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A business internship increases the understanding of a subject providing a practical

knowledge and become prepared to successfully enter the workforce. It is undertaken
to explore an idea, probe an issue, and solve a problem which makes investigate, seek
out and use materials beyond personal resources.
I am thankful to Mr. Ram Chandra Sigdel, Assistant Manager without whose noble
guidance it would not have been possible to complete this dissertation.
This internship is done at Rastriya Beema Company Ltd. First of all, I would like to
thank Nobel College, Pokhara University for providing us an opportunity to apply
academic knowledge under supervised hands-on field conditions, survey and
understand the work environment, its demands and opportunities.
I am equally grateful to the Mr. Deb Raj Ghimire, Deputy Manager of RBC, for
helping in this internship to explain various facts of this corporation despite their
busy work schedule.
I would like express my deepest gratitude to the staff members of Nobel College for
helping to prepare this report and thank my friends for their immense support.
Finally, I would like to thank all who have directly or indirectly assisted me to make
this endeavor a successful one.

With Sincere Thanks,

Sapana Pandey
Nobel College
Pokahra University


I hereby declare that the internship report entitled, " NON-LIFE INSURANCE" RamShah
Path, Singhadurbar head office is submitted to Nobel College, and Faculty of
management, Pokhara University is my original work done in the partial fulfillment of the
requirement of Bachelor in Business Administration- Banking and Insurance (BBA-BI)
under the working supervision of Mr. Deb Raj Ghimire , Deputy Manager.

Sapana Pandey
Exam Roll No: 13450258
P.U. Regd.No: 2012-2-45-0574




: Rastriya Beema Company Ltd.



: Government



: Strength Weakness opportunity and Threats



: Bachelor in Business Administration



: His Majesty Government



: Doctor



: Accidental Death Benefit



: Charter Accountant



: Department



: Network Stock Exchange

This report has been prepared in partial fulfillment for the requirement of internship
project carried out at Rastriya Beema Company Ltd. Singhadurbar, Kathmandu for the
degree of Bachelor in Business Administration- Banking and Insurance at Nobel
College, Sinamangal, Kathmandu affiliated to Pokhara University. This report
describes about the various objective of the study is for the partial fulfillment of the
requirement for the degree of BBA-BI. The main objective of the fieldwork report is
to be acquainting the business students like us with the reality of the organizational
functioning and to undertake independent analysis and appraisal of the situation.
To remain trusted and reliable as a pioneer leading insurance company of Nepal by
providing diversified insurance products committed to the highest ethical and
professional standards evidenced by its quality of service to customers and
maximizing shareholder's value with the experienced, trained and highly motivated
employees along with the large pool of insurance agents and customers, with
continued investment in information technology to increase efficiency and
effectiveness to expand its name from domestic to international arena.
RBC was established with the objective of stimulating the Nepalese Economy taking
it to newer heights. It further aims to facilitate the nations economy and become more
competitive globally. To achieve these, RBC has been focusing on its set objectives
right from the beginning which are as:

To do business of non-life insurance.

To invest in other organized firms and organizations.

To appoint agent and provide commission to them.