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Return of the King

Rough Draft 1.5

Screenplay by Jeff Long.
Based on the book The Return of the King
by J.R.R. Tolkien.

New Line Cinema Presents
A Wingnut Films Production




Rivendell, in all its beauty, sits nearly empty of

residents, as almost all the elves had left for the Grey
Havens. Only the occasional Elf would be seen in the
streets or homes, of this Elvish kingdom.


One of these such Elves was their leader, Elrond, who stands
in his quarters, looking out his window at a darkening sky.
The sky was not getting darker due to the end of the day,
but instead due by the approaching darkness that the Dark

Lord Sauron was creating. The room he was standing in only

gets light from outside, which was slowly fading, casting
the room into shadow.
Elronds face has an expression of grave hopelessness as he
stares at the darkness. We hear footsteps behind him as we
also hear the giant oak doors open with a creak. We see
Elrond turn around to see who had entered. His eyes
immediately widen.
ELROND: What are you doing here? You were supposed to have
left these shores with the others.
FEMALE VOICE (V.O.): I have sensed my loves growing
hopelessness, much as I have sensed yours.
We pan over to see the doors close and a figure walk in,
wearing a cloak, and a hood down over their face. The figure
reaches two hands up and pulls the hood back, revealing
ARWEN: And I have thought of a way to bring hope back.
Arwen and Elrond are down below the ground of Rivendell, in
a blacksmiths basement as the Elven Blacksmith prepares to
get ready to forge a weapon. Arwen was standing beside her
father, holding something wrapped up in thick cloth.
BLACKSMITH: I am ready to begin.
Arwen steps forward to a stone table and lays the cloth
down. Both her and the Blacksmith begin to unwrap the cloth,
which opens up, revealing the hilt of the sword of Narsil,
and the pieces to the broken blade.
ARWEN: Please hurry. We havent much time.

The Blacksmith begins to work away as Arwen moves back to

Elrond, and the two of them look on. The camera starts to
pan up, and all we see is darkness as it moves up through
the dirt in the ground, but we can still hear the sounds of
the Blacksmith working.
When we finish panning up, we see Rivendell, and we see a
rider dressed in a cloak and hood ride out on a white horse,
leaving the city, and riding as fast as the wind. There is a
very long bundle wrapped in cloth tied to the side of the
The Horse rides past the camera, and as it does, we can hear
it snort.
A baron landscape stretches for as far as the eyes can see.
Nothing living occupies this area, only rocks and gravel.
There are rocks of all sizes, small, big, huge, medium, and
there are dips, valleys, hills, and mountains, all covered
in the rocks. Some rocks are stuck in the ground, and other
move freely with the kick of a foot.
On one such rocky hill, some of the smaller rocks suddenly
start falling down the hill, falling past the camera. Then a
hairy Hobbits foot comes down, followed by a leg, just
inches from the camera.
TITLE CARD: The Return of the King
The camera pans up to show that this leg belongs to Samwise
Gamgee of The Shire, as he catches his balance. Him and his
companions are walking down a hill full of loose rocks, and
part way down, Sam had lost his footing and had just caught
his balance. For the moment however, we can only see Sam

GOLLUM (V.O.): Hurry itssssss up.

Sam continues to look ahead as he takes small baby-steps
down the hill, careful not to slip.
SAM: I have to take my time, Gollum! And if you were any bit
concerned about yourself, youd do the same. This is a very
dangerous route youve taken us on, and I do not wish to
perish on it.
We see Gollum climbing down behind Sam, with ease. He spits.
GOLLUM: Perishessss. Who cares if fat little hobbit
Sam shoots a look of annoyance back as he continues going
down the hill slowly.
From behind Gollum, Frodo climbed down the hill, much as Sam
was, careful not to slip or fall.
FRODO: Now, now Sam. Gollum was kind enough to bring us all
the way back here from Gondor. You should thank him for
SAM: Well if you dont mind me saying so, Mr. Frodo, Ill
thank him when we get there and back all in one piece.
Suddenly Sam almost falls over as he feels something hit his
leg really hard.
SAM: Hey!
Sam looks down and sees Gollum rush past him, having just
hit his leg as he passed by. Gollum climbs down the hill
much easier and faster then the hobbits, and waits at the

bottom, looking up at them with his big, round eyes,

watching their every move as they take their time.
SAM: I dont trust him one bit.
FRODO (Snapping): Yes Sam, youve made that perfectly clear!
Youve been whining and sniffling about him ever since we
came across him, and all hes done in return is help us!
Sam sighs and continues on down the hill, not daring to say
anything else that might spark a temper in Frodo. They reach
the bottom, and as soon as the do, Gollum turns and starts
crawling ahead some more.
GOLLUM: Come on, this way!
Sam and Frodo are visibly tired and exhausted, but there is
something else that seems to be wearing Frodo down, and all
three of them know what it is The Ring he has on a chain
around his neck is getting a stronger and stronger hold on
him everyday, making him weaker.
LONG SHOT: From the distance, from the side, we see the trio
move through various parts of the land, Gollum always
staying in front, the landscape never changing. We cut back
to a close-up of the group.
We see the three move, Gollum a bit further ahead then the
two Hobbits, who were getting even more exhausted. Gollum
looks back with annoyance in his eyes.
GOLLUM: Mussst hurry itsss up!
He runs back to them and starts to tug on Sams pant leg.
Sam then kicks him away.

Gollum tumbles over some rocks as he was kicked away.

FRODO: Sam! Im having just about enough of you! Im
starting to wish you had never come along with me.
Sam stops on the spot as Frodo and Gollum continue on. Sam
looks after them with sadness in his eyes, having been hurt
SAM (Whispering): You arent the only one, Mr. Frodo.
He starts walking again, staying behind Frodo and Gollum.
The trio reaches a huge Pond, as still as the night sky,
that is blocking their way.
SAM: Great! Just Great! He managed to lead us to yet another
dead end.
GOLLUM: Not if fat hobbit can swim.
SAM: In there? You must think Im as crazy as you are!
FRODO: Sam, thats enough!
Gollum (In a soothing, yet mocking voice): Thatsss right.
Listen to the master.
Sam glares at Gollum, as Gollum turns and starts walking
away, to their side.

SAM: Now wheres he going?

FRODO: I dont know, Sam, but I think we should continue to
follow him. After all, he hasnt led us astray yet.
They turn and follow after Gollum. Soon enough they reach a
spot in the ground, where it opens up, creating a hole, going
down at an angle. Gollum reaches the edge of it.
GOLLUM: Come on! This way! Down there!
Gollum started down the hall, disappearing into the darkness.
Sam and Frodo follow without saying much, but as soon as they
start down the path under the ground, Sam starts complaining.
SAM: I dont mean to be a bother, Mr. Frodo, but its awfully
dark down here.
FRODO: I know Sam. (Calling ahead into the darkness) How much
further is it?
GOLLUM (Voice being carried from far ahead): Only another
hour, hurry! Hurry!
Sam and Frodo both sigh.
SAM: Well shouldnt he at least wait for us?
FRODO: He should, yes.
And with that, he stops on the spot and sits on the dark,
damp ground of the tunnel. Sam stops as well and looks down
at Frodo.
SAM: What are you doing, Mr. Frodo?

FRODO (exhausted): I cant go on anymore, Sam. I need a

break. And I can tell you do to. Well stop here for a bit.
Suddenly we hear something slapping against the ground,
heading towards them. Frodo starts to take out his sword,
Sting, when Gollum comes into view. Frodo puts the sword
GOLLUM: What are you doing?! (tugs on Frodos cloak.) We
must keep moving!
FRODO (Grabbing the end of his cloak and pulling it out of
Gollums grasp): We need a rest. We cant keep going on and
on over this terrain forever without resting.
GOLLUM: We will ressst soon. (whispers in an almost evil
tone, stares off into space) Yes, Soon.
FRODO (Yelling): No! Now! We cant go on anymore. Me and Sam
need a rest.
GOLLUM: Rest when we get out. We shouldnt stay here any
longer. Many dangerous thingsss wait for usss.
SAM: Maybe we should listen to Gollum just this once.
FRODO (Much weaker): But its so far away
SAM: I know. But its just one more hour, and thats one
more hour Im willing to make it, as long as we can rest
somewhere safe.
FRODO: This is Mordor, Sam. Nowhere is safe.

SAM: Safer then here, I meant.

FRODO: I suppose youre right.
He stood up and the two hobbits help each other walk as they
follow after Gollum, who suddenly has an evil sneer on his
Across the landscape, we see a giant dark cloud reaching out
from Mordor, and slowly going across the land, however it
has yet to still reach this kingdom, and many others.
Within the stone walls, all the villagers had returned from
Helms Deep, and were now living in their homes. Outside the
Stone walls, a couple hundred small camps had been set up,
for the Elves who had participated in the battle of Helms
Deep and survived. There isnt much room inside the walls,
so the people of Edoras had set up many small camps for
In this room, there is a large round stone table with chairs
set up around it. Sitting in the chairs was Gandalf, dressed
with his grey cloak over his white one, Aragorn, Legolas,
Gimli, Eomer, Theodon, and standing behind Theodons chair
was Hama and another guard. Theodon sat at the front of the
round table.
GANDALF: The Battle for Middle-Earth will soon begin. We
must decide what to do. Will we stay here and defend Rohan,
or meet in Minis Tirith of Gondor, join forces with them,
and defend Gondor and everything that lays behind it?

EOMER: We should stay and defend our homes! Leave Gondor to

defend themselves, just as they did with us at Helms Deep.
ARAGORN: If you defend Gondor, your forces are more then
tripled, and by defending the White City, you defend all
that lay beyond it, including Rohan.
Everyone turns to look at King Theodon, for it is really his
call, and his call only. He sits in his chair for a few
minutes, thinking heavily as everyone looks at him. Suddenly
he opens his eyes and looks around and all his companions.
THEODON: We will ride to Gondor.
Sighs came from everyone in the room except 2 Aragorn and
EOMER: What of Sarumans forces? Surly hes already started
rebuilding them.
Gandalf: That is why I intent on riding to Isengard first:
To disable Sarumans forces and try one last time to bring
him back to the path of good.
EOMER: And if he refuses?
GANDALF: Then I fear I must destroy my old mentor.
LEGOLAS: What are we to do during all this?
GANDALF: I will need some assistance in disabling his army.
EOMER (Challenging Gandalf): How are we to go to both
Isengard and defend Gondor at the same time?

GANDALF: I am not asking anyone to come with

wish, then you may. I will proceed to Gondor
business at Isengard is finished. Anyone who
Gondor from here, will also have the company

me, but if you

when my
goes on to
of the Elves.

LEGOLAS: We have been apart from you for much of this

journey. I do not wish to part with you again, unless its
of great importance. I will go with you to Isengard.
GIMLI: If the Elf goes, I go. (Glances at Legolas) I still
have a score to beat.
THEODON: With news of the Elves going on to Gondor, I know
that they will not be without assistance. I will gather a
handful of my men and follow you as well, Gandalf. (Gandalf
Nods) And I would be honoured if my heir would join us.
EOMER: I wish to defend these borders,
I should have to go to Gondor, then so
that, were leaving the back opened to
are going on to defend our front, so I
defending our back.

and if by doing that,

be it. But by doing
Isengard. The Elves
shall join you in

Everyone then turns to Aragorn, who has been quiet for quite
a while.
GANDALF: And what of you, Son of Arathorn? Will you also
join us?
Aragorn looks out the window, which was next to him, and
looks below, seeing Eowyn talking with one of the villagers.
As she talks, we cant hear her, but she glances up and
their eyes meet for a brief moment, before she looks back at
the villager.

EXT. Rivendell Docks Night

Aragorn and Elrond are talking in Rivendell, during the
night before the Fellowship had left. There seems to be a
growing tension between the two. This is the same Flashback
as the one in The Two Towers.
ELROND: Arwens time is ending. Let her go.
Aragorn is in Arwens chambers, talking to her.
ARAGORN: You have a chance for another life. Away from here.
Away from War.
ARWEN (In Shock): Why are you saying this?
ARAGORN: Im Mortal. Your Elf-kind. It was but a dream.
Nothing more.
Aragorn is still looking down at Eowyn. He turns back and
stares at the others.
ARAGORN (To everyones shock): I will do neither. I wish to
stay here and help the people of Rohan.
Gimli is at a loss of words.

GIMLI (Stumbling over his words): Bu..butyou can help them

better by coming with us or going to Gondor. (beat) Or
coming with us.
ARAGORN: I have seen enough war to last me several
GANDALF: We all have. But it is up to us to end it.
ARAGORN: I lost one love because of this war. I do not wish
to loose another.
Not everyone in the room knows what he is talking about, but
those who do, finally understands where he is coming from,
much as the audience does.
HAMA: Is there anyway we can persuade you?
Aragorn (Shaking his head): No.
Gandalf: Then that is your decision. (Standing up) I wish
you luck in your efforts here.
ARAGORN: And I wish you the same, in your travels to
Isengard and Gondor.
GANDALF: Come. We must prepare for our journey.
Theodon: At this hour of late? It shall be nightfall before
we get half the distance there. Why not wait until dawn of
GANDALF: We must leave as soon as possible and make haste.
Who knows how many more armies Saruman is preparing.

Everyone else stands up and slowly starts moving towards the

GANDALF: I will go below and tell the Elves to go on to
As he is leaving, Legolas goes up to Aragorn.
LEGOLAS: We have seen much together, Aragorn. I do wish that
you would come with us.
Aragorn places a hand on Legolass shoulder.
ARAGORN: I am sorry Legolas. But this is something I feel in
my heart that I must do.
Legolas nods as he pats Aragorn on the shoulder. He turns
and leaves as well. Aragorn is left by himself in the room.


