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for CWE Officers terminates at the

sixth anniversary of commissioning,
upon which

Community Overview:

Academic/professional expertise:

Cyber Warfare Engineer (CWE) is a

Restricted Line community within the
Information Dominance Corps (IDC).
CWE Officers have focused Computer
Network Operations (CNO) knowledge,
skills and abilities.

Required. Baccalaureate degree in

Computer Science or Computer
Engineering, with a 3.0 or better (on a 4.0
point scale) in all technical/math/science

Mission: CWE Officers use specific cyber

warfare expertise to develop Computer
Network Operations capabilities.
Guiding Principles:
(1) CNO Competency: CWE Officers
employ a thorough understanding of the
tenets of CNO, and know how to optimally
use all CNO resources for effects-based
cyber warfare. CWE Officers develop
CNO capabilities that will deliver tactical,
operational, and strategic advantages.
(2) Leadership: Leadership is a core
competency for all Naval Officers. CWE
Officers must be engaged, seize the
initiative, motivate people, effectively
apply resources and execute the mission
while taking care of Sailors.
(3) Professional Expertise: CWE
Officers require knowledge of computer
science, engineering and technology as well
as the human elements of adversaries use
of cyberspace. CWE Officers will build
this expertise through a combination of
formal education and experience.
Training Pipeline: Upon commissioning,
new CWE Officers can expect to be
initially detailed to a Navy Information
Operations Command (NIOC) at Fort
Meade, MD or Suitland, MD. There they
will be afforded the opportunity to
complete a wide array of National
Cryptologic School courses as well as
specific on the job training.
Special pay/bonuses: None.

Basic eligibility requirements: Applicants

- Be U.S. citizens (no waivers);
- Have a TS//SCI clearance or
complete and submit a
Questionnaire for National
Security Positions (SF-86) if
- Be at least 19 years old and be
able to complete degree
requirements and be commissioned
prior to their 35th birthday;
- Meet physical standards for
- Complete an interview with
Commander, Fleet Cyber
Command prior to being selected
for appointment.
Accession Options:
(1) Source: Civilians or prior
enlisted personnel of the regular Navy or
Navy Reserve.
(2) Direct Commission: There is
no opportunity to lateral transfer into the
CWE community, and the designator will
be active duty only. CWE currently also
accesses via NROTC. CWE does not
currently access via USNA, OCS, or STA21.
Career Path:
(1) CWE Officers serve in challenging
billets that are designed to leverage their
specific CNO expertise and develop
capabilities and tools. CWE Officers must
serve at least six years on active duty from
date of appointment. Active duty service

time they will be encouraged to

compete for lateral transfer into
another IDC community [Information
Warfare (1810), Information
Professional (1820),
Intelligence(1830)], or to seek
employment in a Department of
Defense civilian capacity..
(2) Promotion opportunities.
Promotion to LTJG and LT occur at 2
and 4 years of commissioned service
Point of Contact
IW Officer Community Manager
LCDR Joel Yates
COM: 901-874-3123
DSN: 882-3123