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Crossing a jungle to a sea of

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Published by FastPencil Publishing

First Edition
Copyright 2016
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Printed in the United States of America

Table of Contents
There is a forest behind the central libray .............. 5
As i was approching the monkey town..................19

1 There is a forest behind the central libray

There is a forest behind the Central Library after the
Dark Blue Lake, Its so dark i never dared to explore
it, I've always looked with fear to the darkness of
the forest when i came down from the library late at
night. In few moonlit nights i crossed the river but
never entered the forest.
Its The library open 24 hours. Students do not
come to the library as its so old and fearful and mysterious that people avoid coming here.
The Dark Blue Lake is easily cross-able as water is
not deep. I crossed the lake and entered the forest
with my girlfriend in a moonlit night.
As we entered the forest there was no one other
than two of us and the water splashing sound. Big
Big Trees, The moonlight was coming down from the
Heavenly sky, Few Unknown Big Big not harmful but
Dark Mysterious animals were walking over the
After few minuets the animals were lost in nothingness, and the sound of blue lake was increasing
fabulously in a mysterious way. As the gentle breeze
and moonlight was touching our soul, we felt it so
deep that we put off our cloths and had our first sex
in our University journey.

As the night was grave and there was no moon in

the sky, the dark black cloud was covering the moon,
yet glowing light was peeping through the black
cloud, Few birds were flapping their wings in the forest. The forest is three thousands square miles. At
the end of the forest the sea of blue water starts. The
Dark Blue lake's water is moving through the forest
towards the enormous sea where the moonlit mermaid lives.
People of BUET heard of these mermaids but never
dared to explore them as the forest is elephantine. In
the midnight when the moon pours its glowing light
on us, i start roaming around the lake. That night my
girl friend was not with me.
I traveled through the BUET campus then face to
the west, walked along the lake, then after thousands step i crossed the Dark Blue lake.
The story of my journey through the forest upto
the Sea of moonlit mermaid starts here.
I specifically can not tell you why i crossed the lake
that night, may be its because the darkness was calling me to confront it. Nothing was in my mind just
i was walking like a lunatic into the forest. There
were fireflies, putting on and off their light in vivid
green, thousands of them were dancing around me,
the crunching sound of my boot made them go away
from me, still they were glowing like stars. I kept
walking into the forest, watching the fireflies with

such an amazement that i felt it like i was flying

around the stars in other galaxies. I felt as if i am
in a star land where millions of stars were floating
around me glowing their beautiful light. They kept
me flying into the forest with amazement.
The shadow of trees were all around like an unknown gray spirit lying on earth, i was just traversing
them one by one. The clouds were covering and uncovering the moon in a random way, thus the forest
was lit and unlit with moonlight consecutively.
As i was looking up i couldn't see the top of the
trees as they were so tall like skyscrapers. I was just
a tiny little lunatic animal walking like a mad man
with amazement and was experiencing such an extraordinary night view of the forest with complete
awe of my senses.
I can't tell you how long i was awed by the moon
and fireflies but i am pretty sure i walked far into the
forest may be three miles in slow pace. The radiant
moon had traveled from northern east to southern
west. The clouds were swept away by strong wind and
the stars started to twinkle.
My leg started to ache a little and i felt tired and
dizzy. I did not know whether there were any animal
that will attack me. I was scared thinking about the
deadly animal might attack me and eat me as their
tasty food. Even though i was so tired i started climb-

ing a tree which was easy to climb, lit my torch of my

phone and lied down in a trunk of that tree and fell
I woke up 7 am in the morning the next day and
have started writing this book sitting in the trunk of
that friendly tree of mine where there would be no
harm as what i assumed.
It was 9 am in the morning, and there was no plan
of going back to BUET as it was term final vacation.
My CGPA was really poor and Mechanical engineering seemed interesting but taught in way which
made this subject more fearful than this deadly forest. Thus i took a vow in the morning not going back
to BUET where people live a life which is stressful
and selfish and teachers act in a way like they were
directly sent from outer space, some super talented
beasts who are not going to pass you the correct information easily and make your life hell just to enjoy
the ugliness of human feeling.
Rather i wanted to explore this mysterious dark
forest and wanted write about this unknown world to
become world famous, lol. My girlfriend loved me as
we had really good sex life, She usually did whatever
i wanted, sucking my beautiful dick everyday morning beside the lake before going to classes, But as
my CGPA is decreasing, she might have some other thought. May be this forest is an escape from my