Outside the castle, Theodon, Eomer, Gandalf, Legolas, Gimli,

Hama, and many more of Theodons men were on horses, Gimli
on the back of Legolass horse. Aragorn was standing beside
the small army, seeing them off.
ARAGORN: Be careful. And make haste. I fear that Gondor may
not be able to stand alone.
GANDALF: We will go as quickly as we can, Aragorn.
At that moment, Eowyn runs out from the castle and over to
the group.
EOWYN: I wish to go with you!

ARAGORN: Mlady, it is far too dangerous for you. You should

remain here.
THEODON: Aragorn is right, Eowyn. It is far too dangerous.
You should remain here with Aragorn to look after the
Eowyn turns to storm off but suddenly stops on the spot. The
others see her looking off into the distance and they follow
her gaze. They see a rider dressed in a cloak, riding at a
fast pace towards the town.
The gates open the hooded rider runs onward, through the
village, and to where the others are standing.

HAMA: Identify yourself.

The Rider looks up and pulls back the hood, revealing Arwen.
ARAGORN (Shocked and surprised): Arwen!
He runs over to her. Eowyn looks on, jealousy and hurt
showing on her face, as she watches Aragorn help Arwen down
off the horse and kiss her. Theodon shoots a quick look at
Eowyn before turning back to the couple. Aragorn has tears
of joy in his eyes.
ARAGORN: I thought you left to go to the Northern Shores! We
agreed that you would leave all of this fighting and live a
happy life over there.

ARWEN: My love for you is to strong, as my heart would have

shattered if I had left. I would not be able to stay over
there while my love was fighting for the fate of all MiddleEarth. (They kiss again) I have brought you something.
She turns around and takes the bundle off the side of the
horse and hands it to Aragorn. Aragorn takes it and starts
to unwrap the bundle of cloth. Next we see the cloth on the
ground, blowing away in the wind. We pan up to see everyone
watching Aragorn hold the sword of Narsil up, complete and
whole, sun shining off the blade.
Gandalf (Whispering an old legend): With the reforging of
the sword that cut the Ring from Saurons fingers, the King
will reclaim his throne.
Aragorns faith and courage has been fully restored, now
that his love has returned to him and she has faith in him.
ARAGORN (Turning to Gandalf): I will ride with you to
Isengard, then to Gondor.
GANDALF (Smiling): I knew you would.
THEODON: Eowyn, bring us another horse.
No answer. Theodon looks around and sees that Eowyn is no
longer among them. Theodon instead turns to Hama.
THEODON: Hama, go get another horse.
Hama nods as he climbs down his horse and rushes off to get
a horse. Aragorn turns to Arwen.
ARAGORN: You have done more for me now, then I could ever do
for you in a lifetime.

ARWEN: Do not talk like that. Fighting for the freedom of

our lands is enough. I just did my part in that.
ARAGORN: Come with us.
ARWEN (Chuckling): You have forgotten my place. I am not a
fighter. I will remain here and do what I can from here.
Hama returns with a horse and leads it to Aragorn, who takes
its reins. Aragorn climbs up and sits on top of the horse.
ARWEN: I will await your return from battle, when MiddleEarth is once again free.
ARAGORN: I will await seeing you upon my return.
They look into each others eyes, when Gandalf draws
Aragorns attention back away from Arwen.
GANDALF: We must hurry. Weve already lost much time.
They start out, riding slow at first, moving in as a group.
Aragorn looks back at Arwen, who stays to look at Aragorn,
until he gets out of view.
The group goes into a trotting jog, then a full-fledged run.
When they get outside the walls of the city, all that has
remained of the elves are the remains of their camps, for
they had gone on to Gondor.
EXT. Fangorn Forest Evening
The group has entered a giant forest, where the dirt trail
seems to be very narrow. The sun is starting to go down, and
loud moans and creaks come to the trees as the horses slow
to a walk. Everyone looks on in caution.

GANDALF: Be weary of the trees. They are out to kill their

enemies, and in times such as these, its often difficult to
determine an enemy from a friend. I advise everyone to stay
on the path.
They continue riding, cautiously looking around at the trees
on either sides of them.
Hours have passed since the last scene and the darkness of
night shows that.
LEGOLAS: We will have to stop soon. Our horses need the
Gimli (Scoffing): If I was able run for many days without
rest, they certainly can.
Aragorn moves his head to look behind him, at Legolas and
Gimlis horse.
ARAGORN (Joking): But the horses are not as strong or brave
as you.
GIMLI (Thinking Aragorn was serious): Eye. I dont think any
creature is.
The majority of the people in the group slightly chuckle.
GANDALF: We will rest here the night. But remember, do not
wander from the path. Perhaps it is best that you do no
wandering at all.
The horses stop and the Riders climb down, getting ready to
set up a small camp on the trail.


Deep inside the Tower of Orthanc at Isengard, Grima
Wourmtongue and Saruman The White stand in Sarumans
chambers, the Palantir on its stone column. Saruman stands
in front of the Palantir, moving his hands over it as he
talks. Wourmtongue stands behind him, looking fearfully into
the device.
SARUMAN (Into the Palantir): They have surrounded us, My
All is barren. Inside the circle of Walls surrounding
Orthanc, water has flooded into every ditch, hole, and
cavern. Parts of the walls belonging to the circle of walls,
are broken, or are smashed.
There is a spiked machine next to the tower of Orthanc, with
a wheel near the ground.
In the water, surrounding Orthanc, there is a group of
trees, stuck in the ground, forming a circle around the
tower, their braches held up, as if they were holding hands.
SARUMAN (V.O.): They have taken us over.
Saruman is standing in front of the Palantir, Wourmtongue
behind him.
SARUMAN: We have failed, My Lord. (looks behind him at
Wourmtongue with an evil gaze.) Or should I say, my servant
has failed.
Wourmtongue takes a step back, both scared and puzzled.

WOURMTONGUE: Me? How is it my fault?

SARUMAN: If you had done your job correctly at Edoras, we
would be in control of Rohan!
WOURMTONGUE: But Ive told you. That wasnt my fault,
SARUMAN (Angry; cutting off Wourmtongue): Why do you feel
the need to mention his name in my presence once again?
Wourmtongue bows his head as he fumbles over his words.
Saruman points a finger at the doors to the room.
SARUMAN: Now leave me with my presence before I have you
killed. (beat) Or something worse.
Wourmtongue gulps as he turns and walks out of the room.
Saruman turns back to the Palantir and sighs.
SARUMAN: My apologies, Master.
Gandalf and company had awoke and started out again. It is
hard to tell what time of day it is however, for the
darkness casted by the trees met with the growing darkness
above their heads, stretching out from Mordor.
LEGOLAS: The land is going into Shadow.

GANDALF: Indeed. We havent much time before Sauron

unleashes his wrath. Im afraid we must pick up our pace,
despite the danger of the trees.
ARAGORN (Shouting behind him): Quicken up the pace!
The horses all go from a trotting walk to a slow jog, then
before long, to an all-out run. The trees woosh past as they
speed down the trail, branches whipping around, all around
them, for they had startled the trees.
As they get further, they run into a low mist that starts at
the horses feet, and before long, were up as high as the
Riders knees.
GIMLI: What type of sorcery is this? This area does not have
GANDALF: You are correct, Gimli, This is indeed not natural.
If not for my nose, Id think this was Sarumans doing.
THEODON: It smells of dying smoke. Something foul happened
here recently.
They continue running, and soon the trees give way to a
barren landscape, tree stumps sticking out of the ground.
They are all in awe as they come to a stop and look down at
the flooded Circle of Walls, and the tower inside, which was
clearly visible from their position, but hard to pick out,
due to a circle of trees surrounding it. We now see that the
smoke is coming from the water, which had put out all the
burning fires.
EOMER: This has become a dreary place.
They ride down the hill, towards the area. Soon they reach
the Circle of Walls and see a break in the wall. They trot
their horses over the loose rocks, and onto the other side,
into the water. They ride cautiously through the water.

ARAGORN: Gandalf, is it possible that the Ents caused this?

EOMER: Ents? They are just legend.
GANDALF: Oh no, my dear Eomer. For your eyes see some now,
over by the tower. They are more then legend, for I have
spent the better half of a year with them. And yes Aragorn,
I do believe they had a hand to play in this.
VOICES (V.O): Gandalf!
Everyone turns, drawing out weapons, preparing to attack
their intruders. The two Hobbits, Merry and Pippin, stop on
the spot, looking fearful as they back up a few steps.
GANDALF: Put away your weapons!
The Riders all obey Gandalf and put away their swords,
daggers, and arrows.
GANDALF: These are Hobbits.
THEODON (In wonder): Remarkable! (Climbs down from his horse
to get a closer look) I have heard a tale here and there of
such creatures, but have never met one. (Sees the swords in
their hands and the looks on their faces) But they were
always talked about as being peaceful.
Gandalf climbs off his horse as well.
GANDALF: Hard times can force one to change.
THEODON: So these are the lost ones of your company?

GANDALF (Approaching Merry and Pippin) Indeed they are.

(Turning to the Hobbits) Where is Treebeard, for I long to
speak with him.
MERRY: He left awhile ago. He kept some of the other Ents to
surround to the tower, and left with the others. He told me
and Pippin to stay and help guard the tower as well.
GANDALF (Smiling): Even after all weve been through, Hobbits
still amaze me.
Suddenly the Hobbits see Aragorn sitting on a horse. Their
faces light up.
PIPPIN: Strider!
ARAGORN (Nodding his head in a hello fashion): Master
Pippin. We have finally located you.
GIMLI (Angry): And what of us? Are you not happy to see both
me and Legolas as well?
Merry and Pippin chuckle.
PIPPIN: We are glad that you two are here as well.
GANDALF: I must go locate Treebeard. Do you know where I
might find him?
PIPPIN: Away on the North Side. He went to get a drink of
clean water.
GANDALF: I will go to him. (Turning to Theodon) Theodon King
of Rohan, will you ride with me?

THEODON: I will. Farewell Hobbits. When I get return, we

have much to discuss, for I long to hear your of your
history and journeys.
Merry bows.
MERRY: If that is your wish, King of Rohan.
GANDALF: The rest of you shall stay with the Hobbits.
Gandalf and Theodon get back on their horses and take off
riding at a fast pace, heading towards where Treebeard would
Aragorn turns back to the Hobbits. He hands Pippin his
brooch that the hobbit had had gotten from Lothlorien, and
dropped back when he was kidnapped by the Uruk-Hai.
ARAGORN: I would love to hear about your travels and
journeys, but I think Theodon would also like to hear about
them, so we shall wait for his return. But tell me one
thing. How is it that you came to be here?
PIPPIN: Treebeard saved us from the Uruk-Hai and we were
with him when he noticed what Saruman had done to the trees.
Him and the other Ents attacked against Isengard and we
ARAGORN: You will have to tell it in greater detail when
Gandalf and Theodon return. But for now, that will suffice.
Gandalf and Theodon reach a giant river that has many trees
standing in it, drinking with their roots. One of the trees,
Treebeard, opens his eyes and sees the two riders.

TREEBEARD (Slowly, as always): Gandalf! I am glad you have

come. Wood, water, and stone I can muster, but a Wizard I
THEODON: Another marvellous creature! An Ent! In all my long
years I have never met one!
GANDALF (Smiling; Jokingly): You have much to see, Theodon,
I take it.
TREEBEARD: We have left Saruman alive, for I knew you would
appreciate it.
GANDALF: And I greatly do. But do tell me, what was the
cause of this?
Treebeard seems to tense up and grow angry as he talks.
TREEBEARD (ANGERLY): The White Wizard was our friend. He
walked in our forests and talked to us. Now he has killed
some of my best friends and betrayed us. Ho-Hum!
GANDALF (Nodding sadly): We will continue this conversation
later, Treebeard. For now I must go and confront my old
TREEBEARD: Do as you must. But I would like to talk to you
again soon.
GANDALF: And you will.
Gandalf and Theodon turn their horses around and speed back
to the others.


Merry and Pippin are leading the group through the ruins of
the Circle of Walls, and through the water. They reach
the Ents that were blocking the tower.
PIPPIN: This is where Treebeard told us to stand guard.
Legolas squints into the distance behind them.
ARAGORN: Legolas, what do you see?
LEGOLAS: Gandalf and Theodon are returning to us.
GIMLI: So soon?
handle to be on
our own before,
time when he we

Ha! They must have thought we couldnt

our own. I hope they know that weve been on
and for much longer times. Like that one
were hunting the Uruk-Hai

ARAGORN (Cutting Gimli off): Gimli, enough.

The two riders reach the group and climb off their horses.
ARAGORN: What do we do now, Gandalf? Our business here is
done for us.
EOMER: I agree. We should ride onward to Gondor. If we
hurry, we can still meet up with the elves before they
GANDALF: Soon. But first I must pay Saruman a good-bye
visit. Perhaps it will be useless and in vein, but it must
be done. I ask all of you to turn away and head back to the
outer wall to wait for me, for Saruman is still just as
powerful, and can cast a spell on any of you. There is no
telling what he might do. A wild animal, cornered, is far

more dangerous then a lion chasing after its prey. He has

powers that you can only begin to guess about. However, if
you really wish to come, you are welcomed to it, but I ask
that you leave the talking to me.
THEODON: Eomer, Hama, take the men to the Outer Wall and
wait for us there.
Eomer and Hama nods, not having any plans to stick around
anyway. they lead the small army of soldiers away from the
GANDALF: You are not going Gimli, son of Gloin?
GIMLI (In shock): Wha?! You must have mistaken me for a
GANDALF: This has nothing to do with cowardice. Neither
Weapons or a foul tongue will do any good here.
GIMLI: Are you saying I talk to much? Cause let me tell
LEGOLAS (Smiling): Gimli, it is wise to keep your mouth shut
at such times.
Gimli glares at the two of them and huffs, but remains on
Legolass horse.
GANDALF: Very well, Master-Dwarf.
Everyone climbs down off the horses. Gimli falls of and
splashes in the water. He gets back up, spitting out the bad
liquid. Legolas is still on the horse, but is in the process
of getting off.

