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attery ran low, the BSI went bonkers and now the deadlocks are aply

ey're trying to kill me. None of the doors can be opened from the inside.

e can unlock the boot, and causes the door solenoids to clunk when

ut not unlocking). I can get in to the car, but only by manually opening

s door from the outside (and using the outside lock). Obviously, I can't

ngers in it.

all the various version of BSI reset on the intartubes, none of which

ything. My local sparky struggled with it for 3 days then admitted

nt 100+ just to plug the BSI into a computer and then inevitably tell

s bust and I need a 500 replacement. Not happening. I might give in

he BSI off to BBA Reman, but it's an 8 year old Citroen, it's really not

nding money on. It's barely worth more than scrap as it is. My
is to get the doors open any way that I can then take the panels off

y unplug the motors so that they can't be locked again.

ion, does anyone have experience of opening the doors on a C3? Can it

ith a slim jim, or are they well protected against that? Any suggestions
them open? I have access to the inside of the car, but the panel screws


ong shot, but I might try shoving 12V directly down the lock wires. It's

s from the Haynes Book of Lies which circuit(s) opens the locks though -

e advise?

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Post subject: Re: Help me break in to my C3?

Posted: Fri Dec 02, 2011 3:10 pm

ome to the C3 forum.

Sound like you have been having fun

There are more instructions on resetting the BSI here

One more try won't hurt?

Have you replaced/checked fuse F16 (30A) on the fuseboard in the


Check/replace the relay(s) on the fuseboard that control the central

locking motors.

(relay - I have heard one click on the BSI when the locking engages etc,

it appears on the diagram, but seems to be inside the BSI - I can feel it

change over when locking/unlocking, but I can't see it)

There is also a relay for the child locks, but I don't know where it is on

the car.

EDIT: the child lock relay is above the diagnostic connector in the

glovebox area. Very well hidden and difficult to get at.

I have had quick look at haynes and come up with this:

(its a work in progress)

"If you want to bypass the computer for unlocking/locking, then I would

try it this way.

Disconnect the battery,

access the fusebox in the glovebox (the BSI) and remove the 16 way

grey connector

This will give you access to pins 13, 16 and 15 in the PLUG (White, Red

and Brown wires) these give the power to the vairous door motors."

File comment: Citroen C3 Central Locking BSI Plug and Socket

Citroen_C3_Fuse_Box_open.jpg [ 38.26 KiB | Viewed 1104 times ]

For future reference, I've just had a reply from Haynes saying:
"The child safety lock relay is mounted above the fuse box and to the left of the
diagnostic socket."
I couldn't see a candidate there the last time that I looked, but I'll have another
poke around. If I find it, I will commit to never referring to Haynes as the "Book of
Lies" again.
EDIT: Added a picture of the child lock relay hidden behind the glove box - I had to
remove the glove box to get this picture.

File comment: Child Lock Relay Location on Citroen C3

Child_Lock_Relay-found.jpg [ 307.42 KiB | Viewed 3524 times ]