hard reality, or may be i will be the first person to

reach the sea of mermaids which no one ever explored, as this forest is so dark and deadly, and people are busy fulfilling there earthly concerns and not
brave enough to cross this elephantine jungle full of
death. People are fool.
Its 9:30 am and i am really hungry, i need to find
foods and need to survive and find a safe place before
sunset and i do not want to die. The sun is glowing
like fire, the wind is strong, there is some clouds in
the west side of the sky, it may start raining when
the cloud will be above my head. Time to find breakfast.
I got down from the trunk of my home tree looking
for food, the cloud was coming towards above my sky
from west side, it may start raining anytime. My plan
wast to find fruits as breakfast. I was not going to
eat anything which is completely unknown or weird
looking, The trees were not so dense, they are too tall
to reach my gaze to the top of it. The sun rays were
falling on my skin making me worm. I stated moving
to the west.
After around thousand steps i was just stunned,
there were thousands of apple trees. Thats called
lucky! The red apples were hanging down from the

tree twigs. I climbed up a tree and started eating apples sitting there, So fresh and juicy sweet apple you
would never eat in your lifetime, i am certain about
It was only 10 pm, and i ate 5 apples, i was hungry
as i walked a lot the other night. The wind grew
stronger, May be it will take time to start raining.
I came back to my sanctuary tree, it already started
feeling like home. I bought three more apples with
me for lunch.
I had a mysterious bag with me from where i can
get the most needed thing for the time being. Nobody knew about it not even my girlfriend. Secret is
good, you do not need to tell everything to everyone.
The problem of the bag was it could not produce
any non biological things. I found the bag behind the
gym just beside the Shere Bangla hall. The color of
the bag was black. I thought someone might lost it
so i took it with me, gave it to the hall care taker although i felt like not telling to anyone. But few days
later when i was going back to my room after lunch
the care taker called me and told me he found no
owner, since that day i own the bag.


I never knew that bag was mysterious until one

day when a monkey came to my dorms veranda and
pulled out a sword from that bag. I was completely
befuddled, bewildered watching from my room that
a monkey was pulling out a sword from the my dark
black bag. I shouted tho the monkey and it left my
dorm veranda with the sword, later few police in Polashi captured that monkey and put him in the jail of
Purana Dhaka. It may sound funny but it was a serious issue and the monkey lost its freedom to roam
around the city unluckily.
Anyway, after watching that incident when nobody was in my room, i was deliberately searching
things in the bag, it was empty but i found a switch
in the bottom side of the bag. I pressed that switch
and felt in my mind that someone was telling me
to think about anything. I was befuddled and bewildered again. I thought about a laptop. but inner voice
told me that you can only have things that are at
least five hundred years old.
So i asked for a diamond. And with my complete
amazement few diamonds came out from the bag.
But i can not use the diamond to go into the land of
mermaids where i want to go. I kept that diamond
in the most secret place below my bed. The beneath


of my bed was usually filled with cigarettes buts, one

rolling bag. spider webs and dusts.
And the bag was with me on that sanctuary tree i
was sitting that day, my survivor of the jungle.
By midday the wind was gone, the sky was dark
black, so dark, like dark knight rises cover photo
background, and crystal rain was coming down towards me from the sky. The light was gone, It was
raining, raining like silver, in that mystique forest.
I was feeling cold so i put out a five hundred years
old sweater from my bag, it was a hoody. It was covering my full body and moved down to the ground.
Then i pulled out few ropes and made a bed with
them, tying them with the twig, the strong thunder
was making elephantine noises and the sky was
making war like sound, bursting into mystique
anger, and throwing crystal silver rain to the ground.
The rain lasted for probably two hours. I was calm
and quite. My physical strength was iron like and i
was never sick in my life. May be i was genetically
immune to diseases, Thats how the rain could do
nothing to make me sick. I was enormously physically strong and beyond all kind of sickness.