GIMLI: Watch that step down, Elf. It is very tricky.

Legolas steps off without any trouble.
GIMLI (Angry) that he was the only one who fell): It was
just luck.
Gimli storms after the others, who had already started
walking away. The Ents start to move as Gandalf leads the
group. They move their feet away, walking away from the
tower and towards the pool to drink with the others. Now the
tower stands in the open once again.
GANDALF: I will go inside Orthanc. I have been inside in the
past and know my way around. Aragorn will join me.
Theodon: And I to, will go. I am old, and fear no peril any
more. I wish to speak with the enemy who has done me so much
GANDALF (nodding): Very well. The others will wait out here
for us to return. Remember what I have told you all, about
his powers.
The Trio turns and walks up the steps, towards the doors.
GIMLI: Why have we come here? Just for them to toss us aside
like children?
LEGOLAS (putting a hand on Gimlis should to calm him): Be
calm, Gimli. By going inside, we are only endangering
ourselves. It was our choice to come and Gandalf said he
would be doing all the work.
Gimli scoffs and turns to talk to the two Hobbits.

GIMLI: It is a shame that good Dwarf power is lightly thrown

aside in such times, dear Hobbits.
At the top of the steps, Gandalf tries to open the door, but
it is locked.
GANDALF (Shouting): Saruman, open the doors! I wish to speak
with you peacefully!
WROMTONGUE (V.O.): Who is it?
Everyone looks up and sees Grima Wourmtongue glaring down at
them from a balcony. Theodon gets a grave expression on his
THEODON: I know that voice, and I curse the day I first
heard it.
GANDALF: Go bring us your Master.
Wourmtongue is walking quickly out of the room and into the
hall. He walks down the hall and into another room. He opens
the door and Saruman immediately turns away from the
Palantir and stares angrily at Wormtonge.
SARUMAN (Angrily; Voice Booming): I have told you not to
interrupt me!
WOURMTONGUE: Sire, its Gandalf Grayham. Hes outside and
wishes to speak with you.
SARUMAN: So, the Gray Wizard has returned. (Sneers) Very

He picks up the Palantir and puts it under his arm as he

walks to the room that Wourmtongue had emerged from, and
goes over to the Balcony.
SARUMAN (ignoring Gandalfs and Aragorns presence): Ah,
Theodon-King! Lord of the Mark of Rohan. Much have I desired
to speak to you and save you from the unwise and evil
counsels that beset you. Is it yet too late? Despite the
injuries that have been done onto me, I will still save you,
and deliver you from the inevitable ruin, if you ride upon
this road which you have taken. Indeed I alone can aid you
The Hobbits, Legolas, and Gimli watch from their position,
just behind the Trio. Gimli grips the handle of his axe.
GIMLI (Whispering): The words of this wizard stand on their
heads. In the language of Isengard help means ruin, and
saving means slaying, that is plain. We did not come here to
beg. We have come for HIM to beg.
Theodon looks up, but says nothing. Everyone is silent.
SARUMAN: Well, King of Rohan, Do we make peace? Do we unite
Rohan and Isengard once more?
Theodon continues thinking hard. Then he finally speaks up.
There are low murmurs and talking as everyone turns their
head towards Theodon, surprised at his answer.
THEODON: Yes, we will make peace.
An evil sneer comes over Sarumans face.

THEODON (Cont): We will make peace when you, and all

associated with you have perished.
Everyone starts to smile. Sarumans look turns more evil and
SARUMAN (Angry): So be it! (Facing Gandalf) Gandalf the
Gray. You have returned.
GANDALF: Yes, but I am no longer Gandalf the Gray who you
have betrayed, but Gandalf the White who has returned from
the Dead!
He removes his cloak and underneath is his bright white
clothes, shinning. Saruman steps back, for he had not seen
such bright light in a long while. Saruman turns to leave.
GANDALF (Booming): Do not go! I have not given you leave to
Gandalf raises his arms and points his staff up at the
balcony. Saruman returns to the edge, as if he is being
dragged, breathing heavily, clutching his staff in one hand,
and the Palantir under his other arm.
GANDALF (Shouting): You have become a fool. You have no
color now, and I cast you from the Council!
Sarumans staff falls from his hand and shatters into a
thousand pieces on the floor.
GANDALF (Shouting): Go! Leave our presence!

Saruman is flung back through the air, as if a great force

hit him in his gut, and he hits the far wall at the other
end of the room and falls to the floor, dropping the
Palantir out from under his arm. Wourmtongue looks in from
the hall and sees Saruman slowly standing up in pain.
WOURMTONGUE: What is the meaning of this? You could not even
defeat Gandalf the Grey?
Saruman stands and glares at his servant.
SARUMAN: Insolent fool! He has become more powerful then I.
WOURMTONGUE: This is your land, you have more power here!
SARUMAN: He has beaten us.
WOURMTONGUE (Hissing): Then you have become weak!
Saruman picks Wourmtongue up by the throat and flings him
part way across the room. Wourmtongue hits the floor hard
and looks up with an expression of hatred. We see that he
has secretly taken out a long dagger from his clothes as he
looks up. Wourmtongue pushes himself off the floor and runs
at Saruman, who was reaching down to pick up the fallen
Palantir. Saruman stands up and turns around, brushing off
the Palantir, just in time to get pushed by Wourmtongue, and
he took a few steps back towards the balcony.
The two struggle as Wourmtongue tries to stab Saruman with
the long blade, but the wizard uses one hand to keep the
dagger away. Wourmtongue gets his hand free and rams the
dagger forward and into Sarumans gut as he takes another
couple steps back. Wourmtongue takes the dagger out as
Saruman steps back even more. Now he was on the edge, his
back pressed up to the rail on the balcony. Saruman looks
back up at Wourmtongue.

SARUMAN: How DARE you turn against me!

Wourmtongue runs towards Saruman, ignoring him, and shoved
him back, over the edge of the balcony. Saruman falls down
the length of the tower. His fall is ended when he lands on
the spiked device close to the tower, one of the spikes
protruding from his chest. Saruman lays on the spike, feet
just inches from the ground, as his eyes shoot open and his
arms fall to his side, the Palantir falling into the water
with a slight splash. Then Sarumans eyes close and his head
tilts back.
The others on the ground see Sarumans fall and immediately
look up at the balcony above them and see Wourmtongue
standing there.
WOURMTONGUE: I am the ruler of these lands now. Leave them.
Legolas whips out an arrow from its holder on his back, and
takes out his bow. He quickly loads the bow with the arrow
and aims up, letting the arrow go. The camera follows behind
the arrow as it soars through the air and sticks right into
Wourmtongues chest, the sharp point of the arrow exiting
his back. Wourmtongue gasps as he stumbles back, and
collapses on the floor of the room.
GIMLI: Good shot, Elf!
ARAGORN: Good shot, indeed.
GANDALF: We have witnessed much today. We will rest here the
night and move on in the morning. But be weary. Saruman and
Wourmtongue may be gone, but there is still an evil presence
that lurks here.
Everyone looks around at each other as they remain silent.


Gollum, Frodo, and Sam emerge from the dark tunnel and up
onto land again, the pool now behind them.
SAM: Well that certainly got us around that dreadful pool
FRODO (whispering; Almost out of breath): Now we rest.
GOLLUM: Only for a short bit. We have to keep moving. This
is evil territory.
The three sit on the rocks to catch their breath. As they
sit, they pick up on a foul smell that makes them wrinkle
their noses.
SAM: What is the cause of that foul stench?
GOLLUM: The smell of rotting corpsesss. The city of the
Ringwraithsss is not far from here.
Suddenly they were able to hear sounds of thousands of feet.
They all look at each other and stand up, Sam helping Frodo
up, and walked in a direction. Every few steps they take,
the sound gets louder. Soon they reach a cliff where they
stay on the edge and look down. Gollums eyes went wide. Sam
and Frodo follow his gaze and see a gigantic city below.
Most of the buildings are ruined, pieces of them missing, or
crumpled away. Towers, houses, shops, all of them look as if
a bomb had been dropped. But thats not what catches their
attention. What theyre looking at is the army that is
leaving the city. There are thousands and thousands of
figures clad in armor, leaving the city. There are so many,
that we cant even see the citys streets, and for as far as
we could see, little black dots are moving, as if its a sea
of ants, heading out of the city.

SAM: I sure hope Strider and the others are around to stop
that. I hope there is still someone to fight against it.
Frodo is looking down below at the scene and suddenly
the Ring inches from his finger. He lets it drop from
hand, going back to dangling from around his neck, as
keeps glancing at it, making sure it doesnt try that


GOLLUM (whispering; in awe at the army): Keep moving.

He forces himself to turn away and start walking in another
direction, the others following him.
A little but of time has gone by and they are still walking,
a couple low hills in front of them. Sam is helping Frodo to
SAM: We need to rest. Mr. Frodo needs to rest.
SAM: No, now!
Sam gives in, deciding not to fight with Gollum. He sighs as
he continues to walk.

Arwen is sitting on a bed. Her eyes are closed as she

meditates. She talks in her mind, stretching it out over
hundreds of miles. As she talks, we see many different
landscapes rush below us until we finally settle on
ARWEN (V.O.): Father, you have the gift of foresight, tell
me what you see.
Elrond sits on his throne in his chambers, his eyes also
closed. In his mind, he sees the army of Orcs leaving The
City of the Nazgul in Mordor. We hear him talk as he sees
this image.
ELROND (V.O.) An army is approaching from Mordor. Many will
fight. Many more will die. This war will end with the
destruction of one side. However, it is too soon to tell
what side.
The picture of the army leaves his mind as it is replaced
with him and his daughter standing on a grassy plain at
night, stars filling up the sky. They are standing in front
of one another, looking at each other.
ELROND: Will you not return to me and leave for the North
shores together?
ARWEN: I cannot do that, father. I must stay. I have to do
what I can to defend these people. It is my destiny.
ELROND: Your destiny lies with our kind.
ARWEN (slowly shaking her head): No. I have seen it in the
Mirror of Galadrial.

At night, Arwen is wearing her cloak, riding the white
horse, on her way to Rohan. She rides into a forest, and
soon enough, comes to the village of Lothlorian. She slows
to a stop and climbs off her horse, just as the last few
elves look out at her. Galadrial and Celeborn appear in the
doorway up in a tree.
GALADRIAL: Come inside, Evenstar.
Arwen looks up, visibly tired from her journey.
Inside Galadrials chambers, Arwen stands in the middle of
the room, Galadrial across from her, and in between them is
a stone table with a tray. Off to the side is a fountain.
Galadrial moves with such grace as she picks up the tray and
fills it with water from the fountain and brings it back to
the table.
ARWEN: What will I see?
GALADRIAL: No one can say, for it shows many things.
Arwen looks into the water and sees her reflection staring
back at her. Suddenly the water ripples and she sees herself
handing the sword of Narsil to Aragorn, then helping the
people of Rohan by giving the starving people food, the sick
people care, the homeless people a place to stay, ect. Then
it ripples again and she sees herself sitting on a throne
next to Aragorn, who has a crown on his head, looking a bit
older. Arwen then sees her reflection again and looks up.
ARWEN: What is this that I have seen?

GALADRIAL: It is your destiny. One of many outcomes to the

choices you make. Each decision may alter your destiny, or
aid you in getting nearer to the one you have seen. Choose
your decisions carefully. For some will also cause your
destiny to become your doom. Our days are short. Either our
hope will prevail, or all hope fails.
Arwen and Elrond are standing face to face in the field.
ELROND (Sighing heavily): Is there no way to change your
ARWEN (Slowly shaking her head) No.
ELROND: Then so be it. I will go away to The Gray Havens
with Galadrial and Celeborn. Take care, child.
Tears start to come to Arwens eyes.
ARWEN: I will, father. My love for you will always be equal
to that of Aragorns.
ELROND: I know.
Elrond smiles as he hugs his daughter, and Elrond himself,
has tears in his eyes. Arwen closes her eyes as she hugs her
father, and a tear falls down the side of her cheek, and we
follow it as it falls off her face and to the ground. As it
hits the ground, we see two eyes. We Pan Out to see That it
was Arwen who had opened and she was sitting on the bed in
the room she was staying in at Edoras. She brakes down
crying as she lays back.


Gollum, Frodo, and Sam are walking across a plain of rocks.
As far as they can see, the ground is mainly flat.
SAM: Great! Now theres nowhere to rest. Well have to walk
for hours more until we can stop.
GOLLUM (Sneering): My mistake
SAM: Youre lucky I dont kill you right now.
FRODO (Whispering weakly): Sam, stop it.
SAM: Im sorry Mr. Frodo, but Gollum did this on purpose.
FRODO: So what if he did? Theres nothing we can do about it
They continue walking for a little bit more, in silence,
until Frodo suddenly changes directions and starts walking
away from them. Sam and Gollum stop and look at Frodo.
SAM (Shouting): Frodo, what are you doing?!
GOLLUM (hissing): Not that way!
Frodo is walking away from them, as if guided by another
force. His eyes are glazed over as he walks across the rocky
plain, not responding to anything Sam and Gollum are saying.
SAM: Whys he doing that?

