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Peyton has an IQ score of 60.

Although her development was typically slower

than that of her peers, she is now able to hold a job and will soon start a family of
her own. Peyton is most probably:
mildly retarded
In approximately _____ of the cases of mental retardation there is an identifiable
biological cause; the most common of these is _____.
one-third; fetal alcohol syndrome
Which of the following alternatives offers the most accurate assessment of the
origin of familial retardation in nature on the one hand, or nurture on the other?
We do not know the extent to which familial retardation reflects nature and
Intellectual disability in which no apparent biological defect exists but there is a
history of it in the kin is known as _____ retardation.
The inclusive philosophy behind the educational mainstreaming of mentally
retarded individuals reflects federal laws passed in the:
Regarding the integration of mentally retarded students into regular classrooms,
which of the following statements is true?
In full inclusion programs, mentally retarded students are integrated into
regular classroom activities to a greater extent than in the case of
Which of the following is true of full inclusion?
Full inclusion is a controversial practice
The IQ of intellectually gifted individuals is _____.
130 or above
In The Bell Curve, Herrnstein and Murray argued that:
the IQ gap between Caucasian and African Americans reflects genetics.
The term _____ refers to a measure of the degree to which a characteristic can
be attributed to genetic factors.
Based on the text's discussion of the Flynn effect, how might the IQ of the
average 18-year-old today compare with that of his/her counterpart 60 years
The IQ score of the average 18-year-old today is about 15 points higher
than that of his/her counterpart 60 years ago.

If an intelligence test produces the same score over multiple administrations but
it does not accurately measure intelligence, then the test is ___________ but not
reliable; valid
If an outcome measure is normally distributed, this means that
most scores are around the average with some scores being lower or
Challenges to writing culturally fair test questions include ___________ factors.
All of these.
Dr. Ambrose feels that a particular intelligence test is probably culturally biased.
Which of the following test questions would concern Dr. Ambrose the most?
In which month of the year is the Super Bowl played?
Jorge's parents talked and communicated with him a great deal from the time he
was born. Based on the research in the text, which of the following statements is
TRUE in regards to Jorge's IQ?
The stimulation provided by Jorge's parents will positively affect his IQ.
The batting averages of major league baseball players have shown a steady
increase over the last 30 years. This parallels which observation made from the
world of intelligence testing?
Flynn effect
The new term for "mental retardation" is
intellectual disability.
Which of the following represents a practical skill?
Brushing your teeth
Which theory of intelligence is best suited to explain the abilities of individuals
with savant syndrome, or individuals with extremely high levels of intelligence in
one area and virtually little or none in other areas?
Based on the text's discussion, which of the following alternatives best captures
the difference, if any, between the terms mental retardation and intellectual
Intellectual disability is becoming the preferred term, while mental
retardation is the traditional term.
People whose IQ score ranges from 40-54 are most probably:
moderately retarded.

Intellectual disability in which no apparent biological defect exists but there is a

history of it in the kin is known as _____ retardation.
Terman's long-term study of the intellectually gifted found that they tend to be:
Imagine that American children and African children are asked to memorize the
locations of objects on a chessboard. In one condition, the objects are rocks; in
the other, they are household objects common in the West. What might you
predict regarding the children's performance?
The performance of the African children will exceed that of the American
children when the objects are rocks but not when they are Western
household objects.
A psychologist has developed a new test to measure the verbal ability of third
graders. To determine the range of scores (and what is a good and bad score),
he gives the test to 10,000 third graders. In the future, he will compare the
performance of others to this reference group. This process of determining
meaningful scores establishes testing
A 6-year-old child with a mental age of 6 would have a ratio IQ of
You have been asked to review a set of test items that are being considered for a
standardized intelligence test. The test constructors want to eliminate all items
that contain any possible cultural bias. With this task in mind, which of the
following questions would you eliminate first?
What is the name of the main character in The Wizard of Oz?
Most subjects in Terman's study were
doctors, lawyers, and businesspeople.
Which of Gardner's intelligences would be LEAST important for a car
A test that does not discriminate against the members of any minority group is
termed as a _____ test.
A high school football coach decides to use the time taken to run up 100 stairs as
a test for running endurance. He tests every team member on three consecutive

days and finds that the times for each person are very much the same on all
three trials. His test for endurance appears to have good
Dhiraj has an insightful mind and excels at solving new types of problems with
unique solutions. Which of Sternberg's intelligences would best explain this?