corey <http://coreyayres.com/>
This was a great episode on gaining clarity through confusion,
especially for me as I am one that has many interests and choosing
one was just something I could not do for the longest time. My

number one takeaway was hearing Chris say that quitting is a great
skill. I have always had that ability to walk away from things that
werent working it is highly reassuring to hear someone agree with
me finally that that is not a bad thing.
Kirsty Mallinder
Thanks Marie and Chris!
Sometimes finding a better way forward boils down to those 2 simple,
yet fundamental questions is it working? and am I happy?. Thanks
for the reminder!
Kirsty x
Thanks Marie for another wonder episode of MarieTV. I apologize that
I dont comment often but I cant thank you enough for the valuable
insights and wisdom you share. In my heart I trust you know you are
greatly appreciated!
Kristin - Team Forleo
Thank you so much, Stewart! Were so glad you commented today
and its an honor for all of us to hear how much Maries work
means to you :)
Clare <http://www.clareheisentrout.com/>
Thank you guys!! Joy, money, flow. The triumvirate. That is what Im
taking away. Where are the weak points and the strong bonds, between
those three things, in my career! Beautiful new site layout. Thanks
Team Forleo!

Danielle Jackson
Definitely interested in checking out Chriss book.
I love the Quitting is a valuable skill! It makes me feel good
about stopping near the end of a project that I invested $10,000 in
to regroup and reinvent. I have found joy!
Summer <http://www.summerbarry.com/>
Thanks Matie and Chris! Just what I needed to hear this morn, esp.
joy/$/flow, expand options THEN throw away what doesnt bring joy,
and perserverance is good for some goals but not all of them!
Yes! Exactly what I needed. And Id add: show yourself compassion on
the process and for mistakes youve made, compassion for making a
wrong turn, etc. Why is it so easy to show others compassion but
not ourselves?
Hope <http://www.hopewrestler.com/>
Love this video.
Do I understand correctly that theres information on this site for
figuring out what business to do?
I have too many ideas, and need to narrow it down.
Kristin - Team Forleo
You bet, Hope! We have a huge library of resources. If you visit
our Get Started page, you can check out Maries amazing free
training called How To Get Anything You Want which definitely
can help with gaining clarity.
Id also recommend checking out our MarieTV collection focused
on building a meaningful business here:

And you can always reach out to our team at
infoATmarieforleoDOTcom if you have questions or would like more
Myra <http://myradwyer.com/>
I wanted to become an artist (painter) but did not pursue it until
my daughters were grown and I was 50. Finally, I started painting
and entering in exhibits even when my work was not so good. I pushed
myself and learned everything I could about painting. Ten years
later, I co-manage an art studio with nine artists and regularly
sell my paintings. I have won some first place awards and even sold
five paintings to a famous golfer.
It is never too later to reach for your dream. I often think of
where I would be if I had focused on just the art instead of having
a job. Then, I realize I am where I should be at this time. My past
experiences help me express myself in my art. Painting is my passion
and my joy. It grounds me for the other areas of my life. I still
have a job that I love and paint as often as possible. Thankful that
I have lots of energy! Love this episode Marie!
I love the new design. Less is more.
I love this video. Just what I needed.
I love the Joy-Money-Flow method. So simple, so fabulous.
And Myra, you rock! I love that you let your past experiences
inspire you instead of regretting the path you chose.
Louise Wilson <http://www.louise-wilson.com/>
Love it Myra your journey is inspiring and its so true how
our journey infuses our work with greater depth of
understanding. Would you have a website we could see?
Jan Reynolds <http://www.janreynolds.com/>
Hey there. I have a book for you!! Marie, Marie, pick me. picture

the kid going uh, uh, and raising her hand so high shes coming up
outta her seat. Im the author of the book below, and you havent
had any interviews like mine, not even close.
http://www.janreynolds.com/books.html will show you my book cover,
and you can check out my site. I hold world records for climbing and
skiing, and I set them on all male teams, and Im a female. Then I
lived with an indigenous tribe on each continent, solo, and created
a book series called Vanishing Cultures.
With my male/female experience, and then walking back in time living
with indigenous tribes, I can give you such a perspective concerning
who we are, where we come from, and where we are going. Right now
Im being hired to lecture and provide workshops for the corporate
and military worlds about how men and women can work together
better, and to support the females in any androcentric environment.
Ive lived it.
Ive been interviewed by Jane Pauley, Bryant Gumble, and Tom Brokaw
all separately on the Today show, so feel very at home in an
interview. I specialize in supporting women, creating balance of
power in the workforce, and just plain going for what you love to do
in this world It was heartbreaking for my parents to watch their
daughter go risk her life time and again, with these great big guys,
over in the Himalaya and beyondbut for me, there was absolutely
nothing else in the world I wanted to do at that time. No regrets,
and living big choices every day, every hour, and thriving on it.
Now I have about 20 books out, many for children, and I work in
schools inspiring children to go for it, whatever it is that catches
their fancy. pick me, pick me, for MarieTV, please send this to
Marie, Thanks, youre a pal!
Susan Campbell Cross <http://www.susancampbellcross.com/>
Really like this one! So important to find what youre meant to
doand it definitely is a process for most of us. Thanks for posting!
David Fitch <http://davefitchcoaching.wix.com/>
Validation that I am living a full life doing what I love. For me I
have always followed my inner gps! It started with one thing I enjoy
doing and over the years branched out to many things I enjoy doing.
So today I have choices and many doors open to produce an income
that keeps growing. 26 years later I am coaching some of the worlds
wealthiest and famous people on how to find balance and fulfillment
in their lives! And its a blast for me because it comes so natural.
Big hug Marie! Your awesome.

Jaime Lynch
Love this episode so timely! My 9-5 position is being eliminated
at the end of June and I now how the opportunity to take my side
hustle (online marketing + copywriting) full-time. My biggest
takeaway from this episode is that its okay to pursue multiple
business ideas, especially at first, until you gain a good sense of
what will bring the most joy, money, and flow. I have so many ideas
swirling around right now and have been trying to lock in on ONE
great ideanow I feel liberated to try on multiple ideas for size.
Ahhsweet freedom!
Congratulations on the gorgeous new site, too. Its a keeper. :)
Kristin - Team Forleo
Thanks for the kind words, Jaime, and a huge congrats on taking
your business full time!
Marci <http://working%20on%20it./>
Two of my favorite business minds in one place! Thanks for all that
both of you do to remind us of what it means to look for the best in
Thanks Chris for helping me to find Marie and Bschool it has been
an amazing experience. You both add flavor to life!
Yolanda Crowley <http://crowleyassistant.com/>
I have been struggling for months with, What is my purpose? and
dont know how to go about finding it.
After seeing this video, I feel Ive realized what is NOT working so
thats a start, right? Haha.
The struggle is real. :)

Louise Wilson <http://www.louise-wilson.com/>
Great take-aways giving us all greater clarity and insight.
Love it.
Hadda <http://tre-femme.com/temoignages/>
The gold nuggets
Be OK when you give up something when it dont fit anymore with us
And the two questions
Is it working?
Are you happy?
Simple and Efficient
ps: and again the new web site of marie forleo is amazing
Kristin - Team Forleo
Those are great takeaways, Hadda! And thank you SO much for the
kind words!
Melinda Guillemette <http://www.melindamotivates.com/>
Great video. Thanks. Two major takeaways: joy-money-flow; and if an
idea or project doesnt make you feel joy, dont do it. Makes
perfect sense.
Kristi <http://www.whatwenurture.com/>
Thank you so much for this. Ive been debating on whether or not to
tweek, continue, or drop my 5 month old family wellness start up
that i poured so much time and money into and worked so relentlessly
on. Im not loving it anymore; Im just ok at teaching the classes;
Im still losing money on it; and Im not getting as many people in
the door as i was expecting. I think giving myself permission to
change or take a step back is just what i needed. All of those
points were so helpful. Ill definitely be buying that book!

Louise Wilson <http://www.louise-wilson.com/>
Its difficult to let something go I had a lovely boutique
that supported Canadian artists predominantly women. I loved
that I was creating space for women to gather and connect and
that I was also supporting women who were taking a bold leap of
faith to make a living from their art. I loved what I had
created but 6 years in when I checked in on my core values
(something I should have done years ago!) I discovered that
FREEDOM was my number 1! With this came the realization how
confined and restricted my business made me feel. That was an
incredible light bulb moment. When the time came and I was ready
to let go to pursue my passion and my joy it was difficult
because although I was ok with the transition other folks didnt
want to let go! I so hear you Kristi and I have to say
congratulations to you for taking a leap of faith to try
thats just awesome because as Marie is forever telling us
clarity comes with engagement well done YOU!
Babs Rudlin <http://www.fieryphoenix.co.uk/>
I only really found my new business passion last year. I have spent
my life (35 years) sewing and knitting wondering how I could ever
make money from the hobby I love.
Well last year I finally figured it out. I have been watching your
videos and slowly building my dream to teach others these lost life
skills. Im now ready to officially launch online courses and my own
sewing, knitting and crochet patterns to the world. Thank you for
your encouragement and inspiration.
Hi babs! You might love this book I recently read: the knitting
Sutras! Good luck with your new business ! May it bring you
joy, money and flow !
Laura White <http://www.twenteasomething.com/>
This was so exciting to listen to today! Ive just made a career
decision and I feel like Im on an adventure, but this made me more

excited to be heading back to a company I love in a job Im excited

to do!!
Also, kudos for mentioning Queen Bey 
Laura x
Sandra <http://www.sandragonzalez.com/>
Great message! I wont beat myself as much if I dont see results.
Maybe it is time to let go.
Mildred Brignoni <http://www.mildredbrignoni.com/>
Over Seven years I spent my life creating a website that I thought
for sure was going to be solving all the fashion boutiques problems
all over the world by my genius called digishon.com. Cut too seven
months ago ( 7 is my lucky number) just returned from having taken a
two month sabbatical to Central America and it dawned on me that I
was no longer in love with this concept. First my choice to create
this business had come at a time when the housing market collapsed,
but when I saw my friends at Squarespace and Uber get funded and I
wasnt getting any VC monies, I kept at it. It never clicked. Maybe
deep pockets had wanted to give it to someone prettier, smarter or
had a better pedegree than me, but I didnt even realize I stopped
wanting to do this, and was increasingly dreading this. Looking back
I had been making a symbiotic choice to not go back and get an MBA
and instead took a chance on learning a technology business. I had
not been failing, I had been learning how to make something out of
nothing in a business I hadnt known much about. Here I was July
2015 and I knew instinctually, I was done. Not because it had sucked
at it, I was quite good at it, but it had groomed me to learning the
problems of a tech startup. Today I am a storyteller for technology
and fashion, brands and businesses all in the line with my core
competencies. I love marketing, and writing and teaching all in the
name of helping lead a businesses grow and become part of the
positive conversations with their customers and audiences.
Joi <http://freepeopleinternational.com/>
Oh my goodness! This episode is right on time. I am also a
multi-passionate entrepreneur and everyone keeps telling me to focus
on only one thing. But at times it feels impossible! This advice hit
me right in the sweet spot. First, giving myself permission to try
many things and see what works. Secondly, to be more conscious about

what I do and what I quit. I love the joy, money, flow idea. I
love the idea that if it doesnt give you joy when you think about
it, dont do it. This episode really helped me put things in
perspective. Thank you. As always.
Naomi <http://violetteandiris.com/>
This is one of my favorite videos yet! (hard to pick just one as I
love so many of your videos Marie.) I really needed to hear this as
it is something Ive been struggling with for the past several
years. I am the type of person who has been trying out a bunch of
different things and as a result ended up running 2-3 businesses as
once (but hardly making a profit)! Ive always struggled with where
to focus and have found Im good at many different things, but it
has spread my energy too thin. Ive known for a while I need to let
something go that has been taking all my energy for the past four
years and that just isnt working well enough. Its taken me the
last several months to even come to terms with this and accept it
(because I was so focused on not giving up) But it is okay, I love
that this video reminds us it is okay to move on and often for the best!
Stephenie Korte <http://www.stepheniekortecounseling.com/>
Best takeaway from the show nine easy words:
Joy, Money, Flow. Is it working? Am I happy?
Thanks for this episode! Ive already started processing these
questions for myself around several different issues. And the best
part is that I was starting to ask myself these questions already
but my inner critic was coming up and telling me a bunch of
shoulds that would have compromised these things for myself. Its
so great to hear successful people saying the things my intuition
was trying to tell me already.
Louise Wilson <http://www.louise-wilson.com/>
good old intuition the voice within love it!
Martina Sestakova <http://www.radostbymartinasestakova.com/>
I am making a huge career shift and this episode was so great in

prompting me asking questions to re-enforce my belief that I am

moving in the right direction. I liked the note on Is it working?
and Am I happy? so great to keep these questions in mind as we
go about our lives and careers.
MegansBeadedDesigns <http://www.megansbeadeddesigns.com/>
Love this. Especially not being pressured to pick one thing.
I have too many passions and loves to just pick one thing.
Also, the new site is GORGEOUS Marie. Great work Team Forleo!
Kristin - Team Forleo
Thank you Megan!!
cristina breccia
Thanks Marie interesting subjects and i like it the way was tackled
by your guest Chris.
My question is: when ones is trying a new activity at what point
should one ask oneself if it is working and eventually decide to get
off without being a quitter? Since a new enterprise or a new job
always require effort and perseverance well beyond the initial
expectation, just asking is it working can be very deceptive! Any
rule of thumb?
Kristin - Team Forleo
Great question, Cristina. I wonder if it can be something you
continually ask yourself over time to gauge if the response
changes, since there might not be a standard timeframe that can
apply to every situation. Perhaps youll hit a point where your
response is the same each time you ask yourself, and youll know
better if its working for you or not.

Thank you so much for this great advice.
I have been struggling in a battle with myself upon making the
decision of which direction I want to go in; beacuse I am afraid of
making the wrong choice. I have done lots of work on this, but
listening to your conversation made me realize that this is not a
problem only I face. Whew!
Im ready to get on with it already, and do SOMETHING. Beacuse, it
IS alright to change my mind later.
Robyn Keet <http://robynkeet.wordpress.com/>
Preach it sister. Like Marie always says Clarity comes through
engagement. Now its time to act. Get out there and show the
world who you are.
Good luck on your journey.
Jim Buchanan
The Joy/Renumeration/Flow triad is so succinct and on point! I am in
a class studying the great early titans of American industry, and to
your point that not everyone knows what they are meant to do or what
direction to go from early on, John D. Rockefeller was a
bookkeeper/accountant, who became interested in selling/trading
commodities. He only later stepped into the oil refining business
(which he astutely saw as a burgeoning opportunity), but when he
did, his eagle eye for numbers and details and balancing the books
allowed him to eventually become probably the richest American of
all time!
Charlotte <http://hippstick.se/>
Welldoing something I love and it is starting to workso hopefully
Ill get there. Applying it on old jobb I had; no more love and was
it really working? So thinking about it this way helps putting that
one behind me Thank you!