GOLLUM: The preciousss has taken a hold of him again.

Sam suddenly takes off jogging after Frodo. He catches up
and stood in front of Frodo, grabbing him by the shoulders
and shaking him. Frodos eyes go back to normal. He suddenly
tries to start struggling, but Sam has a strong grip on him,
and after a few seconds, Frodo calms down, back to himself.
FRODO: What happened Sam?
SAM: The Ring had gotten a hold of you. Chances are it was
taking you through (trails off and turns to look at Gollum)
Mordor. The Ring is trying to get back to its master. Thats
also where were trying to get. If it was bringing Frodo in
that direction, then that is where the Dark Lord is. Thats
where we should be going.
FRODO (Getting suspicious): Where are you taking us?
GOLLUM: This way is sssafer. That way leads through many
dangers. Come on!
Gollum turns and starts walking again. Sam and Frodo look at
each other as they start off after Gollum.
They walked aimlessly across the rock plain, stumbling and
falling, The other Hobbit helping whichever one falls.
Gollum however, crawls across the rocks with ease, and stays
ahead of the hobbits.
Time has passed by and they had finally reached a cliff that
goes up for as far as they could see, and going up with that

cliff was a winding staircase made of stone, going up right

in front of the cliff.
GOLLUM (shouting excitedly): Up there! Come on!
He starts bounding up the stairs, just as Frodo and Sam
stumble up the first couple of steps, not able to go on very
much more. They force themselves to follow Gollum up
Some more time has passed. Part way up the stairs they reach
a platform that was the halfway mark. They were going to
continue on up, but then Frodo suddenly collapses and falls
onto the platform. Sam falls next to him.
SAM (forcing his eyes to stay open; whispering): Im
starting to wish we had some water.
FRODO: Theres no water around to get.
The two Hobbits close their eyes and are soon fast asleep,
with Gollum sitting nearby, watching over them, a predatory
look going over his eyes.
Theodon, Eomer, all the Riders of Rohan, Legolas, Gimli,
Gandalf, Aragorn, Merry, and Pippin have set up a small camp
just outside the Circle of Walls. All the Ents have remained
in the water. Theres a glow coming from inside a huge tent,
and talking and laughter can be heard from inside. The tent
flap moves and Pippin walks out, having decided to go for a
walk. He walks inside The Circle of Walls and through the
flood, sloshing through the water.
He passes by a huge hole in the ground and looks down to see
water having flooded the hole as well. He also sees caverns

and dead Orc bodies floating in the water. Pippin gets a

disgusted look on his face and continues walking. Within a
minute or so Pippin finds himself just outside Orthanc.
He starts walking by it, the sound of the others in the
distance. He looks up at the Spiked machine as he passes by
it, and gasps and jumps a bit. Saruman was lying down on the
machine, the spike ripping through his chest, his arms lying
to the side. Pippin chuckles lightly at how the dead body
scared him and starts to turn to walk away, but slips on
something in the water and falls backwards.
Pippin lets out a short yelp as he lands on his butt in the
water. After a few seconds, he stands up and bends down to
pick up what he tripped on. He moves his hands through the
water until they grasp a round object. He lifts it up and
sees that it is the Palantir.
PIPPIN (Moving the Palantir through his hands, studying
it.): Whats this?
He turns around to continue walking, but feels a sudden cold
grip on his wrist and shoots his head up, seeing Sarumans
hand grasping him. Suddenly Sarumans eyes shoot open and he
look right at Pippin, who screams. After a few seconds, he
stops and looks right into the Wizards eyes.
SARUMAN: You will all die. There is no hope for MiddleEarth. Frodo will fail. The Ring will fall into the hands of
the Dark Lord Sauron and all of Middle-Earth will fall
before him.
Pippin screams again, this time much louder, and tries to
step back. He was able to do so without any trouble, and he
blinks his eyes, not believing. One second, he was in
Sarumans grasp, the next, Sarumans body is like it was
when it had first fallen; head tilted back, arms at the
sides, and eyes closed. It is as if he had never come back
alive at all. Pippin turns and starts to run away from the
spot. He runs through the water and towards the Circle of

Once he reaches the Walls, he comes to a part where there

was an uneven gap in the wall, and a part of the gap has a
part of the wall below it, on the ground. Pippin sits on
that broken wall and lowers his head, looking into the
Palantir. He looks down into it, concentrating on it, trying
to figure out its point. He looks into its blackness, seeing
his reflection in the glass, and suddenly swirls start going
all over the round ball, and before long, all Pippin can see
is a giant burning eye, looking right at him.
SAURON (V.O.): I see you.
Pippin starts getting mesmerized by it, when he suddenly
hears his name get shouted out. He shoots his head up, and
sees Gandalf rushing towards him. The Palantir has gone back
to normal.
GANDALF (Shouting): Fool of a Took! You have gazed into
things that should not be gazed into at such times. You have
allowed for the Dark Lord to see us, see what we have done,
and plan against us! (A shriek fills the air) And most
importantly, youve led the Nazgul to us!

Gandalf swipes the Palantir from Pippin and starts running

back to the camp, Pippin close behind. They reach the
encampment and the others are already standing up, weapons
drawn from when they heard the shriek.
ARAGORN: Gandalf, what is going on?
GANDALF: Young Pippin here just gave our location away to
the Nazgul, involuntarily. (Murmurs arise among the group.)
I will ride onward to Gondor from here, and I will take
Pippin with me, so as he is not able to make such foolish
mistakes again. (Hands the Palantir to Aragorn) Take this.
Use it to distract the Enemy from Gondor and its army, but
for nothing else. Come Pippin!

Gandalf whistles and Shadowfax rides towards him and he

jumps on, dragging Pippin on with him.
GANDALF (Shouting back to the group): Be weary! The Nazgul
are coming!
Shadowfax takes off, racing across the land.
MERRY (Shouting): Pippin! Dont leave me here!
But it was too late. They were already out of site.
GIMLI: What do we do now?
ARAGORN: I know not how to use this device. Is there anyone
here who does?
Everyone remains quiet. After a few seconds, he turns to
ARAGORN: What about you, friend, with all your knowledge?
LEGOLAS: This is one thing I know nothing about. My
knowledge to you is useless in this matter. (Beat) But I do
know of someone who can help.
Aragorn looks at him, and after looking into his eyes, know
who he means. They hear the shriek again, closer this time.
ARAGORN: I will ride back to Edoras with the Palantir. The
rest of you should go on to Gondor.
THEODON: Its too dangerous for you to go by yourself. We
will all go with you, back to my kingdom, if not but to get a
good days and nights rest before going into battle.

Aragorn nods his head in agreement. They hear the shriek

once more, even closer then before.
THEODON: But I suggest we get moving now. We are no match
for the Nazgul.
Everyone starts packing up.
LEGOLAS (shouting): They are coming! Leave everything!
Everyone forgets about packing up and just grabs their
weapons as they climb onto their horses. Merry tries to get
onto a horse, but his first attempt ends in him falling
backwards as he tries to climb the side of the horse. He
tries again, and gets up, but falls over the other side.
Theodon runs over and helps Merry up onto the horse. Theodon
then climbs up behind him and takes the reins.
THEODON: There you are, Master Hobbit. Safe and sound.
MERRY: Hardly safe until we get away from these Black
The group takes off at a run, Aragorn and Theodons horses
in the lead, leaving the area, and running up the hill, and
back into Fangorn forest. Just as they go out of view, a
loud shriek is heard and six Black Riders, sitting on
dragons, glide into the area and start searching. Three stay
in the air, while the other three land and climb off their
dragons, getting on their feet to search Isengard.
The group runs through the forest.


Time has passed and the horses have slowed to a trotting
THEODON: When we arrive, we will rest for one day and night,
then move onward to Gondor.
ARAGORN: I am not sure if that is a wise thing to do. The
Enemy may already be on its way. You should ride to Gondor
as soon as we return. I wish I could come, but my job right
now lies elsewhere.
THEODON: We will wait for you. Afterall, We cannot arrive in
Gondor without their rightful King.
Aragorn shoots him a dirty look.
ARAGORN: Do not bring up old scars, Theodon. You know that I
can never return to Gondor as King.
THEODON: Then why do you feel such a powerful need to
protect the people?
They are both silent for a few minutes, until Merry speaks
MERRY: I do not care what you two decide upon, but do not
toss me away like old baggage. I wish to help in anyway that
I can.
ARAGORN: I feel that your place is with Theodon, for he
longs for your tales and stories, and you will be more of
assistance to him, then to me.

THEODON: Aragorn is right. You will come with me, little

Eomer rides up from behind.
EOMER: What use is a Hobbit in battle?
ARAGORN: You may be surprised. This Hobbit has seen much and
has proven to be worthy in battle before, putting his
companions before him.
On the front of Theodons horse, Merry slightly smiles.
LEGOLAS (From near the back): We are being followed. I can
hear the sound of hoof beats.
The Riders of Rohan start to panic as everyone stops.
GIMLI: Let me take them! I am small and can hide easier. I
can jump them!
ARAGORN: Gimli, calm yourself.
LEGOLAS: They are getting closer.
Everyone takes out their weapons, ready to defend themselves
against their stalkers. A group of thirty Riders appear and
slow to a stop. No weapons are visible in their hands.
GIMLI (Shouting): For glory!
He tries to jump from his and Legolass horse.
ARAGORN (Shouting): No!

Legolas shoots his hands out, gripping Gimli, stopping him

from getting down. Gimli tries to struggle.
GIMLI: Let go of me! You do not know the fury you have
caused me! (Stops struggling. Leans into Legolass ear) You
will pay for that later.
Legolas smiles in amusement.
EOMER: Who rides in Rohan?
ARAGORN: Rangers of the North. They are my people. My kin.
He climbs off his horse and walks towards the Ranger group,
just as the lead Ranger climbs off his and walked towards
Aragorn. They smile as they greet each other. Aragorn and
the Ranger hug.
ARAGORN: Halbarad Dunadan!
HALBARAD: Aragorn, Son of Arathorn!
They stop hugging and look at each other.
ARAGORN: How did you find us?
HALBARARD: We have been tracking you for days. You have had
quite a puzzling journey.
ARAGORN: And I will tell you about it later. Whats the
cause for this?

HALBARAD: We passed through Rivendell to find it deserted,

save for Elrond. He sent us join with you, saying you were
in need of us. Only thirty of us could come, but more are on
their way. Elrond also sends a message to you.
ARAGORN: What did he say?
HALBARAD: He says to Remember the Paths of the Dead.
ARAGORN (Whispering): The Paths of the Dead.
Everyone who had been mumbling hushes up, as if fear strikes
them. Merry looks around.
MERRY (Whispering): What is The Paths of the Dead?
THEODON (Whispering): Its a trail through the mountains.
Inhabited by restless spirits. These spirits are doomed to
wander these paths for all eternity.
MERRY (Whispering): Why?
THEODON (Whispering): Many Generations ago, these people
made a valuable oath to one of Aragorns ancestors, Isuldur,
that they would help him in the fight against Sauron. They
broke that oath and paid tribute to the Dark Lord instead.
Because of this, they were cursed to remain as Spirits and
to wander these paths in the mountains, until a heir of
Aragorns bloodline comes calling for their assistance, in
which they must help. Only then will they find peace.
MERRY (Whispering): That doesnt sound so bad.
THEODON (Whispering): Many have traveled on those paths.
None have returned.