I was wondering about the animals that i saw when

i first came to that forest with my girlfriend just a
week before i took decision to cross this gigantic,
tremendous, mammoth forest. Where were the occult animals, they were mystically lost and they were
moving above the trees. We were so deep in lust that
time that we could hardly gave attention to them, I
was thinking about the night that was coming again,
last night i was so awed by beauty of the night and
open mouthed by the sensational cheery fireflies
that i forgot about those animals.
Withing the next hour the water of the rain was
gone and the ground was parched by the brilliant
and dazzling sun, I love the fire sun. All the sogginess was gone and the forest was dazzling with
sunlight, the vivid green of the lively charming skyscraper trees was astounding me. And i stated moving forward.
I found the apple garden again, ate more apples
and took another fifty apples in my bag, nine apples
a day was the food for next five days. The trees of the
jungle in this area was taller. The color of the leaves
were purple. As i was approaching deeper the forest grew more purple and bluish, may be science of
these trees are different from the usual trees. The relentless chirping of crickets were growing ponder-


ous as the sun started to getting down to the earth,

The sunlight was dimmed, i kept on moving crossing
trees after trees along the purple forest.
Just before the evening i reached a fountain, finally i found water as i really do not need water and
my bag can produce water but it was full of apples
thus this fountain seemed like more of help for now.
There were stones sporadically scattered around the
fountain. I chose a large flat stone, lied. The sound
of the fountain was making the forest singing, still
i found no animals but as it was getting darker i put
out a big five hundred years old sword, for the safety.
I started playing with the sword randomly swinging, just to do some practice. There must have some
sort of animal in the forest, where are they? It was
getting dark, the evening was coming slowly. The
sound of water splashing was dancing in my brain. I
started feeling cool with my sword.
In a forest when you are alone, you have nothing to
do, just to wait for animals to come, or when hungry
find food.
When its night may be few stars twinkling can give
you some company.


The fountain of water was shining brightly in the

darkness. I made a bed far above the ground using
ropes from by bag tying them with trees. Its was a
nice comfortable bed. I was silently watching the water falling high above the lower ground - falling from
a small hill.
I do not know when i fell asleep that night but
i woke up with noise of a women voice singing. It
was a beautiful angel standing beside me without any
clothes, calling me to wake up.
She started kissing me! It felt really good. After
having sex with that angel, she was gone. I was tired
and slept again.
The morning was shining brightly with a smiling
sun in the sky. It was a special morning. The morning
after having sex with an angle should be special, isn't
I was eating apples as breakfast. Then was roaming around the fountain, i climbed up the hill slowly,
ahead of me a green valley appeared. The sky of the
green valley was clear blue. There was no trees in
that valley, May be it was two kilometers long. I
crossed the valley. And again i was entering another
jungle. And there were different kind of animals.


So i ran back to the valley. I put out the apples

from the bag and pulled out a bigger Samurai from
my savior bag. Then i pull out a thousand years old
binocular which the sea travelers used to use. I started observing through the lens of my old binocular. I
was exploring the animals. They were big monkeys!
The size of the monkeys were approximately two
times taller than the normal monkeys. They were
wandering around the forest with shoulders on each
others hand. Its not usual phenomenon. First of all,
some how they became taller, second of all they
seemed smarter than usual monkeys. That forest
was looking alike a park. I put the old binocular in the
bag and it vanished. I was thinking should i go inside
the forest?
I hold my Samurai in hand and was slowly started
to move towards them. They didn't observe me yet.



2 As i was approching the monkey town

As i was approaching the monkey town with Samurai
in one hand and an old binocular in other hand, they
were staring at me. The forest was grey. The big
monkeys were roaming in the park like people. The
trees were bigger, tall, thick and the trunks were fatter than ever. There were wooden homes above the
tree trunks, monkeys lived there.
I was a tiny little person, few monkeys were approaching me with curiosity, they were twice the size
of me. Some monkeys were sitting on home above
the trees gazing at my approach . This was different
sight, I've never seen it before.
They were trying to communicate with me in their
language - " Hoko hoko". I was swinging my samurai. They stooped approaching me.
They had deep blue eyes, long tails and the body
was reddish yellow. Their eyes were full of curiosity,
-- ''what the hell this person doing here?'' -- type
looks in their eyes. I did not like those monkeys at
all. Even though they seemed friendly. I was just
moving forward. I need food its almost noon.


