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Like Water for Chocolate Unit Exam

Name: _________________________ Date: _____________ Period: _______

Definitions: Define the following concepts/ events in your own words and explain how they work in
the text.
1. Magical Realism:

2. Family Traditions:

True/ False

3. Mama Elena sent Tita away because she was insane. True/False

4. In the end, Tita picks John because he is a good man who will provide for her. True/False

5. Gertrudis represents the suppressed love that Tita and Pedro share. True/False

6. The novel takes place in Mexico during the revolution True/False

7. Rosaura accepts the love between Pedro and Tita and accepts responsibility
for causing the love triangle. True/ False

Identification: Please identify which of the following characters spoke the subsequent quote.

Mama Elena Tita John Nacha Rosaura Chencha Pedro

8. “No, it’s not that. I can’t marry or have children because I have to take care of my mother until she
dies” (78).
9. “I am sure I will be, since through this marriage I have gained what I really wanted: the chance to
be near you, the woman I really love…” (38).
10. “I’ve never needed a man for anything; all by myself, I’ve done right… Men aren’t that important in
this life…” (80).
11. “Now, my child, we must finish the cake” (30).
12. “Isn’t that something? Your ma talks about being ready for marriage like she was dishing up a
plate of enchiladas! And the worst thing is, their completely different! You can’t just switch tacos
and enchiladas like that!” (14).
13. “As you see, within our bodies each of us has the elements needed to product phosphorus…” (115)

Short Answer: Answer the following questions in paragraph form. Use complete sentences and
support your answer with details from the text.

14. Explain the relationship and significance that food has in the novel. How is it used? What effect
does it have on the story? What is Esquivel’s purpose in using the technique?

15. Doctor John Brown’s grandmother had a theory about all people. What is this theory and how
does it ultimately impact the story?
Extended Response: Answer the following question in paragraph (essay) form. Use complete
sentences and support your answer with details from the text.

16. Explain the love between Tita and Pedro. What are their individual and personal conflicts? Why is
their love kept hidden for so many years? In what ways do they express their love? How does this
love shape Tita’s life? How does the theme of secret love come to unfold in the story?