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America Finance

& Enrichment
A plan to Make America Great Again

[DRAFT] 9/13/2016

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Make America Strong Again................................................2


Make America Proud Again.................................................3


[DRAFT] 9/13/2016

Making America Great again. We have a plan, like nothing ever seen before. A plan to put Americans back to work.
A plan to invigorate the local economies of counties all across America. A plan to encourage the buying of goods Made in
the U.S.A. A plan that will bolster American companies, promoting job growth and opportunity. A plan that will make a
handful of hard-working employed Americans millionaires every single day of the year.
You see, as of August 2016 there are over 159,000,000 employed Americans (Source: US Bureau of Labor Statistics). Our
plan is to allocate $7 a week from every single one of those employed Americans. Thats $159 million a day, and we are
going to take that money and split it between 10 randomly selected people each day, every single day of the year. That
means more than 3600 people a year will become millionaires overnight.
Now youre probably saying to yourself, Youre going to do what?!? Our answer is simple, we are going to Make
America Great Again.

Make America Strong Again

By splitting over $159 million a day with 10 randomly selected employed Americans, we plan to stimulate the local
economy, rebuild the county they reside in, strengthen American companies, buy American made goods, give to charities
of their choice, and leave behind a scholarship that will last a lifetime. How are we going to do that? Instead of taxing the
money won, the winners will spend 60% of the money on the following things that will Finance and Enrich America.


20% (roughly $3.2 million), will go back to the county in which the individual resides. Promoting much needed
economic stimulus, to be spent on municipalities and infrastructure. Rebuilding America.
10% (roughly $1.59 million), will be given to a charity, or charities, of their choosing. Enriching America.
At least 10% must be spent on American made goods, Made in the U.S.A. Strengthening America.
10% will be invested in a 401k-style portfolio of all American companies in the market. Bolstering America.
Finally, 10% will go to form a scholarship fund of their choosing. Brightening America.

[DRAFT] 9/13/2016

Thats just from one person. Now imagine for a second, what happens when over 3600 people every single year: are
buying over $5.7 billion in American made products, are creating over 3600 scholarship programs that will last a lifetime,
are reinvesting over $5.7 billion in American companies, and are giving back to American charities. That is the kind of
plan that will Make America Strong Again.

Make America Proud Again

Within 2 years of implementation, two degrees of separation will exist from you and someone who has become a
millionaire. Two degrees of separation and you will find someone who has changed their life and their legacy for the
better. This isnt just about making America strong again by rebuilding the economy and our workforce. This is about
making America Proud Again. What happens when you know someone, who knows someone, who was a winner of our
program, and you are choosing not to work? You get to work! By working you are enrolled in the program. This program
intends to make America proud again, by giving every employed American a chance, 10 times a day, to change the face of
America. A chance to give back, to grow, and to strengthen the foundation that is shared between every single American.
Most people would be proud to be able to leave behind a legacy that promotes education, and chance to give back to the
very community they may have lived in their entire lifetime. To know that as every day passes, more and more
scholarships are being created, more jobs are being created, and more lives are being changed than ever before in the
history of America.