Thank you, this was great.

Im at a point were Ive got so many things I want to do but dont
know where to focus my energies. Having spent my life not working
for myself but for others I now beginning to look at what Im born
for. I recognise the importance of always being self employed even
if youre working for someone else.
I feel relieved to hear that its okay not to focus because I get
stressed and feel I want to give up if I have to choose something
now and repeatedly get told you have to focus on one thing and
chase 2 rabbits and catch none. I think I need to recognise Im
just not quite there yet as frustrating as this is sometimes.
Thank you!
Emily Haggar <http://instagram.com/lifeinthemtns>
Chris is so awesome! I was really happy to see that he was on your
episode today! His books have inspired me a lot over the years of
running my business to walk my own path, to be different, and to
always go my own way despite what everyone else is doing. Great
interview, and cant wait to read the new book! xo Emily
Maggie <http://www.maggieng.com/>
Great video! I can totally relate!
My main gig is doing makeup+hair for wedding for over the last
decade, but I love trying new things (photography, lash extensions,
waxing, beauty blogging, etc).
Some of those other choices (even though somewhat related to what
Im already doing) I had to give up on, as they totally were not
But photography and blogging were/are kind of working, but not. Now
Im on the fence about whether to drop them entirely or tweak
something so that it works. Its so hard to choose!
Laurel Anderson <http://laurelsoriginals.com/>
I actually was inspired to send this to my daughter, and I bought
the book for her Kindle! Its great to hear concrete thought points
such as when you think of doing something does it make you feel bad?
Or, if it works and makes you happy then you are on the right track.

or, its ok to quit if its not working. I almost quit my business a

year ago after 8 years of struggle but gave it a defined time period
before making a decision and then everything exploded for me, in a
good way. The joy part is so important, because if its not working
but you love it it helps to hang in there.Thank you for another
fabulous Marie TV episode.
Robyn Barnes
Your video with Chris came at a pivotal moment in my life. I found
what I love to dobut it ended. I loved being a mom but my son has
graduated from college and doesnt need me like he once did, so its
time to move on. At 60, I dont have a lot of time left to find my
joy again but its time to start looking.
I passed this video on to my son, since its now his turn as a
college graduate to look around and find his joy. More college grads
should hear what you and Chris have to say!
Robyn Keet <http://robynkeet.wordpress.com/>
From one Robyn to another. Its never too late to find joy and
to evolve. Take life by the horns and live life without regrets
and dont apologise for the journey.
Good luck for the road ahead. :)
Currently doing that job that just pays the bills and finances
classes and other trainings/travel. (Note: Bartending). Im always
excited for anything that gives me an opportunity and permission to
say to myself EXPERIMENT! Dont be so single minded and just have
fun! especially when you are a multi-passionate human being. It
gives me permission to chase Joy and let the money follow.
From the video I took away this free-write that I am about to do:
-ALL The ideas of things I could do (whether you want to or not, ALL
the things) and then once youve listed everything, SPRING CLEANING.
Scratch off anything that doesnt bring me joy.
Thanks for this!

Dawn Davis <http://dawnpdavis.com/>
Sharing this with my nephew, who is first year college, and my
niece, who is two years behind him. This is such valuable insight
and information for our late high school and college-aged youth to
hear. I wish someone had shared this with me at that age
Zoraida Cespedes <http://www.mercedescruz.com/>
Are you happy ?
Is it working ?
Great questions for any area of my life. I will be using these two
questions to evaluate both my personal and business idea. Love it.
Thank you Marie and team.
Carole Audet
Love the new site and thanks Marie and Chris for the great episode.
Robyn Keet <http://robynkeet.wordpress.com/>
The most powerful nudge from this episode is GIVE YOURSELF
Wow. That really hit me where it hurts but happy to hear it. Every
now and again we need to remind ourselves that its ok not to follow
the tradition lines of business and success. Being a little
adventurous with our lives stimulates our creative juices and helps
us be who we really are. The traditional way of getting a job and
doing the 1, 2, 3 will be there if we want to go back to it. But I
dont think you will once you get a taste of that good old freedom.
Kristin - Team Forleo
Ah, so true Robyn. So true!

Emily <http://www.go-content.com/>
Loved watching this episode today. I think I need to pick up Chriss
book because I have been working in my own business for almost 2
years. I finally went full time into it this past January and man is
it tough. I enjoy what Im doing and every day brings something new,
however, financially, it has been tough. I wonder sometimes whether
this is really what I am meant to do?
Every now and then Ill think about what I would like to be in
next career and thats a psychologist. I have always been very
interested in people, the mind and how we think. I think about
back to school sometimes to pursue this, however, I feel maybe
thought process is whats holding me back from really hustling
what Ive created. Hopefully Chriss book will tell me what to


Michelle Marcus <http://www.stljobcoach.com/>
I cant get past the hot hockey player comment.
Does he think Wayne Gretzky is hot? Or that he was really popular?
And Joy. Money. Flow. is a great take away.
Not only was this episode good for me, but Im sending it to my two
sons in college. As a parent, we try encourage them choose one area
of career choice. This is a great reminder to take the journey, but
with purpose. And to those who are 40I just turned 60, but Im not
giving up on finding my flow. Thats why I signed up for B-School.
Thanks Marie and Chris!
Kristin - Team Forleo
Love it, Katherine!! Its never too late to find your flow. So
glad this episode resonated with you so much and thrilled
youre a B-Schooler!

Jackie Powell <http://jackiepowellphotography.com/>
So glad to hear its ok to experiment for a bit and ok to say no.
I love photography but put it off for most of my career because it
wasnt the corporate path I thought family and friends wanted me to
Ive been working on making photography a business for the past 3.5
years. Since deciding to give it a go, Ive tried so many types of
photography from babies to weddings to food, to corporate work. I
spent time weeding out the areas or styles that I could do but
didnt love to do or areas that were too technically complex for me
to master.
Now that Ive experimented and honed in on my specialty, Im able to
charge ahead knowing that Ive found my niche and can feel confident
knowing that its where I belong (for now).
Chelsea - Team Forleo
Wonderful, Jackie it sounds like youre in a great place! We
love that this episode confirmed what youre already doing and
Louise Wilson <http://www.louise-wilson.com/>
Thats great Jackie and now I am really curious at what your
specialty is?
Thank you for this episode, which was so good for me to watch today.
Im in the process of closing down my first venture, and it is
helpful to know that my answers to both of Chris questions ((1) is
it working? and (2) am I happy?) are no. Im a high achieving
lawyer by training, and the biggest learning curve for me as an
entrepreneur is knowing when to fail fast and move on. I agree that
the never give up belief in our society doesnt always work in our

Chelsea - Team Forleo

Exactly, and what freedom we can feel in getting to move on to
something else that does answer those questions with yes and yes!
Kathy Duncan
This was such a timely piece! I am a text book case of what happens
when you keep going with something that isnt working and doesnt
make you happy. 2 years ago I realized that I was no longer happy
were I was and that it really did not meet my needs and didnt align
with my values; but I stayed for fear of not finding something else
(theres a nugget o wisdom never stay with something that is
draining your enthusiasm for fear of not finding something else).
Really that should be the signal that it is time to try something
else. In my case, my inaction prompted the universe (or whatever you
want to call it) to squeeze me out like a tick and force me to look
for alternatives. Now, as if by divine timing, comes a discussion on
How to find the work you were meant to do! I am so grateful to you
for the work you do Marie (and team Marie); thank you for bringing
insight and inspiration. p.s. The new website looks great!
Chelsea - Team Forleo
Thank you, Kathy!!
Louise Wilson <http://www.louise-wilson.com/>
Kathy your tick comment made me smile always great when it
is possible to breathe humour into those difficult turning
points AND so very true that we are sometimes forced to make a
change. Your comment really resonated. I know I didnt want my
turning point, it was a deeply painful time BUT I really and
truly love and cherish my life now! Wishing you so much good
luck and good fortune with everything.
Crystal Rhodes
Hi Marie,
I love this episode. Listening to Chris talk about winners giving

up brought a saying to my mind. Albert Einstein once said, the

definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again
and expecting different results. With the two key questions Chris
mentioned 1) is it working and 2) am I happy, I believe it will be
easier for me to get out of the insanity cycle and realize that its
ok to quit and move on and with practice realize sooner when that
time to quit arrives.
Jane Mikas <http://janemikas.com/>
I love your new site..very elegant and luscious colours.
Thank-you Marie for motivating me every week with all your great info.
I have been jumping from being a potter to painter and both passions
are really difficult to make a living with.I have been working on a
new web-site on my own and it had been taking a long time to
finalize. So I know very well about feeling like I am going in
circles. I try to visualize where and how my life should look like
but dont see any conclusion as of yet. So I will keep on painting
and hopefully an idea will come soon. Thanks for all the encouragement
Chelsea - Team Forleo
Jane, were absolutely thrilled youre feeling motivated here
each week, AND that you love the new site. Thank you!
There are also some other episodes linked up above in this blog
post that are related to the same topic that you might also enjoy.
One thing that Chris mentions in this episode thats also
something Marie often says is that we can gain so much more
clarity by continuing to take action than oftentimes we can by
thinking. Definitely keep trying things on and pushing yourself
to take small actions in new directions, and then listen to your
gut on the joy factor and checking to see if its working.
Thank you for watching today!
Quitting is a valuable skill. Thank you! Thank you! I have been
going around in circles for more years than I care to admit. Feeling
really good about finally letting ideas go today! Thank you for
such great content.

Francis Rico <http://shamanzone.com/>
This is GREAT! This episode (and this book) belongs in the hands of
every High School and College student it should be a new field
of life/career planning and what does our educational
establishment do, and reward? Exactly the things that Chris cautions
never give up! I like the simplicity and clarity of Chriss
thinking joy money flow and as always, Marie you bring
beauty and intelligence to your offerings and you are not only
enjoyable, but inspiring. Thank you!
Jeannette Naughton
I so enjoyed this episode, Im on this journey half way there I
have found the work I love, the next step is doing it for myself and
creating a commercial profitable business that will give me a
business and life that I love even more than my existing life xxx
Great video! I took away the value in giving yourself permission to
experiment with a variety of things, to explore, to use these
experiences to get clarity around what you are born to do and also
what makes sense for you to do in your business. Great, great stuff.
Thanks so much!
Donna Bond <http://www.donnabond.com/>
Permission to quit! In October of 2014 I walked away from my high
powered corporate job, money, power, success, and being at the top
of my industry. It took me five years to get unstuck from that rut
because it looked good on paper. In my new life space of
figureoutable, I am totally inspired today as I hear Chris elevate
this revelatory idea! I am clear that my purpose is to raise the
vibration on the planet, now I pray to Spirit everyday may the path
be illuminated before me.
Marie, I am so inspired by you, your content and the work you are
doing in the world. With deep gratitude, thank you!

Chelsea - Team Forleo
Donna, thank you so much for your kind words. Were excited for you!
Winners do quit. Wise words.
Absolutely love the new website! Will now have a listen to you and
Chelsea - Team Forleo
Awesome, Gillian!!
Liliana <https://www.behance.net/_liloo>
Ive seen these three things joy, money, flow but with other names
passion, market to sell, ability, etc. And Im using them as a
guide, but most of the time Im confused, I feel like I dont have
all the information, all the focus I need, I feel like some things
are in front of me and I cant see them. I feel like I need a brain
cold shower to wake up almost all the time.
I wish I could move faster.
Chelsea - Team Forleo
Liliana, youre not alone in having those feelings of impatience
with your own progress. However, its so much more important for

you to keep making progress of any kind by taking action and

trying things, than it is to do it quickly or at a certain pace.
Dont give up, and be extra kind and patient with yourself.
Were so glad you tuned in today.
Nikki <http://www.feedingabundance.com/>
Alleluia! I was thrilled to press play on this interview today. For
months Ive been told that I must find my niche, but to be honest,
Im just not there yet. Ive got a dozen really great ideas on how
to grow my business and the notion of picking just one puts out my
creative fires. Thank you both for liberating my entrepreneurial
exploration once more!
hillary <http://www.hillary-coley-fitness.com/>
St, I which I could give up
my business is not working and I am not happy because of this!
How can I just give it ?
Chelsea - Team Forleo
Hills, we hear you. Thats a really tough one, and something
only you will know the full answer to without us knowing all the
inner-workings, struggles, and whats not working.
As Chris shares in this episode, sometimes its a matter of
tweaking things so that they do work maybe hiring more out,
raising your prices, taking more breaks to do other things you
love, etc.
We have a great episode on how to know when to close down a
business, and Ill pop that link in below for you hope it
gives you some food for thought. Keep listening to that heart!