I was using sign language of eating. They were unable to understand anything, just was speaking -"hoko hoko". There were some banana trees on the
left corner of the Grey monkey town forest.
I pulled out a large bag from my magical bag and
kept lots of bananas in that bag, for future eating.
The forest is full of natural foods. In buet hall i never
ate that much fruits. This monkey town is quite an
interest place. Lots of monkeys were hanging on the
tree twigs, playing, teasing each other. They seemed
enjoying their day in their community.
In the middle of the monkey town there was a
frozen white water lake, Few monkeys were taking
bathes in that lake, some of them were sitting beside
the lake, taking sun bathes. I felt like i was in the
heart of the nature, with more intelligent than usual
The lake was surrounded by thin semi long trees.
Few monkey were singing. From evolutionary point
of view, this monkeys seemed close to humans, they
have their reach culture and more friendly.
Just behind the lake, there was an elephantine
wooden house, more like Chinese temple. My guess
was, may be it was the house of the monkey king!


I was not sure about it yet, my goal is to move to

the land of mermaids crossing this dangerous and
unpredictable forest, not to get involved in any monkey business. The day was sunny, sunshine was
peeping through the leaves and twigs of trees. They
were dazzling my eyes. sometimes i feel the sunshine in my brain -- like hazy smoke coming down
from our mysterious sky. This forest was a roaming
place to be alone -- to avoid my past. I sat beside the
white water lake, and was thinking about my university life. I was dreamer, my dream was always to
reach above the sky. May be to explore the universe
-- or may be go to another planet, to explore our
this mysterious world, I was ruminating about those
Sitting in that lonely noon beside the white water
lake surrounded by nature, water, gentle breeze i was
thinking those things. The Chinese temple on the
other side of the lake was smoky. The white cold vapor was spreading from the lake. That smoke of cold
vapor was surrounding the enormous temple. Some
eerie sound was coming from the temple . All the
sounds from this friendly yet half-witted monkeys
were eerie.


I wanted to wait before entering that temple, That

temple in nature reminded the the temple in Jogonnat hal in DU. My plan was to explore that thing
the next day, because i wanted to wait before taking
any risk. Meanwhile in my mind that angel was coming most the time. This mysterious forest, anything
can happen, so far i realized. So i felt so sleepy due to
walking a lot. I have infinite supply of ropes from my
magical bag. I pulled out lots of rope and made another bed and was sleeping between two trees.
Sleeping in the forest is fun. There were birds
chirping, sunlight showed up and hid. The nap in the
noon was lot of fun.
I woke up at mid night, at a moonlit night, the entire forest was glittering with mild softness of the
moon. This moon will always stay -- upto the the
end of the universe, I was thinking, "If there is any
end. I want to be immortal, i want to enjoy every
other night that are going to come. What if i find a
fountain of immortality in this forest, that angel that
night came to me, is she immortal? Is she roaming in
the forest for eternity, was waiting for me to come?
May be she waited a thousand years."
Finding a fountain of immortality was too much to
seek for yet that monkeys and temple were already


foreign things for me, so i would not be too much

surprised. My mind was always full of obscurity and
unreasonable dreams, otherwise how could a mechanical engineering student roaming in that forest.
May it was due to lack of love or nonacceptance from
the society to support my dreams, Or may be my
girlfriend was too much into life after death, which
made her afraid and violent along with her parents.
In that moonlit night i was thinking, Kindness
should be the first priority, this monkeys even
seemed kind.
If the monkeys can be so kind, how can those people in BUET specially teachers were mentally so violent. May be it was due to their too much interest
in life after death, without thinking about the future
generation. So selfish. I would rather stay in that
forest may that angel will come again.
It started to rain at mid-night, all the monkeys
were inside of their wooden homes. There was silence other than night bugs, and rain-drops. I was
embracing the rain into my soul, i was smelling the
water falling from the dark knight sky where all the
stars were hidden behind the black cloud making the
sky an unreasonable sources of water fall. My bed
was soaked up with water, i didn't not care about it