Merry gulps.
MERRY (Whispering): Thats a bit worse.
THEODON (Whispering): Aragorn alone can raise the dead army
and retrieve their assistance in this war.
ARAGORN (Retuning to his horse): We must hurry to Edoras! We
have news that the Nazgul are headed this way!
Halbarard heads back to his horse as the two groups become
one. The horses take off at a run. They ran for a few
minutes and as soon as the sun starts to rise, they leave
the forest and run across some plains. After a few more
minutes of that, Edoras peaks into view.
Aragorn, Legolas, Gimli, Theodon, Eowyn, and Arwen were all
in The Golden Hall. There is a stone stand, as high as any
human, in the middle of the hall, and on this stand is the
Palantir. The group is crowded around it. Everyone backs
away, except for Aragorn, as Arwen steps forward.
ARWEN: Place your hands here and here.
She picks up each of Aragorns hands and places them on
either side of the Palantir. During all of this, Eowyn is
looking on with a bit of jealousy, and light tears in her
ARWEN: Now look into it. Look deep into it. Into your
reflection. Stare at nothing but your reflection.
Aragorn concentrates on doing what Arwen instructs, ignoring
all other sound and movements but Arwens voice and his

ARWEN (Cont): Now concentrate on opening a doorway. Picture

the blackness of the Palantir as a doorway and you are
opening that door. (A couple beats) Now picture yourself
going through that doorway, onto the other side.
Aragorns eyes widen as from we see, from his view, the
giant Eye of Fire looking back at him, as if looking around
the room, and then looking at him. Into him. Through him.
Suddenly the eye blinks. It actually blinks. Then starts to
fade away, but Aragorn uses all his will power to force it
to stay, and it starts to come back.
Now we see everyone in the room as they see Aragorn staring
into the Palantir, sweating, eyes wide, as if he was
straining against something. All we/they can see in the
Palantir, is the blackness.
ARWEN: Fight it!
Eowyn tries to rush up to Aragorn, but Theodon holds her
back by putting his arm out in front of her.
We cut back to Aragorn and his view. Aragorn is looking
right at the Eye. Suddenly his eyes roll up into the back of
his head as he collapses on the spot. The Eye of Fire
Arwen rushes to him and starts damping a rag against his
head as Theodon throws a cloth over the Palantir, and then
proceeds to help Arwen lift Aragorn up. Everyone starts to
crowd around, and help move Aragorn from the floor to a
bedchamber. Everyone except for Eowyn, who could only stand
and stare at Arwen as she held Aragorns head up.
Gandalf and Pippin are riding Shadowfax across multiple
terrains. It goes from forest to plains, to little hills, to
high mountains. We see them do that, on a map overlapping

the image of them riding. We then see them riding on more

PIPPIN: Gandalf, Saruman is dead, isnt he?
GANDALF: As dead as a rock.
PIPPIN: Then how is it, then when I approached him, he
seemed to come alive, and tell me that it was all hopeless?
GANDALF: All Wizards have magical energy. Thats what makes
them Wizards. When a Wizard dies, its energy stays around
the body for a long time. It is possible that you wandered
into a clutter of that energy and saw a vision.
PIPPIN: But why such a bad one?
GANDALF: The energy thats left behind depends on the
Wizard. Saruman turned to the path of darkness, therefore
his energy was dark energy. If you get caught in a dark
energy field, it leaves you with a feeling of loneliness,
despair, ruin, or it could even turn you evil yourself. But
enough of such talks. We approach Minas Tirith. The White
City of Gondor.
Shadowfax slows to a trot as a huge kingdom comes into view.
This kingdom is built on the side of a mountain, and
surrounding it are seven great walls with gates between each
In the middle of these is the town and the Citadel
where the Hall of Kings where and the Throne sit. There is
also a tall tower overlooking everything.
GANDALF: Minas Tirith. The last free city standing before
the Enemy and the destruction of Middle-Earth. Something you
must know about this place, Pippin. Aragorn is the rightful
ruler, but he refuses to become King, so they are forced to
be ruled by the Stewards. The ruler now is Denethor.
Boromirs father.

Pippin looks up at Gandalf, then back at the city as the

horse walks towards it. As they get nearer, they see a giant
encampment outside the city.
GANDALF (smiling): The elves have arrived before us! I do
not know, however, why they are not shown with kindness and
compassion, and allowed to stay inside the city. There is
more then enough room.
As they get nearer, Gandalf rides up to the front gate and
knocks on the wooden door with his staff. A slot moves and
eyes peer out.
GUARD: Mithrandir?
GANDALF: Yes, it is I.
The slot closes shut and we can hear the gate being
PIPPIN: Why did he call you Mithrandir?
GANDALF: I am known by many names in many places. Here, I am
just as well known as Mithrandir to them, as I am Gandalf to
you. (The gate slowly starts to open.) When we reach the
Citadel, say no more then is necessary in Denathors
presence. He is a very greedy and selfish ruler.
The first gate creaks open and Gandalf and Pippin ride in.
Aragorn opens his eyes and looks around, looking out a
window, seeing evening had come. He sits up and sees that

Arwen is sitting on his bedside, looking at him. Aragorn

winces in pain.
ARWEN: You mustnt make sudden movements.
ARAGORN (In pain): What happened?
ARWEN: You showed yourself to the Dark Lord. For those few
minutes, he was blinded from all other views, as you
presented yourself. He saw you. He saw who you were. He saw
your destiny, and it scared him. He tried to turn away but
you held him there, distracting him even longer.
Unfortunately it took too much energy and you lost
consciousness. With hope, the Dark Lord will make a mistake.
He is worried that you will return to Gondor and reclaim the
Throne. That is all that can stop him.
Aragorn tries to move out of the bed.
ARAGORN: I must prepare to leave.
Arwen places a gentle hand on him and he lies back down.
ARWEN: No. You must rest the night. By morning you will be
fully healed again, and ready to set out.
Aragorn grips Arwens hand in his. Will you stay by me
until that time?
ARWEN (Smiling): I will.
She leans down and they kiss passionately.

All the Rangers are packed and set to go, already on their
horses, including Halbarard. Legolas and Gimli also sit upon
a horse. Aragorn is walking towards them and towards his
horse. Eowyn is following him, begging him not to go.
ARAGORN: Tell King Theodon that we will meet with him at
Minas Tirith.
EOWYN (Begging): You cannot go! If you go, then I wish to go
with you!
Aragorn turns to face Eowyn.
ARAGORN: Your duty is with your people.
EOWYN: Too often have I heard of duty! I wish to join you,
or for you to remain here! Why do you go on such a dangerous
ARAGORN: Because I must. So I can see hope by doing my part
against the war with Sauron.
EOWYN: Then let me come. I can aid you.
ARAGORN: It is a dangerous road.
EOWYN (Shouting): Then you should stay!
ARAGORN: I am trained for this. Legolas and Gimli follow me,
as well as Halbarad and my people. I will be safe. I promise
you that.
Eowyn has tears in her eyes.

EOWYN (Crying): They follow you because they love you. As do

With that, she turns and flees, crying as she runs off.
From a window in the castle, Arwen looks out, witnessing the
Aragorn turns and jumps onto his horse, and as he sits, he
feels the necklace around his neck that Arwen had given him,
bringing his mind away from Eowyn, and back to Arwen.
Aragorn starts out first, the others following behind him,
as they leave Edoras.
As they the group is leaving view, Eowyn looks out from her
spot on the steps of the castle as tears fall from her face.
Eomer walks out from the castle and lays a hand on her
shoulder in comfort. She turns and runs inside, crying
harder. Eomer looks out as Aragorns group leaves sight.
Time has passed and Merry and Theodon were standing in the
Town Square of the town, surrounded by the citizens and the
people of Edoras. They were standing on a platform so that
all could see. Citizens of the town and castle were gathered
to witness the occasion.
MERRY: I wish to lend my assistance to you in anyway that I

THEODON: Then bow on one knee and hand me your sword.

Merry goes down on one knee as he bows his head and holds
his sword up in both hands. Theodon takes the sword and
merry looks up.
THEODON: You have offered to serve me in any way that you
can. I ask now, is this what you wish to do?
MERRY (Nodding): Yes.
Theodon places the sword on one shoulder then the other.
THEODON: Then I allow you to become my esquire. Arise,
Merry stands up as Theodon hands his sword back. Merry takes
it and places it back in its sheath.
MERRY: You shall be like a father to me.
THEODON: For the time. Now we must prepare to ride to
Gandalf and Pippin are walking through the streets of Minas
Tirith, people busily doing jobs here and there. Some were
making the stone walls stronger, others were making weapons,
some were reinforcing their houses, and others were walking,
going from one place to another. As they walk up a street, a
man who looks much like Boromir passes by. We recognize this
of course, as Faramir. He stops as he passes by Gandalf and
Pippin. Gandalf also stops and smiles.

GANDALF: Faramir, second son of Denathor. It has been long

since weve spoken together.
FARAMIR: It has at that, Mithrandir, for it seems whenever
we meet, I am busy. Even now I am returning from battle and
must prepare to go back out. (He sees Pippin) A Halfling?
Gandalf nods.
GANDALF: And a brave one at that.
FARAMIR: This is not the first time I have seen a Halfling.
Just days ago, I had freed two of them from my very own
hands. One was a Ringbearer. The other, short and fat, and
there was a third, a foul creature.
PIPPIN (Scared; Frantic): Gollum! They have found Gollum!
What can we do?
Faramirs face suddenly turns more serious, and grave.
Gandalf places a hand on Pippin.
GANDALF: Its ok, Pippin. I told Frodo once that I feel
Gollum has a part to play in all this, for ill or for
better. Besides, there is nothing we can do now.
FARAMIR: Im sure my father would like to speak to you. He
is in the Citadel.
GANDALF: Thank-you, my old friend.
Gandalf and Pippin walk one way, while Faramir walks
another. As they approach the citadel, Gandalf gives some
warnings to Pippin.

GANDALF: As I have said, tell only what you must, but do not
speak of the Ring, or of Aragorn, to Denethor.
PIPPIN: But why?
GANDALF: There is not enough time to answer all questions.
All I will say is that he is a very troubled man.
They approach the citadel and open the doors, walking
inside. The hall was extravagant with large marble monoliths
and a great throne at one end. Beside the throne was a
smaller seat, where Denathor, an old man with long grey
hair, sat.
GANDALF: Lord Denethor, it is I, Mithrandir, and Perigin
Took of the Shire.
Denethor looks up.
DENETHOR: A Halfling?
GANDALF: He has seen much battle. Just now we rode from an
assault on Isengard.
DENETHOR: And what of my son, Boromir? Reports have told me
that he was slain.
GANDALF: That is true. He was slain by Orcs.
DENETHOR: How is it that this Halfling survived, and not my
GANDALF: He allowed himself to be taken, while allowing
others to escape. Your son died protecting him.

PIPPIN: If I could ever repay the gesture

Pippin kneels down on one knee. Denethor is clearly
surprised by this and he straightens in his seat.
DENETHOR: Do you wish to swear allegiance?
Denethor stands up.
DENETHOR: Then repeat after me.
Pippin repeats every word.
DENETHOR: Here I do swear my service to Gondor, and to the
Lord and Steward of the realm. To speak, and to be silent,
to do, and to let be, to come and to go in need, in peace or
war, in living or dying, from this minute henceforth, until
my Lord releases me, or death take me, or the world end. So
say I, Peregrin Took of the Shire. (Pippin stands) Now my
first command: Tell me of all your travels that brought you
here, and do not be silent or leave any part out.
As Denethor sits down, Pippin looks back at Gandalf, and
then back to Denethor.
After the long discussion that had taken place, Denethor
nods his head.
DENETHOR: I understand more clearly now. But tell me,
Mithrandir, are the Riders of Rohan not coming?

GANDALF: They will arrive when they get here, for that is
all I know. But they did send an army of Elves.
DENETHOR: I have seen that. However I will not allow them
in. We cannot have all our forces in Minas Tirith, while we
could be attacked at any moment. The elves have far better
eyesight then any of us. They will let us know of when an
attack is coming. With luck, the King will have returned by
GANDALF: Do not worry about such things. You need to worry
about maintaining your Kingdom until that day arrives.
DENETHOR: I have been trying my best, but these tides of War
can be weary on a man. But you two may be dismissed. I will
send a servant to bring you to your rooms.
Pippin bows before he leaves.
PIPPIN: Thank-you, my Lord.
The two leave the room and go out into the small hall off to
the side.
PIPPIN: I hope youre not mad at me.
GANDALF (Smiling): No. You did the best you could under
oath, and all though you mentioned the Ring, you never spoke
of Aragorn. Lets hope you never have to be forced into such
a tight position again. But have no worries of that now. It
is time to sleep.
A servant came and they followed him to their rooms.

It is either still night, or night of a different day. Sam

opens his eyes and yawns as he sits up, still on the
platform. Frodo was still asleep. However, when Sam looks
over, Gollum is sitting a couple stairs up, looking off into
the distance, mumbling to himself. Gollum is so quiet that
Sam couldnt tell what was being said, if it was even in
English. Sam stands up and starts to slowly approach him. As
Sam gets closer, Gollum suddenly shoots his head around to
glare at him, causing Sam to stumble back a little bit.
SAM: I didnt mean to disturb you.
Gollum continues to glare at him.
SAM: How is it that you came to be this way?
Gollum sighs as the angry look leaves his face.
GOLLUM: It was long ago. Very, very long ago. It was our
It is a clear day with the blue sky hanging overhead, the
sun glistening off a pond. In the middle of this pond is a
small row boat holding two people: Smeagol and Deagol. They
both have fishing lines over the side of the boat, one
facing one way the other facing the other way so as not to
have their lines tangle.
DEAGOL (Smiling): Happy Birthday, Smeagol. I know how much
you like fishing. What do you think of it so far?
SMEAGOL: It is the best birthday present ever! Thank-you,

They continue sitting in silence for a few moments, waiting

for something to bite on one of their fishing lines. After a
couple more minutes, Deagol reels his line in, and as he
does, he feels something a little heavy on the end of the
line. He gets the line reeled in and reaches up and unhooks
the object from the line. He holds it closer and sees that
it is a golden ring. As he turns it over in his fingers,
Smeagol glances over and eyes the Ring.
SMEAGOL: I want that.
DEAGOL: No. Its mine. I found it.
SMEAGOL: It can be a birthday present to me.
DEAGOL: I already gave you one.
SMEAGOL (Shouting): I want it!
He leaps at his friend and knocks him to the floor of the
boat, wrapping his hands around his neck, tightening his
grasp. Deagol closes his hand tight, keeping the Ring locked
away in his palm as he tries to struggle. Deagols eyes
bulge as Smeagol tightens his grip. Soon enough, his eyes
roll up into his head and he stops breathing. Smeagol opens
up Deagols fingers and takes the Ring from his palm.
SMEAGOL (Hissing): My preciousss.
Later, after it had gotten dark and stormy, Smeagol was
running down a path next to a mountain, hugging the rock
side as to not get blown off. Before long, he makes it
inside the mountain, in a hole in the side, and slinks away.

GOLLUM: Ive got my birthday present. My precioussssss.