Excelent Episode. And the website is beautiful guys. Congratulations!
Thank you for the inspiration :)
Chelsea - Team Forleo
Thank you so much for celebrating the site newness with us! :)
Lots of great insights on when to walk away and how to tell when you
are doing what you are meant to do. I have a question though, I have
always wanted to be a psychologist and my greatest strength is
listening and helping people realize their potential. But for
various reasons I did not go to university and am now 43. Im not in
a position to go back to school but would love to live my strengths.
Is it necessary to get a life coach certificate and if so, is there
a more reputable one I should be looking at?
Chelsea - Team Forleo
Hi Jenn! It depends on your experience and what type of coaching
youd like to do, and there are specific laws around
certificates and licensing depending on the services you want to
offer. Anything that resembles counseling or therapy does
require a degree and formal training, but there are all
different kinds of coaching that do not.
Finding the right program for you and what youre most hoping to
impart is a deeply personal decision, so if you feel you need or
want further training, we recommend just starting to look around
at the options and thoroughly evaluating what they offer to see
if its in line with your goals and learning style!
Becka <http://www.beckamunn.com/>
Hey Chris & Marie!
Love this topic so much too! Its been a passion of mine for years

and years! What would the world look like if everyone was doing
something they loved??
Such great questions and tips and tools to use throughout the
journey Chris, so thank you for that support. (gotta check out the
book now!)
I definitely resonate with the letting go and quitting aspects
as I did this over the holidays. I let go of everything, focused on
my family, and received so much clarity and inspiration that the
work I am doing now is so much more aligned and coming from a space
of inspiration and love.
Lovin this beautiful new site Marie! Wow! What an accomplishment
for you and all of TeamForleo give yourselves a huge virtual
high-five! Amazing! Excited to see where the journey leads next! :)
My biggest takeaway was that it was okay to let go. I recently let
go of a job that did not make me happy- many in my inner circle
questioned that decision, but I felt it was imperative, righteous
even, to walk away. This episode is a reminder to continue on this
path of self-realization- that there are others that have walked it
before me and succeeded. Thank you!
Mary Beth <http://www.mbzinteriors.com/>
Hi Marie, as usual there is not one single piece of inspiration I am
taking away from this, but instead many. Chris is amazing! and
quietly so. I am impressed hes not a person that jumps around to
get you going. Instead, just his words ring true and gave me Ah-Hah
moments. I love your insight that his advice can be applied to
revenue streams when deciding if you should move ahead with a client
or project. Is it financially viable? Is it deserving of your time?
Excellent! Thank you Marie & Chris!
Chelsea - Team Forleo
Mary Beth, we love your takeaways and that there are multiple
things that you were inspired by in todays episode! :)

Alana <http://www.thinkyoga.ca/>
Thanks Marie
Love Tuesdays :) I will definitely pick up the book as I feel like
though i am SLOWLY moving to where i want to be there are still
some tweeks along the way. !
Beverly Z Hayes <http://myspanishconnect.com/>
Loved the video and love watching your weekly episodes.
One thing I learned from this video today is the importance of
really knowing myself and figuring out what Im passionate about.
Thank you for the inspiration!
karen <http://www.spiezz.com/>
Great advice but how can this be more effective than Ill just
stumble around and say Yes to everything until something sticks?
Ive been self-employed for over 16 years and often it feels more
like sales than passion. It seems that, more often than not, I am
trying to be so confident that I am agreeing to things that Im not
actually an expert in, just to land the gig.
Id be really interested in an episode that was how to narrow your
offerings instead of expanding them.
That being said, this was a beautiful slice of inspiration for the
day. Thank you!
Chelsea - Team Forleo
Karen, so glad you enjoyed the episode and were inspired by it.
There are definitely some pieces of advice that Chris and Marie
share in this episode, especially around 11 minutes in to 15
minutes in or so for how to narrow down your offerings or
revenue streams. If you didnt make it to that part yet, I
highly recommend giving those 5 minutes a watch.
There are two questions Chris mentions that you can absolutely
ask yourself and apply to revenue streams, and not just career
path decisions. Based on what you shared, it seems like things
are working for you, but not bringing you joy. So it sounds like
it may be time for some tweaking and restructuring!

Thank you, again, for watching today.

This is exactly what I needed to hear. Thank you!
Chelsea - Team Forleo
YAY were so glad to hear that.
The single biggest takeaway for me is just to go try different
things. At 45, I have been a graphic designer for 20 years, and I
like what I do, but I have felt for some time that there is
something more for mebut what? I used to do creative things outside
of work just because I enjoyed doing them. Recently, I realized that
I have not done this in the past 5 or 6 years. So, I think taking
the time to be creative on my own terms again, and trying new things
may open something up for me. The challenge for me is to not be tied
to an outcome, but to simply enjoy the doing so that I can feel the
real joy of it.
Thank you, Marie.
Rikki <http://www.beradmedia.com/>
Great episode! I struggle with this SO much, because I love to do
many different things. Should I stick with marketing, or become a
bike mechanic, or sell my photography, or be a social media
consultant, or design furnitureits ridiculous! Ive changed by
business a few times already, trying to figure out the perfect spot.
I like the idea of keeping hobbies as business on the backburner.
Really trying to focus on one thing, grow it, and then start other
businesses once one is successful.

Douglas <http://douglaswcolbertjr.com/>
Ive struggled with this all my life.
I learned (for some of us) what you are met to do, is part of an
evolving process that embrace personal characteristics,
and life experiences. The synergy of all of this, will mold you into
your uniqueness (as Marie says) to do or offer something we only
can. To know or get to that point is the greatest joy and reward.
Absolutely inspiring, Marie. Wandering through life to find your
calling as been the hardest thing mankind is faced with, but with
people like you and Chris coming in to make the path easier, we
dont have to perish searching for what we were born to do.
Great as always, Marie.
Andrea <http://www.nevelswellness.com/>
I LOVED LOVED LOVED the freedom that I felt when Chris shared that
you should have a lot of experiences in order to determine what to
eliminate! And then Marie followed up by saying you do not have to
focus too fast! OMG! I can breathe again. So freeingthank you thank
you thank you!
Chelsea - Team Forleo
YES! :)
Natalie <http://www.thevino-verse.com/>
I cant remember how I stumbled upto Marie Forleo, and I have been
incredibly inspired since I have. I loved this video, it just
reassured me I am doing the right things because I can only picture
myself being happy doing and learning what I am now! Onwards and
upwards!! Xoxo

Liv Megargle <http://soulremedies.net/>
I loved this video! My husband and I recently closed down our
catering business that provided us a comfy income, lots of free time
and the ability to work from home while our kiddos were little but
we hit a wall at about the 10 year mark where we started dreading
each event. Just couldnt do it anymore it was still working but
the joy was gone. Now we are both feeling out new industries and I
think this advice wrings true for where weve been and also where
were going! Thanks for the inspiring video.
Jana Curtin <https://www.simplytrynow.com/>
Thank you so much for this great video and message! My biggest
takeaway was Winners give up all the time. I recently quit a very
secure and high paying job that was extremely toxic and I was
completely miserable in. I love following my passion but Ive
struggled with feeling like a quitter. I greatly appreciate the
encouragement and inspiration you shared Chris and Marie!
Super interview, I feel so inspired and cant wait to get my hands
on the book. Think this will be very helpfull for me. Thank you for
a great programe and the new webiste is fierce :-) Love it!
Chelsea - Team Forleo
Petra, thank you so much!!
Sarah K <http://www.uevision.com/>
Great video perfectly timed for my stuckness right now. Also,
love the new website it looks gorgeous and is very easy to use.
Nice job to you and your team!

Chelsea - Team Forleo
We deeply appreciate your feedback, Sarah. :)
Barb <http://barbmorris.com/>
Today is my 58th birthday and I so relate to all of us who are
saying things like Ive wasted so much time. Ive done many things
in my life: taught middle school, worked in book stores and
libraries, done natural resource management for the Feds, while
raising kids and being married. I trained as a life coach a few
years ago, but coaching doesnt feel like flow or joy to me. What
Im good at is learning and organizing what I learn so others can
understand it more easily. And thats so fun for me! So here I am,
58 years old, letting the coaching go and embracing myself as a
researcher/writer. That feels good! Thanks for joy, money, and flow,
and for the encouragement to quit something thats not working.
Chelsea - Team Forleo
Happy Birthday Barb!!! Were excited for you and the freedom
youre opening your heart up to. Hope the whole day is beautiful
and joy-filled for you.
Is this working? and Am I happy? are the two questions I needed
to hear today. Looking back on my life I realize these two answers
were at the heart of all of my career changes. It all makes sense
now; I always changed careers when one of the answers was no.
Thank you Chris and Marie for the clarity on this subject! Now I
have a clearer picture of when to switch gears and try something new
until I discover my lifes purpose.

Thank you for this energizing and valuable video.
I deeply share the idea of developping an entrepreneurial mindset
even when evolving in the corporate world, ad the comapnies need
this mindset: joy & flow, courage & choice are key words I pick. I
agree so much with all you say in this talk, its the way I work
with my clients here in Switzerland, and it feels good to hear you :-)
Ala <https://oneslovakgirlcom.wordpress.com/>
This video was very helpful for me. I receive a lot of questions now
as freshly unemployed, what my next job is going to be. And I dont
know how to answer them. I many times feel pushed to some sort of
category, but there are just many options. I do write articles for
my blog, I translate, I want to start teaching again. I want to work
with nice people and follow my dreams. I am approaching my 30th
birthday soon and want to find my way in life. And after this video
I understand, why I felt so many times miserable at my previous
jobs. Sometime there was a lot of joy and fullfillment, but bad
payment. Other times money was great, but the job itself not so
much. Thanks a lot to all of you Marie Forleo team Ala
So, Ive been a very quiet participant. I usually dont leave
comments, but I needed this video SO BADLY! I finished college with
honors, 6 years ago and I knew the moment I took my first job that
the career Id chosenwasnt for me! I studied Graphic Design, and
though I love some aspects of it, on the daily basis you really
spend most of your time behind a computer, and all I wanted to do
was be outside, or doing any other number of activities.
So I would just quit my safe job, do something completely different
for a while (working as a nanny, decorating rooms, baking cupcakes,
anything I could think of, really) and then I would go back to a
company or advertising agency, because I wasnt making nearly enough
money to live in peace. I felt so unfullfilled. Everyone would tell
me to JUST PICK ONE THING, but I couldnt. I had to try everything.
I still kinda of do, and its so reassuring to hear that its OK.
Ive also discovered that amongst the things that make me happiest,
the ones I would do for free and that I absolutely love is
Photography. I dont know how good I am at it yet, cause Im just
getting started, but I feel so inspired when I do it. The feeling I
get while Im shooting, and even later when I actually have to sit
down on a computer and pick the pictures I want, is unlike anything
Ive felt before. I get surprised any time someone wants to PAY me
for doing it.

I also love telling stories, reading, researching, and discovering

all kinds of tales from the past and present. I would love to go
around the world doing this, taking pictures, making videos, and you
know what? Today it actually felt possible. Thank you Marie and
Chris. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.
Kristin - Team Forleo
Oh Tamara! You are so not alone and its SO wonderful to hear
that this interview made you feel like your dream is possible.
It IS possible. Were cheering you on!
Louise Wilson <http://www.louise-wilson.com/>
Wow Tamara thats sounds so exotic and so very exciting
wishing you the best of luck .. it is such an amazing
feeling to do what we love.
Hi Marie & Team Forleo! Love this episode as I have loved many of
them! Im 51 and a Multi Passionate Human as well. Do you think this
book would help an 18 year old M.P.H.? I have three sons and the 18
and 24 year olds are feeling the pressure of knowing what they want
to be when they grow up right now! Please let me know if you think
this book would be a good fit, or perhaps another from this author.
Many thanks and tons of love from one Jersey girl to another! 
Kristin - Team Forleo
Christine I think so! Maybe you can have them check it out and
see if it speaks to where they are in life right now :)
Tamara Lechner <http://ahamoments4u.com/>

This was super-powerful. The 2 questions Is it working? and Am I

happy? were my big take away. Im excited to hear Chris in Victoria
BC when he is here in May. Thanks Marie et al for all you do!
Holy smokes, I loved this video! I am so thrilled to know that other
folks believe quitting is ok sometimes, too. The big takeaway for
me was the joy-money-flow test. I have one job that pays my bills
and another that feeds my soul but doesnt pay my bills. Yet. :)
Ive been on the fence for a while now about starting my own
business, but I think yall may have just pushed me over to the
other side. :) Thank you, thank you both so much for offering your
insight and support and reminding me (and everyone else!) that we
should believe and invest in ourselves.
Margaret Gathunguri
I love this video and the new web design!
I must say that the not giving up pressure is not just part of the
American culture. Coming from a Kenyan culture, there are many times
that I have had to stand my ground to my parents/family when I
decided that a path ( changing my undergrad degree to leaving
mid-way peace corps after a year of service) I was on is just now
working from me anymore.
Although I struggled with the shame feeling that followed when I
decided that I must figure something else out, quitting and
redirecting my energy to what my heart was telling me most always
brought about such phenomenal growth and unexpected discovery
(sometimes rediscovery) of what I enjoy doing, and reaffirms my
belief that the universe is friendly.
Incredibly my quitting events was not only valuable to me but also
my family. Though they dont fully understand what direction I am
heading, they (and I) can see that not every journey needs to be
linear to be successful.
Amy <http://www.amyelizabeth.design/>
This is so helpful! I have felt stuck for so long and didnt know
how to figure out what to change or how to find a new direction.
This is such a simple formula to figuring it out.

Additionally, I had a traumatic accident at a young age, which

resulted in a spinal cord injury. I am paralyzed from the shoulders
down and rely on other people for all aspects of my daily life. I
feel like I never got the opportunity to try all different kinds of
things at a young age. Im still learning what gives me joy and what
flows for me. Now I have more tools to figure out. Thank you Marie
for the work that you do.
Kristin - Team Forleo
Amy, its an honor to know that Maries work helps you so much!
Christina <http://myhistoryfix.com/>
Thank you Marie and Chris I am so inspired by the both of you!
I have always been compelled to do what I love, which like Marie has
been and continues to be, a lot of different thingsbut the money
piece has been a struggle. I am missing something in my quest for
entrepreneurial success. So I am anxiously awaiting my copy of Born
for This, and am psyched to see Chris on tour in Boston in a couple
of weeks!
At 47 I dont yet feel like Im running out of time, but I am SO
ready to step out of the meh and into the yes!
Thank you both for all you do to help us do just that!
Louise Wilson <http://www.louise-wilson.com/>
meh to yes!!! love that!
First time I actually viewed a video though I have been a subscriber
for some time.
I also agree that giving up is very important as I seriously believe
that clinginess is NOT a formula for success.
Thanks Chris and Marie.

Kristin - Team Forleo
Thank you for tuning in, Chris. So glad to hear you enjoyed this
Erika Lind <http://www.studiometsa.com/>
Hi Marie! Hi Chris!
This was another great video a few years back I read the $100
Start-Up and it inspired me so much. Im totally going to buy this
book, too!
From this episode, the biggest insight I am taking with me are the
two questions to ask myself: Is it working? and Am I happy?.
Because I believe, and feel, that it applies to everything in life
in addition to business. Such great, yet simple, questions to keep
yourself on the right path.
Obviously this also requires a lot of self-knowledge to be able to
determine when something is worth dropping because its really not
right for you and when you yourself are just not being patient
enough or hard-working enough. So theres that responsibility that
we have to take in our own lives and in our actions in order for
those questions to really benefit us.
Thanks again, Marie and Chris!
Kajadilani <http://www.stressned.no/>
Thank you for the video!
What was best for me to hear was that its ok to have many things Id
like to do, and that I can keep on do it until I find out what I am
best on and that focus on that.
I could also use the two questions Is it working? + Am I happy? to
make me understand that my latest relationship maybe isnt worth
fighting for
When its not working and I am not happy its better to stop.
Thank You <3

Melinda Dunne <http://mysocalledbalancedlife.com/>
What a great video! I am and have been stuck in the I cant give
up game. I have always believed that no matter what I CANT quit, I
have to keep going. The video today has brought a huge sense of
relief to me for a couple of reasons.
1)It is okay to quit what doesnt bring me joy or serve me. Thank YOU!
2) I am all over the map with my career ideas. I have been literally
punishing myself for the last month-overthinking, over processing
and trying to find 1 thing that I can focus on. I am a multi-tasker,
multi-thinker and honestly the thought of putting all my energy into
1 idea or job does not bring me joy. I like doing different things
and want to continue to have a variety of things I can do and rely
on. However, it is difficult trying to bring my ideas together or
figuring out what idea should go in what career path. I dont know
how to process that so I can gain clarity.
Jen <http://jentrott.com/>
Great episode!! I have been in my biz for 3 years now and have
experimented with lots of new things. And Ive been feeling in the
back of my mind the last few months that I should be focusing on
only a few core things. This message today has meant so much to me.
I feel like Im on the right track and Im doing everything I need
to be doing. Thank you Marie & Chris for the great insight :-)
Brea <http://www.kwanyinkungfu.com/>
Great interview. Looks like a really good book! I love the Joy Money
Flow idea. So simple and so potent. Yes! Marie, you always introduce
me to people who end up really influencing me. Thanks mama!
Thank you for this topic as I feel it is one that is overlooked
regularly and it is vital!