much because i was espousing the nature whatever

she had to offer.
Sometimes there were thunderstorm. The whole
forest was shining suddenly with dazzling light and
just after that it was complete dark again. There were
wind along with the thunderstorm, I felt so helpless
yet so close to the nature. The raindrops were washing away all my city life and the ugliness of the people, the beasts in shape of human face, and sharper
than snakes who seek to get the chance to bite.
Suddenly it stopped raining and the strong wind
took away the clouds, the stars started to flickering.
The wind was drying my clothes and bed -- I felt
And again the another morning came, It was 10:30
my phone was working well, it was water proof. And
there were lots of monkeys all over the place. They
were getting out from the
temple, it was their ritual -- I felt so holy. I was
not doing any religious activity for a long time, So i
entered the temple.
Inside of the temple, there was pyramid like
shapes placed in the front side of the room. Other
than this it was completely empty, the ceiling was
enormously high. It was a silent place. The ancient


structure reminded me the old civilization of ours.

The complete peace. I lied on the floor praying to the
monkey god for peace of mind. After a while, white
light came out the pyramid and entered in my heart.
The holiness of the monkey God made me happy,
jolly. I was just laughing loudly. It was the ultimate
source of happiness that i experienced in that temple.
I got out of the place, Those animals were partying
beside the white water lake, One of them were
singing and playing wood block. The happiness all
around the place, i put out my phone and was listening to paradise Coldplay and was dancing with those
animals. I felt warm with them, I felt so close, some
of them were staring at me with their blue eyes as if
i am their long lost friend. I found friend in nature,
my animal friends in the kingdom of heaven.
I lost the track of the days, i could not remember
the date nor the name of the day, lots of days had
passed before i was in that party. The wood block
player monkey seemed so popular, female big monkeys were staring with complete attraction to him,
The musician in all species are the most popular may
be, other than authors. "Is their any author monkey
is that place?" -- they can sing, may be they can
draw or even can write. I was missing their language


but the beat of the music was high. May be it was

their day off celebration, or may be a weekend.
Their were few couple monkeys kissing each other,
no one was even bothering about it. Back in Buet few
teachers would have given poor grades to those lover
In my utter surprise their were few gay monkeys
and lesbian monkeys were kissing. In that party i really felt ashamed about the culture of ours that i grew
up with. They were such dicks. The society of mine
was full of complete dicks, always behind other people, Because deep in side in my society people were
full of hatred about gay and lesbian -- LGBT people,
even they were jealous about couples. Those monkeys were really smarter.
The party ended before the noon, they were going
back to their own places, some of them were touching my long hair and beard that grew in those uncountable days of wandering. The touch of monkeys
felt comforting as i was not touched by anybody for
a while. Sometimes hug and touch is really necessary
from loved one. Touch of love is precious. They were
tall animals, i was just a teeny bit above their waste
in height. I was feeling small and it made me feel


I went back to the other side of the lake to My tree

home, to my bag, to my phone and other smalls little things that i own. This sanctuary tree was my safe
home, my place of sleeping and dreaming, watching
the sun rays at noon and stars at night, listening to
the birds, wind and some times even rain. It was my
small little heaven where i was so content. May be
nothing could break my piece of mind in that place.
I was thinking about my solitary days at childhood
at home in vacation. i used to be alone at day time,
When my parents got out of the home i used to lie in
the floor surrounded by my novels and science fictions and book related to space, and galaxies. Those
days were passed dreaming about the future, may be
to be a physicist or an astronaut. I had come a long
way chasing those dreams, but suddenly every thing
seemed falling apart. The shattering of long awaiting dream seemed really hard to overcome. Yet i was
making dreams about going to the sea. The sea of
freedom, to walk along the beach, the wind, to find
an easy going love, may be that will last unto my last
Then whats the point of all the days that i have
passed -- I was thinking.