SAM: Thats terrible! What ever happened to your family?
Gollum gets an even sadder look on his face.
GOLLUM: I dont know.
SAM: Well I suppose I should wake Mr. Frodo.
He turns and walks over to Frodo and bends down to shake
him. Gollum turns around and starts talking to himself, in a
kind, caring voice.
SMEAGOL: No. I cant do this. Theyre kind to me. Even fat
Suddenly his expression turns more evil and his voice is
GOLLUM: But we have to! It is the only way to get the
precious back.
SAM (Calling over from Frodos spot): What was that?
GOLLUM (Batting his eyes and putting on a fake smile): Oh,
Sam nods his head, thinking Gollum has lost it, and
continues to try to wake up Frodo. Frodo stirs and opens his

SAM: Yes, its me, Mr. Frodo. We have to get moving again.
Frodo sits up and stretches, then stands up all the way.
FRODO: Well if we must, Sam.
GOLLUM (In a sad voice): This way. Follow me.
The three start out again, going higher up the winding
staircase. As they climb higher, an even stronger foul smell
then before hit their noses, and only gets stronger with
each step they take and we can tell this by the expressions
on Sam and Frodos faces.
They have reached the top, which ends with the opening to a
cave, in the side of the cliff.
SAM: In there?
GOLLUM: Yesss.
Gollum goes inside. Frodo and Sam start to follow, leaving
outside behind. They follow Gollum for a few minutes until
they come to an area where they switch paths and go onto
another. This path is so dark, Frodo and Sam have to feel
their way through it, causing them to move very slowly.
FRODO (Shouting): Gollum! Why are you taking us this way!

GOLLUM: We cannot be detected in here.

SAM: Nothing can be detected in here, including our path.
They walk for a while more, and they suddenly come to a fork
in the tunnel.
FRODO: Which way?
SAM: Why dont we ask our guide. Thats all hes good for.
Which way, Gollum? (No answer) Gollum? (Still no answer;
Shouting) I knew it! Ive been saying it all along, Mr.
Frodo. He was trying to trick us. Now were lost and well
wander around here and eventually die, then hell come back
and take the Ring from you.
Frodo gets a sad look on his face.
FRODO: Im sorry Sam. I should have listened to you.
SAM: Now which way to we go?
They hear a soft hiss, which grows in intensity.
FRODO: What is that, Sam?
SAM: I dear not say its anything kind, Mr. Frodo. Use your
light and well see, though I am afraid of what we will see.
Frodo starts wondering what Sam was talking about. What
light? Suddenly a voice comes back to him, and as it speaks,
his eyes widen.
GALADRIAL (V.O.): May it be a light for you in dark places,
where all other lights go out.

Frodo starts searching his pockets and pulls out the phial
that Galadrial had given him when he had stopped at
Lothlorian. It starts shinning a bright light, illuminating
the area around them. The see the walls, the two paths
separate, and they turn around and see the light show them
something they didnt wish to see. Hundreds of huge eyes
staring back at them.
FRODO (Taking Sting out, which was glowing a faint blue):
Run Sam!
He lifts the light up as he steps towards the beast. With
every step Frodo takes, the eyes move back a step, the
bright light blinding them, since it was so used to the
darkness. Soon enough, it disappears down a huge hole, and
Frodo turns and runs with Sam, picking one of the two
tunnels to go down. After a little bit of running they enter
a room filled with white material going from wall to wall,
in some areas thicker then others. They are giant spider
SAM (Frustrated): Now what?!
FRODO: Cut through it!
Sam takes out his sword and tries cutting through the
material, but has no luck. It just wont cut.
FRODO: Let me try.
Sam backs up. Frodo puts Sting against the material, and
started cutting. It cuts through the webbing like paper. Sam
walks behind Frodo as he cuts the webbing, forming a narrow
path for them to follow. After a few minutes, all the
webbing in their way is cut and they continue to run down
the path, guided by the light that Frodo holds.


Galadrial stands in her quarters, her eyes gazing into the
mirror. In her view, she can see Frodo meet with the eyes.
GALADRIAL: Shelob the Great. She entered Mordor long before
Sauron in the form of a giant spider. Gollum had worshipped
her when he came across her trying to leave Mordor, in order
to save himself. He had promised to bring her fresh food
other then Orc-meat, as long as he was able to go through
their clothes afterwards. Gollum has led them to her.
She now sees the Hobbits cutting through the webbing.
GALADRIAL: Sauron knows of her, but finds her amusing. He
feeds her, giving her the meat and bones of prisoners.
She then sees Frodo and Sam clear of the webbing and running
down a dark tunnel. Before long, they emerge onto the
surface, on top of the cliff, just as dawn was breaking.
GALADRIAL: They may have escaped the caves, but She has many
exits from her Lair.
She then sees her reflection in the water and looks up.
GALDRIAL (Whispering): Frodo. Our fate rests in your hands.
Be weary.
Frodo and Sam reach the surface and slow to a walk.
SAM: I believe its safe now, Mr. Frodo. That beast cant
fit through that entrance back there.

FRODO: You were right, Sam. Gollum was trying to trick us. I
should have listened to you sooner.
SAM: Dont say that. It wasnt your fault. Gollum was very
tricky. He even had me fooled a bit. But now we know. And if
we ever see him again, well leave him behind.
They began walking across the rocky plain, when suddenly
part of the ground opens up and a Giant Spider, bigger then
a building, emerges with such speed, Sam and Frodo didnt
even have time to run. It pounces and lands on Frodo,
knocking Sam away with one of its many legs. Sam goes flying
and lands hard. He stands up.
SAM (Shouting): Mr. Frod
He is cut off as a slimy hand covers his mouth and he feels
legs wrap around his waist, causing him to fall to the
GOLLUM: Weve got this one! At last weve got the fat,
filthy, mean hobbit. Well let Her take care of the other
Sam, full of anger, tilts his head and frees himself from
Gollums grasp over his mouth. He then brings his mouth down
again and bites into Gollums hand. Gollum screams as his
entire grip on Sam loosens and Sam rolls away, standing up.
He swings his pack off and while he is rummaging through,
Gollum bounds up to him, just to meet with a punch and get
knocked away again.
Sam continues to look through the bag and pulls out a frying
pan. He turns around, just as Gollum leaps in the air. Sam
swings the pan and hits Gollum right in the face, sending
him back to the ground. He then brings the frying pan back
down, over the back of Gollums head with such force, the
handle brakes off. Gollum collapses on the ground,

SAM: My frying pan!

He drops the two pieces to the ground and spins around and
sees Shelob on top of Frodo, spinning him into a web. Sam
spots Frodos sword, Sting, on the ground. It had fallen
from his grasp when he was attacked. Sam starts running
towards Shelob and as he does, he picks up Frodos sword. He
reaches her, just as she turns her head, and he rams it into
one of her many eyes, causing her to screech. He pulls out
and slams it into another. Green liquid sprays everywhere
every time he hits an eye.
He pulls the sword out once more and starts slashing at the
gigantic body, each cut digging deep into her, spilling the
dark green blood, causing her to screech more and more, too
surprised to fight back. Sam steps back as Shelob turns her
body to face him, and with one great big leap, pounces,
heading for him. Sam steps back some more, but trips on a
rock, falling backwards. As he lands, his back hits the
ground, and his arm swings up, lifting the sword into the
Shelob blackens out the sky as her body looms down on him.
Suddenly, just as she lands on him, the sword pierces her
stomach, and with her momentum, causes her to impale
herself. She immediately moves off of Sam, dragging her
body. Sam sits up, covered in the dark green blood. Shelob
looks at her small adversary with her eyes, then turns and
crawls into her trap door in the ground, closing it behind
her. She leaves a trail of blood leading to it. Sam stumbles
over to Frodo, and collapses on the ground next to him.
Frodo was completely covered in webbing.
Sam kneels up and starts to cut the webbing with Frodos
sword, and as he cuts, he removes the strands away with his
free hand. Tears are in his eyes, as he sees Frodos head,
eyes closed. He finishes getting Frodo free, and bends down
to listen for a heartbeat. He lifts his head, tears falling
down his face. He holds Frodo in his arms as he sits and
SAM (Crying): Mr. Frodo, Dont leave me here alone! Its
your Sam calling. Dont go where I cant follow. Wake up,
Mr. Frodo. (Frodo does not move) Did I come all this way for
nothing? (Sees Ring around Frodos neck) Must I carry on

this quest alone, even though I fear it? Is it even right to

take the Ring? (Beat) All of Middle-Earth will fall if the
Ring does not get destroyed. If it must be done by me, then
by me it shall be done.
Sam takes the chain from around Frodos neck and puts it
around his own, taking the Ring into his possession.
Suddenly a blue light catches Sams eye, and he turns and
sees that Frodos sword was glowing a brighter blue. He
takes the sword into one hand, and Galadrials light from
Frodos hand in the other, and slips the Ring on,
disappearing from view. Minutes later, a small group of
Orcs came from around the corner, garbling and talking to
each other.
SHAGRAT: We shouldnt have broken off from the rest!
GORBAG: Shut your mouth, Shagrat! This way is faster, and we
will be praised when they get there and find we got there
SHAGRAT (Growling): Whatever you say, Gorbag.
The group walks some more, and comes across Frodos body.
GORBAG: Hai! A spy! We must bring him to the Master. We can
go down into Her liar and take the side route back to the
Keep. Itll be faster. Shell not bother us if all the signs
have been right.
And with that, the group lifts Frodo up onto their shoulders
and starts walking into the dark tunnels that Sam had come
out of minutes before.
RANDOM ORC: We should leave the body. A dead body is no good
to us.

GORBAG: He is not dead. Shelobs venom only makes a body

seem dead. She likes life meat.
Sam sees everything as different shades of white, and as if
a great wind was blowing. Of courses he hears what the Orcs
say and follows after them back into the tunnel. As he goes
down, he also notices that Gollums body is missing.
The Orcs travel through the underground tunnels, carrying
Frodos body. There is a montage of clips to show how far
they have really traveled, and during the montage, the Orcs
are singing a song in Orcish. AT the end they come to a huge
underground doorway with two huge double doors. It slowly
opens as the Orcs get nearer, and they go onto the other
Sam runs to follow as the doors start to close, but just as
he reaches them, they clang shut as the bars of iron fall
into place. Frodo was alive, and taken by the Enemy, and Sam
has no way of getting onto the other side to save him. He
turns and sits on a small boulder.
Aragorn leads his group across the plains during the
afternoon heat, heading towards the mountains.
GIMLI: So this army we are getting, is really dead?

LEGOLAS: Yes. They will become of the flesh when summoned by

Aragorn, to fulfill their oath, and then they can return to
the ground, and rest forever in peace, once and for all.
When Legolas finishes, Gimlis eyes are wide as he looks
straight ahead.
ARAGORN: Sauron should be confused and scared now. He is
liable to make a mistake. We must hurry along the Paths of
the Dead to reach Gondor.
HALBARAD: So you mean to take up the throne?
ARAGORN: I do not wish to do anything of the sort so soon.
It will only raise conflict among the Stewards. I mean not
to raise conflict among our own people in such times. When
we arrive, I will remain outside its walls until this war is
settled. Then we will see what happens.
LEGOLAS (Shouting): Attackers!
Legolas pulls his horse to a stop and jumps off, bending
down and loading his bow. Everyone stops their horses as a
small army of about fifty Wildmen run at them. (Wildmen are
the people that Saruman was talking to in TTT movie, right
before the attacks on the Rohan villages.) Gimli however,
was still on top of his and Legolass horse.
GIMLI (Shouting): Get me off of here! I cannot do much from
atop this beast!
He goes to climb down, but uses his balance wrongly and
falls off backwards. He stands up and takes out his axe.
Aragorn also climbs down and takes out Narsil. As the
Wildmen attack, Gimli swings his axe around, killing one
here. Killing another there. Legolas fires his arrow,
piercing one. He reloads and fires. Reloads and fires.
Reloads and fires.

Aragorn swings his sword and it clangs against a Wildmans

axe. He pulls away and attacks again, and again, it met with
the axe. He then swung around in a 360 turn and chops off
the Wildmans head. Halbarad rides his horse around,
swinging his sword down whenever he passes by a Wildman,
either chopping off his head, stabbing him, or cutting into
his chest. The other Rangers are doing mostly what Halbarad
is doing.
As Gimli swings his axe around, he is looking at the other
GIMLI: Are any of you woman? Id hate to hurt a woman.
ARAGORN (Shouting): Gimli!
Aragorn swings his sword, blocking an attack.
GIMLI: Well with dwarves, we all look alike, and these
things appear to be similar to dwarves! (Swings and kills
another) Except that they end up dead, and we do not! Ha
Gimli runs and swings his axe this way and that. Up and
down. Legolas fires an arrow. A Wildman comes up next to
him, so instead of loading his bow, he uses the arrow he
takes out as a dagger and rams it into the forehead of his
attacker. He turns around and fires his bow, impaling a line
of Wildmen with one shot. After the arrow has passed through
them, they all fell down, some falling to the left, some
falling to the right.
One of the Rangers falls to the ground as an axe kills their
horse. The Ranger swings around and comes up to his feet,
swinging his sword, killing the Wildman that had attacked
him. Another Ranger jumps off his horse, swinging two blades
around in his hands. Just as a few Wildmen approach him, he
rams one dagger into the closest one, and the other dagger
into the other one, then turns around and rams them both
into the one coming up behind him.