Some of the comments brought to my mind that there are some dangers
to always expecting the work you are meant for to bring you joy, or
in thinking that if the answer is No to the questions Am I
happy? or Is it working?, then it isnt what youre meant to do.
Maybe it isnt working RIGHT NOW because you are doing something
wrong, even some small, fixable, thing. And I have heard it said
before that all endeavours will have a U shape, and when you get to
the bottom of the U and cant see your way across to the other side,
things will get very hard and discouraging, but if you keep going,
you may get to the other side of the U. Now, of course, getting to
the uphill slope doesnt always happen. But I think it takes more
than asking Is it working? and Am I happy? to make a good
decision re whether or not to give up. I think you have to go on to
ask WHY isnt it working? WHY am I not happy? If it is because
fundamentally the work doesnt resonate with your identity and your
higher life goal, or if just is not financially feasible, then LET
IT GO (which I have done a few times). But if youre just
discouraged because things are not going well right now, then it may
not yet be time to quit.
Thanks for the video. I found it motivating and gives me hope to
reinvent my career and have a fresh start. Still struggling with
that to do. I am going to order the book today. Thanks!
Lyz <http://lyzplant.com/>
Loved this and was EXACTLY what I needed- cant wait to learn more!
Ive been a creature of creativity since I was born, love so many
things (and pick them up quickly) but have never made money at them.
Am involved with many entrepreneur hubs but they cater more to the
post figured-it-out part. I have often asked for resources of honing
in on *that thing* and replies are often vague and just go with
your gut or listen to your inside voice my inside voice is
either silent or is the star of a one man show with 21 characters in
it and I cant pick just one or even a few. Im antsy pantsy as
Im sure once Im focused and feel confident in it, Ill freakin
totally ace it and there will be no stopping me.
Am so looking forward to the read and thank you Marie and the team
for bringing this to the light :) XO

This video ir so much useful for everyone! I loved! I think like

this since forever, but because of my Family structure and the lack
of couraging Ive been following a path whre I dont fit in. And Im
always hearing that Im a dreamer.
I think you two should start a program with young people. Young who
are starting their career should have the opportunity to learn about
being entrepeneur. Im 27 now and I hope that by 30 Ill get there!
Debi <http://thegoodwrite.com/>
What a terrific discussion and perfect timing as always. Isnt
that amazing how these talks come just when you need them?
Also great work to Marie and Team Forleo! The new look of the site
is glorious! Its expansive, aesthetically clean, edgy and
beautifully organized. It creates a feeling of abundance of ideas,
community and design. You keep inspiring us to grow, change, develop
and raise the bar to fortify branding. It makes your house a warm
place to visit because you care about your guests and followers. It
shows in all you do. Thank you!
Kristin - Team Forleo
Debi, thank you SO much! Youre so kind!
I like thisVDO. I will listen it again if can help me to take my
next step. I am multitalented from teacher , speaker, actor, leader
and writer but in USA I am stuck in substitute job not knowing how
can be running my own shows. Any guidance please.
Thank you for another inspiring interview team!! I feel proud and
thankful to be part of your community!!
In case it doesnt get said enough: I absolutely love your new
website!! It is so glam,so organised and with so much light! you

have done such an amazing job!! Thank you for keeping inspired team
Forleo and providing us with such goodies!!
Keep skyrocketing ;-))
Kristin - Team Forleo
Natalia, that is so thoughtful of you. Thank you!!
Monica Farbiarz <http://www.encantojewels.com/>
Thank you Marie; you are an inspiration in the way you bring things
forward and the way you share them; so much insight and at the same
time focus! I love this video. I like the idea that no matter what
is the stage we are in our experience there is always a good time to
ask questions and explore, and ask ourselves if what we are doing it
is still the thing we resonate with; there is nothing fix in our
life and we can change that; I like the concept of the two
questions: is this working for me? and it is flowing?
I feel for my experience that things are not usually black and
white; I am in that place that I am not sure if it is really working
and still many thing I still enjoy and at the same time I know I
want a change. So I trust my intuition that is not yet time to let
go or give up , rather how can I transform this experience and
redirect it towards what I really want. I know nobody can give me a
straight answer for that, the only way to know the answer is keep
asking the questions while going through the process. Thank you
again for your amazing being!
Caroline <http://www.sealioncuratorial.com/>
Heres a question for Chris if he sees this: In contemplating the
difference between instinct and judgement what is a guttural no,
this isnt okay and what are my personal hangups I realized that
maybe the reason my freelancing business isnt doing better is
because I dont like my title. I have big judgements, big hangups
about the word copywriter because I believe
marketing/advertisement/persuasion (and the people behind it) are
partly responsible for, you knowBIG world problems. All the big
consumer issues, environmental and so forth. THAT SAID! I fall a
little bit in love with all my clients. They keep me around (if the

projects are ongoing), and Ive yet to work with a business that has
any nefarious motives. Have you ever encountered this? A person who
maybe has some skills in a field but theyre at personal odds with
it? Im working to reconcile this judgement, butthe resentment
seems to run deep. Thank you, Chris and Marie. P.s., the site is
Also, (hi, Caroline again:), I like weighty, dense, beautiful,
language-driven writing. I take memoir classes and travel for
writing residencies. I LOVE vocabulary. And copywriting has that
write like you talk, dont use big words, persuade, sell, etc.
ideology driving it. Its its own genre. Its not beautiful. But
it is a type of writing that could, potentially, pay the bills.
You see? Judgements. Okay, Im done :) Thank you again.
andrea albarran
Whenever I watch Marie Tv I feel so much hope. It is nice to know
that being lost is actually a road to whatever my soul and heart
are craving! I struggle with fear and anxiety because I feel so much
pressure from myself and from my parents. I had to move out because
they think Im crazy and I over heard a conversation and they feel
sorry for me. Its exausting to try to explain something that I
cant explain, I can only feel. Ever since I was little I just love
adventure. Some call it trouble, I call it adventure. Thats why I
NEED to watch these videos, because it reminds me I AM NOT CRAZY!
haha. I finished my health coaching course, Im currently in B-School
and worked my a@# off to get both of these. I am going on a road I
am creating for myself and thats why I am always attacked when I
inform my parents what Im doing next. They know I am smart, and they
know that they cant stop me. How can enjoy this time of trying
different things? I keep repeating that everything will turn out
fine but its still hard to wake up and not feel like theres a huge
elephant on my chest. Maybe someone can relate?
Pam Consear
Its hard to go
you, but youre
I bet that in a
youve created,

against what the people around you expect of

bravely being true to yourself. Keep at it, and
few years you will amaze them with the life
and it will all make perfect sense to them.

Love this video! Thanks so much! I loved the quote of giving
ourselves permission to experiment. I hate that weve been
conditioned as a culture to stick with one job for 20+ years, esp.
if youre doing it just for a check. Thanks Marie!
Kelly <http://kellydawson.arbonne.com/>
Thanks for this today! I often feel lately like Im a little lost,
as if Im just feeling my way along in the dark. This has reminded
me to not be afraid of the dark, if I just keep going in the flow
zones and stay out of the prickly places- the dread places- its
going to come along okay. It also reminded me that its good to say
no, that I dont have to keep-on with something just because its
what Ive been doing. Thanks again!
This was great!!! Loved this episode!!
I am 26 years old and i am working right now as a web programmer but
i feel like there is more in me than just being a developer.
My dream is to work with people, may be as an like coach, therapist
or even as a business/marketing consultant.
I want to sound my voice and i am looking for my way right now.
This episode was just in time, and gave me a clear idea what should
i do next to find my path :)
Thank You Marie!!
You are great as always!!
Kim <http://visioncoachkim.com/>
First, I want to say Im head over heels in love with the new site!
And this episode was fantastic and right on time. The biggest
takeaway for me is that you dont have to feel the pressure to
choose just one thing to pursue. You can try several things that are
on your heart. I share with my coaching students that clarity comes
by taking action. As you take action on the idea it becomes clear to
you if its a fit or not. Thanks Marie and Team for all the value
you provide! xo Kim

Michelle <http://gmail.com/>
After watching this episode, I just had to leave a comment! I just
finished my first book and am so excited to be a published author.
Im already thinking about my next book, and just this morning in
fact, I was stressing because I have a few different directions I
want to go (Id like to try fiction as well as nonfiction). I was
feeling overwhelmed by the traditional wisdom that says pick one
thing and go with it. When Chris talked about trying out different
things when youre just starting out I felt like I had my answer!
This totally lifted a weight off my little entrepreneurial heart :)
cant wait to read the book!
This was such an insightful interview filled with information that I
knew, but have failed to act upon. The aha moment for me was when
Chris said eliminate the ideas that dont bring you joy when you
think of them. Its so simple yet I have never done it. I have often
forced myself to do things that I hate because everyone is saying
you have to do this if you want to be successful. No more after
today. Thanks Marie and Chris.
Thank you for giving me permission to take the time to figure out
the work that I truly want to do. After leaving a job in October, I
feel a lot of pressure to find something new. You just reinforced
the importance of taking the time to find something I love. Thanks!
susan catherine <http://www.susancatherine.com/>
sigh. yes. courage to take the time to figure it out. I have at
least six different gifts and special talents and the dilemma has
created butterflies in the stomach and heart ache since I was 15.
So, clothing designs, books, acting, writing, illustrating, healing
energy workomg. Right now Ive MERGED two which is totally funacting and healing work are super cool But truth be told, I still
get flutterbyes of sadness thinking of all the other possibilities
that lie waiting weird. one day at a time here on planet earth and

with HelP we work our way Home xoxoxox

Thanks to you both for your inspired work.
Pam Consear <http://www.allhandsart.com/>
Thanks, you two. I feel like youve just validated the entire
trajectory of my adult life! I spent the first 2 decades of it as a
school teacher, something I mostly enjoyed and was good at. People
were surprised, worried and confused when I walked away from it (it
was still working but I wasnt happy) to start a business doing all
kinds of different things, because Im also multi-passionate.
Over the past 8-9 years of entrepreneurship Ive been able to try
lots of things and gradually eliminate the ones that I didnt enjoy
or werent working. My art interest and teaching ability converged
and I now happily earn a living as a full-time artist, leading
community mural projects, team-building events, and teaching art
Its been a continual tweaking process, with lots of frustration
along the way because I couldnt, for the life of me, specialize
the way everyone told me I should. But now in hind sight I see how
each piece of the puzzle was being collected and shaped to fit
together, forming a joyful career. Best of all, I am equipped to
bring immense joy to others through the work that I do. (And
B-School is helping me sharpen my focus even more!)
I know Ill always be tweaking, but with the confidence that every
experience, good or bad, is helping to shape a more fulfilling future.
I just recently discovered Marie TV and since subscribing to the
show I have been binge watching episodes! Marie TV is so inspiring
and informative.
My single biggest insight is this nugget of wisdom:
When youre starting out, expand your options and do everything you
can to have a lot of different experiences. As you become more
successful and experienced, you limit.
I am so grateful that I have reached this point in my life where I
have a handful of options on my plate that I could see myself
pursuing and finding joy in. However, having all these options is
overwhelming and confusing to me. I didnt know where to start or
which one to pick. Now I know that I dont have to choose just one.
It is acceptable and encouraged to dabble in as many experiences I
can get my hands on and go from there.

Oh man, Marie. Divine timing with this video for me. First off,
thank you so much for all you do, for all the love you bring to the
world. When you talk about that being the work you meant to do, you
glow. We can feel it. And it makes a difference on a micro and macro
level. So, thank you so much.
The biggest insight I took away from this video was the fact that
its okay to a) make mistakes b) change up your career and go down
different paths.
When I was a little girl, I would wake up
downstairs, sit on the couch in the newly
got lost in stories. Hours would pass, my
come down, and Id have (in my 6 year old

at the crack of dawn, run

rising sun and write. I
parents would eventually
mind) a book to show them.

Another big part of who I was as a child was to be a loving, caring

person. I used to ask for a little sister for Christmas so I could
love someone up. My teachers wrote that Id give the shirt off my
back to fellow students. When I was in 4th grade, a boy flipped
over his handle bars on a bike outside of school and no one was
around. I found him badly hurt and alone. I ran and got a teacher
and although they told me it was okay to leave, I couldnt I stayed
with him until the ambulance and his parents came and I gave him my
sweater to squeeze onto when the pain got bad.
These aspects of who I was never left. I grew up and graduated with
Journalism, and then decided to try my hand in design. I went back
to school for design, graduated and started my own clothing line.
After knowing it was time to let that go, I applied for a job and
for the past couple of years, have designed childrens accessories
for a company out west. And yet, Im about to embark again on
another journey that feels so right I could cry. Ive decided to
take the huge leap into becoming a coach and helping businesses with
holistic/heart-centered branding.
This has brought up so much fear and like you said, I have times
where I feel schizophrenic. But this video reminded me that its
okay. ITS OKAY to try and fail and try again. I even get myself in
a tizzy when I dont know how to explain in teh correct terms WHAT I
want to do (a coach? image consulant? what is it?!). But youve
reminded me, that whos about WHO I want to be. And who I want to be
is someone who helps people feel safe, loved, and cared for.
Thank you Marie.
Rena <http://www.rhdconsultancy.com/>
Have the courage to experiment. As a new business owner, this is
both scary, insightful and guiding.

