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Wood Plains- Just Plain Fun

Hey Clinton! Im in the Mixed Wood Plains in Canada now! I want to share with you some facts and
interesting places Ive visited!
The mixed wood plains is found in some
major cities such as Toronto, Hamilton in
Ontario and Montreal and Quebec City,
Quebec. Landforms that make up the
mixed wood plains would be lakes - The
Great Lakes, rivers, low hills, plains and

Ive visited some interesting places while travelling in the mixed wood
plains. Im going tosureyou 3 of what I enjoyed most.!

The mixed wood plains have cool winters, and warm to

hot summers. The Great Lakes and St Lawrence River
have a significant moderating effect on the ecozone.
Summers are about 23C and winters are about -3C.
Annually, the ecozone receives about 720 to 1000mm
of rain and receive about 150cm of snowfall.

Since its called the Mixed Wood Plains, there are of

course both deciduous and coniferous tress. Examples
of deciduous tress would be the famous red maple,
walnut and white oak. Some coniferous trees would be
white and red pine, eastern hemlock, black spruce.
Some wildlife I saw would be the hooded warbler, king
rail, prothonotary warbler, blue-gray gnatcatcher
and grizzly bears.

1) CN Tower
The CN Tower, also known as the Canadian National Tower, stand at
553.33m, is the worlds 6th tallest structure. The CN tower also
opened EdgeWalk in 2011. Visitors are tethered to an overhead rail
system and walk around the edge of the CN Tower's main pod. I wasn't
brave enough to go up for the EdgeWalk, its just not my thing and plus,
I have a fear of heights.

2)) Toronto Zoo

The Toronto Zoo was opened on 15 August ( the day I was born yay )
1976. It is 287 hectares, the largest zoo in Canada. It is home to over
5000 animals ( woah! ) and over 450 species of animals. There are 7
different zoogeographic regions : Indo-Malaya, Africa, America,
Tundra trek, Australasia, Eurasia and Canadian Domain,thismakes it
even more interesting because now i get to view animals from
different parts of the world.!


3) Montreal Biodome
Besides visiting Toronto, I took this chance to visit Montreal ( in
Quebec ) too. Did you know, this biome was constructed in 1976 for the
Olympic Games as a velodrome. Cool right? The Biodome allows visitors
to walk through replicas of four ecosystems- Tropical Rainforest.
Laurentian Forest. Saint Lawrence Marine Eco-system and a polar
area that is divided into Arctic and Antarctic.

Happy Birthday

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