After thinking upto evening i found no point other

than collecting foods, eating sleeping and all that. I
had hatred inside of me to kill some people, I wanted to kill one of the teachers but later i forgave him,
forgiving is better than violence.
I wanted to kill him because he constantly bully
his students, break their heart and confidence, He
was like a predator with big teeth, jaw like teeth, and
from his philosophy, there is no point of living other
than thinking about life after death. Then what the
fuck Science, Art for, and all the scientists who had
to die to those bully jaw like teeth, shark , predator like religious teachers. How come we let our kids
tho those teachers to be broken and destroyed, the
complete feeling of helplessness that those students
had to face -- I was thinking in that jungle all those
Anyway, it was not really important how that society was because i did not belong to that society anymore, it was the evening and the night was buzzing
with wonderful monkeys, there were green light in
there homes, the light was not really any normal
light, the forest was glowing with greenish dazzle,
it was full of mystery. The reflection of there lights
were in white water lake, making it more alive, i was
awed, i did not really observed it last night. When the


night was more grave and the angel came in green

dress, she was glowing with her beauty that was beyond explainable, she was laughing at me, as if she
was playing with me, I was really attracted to her,
I was really thinking about her probable loneliness,
was she alone or she belonged to another angelic
society where there are lots of other angels and
demons, I did not know and i did not need to know,
Because it seemed more like a dream, Not matched
with my reality that i created, or the illusion i used to
create myself to create art or to be alone in the jungle, to roam, and to explore the unknown world, i did
not mean that i will not be able to explore with her,
she was way too angelic, but as she came i kissed her
with love, she left me again, may be she will keep
coming she will let me explore my world as well.
And as a matter of fact, she was calling me to go
her place, she had a mirror in which she showed me
her world, her place was inside of a castle, in the
top most corner of that castle, there were her room
where she lives alone, the king of that world do not
reach up-to that hidden corner, and it was her place,
no king queen, or anybody interrupted her freedom
in that place, without the freedom you never know
what is going to come, that angel may have achieved
that freedom.


Her room was decorated with ancient books, candles, the light of that room was mixture of soft violate with green shades, through her window you can
see the mountain of snow, more like mountain Fuji of japan. You must be befuddled with her existence
in that world inside of that mirror.
As the sun was rising in the eastern corner of the
sky, the angel was gone, she gave me her love, do we
really need anything more than love in life. I loved
the morning so much, i loved the sun waking up
slowly, it was like a beautiful animation happening
in the sky slowly,I understood that i was a loner, i
did not like people and the society, i found them very
competitive, I did not have time to compete, i did
not like to compete for fame, I just wanted peace
in learning, The enormous stress of engineering was
like preparing you for battle, not showing the beauty
of technology, or did i get it wrong, who knows, but
the way i felt it, i am just expressing.
Sleeping in my rope bed, enjoying the warmth of
the sun i was thinking, there will be time when i will
no longer exist, but i made my to leave the story of
my jungle, to show my mind, and how i really felt
about the nature and people, and the education system, the ugliness and the love the way i felt. I made
my mind to express my inner world to connect with


people, may be they will understand me and accept

me as i am.
By before noon when the sun was almost above
my head, i was walking around the opposite side of
the white water lake, which was full of thin but so
tall trees, the space between trees was ample, The
sunlight was on my skin all the time. After walking
may be a half mile across tall trees, i found a place
where lots of reindeer were grazing in a green field,
There were no monkeys around those place, i was not
eating meat for a long time. My tongue was getting
wet watching those reindeer, I wanted to eat them.
Killing other animals to eat is a good thing, then
what about killing other man to gain something? I do
not know if that is bad or good, We just do what we
have to do, where killing is the last thing to survive.
So i put out my samurai and was observing closely
to the reindeer, i started waiting and waiting. My
plan was not to get closer to the huddle, just i was
looking for a loner reindeer to kill. Time was passing
waiting and waiting, the inner thought was telling
me that, i was a loner, so few people was always tried
to kill me, as i was overly intelligent, so they were
not fit enough.