Maija Wade
Thank you Marie and Chris for the permission to experiment. Thats
exactly what I needed to hear this week. I especially like the line,
do everything you can to have a lot of different experiences. I
say no to a lot of different experiences that sound wonderful but
dont have a clear path to monetization. In the absence of those
experiences, Im left guessing and longing for insight while
repeating old, safe work types. Its a relief to understand that I
dont have to know how my new experiences will turn out and that
saying yes to them might bring the joy, money, flow combo. Its also
comforting to give myself permission to continue doing my old work
while building up time and money for exploring the new things.
Marie, I also want to say that your teachings, everything is
figureoutable and engagement breeds clarity, not the other way
around, as well as your coined term multi-passionate entrepreneur
have kept the flame of entrepreneurship burning in me for years (I
started following you in 2008 and did B-school in 20013) even though
I felt stuck and overwhelmed my many different ideas. Todays
episode + your tried and true teachings presented ideas in such a
way that it clicked for meI now know what I need to say yes to
next. Thank you so much!
Nicole Ansari
I love this video! I am one of these people who have known what they
want to do/ be/ are since I was 6 years old: act! The challenge with
that calling is that as actors we are so dependent on others giving
us a job! So I went into certifications to become a Yoga Instructor,
a coach and an OM Trainer. But really all I want to do is act! What
to do when so much of your career is dependent on others wanting
you? I am doing all the internal work, believe me. BUT.
Valeria Danielle
Hi Marie, and everybody else. I am happy to watch this video, I
consider myself lucky, becouse I work in something I love, social
programs in Medelln and Antioquia (Colombia), helping people to be
more autonomous and proactive towards their lives. I also want to
take this opportunity to congratulate you and the Team Forleo,
becose the new site is great, modern and cheerful. Thank you all
for being there for all of us

Ive lived your lesson this past week.
Im 67 and have a pretty easy job that lets me work from home and
get paid Alexandria, VA wages. The work has its few moments of
satisfaction, but its mostly monotony. I had told my self that 2016
was my last year and the exact date would tell me. Well last week
the work told me. The level of stupidity and incompetence rose
higher than I could stand. I looked at the calendar, and April has 3
paydays perfect I have a month of vacation saved up so I can at
least keep my health benes till June and then Social security will
kick in. And I get paid for a holiday while I am on vacation too.
I was commiserating with one of my former workers/bosses and he told
me he had a very successful business trip to Japan and asked if I
would help him out if they were in a pinch. Yea life is good.
So Im soon to be back to Joy, money and flow.
Great show, as always!
Denise <http://northstarnature.com/>
I loved eliminate ideas that dont bring you joy when you think of
them! I think those non-joy ideas fall into the should column of
our lives, and frankly, Ive lived too many years in that place. I
want joy!
Louise Wilson <http://www.louise-wilson.com/>
great take-aways and your visual is pretty powerful Denise
thank you.
The point that you should let something go if you are not enjoying
it even if you are good at it and the other side of the coin you
are not great at it yet but you derive great joy from it! I am in
school to become an Equine Osteopath and as this is a complete
career change at this point in my life and I am loving it but
definitively struggling with it. I have been in IT for years and am
good at it but am also not deriving the joy I once did from the
work. Your video gave me things to think about. I would love to

create an online business that is somehow related to this field I am

studying but as I am a newbie its hard to figure it out and
structure it to make money. Thanks for all these great bullet points
to ponder on to make the path a bit clearer.
Deon Kappenman
Wow, I cant believe how perfect this message was. Thank you, Marie!
I am enrolled in B-School and have been going through an unexpected
re-evaluation of my career path. I found myself with lots of inner
angst about whether or not I am in the right place and trying to
convince myself that its just me and I am trying to self-sabotage
the direction I already chose. As time goes on I am realizing I am
trying to work with others who are not on the same page as me
(business partners) and I am not here to change them. I am here to
change myself from within and it seems to be pushing me in a new
(slightly intimidating) direction. This video soothed my fears and
gave me a great tool, the two questions, to take action.
Marie not only I enjoy todays episode but I absolutely loved the
new design of your web page. You went from cool and easy to use to
pretty classic, wide, and future-oriented. I feel like I have a Mac
as my desktop computer when I really have a Dell. Im sorry if I was
too detailed is just that YOU-REALLY-DELIVERED! WOW! Great Work!
Back to the episode, the most important lesson I learned from Chris
was: IS OKAY TO FAIL because it comes with AMAZING OPPORTUNITIES. As
you both said, society has programmed us to believe that we CANNOT
GIVE UP. But sometimes is okay to give up and try a new way, a new
path, a new career, a new love, or even a brand new life because you
never know what this new something may get you into. It might as
well be something as great as Marie TV. A round of applause for
everyone whos behind this great work.
Heather Norris <http://www.teaforspot.com/>
Definitely at a cross roads at the moment with my tea for dogs
business that I launched about a year ago. Have an offer to sell it.
On the fence because I know that I have not put the effort into
growing it and it has potential. Ive been consumed with my other
business that actually makes money my photography studio. Dont
want to have regrets either way. This episode was helpful. Loved the
how is it going? & is it bringing joy?
Have some soul searching to do.

Karen Shoshana <http://wellnessgirl.net/>
I liked this video, but there are certain aspects of being an
entrepreneur which I dont love and dont experience the flow. I
dont think this means I should stop doing these things. Maybe what
that requires is wrapping a different mindset around those
activities and becoming aware of any negative attributions
Thanks Marie.
Elaine Dolan
Chris inspired me in a sort-of surprise way. Hah! First, I know I
limit myself by the thinking, *Get over it. Its too late for you,
deary, as age has done its un-magic that it does to us all.*
However, I have also been thinking that Im doing this fascinating
*job* even though Im not being payed for it.I am cut out to be a
critic and editor and sales person for GOOD books. Who woulda thunk,
right? The multi-faceted part may be combining my insights in trauma
therapies and writing for myself. Hmm.
Kayli Chapman
Loved this episode! I really liked hearing the advice to take your
time figuring things out. Im a young woman getting started in my
career and I still feel somewhat aimless Its good to hear to take
my time in trying different things. Ive always been passionate and
an entrepreneur-minded person, just havent known where to focus
that energy. I look forward to the day when Im doing what I was
born for whatever that may be! God help me figure it out.
Hillary <http://www.naturalhealthandlifestyle.com/>
As usual another good episode of
its ok to do several things and
determine it) rains down on you,
what you might say no to. I want

Marie TV. I love the comment that

then once success (however, you
you can be more selective about
to create an online business (am

enrolled in B-School:-), but right now opportunities are popping up

that are not online. However, they are of a similar nature to what I
want to do online, and may end up fueling my online business, so Im
going with them. This comment validated my path right now; thank you
Marie and Chris!
Candice <http://candicemcqueen.com/>
Ive been struggling with this subject for a long time and go back
and forth trying to make some headway. The main touch point that
sticks with me are the two key factors that you have to ask yourself
1. Is it working? 2. Are you happy?
One of my favorite points from Tim Ferris (my alltime fav author) is
if the movie sucks, stop watching it if the recipe sucks, it
doesnt matter how good of a cook you are. Its ok to quit!
I will definitely be buying this book!
Louise Wilson <http://www.louise-wilson.com/>
great analogies
Drue-Ann <http://www.etsy.com/shop/quarrybones>
This episode spoke to me on so many levels!!! I feel like I know
what I want to do and it really has been a combination of interests
that have led me to this discovery, but I cant seem to make the
transition from hobby to career. I have another job that I am very
grateful for, but I do feel like my talents, skills and energy are
being spent on work that leaves me very unfulfilled. I want so badly
to follow my passion, but seem to lack the know-how to really make
it happen. Thank you so much for the advice you give so freely
because it really is inspiring and uplifting when you start feeling
Kelly Anne Buchanan
Enjoyed this conversation. Thanks Marie & Chris! Being in the flow
and doing what you love for a living is so important (especially
when most of us are spending 40+ hours a week at work!). I look
forward to checking out your book Chris. Im always looking for

great reading recommendations for my clients.

Wow! I can actually say I do what I love and Im sustaining my
income. Thank you for sharing this gift if only everyone knew they
had this potential. You to got it going on!!!!
Troy Hanson
Love the ideas and will definitely be buying this book for myself
and my two teenage daughters. One piece of advice I might add (from
experience); Dont limit your options by getting too far in debt and
taking on too many responsibilities before you feel like you have
found what you were meant to do. I am 48 and still owe $40,000 in
student loans and am trying to give my three children opportunities
to become their best self and find their passions while working a
soul-sucking job that I hate, knowing what else I should have been
and was meant to do, but will never be able to.
Natasha Vanzetti <http://www.natashavanzetti.com/>
LOVED THIS!!! Ive been on the path of discovery for the past few
years and its often the mishaps and detours that have led me to
where I need to be. So much gold in this interview and such an
awesome reminder that life is short, and we need to go after whats
right for us.
Grabbing the book today !
I see Im not alone. I was in tears watching this, because the
frustration of not knowing which path(s) to take has me paralyzed,
for fear of losing time, money or opportunities. Ill be 40 this
year and have unsuccessfully switched paths multiple times. I cant
afford another dead end. I hope the book will help!

Julie <http://www.juliewithrow.com/>
I loved the validation around quitting what 1) isnt working and 2)
doesnt make me happy. Ive always rolled this way, but often felt
judged as a quitter or a flake. But Ive learned that the only way
to grow and succeed is to take consistent action and accelerate
decisions. When youre regularly focused on taking the next best
step and doing so expeditiously, youre bound to take a wrong turn
here and there. No biggie, I say. Learn and pivot quickly, too.
This video helped me to get more clear about what Im doing. 6
months ago I started a 1 year coaching program, invested quite a bit
of money on it, and I am starting to feel like it is more busy work
than actually being inspiring. I have no idea if Im good at it,
even though I am getting coaching experience. I would have to give
it more time and increase my effort to know for sure if it will
ultimately make me happy (right now it isnt) and if it is working
for me (not sure yet.) I am committed to sticking with it for the
short term.
Answering the 2 questions, is it working? and is it making me
happy? will help me to make the right decision about continuing or
quitting. Mind blowing, really, for someone with a mindset that
winners never quit.
Devan Vasquez
Its alright to give up on one dream and find another
I always have thought that I should do one job because Im good at
it and financially its great but happiness wasnt always a factor.
I had these unrealistic expectations for myself to be at a certain
stage in my life by now. Being able to see that I can venture into
many domains to find out what is right for me instead of just
choosing one is important. I am afraid financially how Im going to
expand to another job/graduate school but I feel much better after
seeing this video! Im 25 and am thinking of going to graduate
school to become a childrens librarian. People kept telling me that
it would be boring, not as impactful as being a teacher and more
negative aspects. I feel that might be my calling but honestly I am
afraid of financially affording it, losing insurance from not having
a full time job and more would this be the right thing to go for
myself? I feel much better after seeing this video but the fear of
the unknown is still there.

Laura M. | lucabello.com <http://www.lucabello.com/>
Love, love, love this video & topic you shared today! While I dont
particularly struggle with what it is I feel Im meant to do, I have
struggled with the confidence of pushing forward with it! I can
relate to all the major points Chris pointed out, but especially the
one about allowing yourself to experiment and try different
experiences. Ive done that in my own professional life, and what I
found is that I always come back to that burning desire of my dream
to be an entrepreneur and what I feel in my core I am meant to do.
With that being said, I have finally summoned the courage to put
that dream into the world. Like Marie, I also just launched my new
website this week! Btw, just want to say that your new site rocks
and Im loving the look. To Marie and the whole team thank you for
doing what you do. Ive been a fan for years and look forward to
every Tuesday for your informative and inspirational videos. I also
completed the B-School course 2 years ago, and although it took me
some time to launch, Ive stopped beating myself up about it and
know that action (at any time) is better than living with the
question of what if? You discussed this in your latest MF insider
email on the creative process and I truly felt you were speaking to
me personally:)
Again, thank you for being such a wonderful coach & inspiring force!
Look forward to continuing the journey with you & all the valuable
content you share with us.
Great advice. I wonder what Chris would say to a Neophile (craver of
novelty) about getting bored even with the things I enjoy(ed)? The
one endeavor Im getting paid the most for, is starting to bore me
the most, but Im good at it/it comes easy. The other endeavors
are a bit of the reverse they would be considered hobbies. Though,
wouldnt mind getting paid more for doing them. :)
Hello! This video really spoke to me. Ive always wanted to be a
lawyer since I was a kid and recently graduated from law school and
passes the Bar. However, Ive been having a hard time finding a job
in the area I targeted most of my experience to, thinking that if I
got tons of experience in a particular area of law it would be easy.
This video made me realize that I can explore other practice options
because if its not working and if Im not happy its time to move on.

MazGreat video for relationships too!
MazApply this advice to relationships too! Thank you!!!
Im currently enrolled in MFs B-School. This topic and question has
been a real struggle for me. I know what my strengths are (thanks
for confirming, B-School!) and I think I know how I can contribute
to the world. However!!! I tried to go down that path and I wasnt
successful. I stopped trying (it was after the 2008 collapse) and I
just havent been able to find my way back onto the horse. I feel
scared. I let it become my story (the failure). I dont have the
financial resources to make it come alive again so I would need a
What do you do when you know where you should be but cant figure
out how to get there?
Marjorie <http://maventcoaching.com/>
Totally hear you, Shannon! Those stories we tell ourselves are
so powerful My story is that Im really good at my craft
(coaching) but not good at business (which is why Im in
B-School as well). But, sometimes I think my story keeps me from
doing what is necessary to move forward. I can hide behind being
bad at business. It almost becomes an excuse for not putting
myself out there. :-/

Hi Marjorie,
Glad to hear you are in B School too. I think it is helping
but it also brings a lot of things to the surface. All good
in that we have to deal with them! I really hear you when
you talk about your story. It can be a great place to hid,
thats for sure.
Best of luck. xo
Hi Shannon,
You just spelled out my situation practically verbatim,
including timing and the sense of returning to something
unfinished (not yet failure, but six years is a long time to be
sitting in the same place); allowing that to define my story
and not having the financial resources to revisit options. Sigh.
Looks like were in the right place Hang in there!
Kate Savory <http://www.asavoryword.com/>
Great job, Chris! And thanks, Marie, for hosting him! Us Boomers
were indoctrinated with the dont be a quitter mantra, so its
refreshing to know that that mindset is on its way out. And, at my
age, I appreciate this info as much as the new-to-careers and
career-changers! Finding meaningful work that brings in Chris Big 3
is a life long activity and creates that happiness of pursuit!
Daniela <http://www.daniela-cabrerizo.com/>
It made me question some ideas and experiences, so that alone was a
great exercise. Pausing and thinking about some of my projects to
check if thats working for me
Jacquie McArdle <http://www.jqlovesu.com/>
I love that last uuummm Marie it almost feels like there should be
an accent over the u.