Halbarad swings his sword down, over, back, forward, and so

on as he rides his horse around, taking down any Wildmen he
can. Before long, the remaining few Wildmen turn and run
away, leaving the carnage behind. Gimli starts to chase
after them, screaming. Legolas and Aragorn run and hold him
GIMLI: Arh! We can finish them off!
ARAGORN: They are not our problem anymore. Our problem lies
ahead, not to our side.
The three turn around and head back to their horses, Gimli
getting back onto Legolass horse. Before long they start
back out again.
Theodon and Eomer were discussing what to do.
EOMER: We must ride to Gondor quickly, and with as many men
as possible.
THEODON: The most we can afford is six thousand. The others
must stay to protect the woman and children of Rohan.
EOMER: Six thousand? Where have we come up with such a
THEODON: Days ago I sent out for all men over the age of 13
to arrive here, in preparation for battle. They have already
begun to arrive, and will continue to arrive for the
remainder of the day. We will set out when all are here.
EOMER: The shadow stretches out from the East.

Eomer looks out the window, seeing a darkness covering the

distance. This was not the darkness of night.
THEODON: We will make haste.
Eowyn is tying her hair back. She is wearing armour that
covers her body, and a helmet lies on the bed next to her.
After that, she starts putting mud on her face she had
collected into a jar earlier.
In a room, Eowyn was tying her hair back. She was
wearing armour that covered her body, and a helmet lied on
the bed next to her. After that, she started putting mud on
her face she had collected into a jar earlier. Arwen
suddenly walks in and stops on the spot, seeing Eowyn
preparing for battle.
ARWEN: What are you doing?
Eowyn gives her an evil glance.
EOWYN: My Uncle tells me to stay here and look after the
people. I am a fighter. I am going into battle to do what I
must to win this war. (Beat. Then with a tint of evil) Unlike
Arwen remains calm.
ARWEN: I have done my part. I am not a fighter. I will not go
into battle, unless the battle is brought to me, and I must
do what I must in order to survive. My place is here.
Eowyn stops what she is doing and turns to face Arwen.

EOWYN: You let Aragorn go into war, yet refuse to be with

him. I will not do that. I will be there when he arrives. It
will be MY face he sees when he joins in the battle. It will
be ME he fights beside.
Arwens face falters a little.
ARWEN: You may fight beside him, but you will not live your
life beside him. His heart and mine are joined. Yours is not.
Arwen turns to leave,
EWOYN (Whispering): We will see.
Arwen turns around and slaps Eowyn across the face, then
turns and runs out of the room. Eowyn is left staring at the
empty space where Arwen was seconds before, a red mark on
the side of her face.
Later that day, the sky is dark, but as before, not with
nightfall, but with the darkness from Mordor. Thousands of
men have arrived, dressed to go into battle. Theodon is
standing outside with Eomer, both also dressed to go into
battle. Theodon turns to Merry, who is dressed for battle
THEODON: Merry, I am going into war, and you need not follow
me there. You will be realised from my order when I leave,
but not my friendship. You can reside here, and if you want,
serve Eowyn, as she will have more need of you then I.
MERRY: I wont be left behind! I dont wish to be parted
from you like this. All of my friends have gone into battle.
I would be ashamed if I could not go.

THEODON: We ride on horses, tall and swift, and though your

heart may be great, you cannot ride such beasts.
MERRY (Shouting): Then I will walk!
THEODON (Chuckling): Such bravery locked away in such as
small body. (Lays on hand on Merrys shoulder) You will do
more good here.
Theodon climbs onto his horse, just as horses were presented
to the rest of the army, and Eomer rides up next to Theodon.
THEODON: Sound the trumpets. We march onward to Gondor. We
march either to our doom or our freedom.
Eomer gives a hand signal, and some of the Riders behind
start blowing on trumpets as the army starts out, leaving
THEODON (Shouting): Ride on! Haste we need now! Ride on!
Merry stands, watching the Riders move out for several
moments, until a rather thin Rider stops in front of him.
This Rider wears a helmet that covered most of his dirtcovered face.
DERNHELM: I am Dernhelm and I saw and heard your
conversation with King Theodon, and understand your anger.
If you still wish to ride to war, I will bear you on my
horse, little one.
The Rider has a bit of a feminine quality to his voice.
MERRY: Yes, I do.
DERNHELM: Then hop on.

The Rider helps picked Merry up, and put him on the front of
his horse as they ride the horse back into the line of the
army and continue marching with the rest until they brake
into a run.
Aragorn and his group pass two dead trees on either side of
the rode, the Shadow high above their heads. They come to a
mountain soon after that, with huge stone pillars next to
the gaping entrance to a cave.
GIMLI: My blood runs cold.
Aragorn rears his horse back.
ARAGORN: I may have made a grave mistake. None has ever
lived beyond this point. I invite you all to turn around and
head back. I am not unsure that I wont do the same.
Legolas rides his horse up and lays a hand on Aragorns
LEGOLAS: We will stay by you, even through The Paths of the
HALBARARD: This is an evil doorway and no horses may enter
it. They will run in fear.
ARAGORN: But we must enter. Therefore our horses must also
enter, for we have a long way to go to get to Gondor.
HALBARARD: If the myth is correct, we will be presented with

Everyone dismounts from their horse and stands in front of

the entrance. Aragorn was the first inside, Followed by
Legolas, Gimli, Halbarad, and the Rangers. As they step
inside, they walk slowly. Gimlis legs tremble. He looks at
Leglas, who doesnt appear to be afraid.
GIMLI: Who would have thought it! An Elf is not afraid to go
underground, but a Dwarf is.
A few of the Rangers light torches to help light the way
through the path in the mountain. After a few minutes, Gimli
steps on something that creaks beneath his feet, and he
looks down, not seeing the floor. Soon one of the torchbearing Rangers walks by, and as they do, Gimli saw what he
stepped on, in the glow of the light; a skeleton in full
armour! Gimli yells as he runs to catch up with Legolas.
Aragorn was just standing up from looking at another
skeleton. He starts walking again, and as he does, he
recites something from memory.
ARAGORN: Hither shall the flowers of simbelmyne come never
unto the worlds end. Nine mounds and seven there are now
green with grass, and though all the long years he was lain
at the door that he could not unlock. Where does it lead?
Why would he pass? None shall ever know. (Shouting) For that
is my errand! (Turns to face the darkness) Keep your hoards
and your secrets hidden in the Accursed Years! We only ask
of quick passage! Let us pass, and then come with us! I
summon you to the Stone of Erech!
Suddenly, whispers arouse from in the dark, coming from all
around. Aragorn starts running at full speed, the others
quickly behind.
GIMLI (Moaning): Oh no, not the running again!
Gimli moaned as he unwillingly starts to jog, then turns
that into a run. The group runs through the tunnel as fast
as they could. Before long, they emerge on the other side,
back out into the open space. As they run, Legolas looks
behind them.

LEGOLAS: The dead are following. I see shapes of men and

horses. Of many weapons in their hands.
HALBARAD: Yes, they have been summoned. And we must reach
The Stone of Erech before they do, or else they are allowed
to rest in peace, without helping us!
The group runs faster, and soon enough, they come to a hill,
and as they get to the top, there is a stone pillar, the
height of a man. Halbarad gives a horn to Aragorn, who blows
into it. Soon they hear answering blows from right in front
of them, but unable to see anything. Aragorn hands the horn
ARAGORN: Oathbreakers, why have you come?
VOICE (V.O. COMING FROM THE AIR): To fulfill our Oath and
have peace.
ARAGORN: The hour has come. You will come with us, and when
the land is free of Saurons servants, I will free you from
your oath, and you will be at peace.
Suddenly wind rises and the sound of a great storm can be
heard, though the causes of both cannot be determined. The
group watches on in awe as something spectacular happens
before their eyes.
Pippin awakes with Gandalf sitting in a chair next to his
bed. Gandalf sat in the shadow of the room. The Shadow from
Mordor was heading towards Minas Tirith, but had yet to
reach it.
PIPPIN (Rubbing eyes from sleepiness): Gandalf?

GANDALF: Yes, it is I, Pippin.

PIPPIN: What are you doing here?
GANDALF: I am meant to give you the order to go see Denethor
when you awake.
Pippin climbs out of bed and rushes out of the room.
Denethor was standing in the throne room, looking out the
window, a grave expression on his face. In the silence the
door slowly creaks open as Pippin walks in.
PIPPIN: You sent for me?
DENETHOR (Not moving his gaze from the window): The elves
have sent a message up, saying that a huge army is heading
this way. Do you feel hope?
PIPPIN: I have faith in my companions.
DENETHOR: Some say I have the gift of foresight. But I do
not. I could not foresee my sons death. I cannot foresee
the outcome of this war. (Turns around to face Pippin;
Angry) I have lost a son and gained yet another follower?
There is no balance in that. (Careless tone) Go to the
armoury and pick out what suits you. Then go to the dining
hall and eat your dinner with the other soldiers. No doubt
one of them will have a job for such a little man.
Denethor turns back to the window and continues to look out.
Pippin turns and leaves without saying anything, not wishing
to anger Denethor anymore.


Pippin is in the streets of Minis Tirith, unsure of where to
go to get suited up. He starts looking around, when he
suddenly feels a hand on his shoulder. He turns around and
Faramir is looking down at him.
FARAMIR: Lost, little one? (Gasp) Oh, sorry Master Hobbit. I
had you mistaken for a child.
Pippin laughs.
PIPPIN: Yes, that happens a lot. But I am lost. Can you tell
me where the armoury is? Denethor sent me to it to pick out
what suits me, then told me to go to the dining hall.
FARAMIR: Follow me.
Faramir begins walking, Pippin by his side.
PIPPIN: Why is your father so angry?
Faramirs face grows serious.
FARAMIR: He has lost hope that we will be victorious.
PIPPIN: But without hope, you have nothing. You feel no
compassion. You become a troubled person.
FARAMIR: You have just described my father in every aspect.
He has been like that since the news of my brothers death
reached him. He was his favourite son. I could never compete
with him. Thats why he was sent on the quest to help

destroy the Ring, and not me. No matter what I do, my father
is never proud of me.
PIPPIN: Sometimes people can be surprised at how proud their
fathers are. They just might not know how to show it.
FARAMIR: These days, my father is not proud of much.
They reach one of many buildings.
FARAMIR: Here it is, little one. The dining hall is just
over that way. (Points in a direction.) I will make them
wait for you before we start our meal. You will find a seat
next to me.
PIPPIN: Your kindness is the most that has been shown to me
in a long time.
FARAMIR: Well I thank you for your compliment, but I must be
on my way.
Faramir turns and walks across the street. Pippin walks into
the building and sees weapons and armour of all shapes,
sizes, and make.
The Dining Hall is filled with soldiers, waiting for their
meals. The door opens and everyone quiets down as they see a
child-size person walk in, wearing armour and a sword by his
side. Pippin spots the free seat next to Faramir and walks
over, sitting in it. Everyone goes back to their business as
the food was served.
FARAMIR: After breakfast, you will join me at the Outer
Wall, for it is my turn to stand guard.

Pippin nods his head as he eats.

Faramir and Pippin stand on top of the Outer Wall, looking
out. Pippin looks out, and in the distance, he can see the
ruins of another town.
FARAMIR (As if reading Pippins mind): Osgillith. I stayed
to defend it, but it was soon destroyed. The Enemy forces
have gone out of sight. Presumably to meet with the coming
PIPPIN: When will the attack come?
FARAMIR: No one knows. Soon though. The Elves have the army
in sight. They will be here within a day or two. Already,
people are preparing for battle.
Pippin looks down the wall, and back into the city, seeing
people getting ready in the streets. He looks back out at
the Pelennor Fields and sees the Elves also getting ready,
loading arrow sacks and sharpening blades.
FARAMIR: We will have to defend this city with all our
Might. After this city, there will be no one strong enough
to stand between Sauron and the destruction of Middle-Earth.
Pippin looks back out, squinting to try and see as far as he
can, wind blowing his hair.
The day passed and evening soon came. Faramir and Pippin are
still on top of the wall, standing guard. By now however,
many of the Elves had been allowed inside the citys walls,

to get up on top of the Outer Wall. The wall was lined with
Elven Archers. The attack can come at any minute.
PIPPIN: My heart has not yet despaired. Not like your
fathers. Gandalf has fallen and risen, and is with us. We
may stand when all this is over, if only on one leg.
FARAMIR (Smiling): Well, spoken, Halfling! Though all things
must end in time, Gondor will not perish yet. Gondor will
not fall into Darkness.
PIPPIN (With a sad look): Either way, I just wish this would
end, for ill or for better. I am no fighter.
FARAMIR: It will end when the Great King comes to reclaim
his throne. It is said he is a great warrior.
PIPPIN: What if he doesnt come?
FARAMIR: Then he has truly abandoned us. He has abandoned
his people. And then I wonder why he is referred to as the
Great King, if he cannot come when needed by his people.
Gandalf is in the Throne Room, talking with Denethor.
GANDALF: There can still be hope, Denethor. Do not give up
DENETHOR (Sneering): Oh what do you know? All must end in
time. This is our time. Gondor will parish. Many will die.
We should flee while we have the chance.
GANDALF: It is too late for that. If we leave now, we will
be slaughtered. I have already given the Call to Arms. Your

people, who you are failing to lead, are preparing to fight

a war that you, yourself will not fight.
Denethor turns angrily on Gandalf.
DENETHOR: Who gave you the order to command my people?
GANDALF: You did, when you failed them as their leader.
DENETHOR: Get out. Get out of my Throne Room. I never wish
to see your presence in here again!
GANDALF: As you wish, but you are making a mistake. Lead
your people in battle! Lead them to victory!
DENETHOR: I will do no such thing! There is no victory to be
found against such a foe. Only victory for Him. Now leave.
And tell that Hobbit of yours that I wish to see him in the
Gandalf turns and walks out of the Throne Room, closing the
door behind him. Denethor turns and looks out his window
again, into the night sky.
Up on top of the Outer Wall, Pippin and Faramir see a giant
dust cloud heading their way.
PIPPIN (Taking out his sword): Is that the Enemy?
FARAMIR: Nay, little one. It is coming from the wrong
direction. Perhaps it is the reinforcements from all over


A great army of over a thousand men is at the door, asking
to be let in. Another messenger climbs the inside of the
wall and meets with Faramir and Pippin.
MESSENGER: Mithrandir says to allow them in.
FARAMIR: Mithrandir? What of my Father?
MESSENGER: Mithrandir says that he was given into insanity.
It will be wiser to listen to him now.
Faramir thinks for many long moments.
FARAMIR: He has never led us astray before. Open the gates
and allow them in. Along with the Elves.
MESSENGER (Nodding): Sir.
He climbs back down and begins to open the Gate.
Pippin walks into his room and finds Gandalf sitting in a
chair, smoking a pipe.
GANDALF (Whispering to himself): When will he come back to
reclaim the throne? Will he truly abandon his people?
PIPPIN (With joy): Gandalf!
Gandalf looks up at him.
PIPPIN: Im glad to see you again. It has been a long day.

