A Report: International Literacy Day
Date- 08.09.2016
“The world has changed since 1966 – but our determination to provide
every woman and man with the skills, capacities and opportunities to
become everything they wish, in dignity and respect, remains as firm as
ever. Literacy is a foundation to build a more sustainable future for all.”
UNESCO Director-General

The above mentioned lines by the Director of UNESCO states that we have
come a long way from where we startedfrom but we have to still measure a
longer way. And to celebrate this success of many, Delhi Public School, Patna
commemorated the event by conducting many activities related to the
International Literacy Day.
All the activities were done by the
students with zeal, fervor and
enthusiasm. The day started with the
Headmistress, Mrs. Namrata Prasad,
regarding the importance of Literacy
Day which was further elaborated by
Mrs.JyotiKumari, an English Teacher.
AdityaKhandelia, Karan Verma and
Arnav Deep all from Std. V recited selfcomposed poems on literacy. Their
poems were exemplary piece of art
and were selected out of many entries.
The day marked its presence as
children excitedly made and wore
Literacy Day Badges. All the activities
were based on the book, “The
Preparatory teachers presented a
wonderful skit on the story which was
thoroughly enjoyed by the tiny tots.
Later, they also did a worksheet
“Joining dots” where the children
joined the dots and coloured the
picture of the elephant bird.

Class I also did a worksheet where the little ones coloured the picture of the
elephant bird using the latest technique which they learnt in the Art First
Class i.e. dots. Class II
did section wise individual activities. First three
sections made bookmarks. Next three sections drew the picture of their
favourite character from the book. And the last three sections made book
jackets based on the book.
Class III also did section wise activities but they were group activities. First
three sections made a collage where they pasted pictures of extinct birds
and animals. Next three sections listed the name and pasted pictures of
different birds which don’t fly. And last three sections made posters based on
the book.
Class IV children wrote mesmerizing stories on their own which had a bird as
one of the characters and displayed it on the activity board. The students of
Class V wrote fascinating book reviews on their favourite books.

We, at Delhi
Patna proudly celebrated this day and took an oath that the teachers and the

children, together would try our best to make people literate in all the
possible way. We very well know that this is not just a day but whole
revolution in itself as literacy is a light which removes darkness from many
lives. And we know the importance of light as it is the only way which makes
someone’s future bright.

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