Your work or a career of your choice is very important. You have to
be very selfish in making a choice of your work because your
survival and happiness depend upon it. Most people have failed in
this department . I have notice that the parasites dont love their work
You asked some very intelligent questions. I enjoyed the video
Flavia Bernardes <http://www.flaviabernardesart.com/>
This is so inspiring I know Im doing what Im meant to be doing,
but I still got lots of nuggets of goodness out of this interview.
And I agree: sometimes we do have to tweak a few things here and
there, and thats ok. Its ok to let go of what is not working
anymore. Thanks for sharing this with us.
BTW, I love your new website design! So clean and polished. It looks
so beautiful! :-)
Have a wonderful week!
I always had that voice in my head telling Focus Focus is
encouraging to hear that this should not be so, I can do several
things and look what I like and what I like and is profitable
silvia stella <http://instagram.com/silvia_stella_branchesi>
Love the new website. Thanks for this video. I really need this now.
Im 33 and Im starting to understand now a lot about me. So I know
Im a good photographer, I would love to be an artist. I dont know
maybe I should do a master to improve my skills. Thanks for this
video. Love you Marie. Im sure Im gonna buy this book. xxx
Jodie Davies <http://www.lilactree.com.au/>

Oh this was just what I needed as I sit in the abyss between what I
know Im good at and want to contribute and what I love, and want to
explore.. Im reminded I can do them both! In fact it sounds like in
order for me to find out what will bring me joy and is workable, Its
imperative I try them both!
Great video. Thank you. The biggest take away for me is that I need
to give myself permission to stop working at a job that is no longer
serving me. Thank you Marie & Chris
Estelle <http://www.theinspiredrebel.com/>
I really loved this!
I want to THANK YOU BOTH for stressing out that its okay to quit.
So many people make us feel like failures when we leave something
unfinished even though it didnt feel right for us anymore.
I took an acting class that I loved but after starting my second
year in the same school, something was off. Plus, I had finally
joined a group of writers to help develop this skill and it felt
like home. I decided to leave and I have no regrets. Its not that
the school wasnt good, its that I found a home.
Thank you!
FANTASTIC episode!!! Thank you so much! My greatest insight was what
he said about medeocracy I am good enough to make money at lots of
things that however DO NOT bring me joy.  His example about
accounting was such an eye-opener I need to quit things even if I
am good at them so can find the thing that I EXCELL at and the feeds
my heart and soul! Anyone else have that resonate with them? Whos
with me?
Naomi Arnold <http://www.naomiarnold.com/>

Such a good point wasnt it Katherine! It made me think of the

phrase: Just because you can, doesnt mean you should. Heres to
JOY and heart and soul 
Flavia Abma <http://www.farmgypsy.com.au/>
Like you Marie I have many passions and Ive started many projects
and businesses to find out which ones the One. Yesterday I sent a
prayer to the universe and asked to show me the steps I need to take
to find out what it is that I should be doing. The next day I had
your email in my inbox magic! I stopped the video twice to write
things down, the first time when Chris talked about Joy, Money &
Flow and the second time when you said or he said, cant remember
Eliminate ideas that dont bring you joy when you think of them.
That was some great advice. And I think I can eliminate most of them
straight away. At least for now. If Im meant to be doing it, itll
come back to me. I guess the letting go is a big one for me, freeing
myself from the burden that some of these ideas and projects have
become. Thanks for your wisdom Marie and Chris. x
Barbara <http://www.barbarajhart.com/>
Great video! The biggest take away for me is Joy Money and Flow.
Love this concept. I also appreciate hearing that it is okay to
rearrange the puzzle pieces. Recently I retired to pursue my passion
of doing art. The sales are slow in coming. I feel that Ive found
my joy and my flow but the money is not happening (yet). So, its OK
to let go (of the idealized vision) of making a living from art and
to find a source of income until I have all my ducks in a row. And I
have Joy Money and Flow!! Thank you.
I like the advice not to beat ourselves up.
And theres a lot here that seems a bit unrealistic. I dont think
Chris has ever been a single mom! 
Back to B-School lessons
Janice <http://spirit%20stone%20design.com/>

Wow. You made me realize that part of my struggle is I used to love

what I do and now Im feeling stuck and cant quit. Anyone who has
worked with me and knows me would tell you Im great at my job. Ive
loved it for many, many years but the boss I loved working with
retired and I wanted to try and make my hobby, my work. The
paralegal offers started coming in. Feeling pressured to make more
money I went on an interview thinking Ill shoot for the sky. I was
shocked and felt like I couldnt say no after they gave me
everything I asked for and then some.
I know people would say Im crazy to quit but Im in a larger firm
and not as happy. I do have good days but I just said to my husband
the other day my heart just isnt in it. Watching this just
confirmed for me its time to be done. I dont think a smaller firm
is even the answer. Its time for me to move on and I know it. But
its also scary. Thanks for all the support. I plan to watch the
other episodes you listed here!
Louise Wilson <http://www.louise-wilson.com/>
I really enjoyed this weeks episodes and reading everyone elses
journey and take-aways. I love the idea about it being ok to try
lots of things it gives me and a lot of other folks tremendous
validation and resulting clarity. Love it!! Also loved being
reminded that it is ok to quit something its all about the
journey and what we learn on the way super important and so
fantastic to be reminded its all ok loved it all love how you
inspire .. and I LOVE your new website its light and bright
just like your awesome self and your team. THANK YOU!!!
Marie and Chris,. thanks for coming together again of another great
episode. I loved this so much because it has allowed me the frame of
mind and space to let go of some of my team members.,something that
wasnt working and not bringing any joy anymore. Really battled with
this one for awhile. Thank You for the reminder.
P.S. The website is on FAYAHHH!!
The part about trying out different things has resonated with me.
Over the last 20 years Ive worked in different areas (English
teacher & trainer, translator, technical writer, care worker, and

youth worker) and completed three degrees. In most cases, jobs have
worked okay, Ive been happy enough, and it supports my family, so
Ive kept going with different projects which have mostly resulted
in mediocre satisfactory performances. This video and your free
audio training have been helpful in stimulating my thoughts on how I
could feel a greater sense of flow and enjoyment in my working life.
Although I dont know it yet, its encouraging to believe that I
could contribute something useful/something more to society and
experience the feeling of been born to do it. Thanking you and your
team. With best wishes, Adrian
Jen Olsen
Left just ok and am now in expansive mode. Only joy, money and
flow from now on. Thank you both!
Naomi Arnold <http://www.naomiarnold.com/>
YAY! Go you Jen, how exciting!!!!   
Shen <http://none/>
This video is the one That what Im looking for.. I Like it! Thanks
Marie and ChrisIm on the same situation and because of this video I
hope It will help me to find the right career for me. Thanks
Another great Q&A tuesday Marie, love you!
Alison <http://qualiantmedia.com/>
Great interview! And super interesting timing, Marie You dropped
this video in my Inbox this morning and I just received an
invitation to Chriss OC Book tour, in Irvine, CA this week! Looking

forward to attending the event with others that are asking the same
questions as me.
Thanks for sharing the good stuff!
Naomi Arnold <http://www.naomiarnold.com/>
Oh wow, that is fab timing! Hope you enjoy the event Alison!
Naomi Arnold <http://www.naomiarnold.com/>
LOVE the new website so much, especially the emphasis on
philanthropy, giving back and making a difference these are my
passion areas!
Fantastic episode here too looks like I have another book to add
to my epic reading list!
Thank you all!
I have always thought of myself as scattered becasue I like all
the things and frequently have amazing ideas that I end up
abandoning in pursuit of something else. I alwasy felt ashamed of
that, but now I feel proud becasue all those paths and ideas and
decisions have lead me to here. And here is only getting better.
Tara <http://tarabethevents.com/>
Just the video I needed to watch to start my day! As an entrepreneur
we go through so many changes and challenges. My business is
currently going in a new direction but Im unsure what to do with
the clients that dont make me happy and have me questioning is this
working. I would only be keeping them on for financial security.
What I took from the video is its okay to move on. To ask yourself,
1. is it working? 2. am I happy?
I live in Australia so Q&A Tuesdays is my Wednesday morning treat :)

Lucy <http://bellyfullbeautiful.wordpress.com/>
I love this! As a college student, I feel like it is forced on you
to know RIGHT NOW what you are going to do after you graduate. As if
people expect you to have your entire career mapped out now.
Todays video really reinforced for me the importance of being open
to any possibility, to have the courage to both follow a unique path
as well as say no to something that is not making me happy and
bringing me joy. It is difficult for me to trust that everything
will work out once I graduate, even if I still dont yet know
exactly what I want to be doing.
Me again I LOVE the new website!!! One of the best websites Ive
seen in a while. Fun and personal, all while having a great business
This episode is such a nice validation for me Ive tried lots of
things, Ive felt like everyone else knows what path theyre on but
Im still faffing about trying to figure it out, AND Ive tried
things and then quit them and Ive always felt guilty, bad and
like a quitter for not sticking with things. I have also thought
if I did a course or a job and then by learning about that
particular career path I have realised Whoa! That is SO NOT what I
want to do with my life and so pulled out of it and moved onto
something else surely that is a good thing, rather than working
for years in that field and being miserable Im a super fast
learner and I think I do understand pretty quickly what I DONT
want. There are no things that Ive quit that I regret! So thank you
for making me feel like that path is totally valid.
New site looks great :-)
Eva Gustafsson <http://www.evasefcova.ca/>
Thank you for sharing this topic.
It is very good to hear that it is ok to change our direction. I
also like to add to much into my business but it is good to stay

clear with what I really like to do, or change my way of direction

to something I truly love.
Thank you!
Sherri-Lyn Shaw <http://sherrilynshaw.ca/>
I loved the how to know when to quit part! I get this question a
lot and it is never a cut and dry answer. Those 2 questions can
provide such a perfect framework to figure things out. Thank you for
I believe that the universe aligns to give you what you need and I
really needed this advice! I thought I wanted to become a doctor.
Ever since I was in high school that was my goal and then I kept
kind of working towards this goal but even when I tried applying
this past year I felt like my hear wasnt in it and like I was
dragging my feet. I think I was afraid to admit to myself and to my
dad, who has done to much to help, that it just didnt feel right.
Ive decided instead to apply to be a physician assistant and Im
still a little torn because I feel like Ive let go of something I
thought I wanted for so long and I have to say its really scary,
but Im finding that applying to PA school is flowing so easily,
like you said in the video. Its scary changing your mind after so
many years and going for something else but Im trying to think that
maybe this was what I was supposed to be doing. I look forward to
reading the book and gaining more tools and skills as I go forward.
Love the suggestion that you dont have to concentrate on just ONE
idea and that its safe to let go of what is not working. Very
inspiring! Thank you xo
Danae <http://www.eliteschedulingservices.com/>
This video was so awesome! I am getting this book! I own a
successful Virtual Assistant company and although I love what I do I
still feel like I can be doing more. My goal is to help people I

love helping
jobs to hard
and I always
very anxious

my clients grow their businesses and I love providing

working and creative individuals. My brain never stops
have a million ideas of more things I can be doing. Im
to read this book!

Whoa, what an amazing site design.
This was such a great episode for me to watch. It I was great to
hear that it is ok to quit something that just isnt working. I have
a business venture that in the words of todays episode has become a
hobby. This venture does support itselfbut it does not support me
(financially). Although I have been very happy doing it, I have
started to see the pint of time it is taking away from spending time
doing things with my family and friends. One of the reasons I have
not quit is that I thought it would give the appearance that I had
failed. Yes, I said the appearance that I failed. As I write this
I find that I am actually spending my valuable time on
somethingjust to prove a point to other people that I did not
failsilly, huh? And all this time, I am sure the other people
arent even paying attention and couldnt care less if I quit.
So, I quit! I will fulfill my immediate commitments, all while
giving notice not only to those I partner with, but to me also. Wow!
How liberating!
Now I will have more time for family, friends, and me!
And I will have more time for my other business that I spring
boarded into off of a 25 year corporate careerand that I LOVE to do
Thank you, thank you for sharing this very important episode of
Marie TV!
Helena Denley <http://www.wpwebsitecoach.com/>
What resonated the most for me when Chris talked about studying
accounting and that if he had been ok at it, he might have continued.
So what happens if youre ok at something, youve built up your
skill set over time, but inside you still feel like youre only ok
at it, even if you know youre way ahead of where others are with

this skill set (and so you could easily do this for others) do you
keep going (when you alternate days where you like it and days where
you want to throw the towel in)? or do you let it go?
Thank you Chris and Marie.
Still learning about when to give up on something and let it go.
Thanks for the reminder about not having to pick one specific area
and that it takes time for things to happen.
Great, informative video!
William <http://www.actstraining.com/>
Thanks for another great video. I am not familiar with Chris books
but I love his perspective and insights.
Two take aways for me. 1. Winners know when its okay to
lose/stop/quit ( no more beating our heads against the wall)
2. Always be in search of opportunities that bring, joy, money and flow.
Really good stuff, thank you!
Danielle Clayton <http://www.saltgypsy.com/>
Banging new site Team Forleo, congratulations!
Love this topic! I give hopeI was 61 (15 years ago!) when I finally
nailed the combinationpassion, purpose and fulfilment. How thrilled
am I to report that is my best year yet.and I said that last year too!!
Daphne Newman
As per usual, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your messages and who you bring on

as your guests; they all seem to resonate with how my journey is

evolving! Since I started watching Marie TV 3 years ago and being a
2014 grad of B-School, I personally have come full circle with my
passion. It originated in my late teems/early 20s and ended 14 years
later and it has taken another 20 years of many more experiments and
life experiences to land here again at age 52. Those experiences had
their success stories but in the end I know they were not The ONE.
It used to be difficult to start and stop my ideas because you just
cant help but feel like a failure or appear like you dont know
what you are doing you feel like a scattered bozo and these ideas do
cost lots of time, energy and money. But you do eventually realize
that it is ok and that permission button becomes visible and you
just cant give a rats .. I am very fortunate to have attracted
some very wonderful people with good energy who support my
ambitions, my obvious relentless crazy spirit and drive to not give
up till I land this sucker once and for all :)
Jennifer Campbell
Loved this! !!! Thank you.
Lisa Cox <http://www.lisacox.co/>
Successful people give up.
I think the quote went something like that :) AWESOME!
Sophie Le Brozec
This video just backed up everything Ive been learning at B-School
for the last couple of weeks, Marie. I started it with some
confusion over where I wanted to challenge my energy (out of my
various passions/ideas), and now youve given me such clarity, that
I know exactly where Im going. Thank you so much both for B-School
and for this great video, which confirms everything I now know :-)
Holly Knoll <http://www.hollyk.co/>
Love this video! I am going to Chris book launch in Irvine on

Friday and cannot wait to read the book. As a current B-schooler,

this helped me get clearer on my business (and if its working and
if Im happy). Thank you!!
Barbara <http://www.developingwisdom.wordpress.com/>
I really identified with todays video! I was 35 when I started to
pursue the life I was meant to have. I was so miserable because I
thought I should know at my age. I started trying things. I was a
driving instructor, I got my Masters in Industrial Design. Low
self-esteem kept me from sending my resume out. I had a decorator
work with my living room and in the process we made my coat closet
larger and changed the orientation of the closet doors. I designed
the interior of my closet and my first business was born: The Closet
Works. In the process of promoting my business, I taught a class at
the local community college, called One of These Days Ill Get
Organized. I discovered I loved being in the classroom with adults
more than crawling around in peoples closets.
From there, I had enough self-esteem to send out a resume and was
hired by a major University in the adult enrollment department. All
my colleagues had a Masters in Counseling. I was hired because I
started a business and had gone back to school as an adult. Around
that time, I realized what my lifes purpose was which is to help
people reach their full potential. When I looked back, I saw that
all of my jobs were aligned with helping others reach their full
potential, whether I was liberating women who were dependent on
others to drive them places, teaching them to use their space in
more practical ways or expand their organizing skills, in other
words, helping them reach their full potential.
I wont go into the details of rest of my journey but in the 40
years since I started this journey, Ive done personal and
professional development work with college professors, homeless
adults, staff, managers and leaders of a regional medical center,
classroom teachers and most recently with older adults as a public
health educator for a local health department. When I was 56 I got
my doctorate in Adult Education.
As you and Chris discussed, I expanded my options and then limited
my options. I am a Life Coach and will be retiring at the end of May
and am a bschooler, and ready to be an entrepreneur again. At this
point I express my purpose this way, I help people discover and
liberate the parts of themselves that are longing to emerge.
It really has been a magnificent journey! (And, its not over).
What I got from this episode is this that finding your passion /
what youre designed to do is a process! We can be doing a lot of
things right now, but once we decide that we need to do what were
called to do, we now shift our focus and determine that career that

just comes out naturally from us.