After waiting a protracted period of time, I was

lucky enough to get that loner reindeer, the foolish
walking alone to the jungle around me, the loner may
reach to the place nobody ever reached or may die,
the unlucky reindeer was coming to me slowly to
death, With just one slash of the sword, i killed it.
The blood was all over the place.
My boot was covered with blood, blood spot was all
over my dress, i was feeling like count Dracula. The
deer was lying beside, peacefully dead, without realizing anything, she was gone. I started feeling sad
for him, why do i needed to kill that sweet looking
animal, why all the animals need to depend on each
other to eat, the ecosystem is so cruel, may be the
god who designed this system is so cruel, Or do i really need to know the mystery of god? But God does
not solve our problems, may be that unknown god
just initiated the Big Bang and went to visit another unknown world which is beyond our perception! A
chimpanzee cant understand quantum mechanics its
beyond that chimps understanding.
I do not know, i just seek help to god when i am
afraid, it gives me peace in mind, science and belief
are separate things, we should not attack someones
belief and destroy that persons peace of mind, unless
they are violent.


I was sitting beside the dead deer, and was thinking about my little brother, how i would really feel
if someone killed my brother and ate his flesh, my
little sweet brother, was growing young back in Jamalpur, I just wish to leave a better place for him,
and i would expect from him to work for the betterment of the society when he would be old enough,
and capable enough, I wish, he would complete his
education without worrying about money earning,
after 30 people usually become responsible.
I was feeling the kindness in my mind -- the peace
in kindness, was praying to the god for the peace of
the departed deer's soul, and then i started to eat his
fresh meat!
It was the first time i was eating raw meat, i was
hungry and it was an experience of a lifetime, sour,
salty, fresh blood covering the meat. When you are
hungry in a jungle you can eat anything, if you are
with your friend, you may eat him too, in the toughest time of surviving. What about a lover, can i eat
my lover in the toughest case of surviving? Males
need to fight and die to save the woman to save the
child, remember Titanic? I always misunderstood
why Jack had to die? Its simple -- to save the child.


To save our child for what purpose? An unknown

purpose may be, the progress of the species, to save
the humanity from extinction. People always misunderstood the scientist that they worked for humanity. The case is -- scientists get fun in exploration.
Its never the hard-work, and in return they serve the
humanity, learning is always fun when learning becomes someones habit.
I ate quarter of the deer alone, in that skyscraper
forest. I was drinking water from my magical bag,
washed my samurai and was taking shower holding
my magical bag above my head, i started feeling juvenile. Lots of other reindeer was walking around far
from me in the field -- my food for a lifetime -such a nice view. Smoky sun was covering the jungle, Wind was blowing, i was thinking, " There will
be time when we will no longer need to eat animals,
there will be tasty vitamin, protean pills as foods,
in fact a programmer in silicon valley already living
only consuming pills". He loves not to eat animal,
but trees have life too, so that does not stop us from
killing life. Killing for surviving is not a crime.
That was a lot of hard-work i had to do, i started
feeling sleepy, so i put out the ropes from my magical
bag and bed in the new sky crapper forest far above
the ground, to save me from snake bite and other


animals. Then i just slept -- was probably snoring

I woke up at the evening, the loneliness started
killing me all of a sudden. There was no way out of
that jungle, I couldn't go back to BUET, only way was
to think about ways of moving forward to the sea.
Sometimes at the dusk when the sun went down the
sadness came and sticked to my mind, until supper
time arrived. I was feeling like vomiting as i ate raw
meat, and started doing it after a while, -- the relief of stomach. What if i got sick there alone, probably i would simply die peacefully like that dead deer,
and probably the magical angel would resurrect me
again, it was just a piece of hope of another new life,
in the time of darkness hope was like the light house.
After all that fight in that jungle the only thing in
my mind was the sea of mermaids. Where beautiful
mermaids would be walking around me, and embrace
me in their underwater sea city and would give me
the immortality.
Time was passing by, lots of fireflies were flying
around me with their green light, putting on and off,
for eternity, I was silently watching their beauty, the
stars started flickering, the half moon was smiling at
me, glowing softly, emitting the hazy white light all
over the jungle. Few wolfs were howling in the oth-


er part of the jungle, as the moon showed up. Yet

my sadness was not leaving me, i started missing the
angel, I was started thinking about living for eternity with her, which would be only possible if we would
go together to the sea city where we wold get fountain of immortality under the ocean, in the the sea of