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1. Insanity is a(n) _____ term.

2. It is best to view abnormal behavior and normal behavior as
marking two ends of a continuum.
3. Researchers have found that several neurotransmitters play a role in depression. This fact
most directly affirms the _____ perspective on mood disorders.
4. Which perspective on abnormal behavior primarily argues that psychological disorders
stem from childhood conflicts over opposing wishes regarding sex and aggression?
Psychoanalytic perspective
5.Which of the following correctly identifies either a strength or a limitation of the
psychoanalytic perspective on abnormality?
Limitation: There is no conclusive way to link childhood experiences with abnormal
adult behavior.
6.The behavioral perspective asserts that the underlying cause of abnormality is:
faulty learning.
7. The greatest strength of the behavioral perspective is its:
objective approach for examining behavior.
8. According to the cognitive approach, psychological disorders are the result of:
maladaptive thinking patterns.
9. The humanistic perspective in psychology is primarily associated with the work of:
Abraham Maslow.
10. Which of the following supports the sociocultural perspective on abnormality?
African-Americans are more likely than whites to be hospitalized involuntarily for
psychological disorders.
11. Of the following perspectives, which is MOST likely to take a strong "nurture"
position on the origin of psychological abnormality?
12. The purpose of the DSM-IV-TR is to:
provide descriptions of disorders.
13. On the basis of the results of Rosenhan's study, which of the following is the most
accurate evaluation of the DSM-IV-TR's system of classifying psychological disorders?
Rosenhan's results are worrying, because they suggest that diagnostic labels strongly
affect how behavior is perceived.

14. DSM-IV-TR relies most heavily on the _____ approach to abnormal behavior.
15. The feeling of apprehension and tension that one feels during stressful situations is
referred to as:
16. Intense, irrational fears of specific objects or situations are referred to as:
17. A person with social phobia is typically haunted by the fear of being:
judged or embarrassed by others.
18. Which of the following statements accurately identifies either a similarity or
dissimilarity between social phobia and agoraphobia?
Similarity - Both agoraphobia and social phobia can prevent people from leaving their
19. Phobic disorders differ from generalized anxiety and panic disorders in that:
in phobic disorders there is a specific, identifiable stimulus that sets off the anxiety
20. Samantha was out shopping with her friends when she started to feel dizzy. Although
the temperature was quite low, she was sweating heavily and finally fainted. Her friends
took her to a doctor but he could not find any particular cause related to Samantha's
attack. It is most likely that Samantha suffers from:
panic disorder.
21. Which of the following is a core symptom of panic disorder?
Feeling of anxiety
22. Thomas has been suffering from insomnia for the past two years. He has also been
experiencing tension headaches and heart palpitations. His medical reports show that he
is not suffering from any physiological or genetic disorder. Thomas is most likely
suffering from:
generalized anxiety disorder.
23. An irresistible urge to repeatedly carry out some act that seems strange and
unreasonable is referred to as:
24. Sam washes his hands very frequently. In spite of this he feels that his hands are not
clean and that he might acquire some viral disease because of his poor hygiene practices.
On the basis of the given information, we can conclude that Sam has:
obsessive-compulsive disorder.

25. Which of the following major anxiety disorders is CORRECTLY paired with a
Generalized anxiety disorder - Persistent, uncontrollable, free-floating worry
26. Alex has an intense, unwarranted fear of dogs. Bailey feels driven to wash her hands
repeatedly. Callista is plagued by chronic, debilitating worry. Doran sometimes feels
dizzy and short of breath; he feels as if he might die. Which of these individuals is
CORRECTLY matched with the anxiety disorder he or she displays?
Doran - Panic disorder
27. Posttraumatic stress disorder is classified as a(n) _____ disorder.
28. Which of the following potential explanations of anxiety disorders is CORRECTLY
matched with the perspective it reflects?
An overactive autonomic nervous system is at the root of panic attacksmedical
29. Psychological disorders that take on physical symptoms, but for which there is no
medical cause are called _____ disorders.
30. _____ is a disorder in which people have a constant fear of illness and a
preoccupation with their health.
31. Paige has hypochondriasis. This means that:
she misinterprets minor sensations as evidence of a serious disease.
32. _____ is a major somatoform disorder that involves an actual physical disturbance,
such as the inability to use a sensory organ or the complete or partial inability to move an
arm or leg.
Conversion disorder
33. The condition in which an individual's hand become entirely numb, while an area
above the wrist, controlled by the same nerves, remains sensitive to touch is referred to
glove anesthesia.
34. The difference between hypochondriasis and conversion disorder is that:
conversion disorder involves an actual physical disturbance.
35. _____ is a psychological dysfunction characterized by the separation of different
facets of a person's personality that are normally integrated and work together.
Dissociative disorder

36. _____ is a disorder in which a significant, selective memory loss occurs.

Dissociative amnesia
37. Which of the following dissociative disorders is correctly matched with its
Dissociative identity disorderAn individual displays characteristics of two or more
distinct personalities.
38. _____ is a form of amnesia in which the individual leaves home and sometimes
assumes a new identity.
Dissociative fugue
39. How does dissociative amnesia differ from simple amnesia?
Simple amnesia involves an actual loss of memory; dissociative amnesia does not.
40. The common thread among dissociative disorders is that:
they allow people to escape from some anxiety-producing situation.
41. At any given time, _____ of the U.S. population is clinically depressed; about _____
of college students have received a diagnosis of depression.
6-10%; 15%
42. Women are _____ as likely to experience major depression as are men.
43. Which of the following mood disorders is CORRECTLY matched with its
corresponding example?
Major depression - Bonnie is unable to concentrate and seems to have lost interest in life.
44. _____ is an extended state of intense, wild elation.
45. Butch alternates between periods of dark despair and times of elation, great energy,
recklessness, and creativity. Butch is most likely suffering from _____ disorder.
46. Which of the following neurotransmitters plays a major role in depression?
47. _____ is a class of disorders in which severe distortion of reality occurs.
48. The defining characteristic of schizophrenia is:
a severe distortion of reality.

49. Which of the following major clinical disorders is CORRECTLY matched with its
defining characteristic?
Schizophrenia - Severe distortion of reality
50. Grace has schizophrenia. What is the approximate likelihood that her identical twin
Joy also has schizophrenia?
52. Brain-imaging studies indicate that a person with schizophrenia is most likely to
shrunken hippocampi.
53. Roger is a manipulative, callous individual who has no regard for the moral and
ethical rules of society or the rights of others. It is most likely that he has:
antisocial personality disorder.
54. Which personality disorder below is CORRECTLY matched with its description?
Borderline personalityReliance on relationships to define oneself
55. Carrie is dramatic and emotionally volatile. She rapidly forms intense relationships
that seem to blow up or fall apart just as quickly. Although she tends to distrust others,
she also needs their attention to define her. Carrie is most likely to be diagnosed with
_____ personality disorder.
56. Gloria considers herself to be a "diva": She expects special treatment from others as
she thinks that she is the most important person in her neighborhood. Gloria's behavior
indicates that she has _____.
narcissistic personality disorder
57. Lionel is two years old. His communication is severely impaired. He appears
withdrawn and unresponsive to affection. He is most likely to be diagnosed with:
58. Which of the following is a sexual disorder?
59. Alzheimer's disease is classified as a(n) _____ disorder.
organic mental
About _____ percentage of the 8000 subjects interviewed in the United States, between
the ages of 15 and 54 reported experiencing a psychological disorder at some point
during their lives.