JAde Varley <http://www.suitedtobusiness.com/>
Loved this video Marie.
My favourite bit was the two questions to ask yourself when making a
(i) is it working?
(ii) Do i still enjoy this?
Thanks very much :)
Kristen Cruz <https://www.linkedin.com/in/kristencruz>
Marie- you continue to be an inspiration in my life and I
whole-heartedly appreciate the work that you do! I am proud to be
multi-passionate just like you. :)
Chris- Alway and forever a fan (and of course a proud WDSer).
Congrats on the new book! I will be picking up a copy soon. Thank
you for addressing the Joy*Money*Flow aspect. It is key in life and
Im working to get all three aligned with your guidance.
Thank you both! Stay beautiful!
Thank you so much for your videos! I love them they ground me and
help me. You are an inspiration. The biggest takeaway from this
video was that quitting is actually a major skill to learn. That
concept makes me feel more free to make choices based on what is
best for me, and not what society believes is best for me.
Important Question: What do you do when you love your job, but the
environment is overly hostile, sarcastic, and negative? I am an
outgoing, kind, and positive person, but this negative work
environment is starting to weigh me down. What are my options? How
can I continue to be positive without feeling tired and drained?
Should I persevere and hope for the best? Or set my boundaries and
move on? Please help!

Lots of love,
Ivee B.
Hey Haylee! Just wanted to share with you that I share a similar
sentiment. I just quit my job because I simply could not work in
an environment that you described negative. At first I thought
it was just me who was sensitive and negative, but then it
really started to take a toll on my mental health and my work,
to the point where I was just dragging myself every morning to
go to work. The employee turnover in that company was an average
of 2-3 months, so it said a lot about the culture too. I felt
drained and unhappy. As for your situation, is the job something
you wont be able to find in another company or work setting?
Ive learned that as long as you have the skill set and
disposition, youll find that job in many other places, not
just in one company or industry. So is it really worth staying
in that draining environment? As Chris said in the video: 1. Is
it working, and 2. Are you happy? :) Good luck and I hope you
find the answers!
Ivee B.
Amazing! This came at such a perfect time. Ive been watching your
videos for a long time, Marie, but this is the first time Im
participating in the discussion. As always, your interview is packed
with valuable insights, not only because of your kick-ass guests,
but also because of your great interviewing skills.
The biggest insight for me is Quitting is a valuable skill. Im
27, and Ive been in various industries (non-profit, food industry,
education, heck even a year in graduate school, and now, a tech
startup) and still searching. One thing Im passionate about is
music, but Ive come to terms with the fact that its really a hobby
and a craft that not necessarily needs to be a career. I just quit
my last job at a tech startup because 1- It wasnt working, and 2- I
wasnt happy. As an HSP (highly sensitive person), being in a toxic
environment with an ego-centric boss was just not in line with my
values. I was also given a job title that I didnt apply for
project management assistant- and I suck at it. Its just liberating
to be able to free myself from something thats not serving me
anymore, and giving myself permission to continue with the search.

Thanks guys!!
My fave quote is Is it still working and Are you still happy
questions a lot of people may not stop to ask themselves Great
questions to chew on!
Kerry <http://www.brandyoubrandnew.com.au/>
Give your self permission to quit ! Such a great piece of advice .
How often do we waste our valuable energy trying to make things work
. Thank you .
Maria do Carmo Righini
insight: we need to take the time we need to figure out what is it
that we want to do. Forcing to focus too early may not be a good
idea. I think it is a question of giving ourselves permission to try
and also trusting ourselves. Thank you!
Heather <http://www.letsmakeupourminds.com/>
Your episodes are always super timely, so thank you Marie and
Chris!! Asking the 2 questions, then tweaking or quitting is a super
duper helpful tip. Im also LOVING the joy-money-flow concept and
now I definitely will be expanding my options. I too have always
felt a bit scattered with all my interests and passions, but now I
am excited to throw my gifts out there and see which ones bring that
joy-money-flow to life! LaChaim!
Its been my experience that you may know something youre great at
and have a strong desire to do, but the methods youre using to be
successful arent working. In which case, keep the dream but let go
of the how you think youll achieve it. For me, that is acting
have loved performing since I was a kid; Im a talented performer
and that joy has always persisted. Now in my early 30s I still
aspire to be a stage and film actor, but experience no current joy
from the pursuit. In fact, after going through some rough
circumstances that allowed me to step back and assess my life as of

this point, I came to the conclusion that I have been going about
achieving this in a narrow way the typical move to the big city,
work a meaningless day-job approach. Ive been doing this since
finishing grad school about 5 years ago, and its hindered my life
in various ways. And Im not even in L.A. or NYC yet the thought
of moving life there for more meaningless bread and butter work felt
so horrible to me. So I let it go and removed the hows to being
successful in the ways I desire from factoring into my perspective.
In its place, Ive been able to focus on happiness now and where I
find that that in love, new prosperity forthcoming, new paths that
utilize much of what I love and am good at (beyond just performing).
As new opportunities are showing up, new people coming into my life,
I feel even more sure that I will find my treasured success. It
first takes belief in yourself talents and desires, then an
openness to how. Marie and Chris are correct letting go brings
about a freedom. I didnt realize how I was trapping myself for so
long by so narrowly pursuing what I was/am meant to do. At this
point, the right work will come, the money will come but the joy is
already present because I know they are coming.
diana <http://www.dianapop.com/>
I really loved the part about how to narrow your focus, when
starting out with a number of interests/passions/talents. Ive been
soul searching around that topic for a while now. Thank you for
giving me answers :)
Talha <http://www.tacithost.com/>
It is pretty cool content !
Jennie Robertson
Great video my only criticism is Maries use of the term
schizophrenic. As a clinical psychologist (and human being!), I
feel very strongly about people incorrectly using mental health
terminology, especially when it can further stigmatise people living
with mental health problems.

I like the advice that even if your mediocre at something, its ok to

give up!
Tula Coomes <http://www.tulacoomes.com/>
OMG l loved this video and Chris concepts of Joy, Money and Flow
and also thinking like an entrepreneur every time. Finding your
purpose is a subject which should be thought in school to be honest.
The reasons being that there is a lot of cost in the entire
Universe through people not living their path as they are born to do
so. A lot of psychological , financial and many other problems occur
due to a lot of obstacles that people encounter. I love your concept
Chris not only it will encourage people to persue their paths with
much better understanding. I know how this feels because l have been
there before. l spent years running away from that most crucial
statement that my grandmother once shared with me You are not in
this world by accident. You need to find what your life purpose is.
And when you find this, your true happiness begins and goes all the
way down to freedom of your soul. Only then can you start to control
your own destiny.
I wish l listened and connect more with myself long time ago though
pretending as if that little voice which tells you to listen to your
gut is not happening it has a cost tag attached to it.
Thank you so much Marie you rock as always. Hmm beautiful heart ,
beautiful gifts, beautiful spirit and beautiful makeover of the site
Annette <http://www.yogaannette.com/>
Amazing! Thank you Chris and Marie! For a long time I have been
expanding and learning many paths of spirituality and teaching
yoga, health and wellness to clients and trying many different
things and then one day I found my path, however it was a quiet
calling in my heart and I was not yet ready to let these other
things go and to fully embrace this inner voice.which is to become
a Book Author!! You have explained clearly what it is I have been
feeling and I feel now its time to let go and fully embrace writing
these books that keep flowing from my mind! Thank you with all the
love from my heart! Annette xo
I totally love this episode cos I can relate so much with the
struggle of finding that one thing to concentrate on. I also just
set aside one of my business (I wasnt happy) to pursue something

that I love and hopefully eventually find a way to make it into a

business. Thank you for validating that somehow I made the right
decision and now I can just concentrate on all the action steps that
I need to do in order to live the life that I want.
Stephanie Webb <http://www.livefreevirtual.com/>
I feel like I watched this video at the exact right time.
Ive been trying something I thought was right but Im not getting
anywhere and its not making me happy but Ive been afraid to drop
it because I worry that giving up is failing and what that would
mean for me.
There is a different path thats been calling my name for a while
now and so I feel I need to be true to this. Its not so wildly
different from what Im doing now it just involves some rejigging
but I feel like its time to be honest with myself.
Thank you for this video, its encouragement like this that stops me
from torturing myself! x
Joy Manoleros
Torturing myself! Thats the phrase I wad looking for!
Congrats on your revelation and blessings for your new adventure!
Sheryl Bishop
I was thrilled to hear that if its not working financially, we can
keep it as a hobby and move on to something else. This is now what I
want to do with my work, which I havent been able to make
financially successful, so now to look at trying something
different. It feels like a relief, yet scary, but also feels like I
will be more in the flow. Thank you, that is a big one for me.
Richard de Groot
Hi Marie, this discussion only showed me more about the decisions I
made in life and that they were the right ones. I know where I need

to go now as I have found the next direction to take. I am so

grateful for your insight today.
Olive <http://olivewalters.nerium.com/>
Great episode. My favourite nugget was that winners quit all the
time. Its true that we are constantly reminded not to give up but
sometimes what we are doing is producing just ok results and no
longer gives us that satisfaction that it once did. It is ok to take
what youve learnt and move on to new projects.
Thanks Marie and Chris!
P.S. Love the new site too
What a load of fantastic insights . . . I cannot thank you enough to
have posted this interview. WOW, WOW, WOW!!! I love the concept:
joy, money, flow, what an eye opener. I am so glad to learn every
day I have been in the right path, I just need to stop
procrastinating and listen to my own choice -not the one that are
always crowding my senses!
Many blessings to you Bella!
Eventually yours
Indiana Williams, Independent Beauty Consultant
Mary Kay, Inc.
This was really useful to me today because Ive been offered a job
and am not sure how to go about it. I want a new job and this is the
first one Ive been offered but I dont feel happy! As Chris said:
Eliminate ideas that dont bring you joy when you think about
them. No, I dont feel joy so I think its better for me to start
searching uuntil I feel it!
Thanks Chris & Marie!

LOOOOOOVE this sexy site!!!!! Yay!!!!!

So the part where Chris discusses how to let go of something, or
rather when to, those are great guidelines for making that change.
Ive excelled at tasks in mediocre teams, and so been looking for
different teams. Now I am going it alone and hoping to tick both the
happy and fulfilled boxes.
Joy Manoleros
Eliminate ideas that dont bring you joy when you think of them.
This smacked me in the head! Everything about this video was like a
glass of cool water in the desert.
Im 52, still trying to get out of my own way, and yall have given
me permission to quit! Ive tried the blog, running an Etsy shop,
keeping up with my Facebook biz page..all because thats what
youre supposed to do to get yourself out there and get clients
who buy your stuff. But I spin my wheels and have NO time to make
art. Ive been living frustrated for several years, and Im no
further ahead than I was in 2007 when I began.
Because of our financial situation I work a day job I love (thank
God), and lately Ive had the revelation that I need to create for
joy in my free time and stop trying to force the creative life I
want to happen.
This was confirmation for me to just BE. because making art based
on what others will buy/like kills creativity.
Antony Liberopoulos
Thank you Marie for this interview! I will buy Mr Guillebeaus book,
because I feel that I will get more insight on what I might be doing
really well! Thank you for your great personality and great work!
KarenTrina <http://www.karentrina.com/>
Quitting is a valuable skill. So much truth!
Rachel Smets <http://www.rachelsmets.com/>
Hi Everyone,

As many of you, I turned 40 recently.

However, I KNOW what I want to do, but I need a salary too, so stick
to a job that I do not like, but it gives me salary.
Meanwhile, Im writing a book on Confidence and wanting to grow a
business to coach people feeling stuck.
I also train groups on doing business with multi-cultures.
The issue is that I m absolutely not earning enough to live from,
but the stress of the job is creeping up on me :)
Thank you Marie & Chris & everyone here for writing so much.
Nicholas James Antaki <http://www.linkedin.com/in/NJAntaki>
As I watched this awesome video, I blurt out a big, resounding YES!
This spoke so well to how we often have to challenge much of what we
are taught in conventional school , work, and even in the advice and
personal development spheres. Marie, Thank You! I love all your
content, delivered with joyful enthusiasm. I am one of the many
multi-passionate entrepreneurs/people out there, and WOW is it
refreshing and reassuring that I am both a) certainly not alone
(actually among some pretty brilliant company) and b) very well and
likely am on the verge of something tremendous. May the blessings
you bring to the world be multiplied back to you many, many times.
Marie @ The Business of Blooming
My biggest take away? Learning that its OK to quit when its not
working and giving me joy. Knowing that I can give myself permission
to stop and move on is so helpful. Thanks, Marie, as always for
rockin my world :)
Marie @ The Business of Blooming
P.S. I LOVE your new website. So chic !

Wow, this was a great episode and very timely for me. Recently I
have been feeling like my career of 20 years (which has been AMAZING
and taken me all around the world), is not for me anymore. Theres a
part of me that says Im crazy to make a change now, but the other
part of me has accepted that it is ok to explore other ideas, to
find what feels good. And it feels so good to admit I am ready for a
shift, and to give myself permission to try other things. Thank you
so much for validating that! Its scary, but I going to to follow my
fear. You guys are the best!!!
Fantastic interview. I have always subscribed to the philosophy that
with grit and hard work you can push through anything. As I continue
to grow and expand personally and professionally I have realized
that grit and hard work can only get you so far you need joy and
flow to move to the next level.
Robin Massey <http://skipthebox.com/>
Really love the notes about broadening focus and then narrowing, and
that winners quit all of the time. I have freedom to experiment!
Thanks, Chris and Marie!
Mary <http://marybosak.com/>
Thank you for this video Marie & Chris! Quitting is a valuable skill
one that Ive misunderstood and underestimated. Just hearing those
words and explanation about perseverance being good for some goals,
but not all already makes me feel lighter and more motivated to keep
true to my heart. It also has helped me feel better about the
decision making Im doing to keep moving forward this week. Right
now Im in between leaving a job a was super passionate about (the
job changed so much I needed to leave for my own good) and
finding/creating a new work for myself. My journey has been a mix of
new experiences, learning, and growth and wonderful moments I didnt
even know were possible and times of feeling lost and doubtful and
beating myself up for quitting. I know in my heart that leaving my
job of 15 years and working on recreating myself was the absolute

right thing for me to do. There have been so many magical things
that have worked out since Ive taken this leap, yet my internal
critic can still be hard to silence and it creeps up on me, getting
me down, often saying You quit at something you loved. What makes
you think you can do anything else successfully? This steals my
energy to move forward. I am not going to let myself feel bad
anymore for quitting. I am a really hard worker, so quitting is one
of the most uncomfortable things Ive ever done. Thank you for
allowing me to see it in a better way. It was a necessary step I
needed to take. I was great at my old job, but Im becoming even
better for myself and others with what I am becoming. Thank you
again for your video today and all you do. Youve put some wind back
in my sails today!
Much gratitude & love,
Thanks for the video. I was so excited when I saw you were
interviewing Chris Guillebeau. I love The $100 Startup, it sent me
on this journey of entrepreneurship. I most enjoyed the comments
about following a few things in the beginning and limiting them
later on. I have struggled to try and narrow down my niche that I
was getting discouraged . Thanks for the encouragement that its
okay and that its all apart of the journey. Ive retied my shoes
and am back on the road.
Pamela Schmidt
Great episode and LOVE the new site! Marie it resonated with me
when you said what you wanted to do as a child. I always wanted to
teach, but as I grew up, being a teacher (as in a school teacher)
didnt resonate with me at all. I have had many careers and found my
passion in my 40s and guess what? Im teaching! I teach (coach)
people about health, wellness and achieving abundance in their
lives. I get goosebumps when someone tells me I have helped them and
it brings me absolute joy.
Whitney <http://whitneylang.com/>
Only minutes before I watched this episode I was having a serious
talk with my brother about his future. Career goals and such.
Sending this to him now. Excellent message! Adding his books to my
to-read list. :)

Amanda Cizek <http://www.consistetnfitness.com/>
The timing of this is great because I am 3/4 of the way through his
The Happiness of Pursuit audiobook, so it was fun to hear his
voice as opposed to his words through the voice of an actor.
I loved this because I am one of those individuals who reinvented
herself several times over, beginning with working for a television
/ theatre director, to being a corporate administrative assistant,
personal trainer, office manager of an architectural firm, MELT
instructor, massage therapist and MELT Master Trainer.
I truly believed my calling was to be a famous actress. When I was
young, I wanted to be known as one of the very most talented. I
wanted and Emmy, Tony, Oscar AND a Grammy!
Now I look back on that girl and thank the LORD that none of that
came to be.
I would say the time I spent in my 20s working in Hollywood and
Broadway paved the way for the creative work I long to do now.
Sitting (and rotting) at a desk taught me discipline and practical
skills. Being a bodyworker and MELT instructor has opened my soul
and belief that anyone can be what they want to be if they set their
mind to it.
Now I am in B-School, learning and creating. It is invigorating and
infuriating as I have idea babies growing inside of me and I want to
birth them all now, in my typical impatient way.
But there is no rush this is a continual process and the journey IS
the destination.
Thank you, Chris, for your book, experience, observations and teachings.
Thank you, Marie, for being the exact mentor I need right now at
this moment.
p.s. my website is in the process of moving from its currently home
to a Square Space site. I need new photos and WAY better content. No
judging if you choose to click on the link! 
Panto Thenic
Marie, site problem! Went to the main page showing you and Chris G.
Underneath, I clicked on the link that says Watch Now. Nothing
happened, no video popped up, nada, nyet, nein, zip point doo doo.
I use the Firefox browser, if that matters. Ive heard Firefox

doesnt always handles things well. Ill catch it on YouTube. Keep

up the good work.
Daniela Clapp <http://danielaclapp.com/>
This was so awesome and I felt a big sense of relieve, because I am
from Germany where they make you focus on THE CAREER by the time you
are only 16 years old. I also had my kids watch this, because Marie
TV and some things in B School are part of my homeschooling
curriculum.Thank You Marie for ALL you do!
The thing that resonated the most with me from this episode was that
giving up is OK. I have changed many jobs and have been offered
several opportunities to move up and make more money in life,
which I am grateful for. But the dangerous thing is the mentality
that I have to stick with it, no matter if I feel its for me or
not. I have the habit of getting into a depressing rut in my jobs
that, when I finally leave them, I wonder what took me so long. Its
a strange sense of responsibility to something that does not afford
me the joy in this equation. Much food for thought. Thanks so much
for this powerful episode!
marilyn haverly <http://marilynhaverly.com/>
Ive explored your new and improved website and absolutely love it!
Matches both your elegance and your slight bit of craziness! Thank
you for this interview. I was in one of the cities Chris visited on
his last book tour and enjoyed hearing him speak. Hes one of those
people who make me feel theres really good stuff in this world.
Of course, you are another one of those people, Marie. Thank you so
much for caring enough to create these videos. They are a joy!
Loved this episode! I cannot tell you how much I need help in this
area of my life! The biggest thing Im taking away from this today
is really following what I find joy in I recently was contacted by
a recruiter for a job I wasnt excited about but would pay me more

money, and now I see that I need to let this one pass me by. If
there is no joy in it for me, its not right for me, and I need to
listen to that inner part of me more often in order to find what is.
There is no point in replacing one soul-sucking job for another.
Its time to get off this merry-go-round.
In the second half of my life I too feel anxious about figuring it
out. But I have become very good lately at trying out things I think
Id like to do and letting them go when they dont feel right. And I
will take your advice to push something into the hobby category if
Im not quite sure yet. And pick up the book! Thanks
This couldnt be more fitting today! Im 29 and still feeling so
lost about my career, and am at a huge crossroads not knowing which
path to take. However Ive had the courage to try different things
previously which has lead me to this point today, which in turn have
added to my life story. As I read today Keep angling until you find
your angle! Its frustrating but how else can you grow, trust the
path youre on.
Thanks so much for the video!
Elizabeth <http://www.oaxacacasadelquetzal.com/>
I love all of your interviews and videos Marie, thank you for this
one. I did read Chris first book and loved it. But today throughout
the video I kept saying to myself yes yes! always remind myself to
think like an entrepeneur! and keep going! I had a career before my
daughter was born, it was greatI liked it a lot, but I knew it
wasnt my path forever. I took a big risk when I was still single
and moved to Mexico, and really discovered while living there what I
was meant to do. I met my husband, our daughter was born, and I lost
my job. That was 5 years ago. Since then, my husband and I have
worked so hard on our vision, but just cant seem to make it happen.
We are so passionate about it, but are side tracked by having to
work jobs we dont love in order to just skim by and pay the bills.
So my question is.what would your advice be, in this same talk, to
people who know the paths they want to follow but are stuck in the
financial rut?

So awesome and helpful thank you
Brooke <http://seekingnewnormal.wordpress.com/>
This is amazing. And I love the new interpretation of the Wayne
Gretsky quote!
I am a college instructor. I very much get into the flow of my work.
It is, for sure, what I was born to do. I see students often who
seem lost in life heck, I see all sorts of people my age
(40-something) who struggle with this, too.
Shared on facebook and will share with former and current students!
All sorts of great advice and Im *always* telling people to try a
lot of different things! (Took me a while to settle, too.) Thanks,
Richard Carter <http://www.richardlcarter.com/>
Thank you guys. I am glad you took the twenty minutes that its ok
to different because it didnt used to be. God gave me an insatiable
curiosity and too many talents with limited discipline. I now know
there are others like me and one thing is Ive been blessed at
helping others ( a lot and little as needed).
When I was young I wanted to be in movies and dance on stage and
started with tap dancing and ballroom dancing at 8 but money dried
up. I did get help on the side too! My mother was a concierge of
sorts at Hotel Syracuse. From 5 yo I met Johnathan Winters, Phil
Silvers, Bob Hope a number of times! Ann Margaret with him from a
show ? SU ? Last time I spoke with him was maybe 1966. Sherri and
Lamb Chop, and too may to remember. Did that start my desire? I play
gospel, classic and all sorts of other music and if I like it I
dance, hum if I dont know the words. Now at 60+, if I had a chance
to go and act with fair singing and dancing Id run and not walk!
Summer plays or whatever!
My point for all this I was told cant or to be quiet or as you say
focus! We all can for awhile and some of us have to jump into a
different pool and then come back yes? I stopped my brothers
creativity at about 6 yo. I never forgave myself for that and a few
I now listen, coach, nudge ALWAYS ENCOURAGE! My grandson Evan
likes to sing and dance. I even made arrangements for his to take
dancing hes in all the school plays. As time goes by he gets
messages of focus. I dont believe its good. Yes school work is
good but so are so many more things.
Well, Im like Jeff Goins ( The Art of Work ) or hes like me in
regards to over explain. Maybe he and I should go get some therapy

together and share the expense! =)

Now hes too busy and has a job like he was getting away from, but
like you Marie Chris I think he wouldnt do anything else now!
Sending blessings to you both and always prayers! Rick!
Rachael <http://www.optimiseot.net.au/>
Love the idea of expanding and then eliminating. Im just starting a
business at 49 (a bit later, like so many others commenting here)
after a whole career in health working for employers. With several
business direction ideas its tricky knowing what is going to work
best. I dont want to limit options that might turn out to be just
right for my business. So Ill try the things that look promising
now and be free to let them go if they dont bring joy, money and
flow. Very encouraging.
As always, I am grateful for your empowering videos and emails and
life-cation (life education). As many of the folks have already
commented I am so in need of this video. I am 44, always was and
am creative and very capable and well, you described me and my
interests when you described yourself Marie.
When I was 6 or 7, in school we were asked why we wanted to do when
we grow up. I said be the president of the US. That day my parents
were called into school because the principle thought I needed to be
in Special Ed because of my delirious ambitions. I was gutted and
have since then had a burning need to prove them wrong. I wasted
time doing things that really didnt serve my potential or interest.
Nor did I ever really go for what I wanted because I couldnt pick
and that deer-in-headlights effect remained so strong that I never
finished 3 universities because I couldnt pick an acceptable
major/career. (Chris I took and failed accounting and most
business classes so many times because I couldnt stay awake in the
class it was so not me but I kept forcing it.)
I feel ready to start thriving and hope that the book and more
interviews from MarieTV help me find creative career possibilities.
I find that stress is no longer my driver and I cannot do the simple
24 hour per day workload anymore :) Not to mention, I became a mama
in my 40s so my capacity for stress and overtime are not what they
used to be.
Do you have any tips to help me find what skills I really possess? I
really love and now use your tips on feeling if I love something
my body caves in or opens up and expands when I talk about it.
Finally, I just want to say that when I am feeling frumpy and tired
and blue, I instantly get a boost when I look at your great hairdos!

ahahahahaha I know its superficial (my apologies) though it reminds

me that it sometimes takes a team to produce some results. Thank you
for being a strong woman and an inspiration to me and many others.
Much love!!!!!!!
Two things I took away:
1. Never give up on life or love
2. Youre always free to let go of whatever is just okay in life
or love
Michelle O Brien
Hi Marie
My sister sent me the link to this episode and I would love to share
with my young adult daughters who are right at the being of what
should I do with my life, I see that they will gain so much from
this conversation and allow themselves to shine, but before I share
with them can you please clarify for me the definition of
entrepreneurial thinking? I have half an idea but I see you are very
articulate and would truly appreciate clarity for my daughters and
kindest regards
Michelle OBrien
Lina T
Hello Marie,
This is my second video after I signed up for email notification and
I truly enjoy your energy. Todays interview I took away a few
tidbits! Today has reaffirmed my path of self awareness, why I am on
this path and how my mindset with empower me from the inside out.
think like an entrepreneur, crack the system, joy, money, flow
Being in the present moment to ask yourself why and being open to
whatever the thought or action that comes to you!
Thank you for sharing and pushing forward.
Lina T

SO great ! Thank YOU !

So interesting these two questions:
Am I still happy with it?
Is it working?
Many things made me happy, but didnt work out so far .. .. .. haha,
lets see what the future holds in hands !
Much Love & kisses,
David R. Otey
Ken Robinson wrote a book, The Element, in which he gives the idea
that ones gift/talent is that thing you would/could do for hours
without looking at the clock and without thinking of a meal until
you are very hungry, because it is so joyful and connecting to your
spirit/inner self. A most difficult challenge for me to overcome has
been our cultural belief that one must slow down dreaming or stop
altogether because it is impractical when thinking of the time it
might take. I find I must convince myself of the truth that I am as
capable and able to build a dream as anyone twenty to thirty years
younger than me. It is skills, determination, talent, connections to
tools and like minded people that make it all work, not age.
Marie and team, thank you SO much for creating this episode! This
was the precise topic I wished Marie can enlighten for me in the
Insider dispatch feedback I took part in. Im in a new chapter of my
life, and while it is exciting and brimming with possibilities I can
pursue, I had a hard time figuring out where to put my energy and
focus on. My biggest takeaway from this episode was eliminate ideas
that dont bring me joy when I think of them! That is my decision
GPS right there. Also, the great reminder to take my time and figure
it out this is time Ive afforded myself and I can forget it when
I put the pressure on myself to figure it out asap. I feel refreshed
and good to go again. Thank you for all the work you do!
This is really interesting. The reality is that the companies always

look for candidates who have years of experience in a focused. If

you ask recruiters, at least 9 out of 10 will tell you they prefer
someone who focuses on one thing to someone who has a broad range of
professions. it is understandable but how can a person really try
new things when it is difficult to get in without experience in the
field? Start fresh from intern?

Let us know what you have to say:

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