GANDALF: But the night will be too short. You should sleep
while you may, young Pippin. At sunrise, you shall go to the
Lord Denethor. He commands it.
The huge army of Orcs leading from Mordor starts down a
mountain, Minas Tirith in view.
Gandalf turns to look out the window.
GANDALF: The Darkness has begun.
The army is getting closer with each footstep they take,
followed by an even darker sky then that of night.
GANDALF (V.O.): There will be no dawn.
As Sam sits on the rock, both him and us realize that his
senses are heightened when having the Ring on. He can hear
conversations taking place inside the structure. There is a
group of Orcs not far on the other side of those doors,
arguing over what to do with Frodo.
Sam takes the Ring off his finger, and puts it back around
his neck as he walks into the nearest side tunnel.

Sam emerges on the surface, right in front of a huge tower.

The Tower of Barad-Dur. He turns and looks off in the
distance, seeing Mount Doom spit its roaring fire up. He
looks back at Cirith Ungol, then back at the Mountain again.
SAM: Well I have to make up my mind. I cannot trust the Ring
this close to Sauron. I can either take on the task of
bringing it to Mount Doom myself, or use its power to
challenge the Dark Lord.
Suddenly he shakes his head. What is he thinking? Is the
Ring trying to make him get closer to Sauron, or is it just
his imagination? He turns to look, and there is a second,
smaller tower next to Barad-Dur. That was where Frodo was
taken. No matter what decision Sam chooses, He isnt going
to do it without Frodo. He slips on the Ring and starts
walking towards the Tower of Cirith Ungol, where the
prisoners are kept.
As he gets nearer to the Tower, he looks up and sees that
there are many Orcs standing guard on different levels of
the tower. After a few minutes, he reaches a gateway that he
has to pass through to get to the tower. He tries to step
through, as anyone would with any gateway, but he is not
able, as if there is an invisible wall.
He tries again, and again, he cannot not pass. He decides to
take out Galadrials phial so he could see the sides of the
gateway better, and see if there was any writing, but when
the light shines out, he trips, and falls forward, landing
on the ground on the other side of the gateway. He stands
up, dazed, and puts the light away again.
He reaches the tower, and as he gets to the door, he sees
that a dead body is propping it open. As he steps inside, he
removes the Ring, becoming visible. He looks around the hall
he had entered and sees bodies of men here or there, laying
on the floor. He hears a high-pitch scream ring out from
somewhere above. He takes off at a run, knowing that the
scream came from Frodo. As he runs, he comes across more
dead bodies.

He reaches a staircase and starts running up. He runs and

runs, seeming to never get to the top. All he comes across
was the occasional torch on the wall.
SHAGRAT (V.O.): Go on, get lost before we skin you alive,
with this Halfling!
Sam peeks over the top of the stairs, just in time to see an
Orc go running down the hall, in the direction away from
him. He looks back and sees Shagrat go inside a room. Sam
slips the Ring back on once again and follows down the hall
that Shagrat and gone through. He enters into a large,
empty room, occupied only by dead Orc bodies. Sam looks
around. Shagrat has gone.
After a couple minutes, he hears footsteps and he cowers
into a corner just as an Orc comes into view. It walks over
to the middle of the room and reaches up, pulling down a
trap door with a ladder. He climbs up and disappears into
the ceiling.
ORC (V.O.; Growling): Was that you screaming, you dinghole
bat? You do that again, and youll have me to deal with.
SHAGRAT (V.O.): What do you want?
ORC (V.O.): Youre needed in one of the lower chambers.
Soon enough, both Orcs come back down the stairs and leave
the room, leaving the trap door open. Sam takes the Ring off
and makes a dash for the trap door and runs up the stairs.
He looks around the room and sees many torture devices
hanging off the walls, and in the middle of the room,
hanging upside down, is Frodo, badly beaten.
ORC (V.O.): What are you doing?
Sam whips around and sees an Orc coming up into the room. He
whips out Sting and swung, chopping off the Orcs arm. He
then rammed it forward, stabbing the Orc in the chest with

it. He pulls it out and the Orc falls to the room below. Sam
runs over to Frodo and reaches up, untying the rope holding
him up. After a brief struggle with that, he gets it, and
Frodo falls to the floor with a thud. Frodo rolls over and
slowly opens his eyes.
FRODO (Weakly): Am I still dreaming?
SAM: No, Mr. Frodo. This is quite real. Ive come to save
you from this horrid place.
FRODO: Sam (Frodo looks down at his shirtless body.) They
took everything. EVERYTHING. They have gotten the Ring. We
have failed.
SAM: We havent failed, Mr. Frodo. I took it. I took the
Ring. I kept it safe.
Frodos eyes brighten as Sam helps stand him up.
FRODO: Youve got it? Youve got it here? (Sam nods his
head.) Sam, youre a marvel! (Frodo chuckles. Then quickly
his tone changes; Hissing) Give it to me! (Puts out a
trembling hand) Give it to me now. It is mine. Not yours.
SAM: All right, Mr. Frodo. Here it is.
Sam takes it from around his neck and hands it to Frodo,
afraid of what might have happened if he didnt. Frodo
snatches it and puts it around his neck.
FRODO (Hissing): Stay away from it, you thief!
Something clears in Frodos eyes.

Frodo is hanging upside down from the roof, an Orc standing

behind him, whipping him. Another Orc standing in front,
beating him with a club.
The Orc in front of him suddenly changes to Sam, who is
staring at him, in fear, tears in his eyes.
FRODO: Oh Sam. What have I said? What have I done? Forgive
me. It was the Ring. It has terrible powers. I wish I had
never found it. I wish it had never come to me.
SAM (Sniffling his nose and wiping tears away): Its
alright, Mr. Frodo. I understand. (He turns to a more
thoughtful mode.) Were in Mordor. Surrounded by Orcs. We
should match. Stay here.
Sam leaves and goes down below to the room full of dead Orc
bodies, and comes up a few minutes later, carrying Orc
SAM: Here, put these on.
He gives Frodo some ripped pants and a baggy shirt, along
with some armour and an Orc helmet. Sam does the same. Then
he hands Sting back to Frodo, the blade glowing blue.
SAM: I also borrowed this, Mr. Frodo. (Takes the phial out
and also gives that back.) They didnt get everything.
Frodo smiles as he takes his stuff back.
FRODO: What would I do without you, Sam? (Looks around the
room) What shall we eat?

SAM: I have enough Lembas bread in my pack to still last

another few days. Water will be hard to find though.
They start down the stairs, into the room, and down the
hall, heading down the giant staircase. A couple times on
the way down, they pass by an Orc, which would just grunt in
laughter at their size as it continues on going up. After a
few minutes, they reach the bottom, passing by the bodylined hallways, and leave the tower through the door, going
back outside.
They come to the gateway, and Frodo walks right into the
invisible wall.
SAM: Use the light!
Frodo takes out the phial and holds it up as they walk
through the gateway. Suddenly a high-pitched shriek of the
Nazgul fills the air.
FRODO (Shouting): Run Sam!
They went in separate directions.
SAM (Shouting): Not that way!
Frodo stops and turns and follows Sam. As they run, the
shriek caused by the Nazgul gets closer. They run over a
wooden bridge and onto the other side, and then turn and run
off the path. After a few minutes of running, they slow to a
walk, realizing that the Black Rider was no longer

Before long, they reach a long, almost endless valley, and

as far as they could see, it ended at the base of Mount
Doom. Unfortunately it was still many, many miles away.
FRODO: I cant manage this. We no longer have need for this.
He starts taking off the Orc suit, but keeping the pants and
shit on. Sam did the same and they start across the valley.
The Riders have stopped for the night and set up camp.
Dernhelm and Merry were laying on the ground, both sets of
eyes open. They can faintly hear drums in the distance.
DERNHELM: Drums from the Enemy. They are preparing to fight.
I only hope we are in time.
Merry looks on in the distance.
Pippin awakes and immediately starts out to the Throne Room
as was requested. The entire walk to the Throne Room made
Pippin uneasy, for he can hear drums pounding in the
distance. Pippin arrives at the Throne Room and is a bit
more cautious then last time. He steps inside, seeing
Denethor sitting in his chair, looking at the floor, a sad
look in his eyes.
PIPPIN: You called for my services?
Denethor looks up.
DENETHOR: My esquire has left me to go into battle. I wish
you to take his place. You shall wait on me, bear errands,
talk to me, and sing.

PIPPIN: But sir, I was hoping to partake in the battle

DENETHOR: Foolishness. Nothing meets you out there but
death. Here you shall stay by my side.
Pippin sighs as he had no other choice.
Gandalf and Faramir were on the Outer Wall of Minas Tirith,
walking back and forth, walking in front of the Elven
Archers. The Shadow from Mordor had reached them and
blackened the sky. Behind the walls, a vast army waits to be
set loose.
As Gandalf and Faramir walk, they gazed out over the fields
below, and at the raising dust cloud heading towards them,
bringing the sound of drumbeats.
FARAMIR: You are weary of this day.
GANDALF: I think all are, Faramir. This day holds ill news.
FARAMIR: The air is very thick and dark. That is strange in
these lands.
GANDALF: That is strange in all lands other then Mordor.
Mordor is stretching out its Shadow. Soon all will be under
its cast.
FARAMIR (shouting): Foul beasts ride in the air!
Gandalf looks out. He looks beyond the fields, beyond the
Great River, and sees many shapes flying in the air, not

going in any specific direction, often turning around and

heading in a different way, swooping up or down.
GANDALF: Nazgul. If they are here, we may need more then
hope to win this war.
They can faintly hear the beasts screeching.
PIPPIN (V.O.): Gandalf, Faramir, Denethor wishes to speak to
They turn and see Pippin standing on the ground below.
Minutes later Faramir and Gandalf stood before Denethor.
Pippin stood at Denethors side as he sat in his seat.
DENETHOR: Last evening one of my soldiers told me of the
Halflings he and my son had encountered. Of the Ring they
held. (Looks at Faramir; Shouts) My son was a fool! You have
paid more loyalty to that Wizard then to your own father!
Your own people! You should have brought the Ring back here
for safekeeping! Instead you let it go to Mordor. To the
Enemy. Boromir would have been smarter. He would have
brought me the Ring. (Faramir has his head bowed low.) The
idea of giving such a weapon to a Halfling was witless! It
should have been brought here to use against Sauron.
GANDALF: That is a great decision that others must partake
in. Other Kingdoms would also be affected.
DENETHOR (Shouting): We would be stronger in our fight
against Mordor!
GANDALF: You would not have been trusted, and your mind is
proving that as we speak!

Denethor glares nastily at Gandalf for a few minutes, before

a sad look crosses his eyes.
DENETHOR: It matters not. All hope is lost. You two may
leave my presence.
Faramir and Gandalf turn and walk out of the building,
heading back to their positions on the wall.
Gandalf and Faramir are once again on top of the Outer Wall,
looking out and seeing the army even closer.
FARAMIR: Is my father wrong? Is there any hope?
Gandalf sighs heavily.
GANDALF: Only a fools hope.
Pippin is standing next to Denethor, who is sitting in his
PIPPIN: Of all the creatures coming towards us, is Sauron
himself coming here?
Denethor laughs and knocks his chest, showing he had armour
on under his shirt.
DENETHOR: Great leaders get others to fight their battles.

Pippin looks on at Denethor with fear and pity.

GANDALF: The leader of the Nazgul used to be a wizard once.
FARAMIR: Will you face off with him?
GANDALF: When and if the time arises.
FARAMIR (Meaning time of day): What time is it now?
GANDALF: Time to prepare for battle.
FARAMIR: Now? But they are still advancing towards here,
with much time between us.
GANDALF: Yes, but would you fight them here, at out own
walls, or out there, with room to fall back if we need it?
FARAMIR: Then let us go.
Gandalf and Faramir turn to walk down the ladder to the
ground below.
Faramir is in the armoury, putting on a suit of armour, and
then picking out a helmet. He goes over to the many swords
on the wall and takes one off, swinging it in the space of
the room. He puts it in a sheath by his side. He picks up a
pair of chain mail gloves and put them on.


Faramir and Gandalf are both on horses, at the front of the
army behind the wall of Minas Tirith. Behind them, all the
men wear silver armour with helmets, all sitting on horses,
except for the Elves that stood on foot. Up above, on top of
the wall, stood many Elven and Human Archers. Gandalf looks
at the closed doors, waiting for the to open.
GANDALF: This is it.
We see Barad-Dur sitting in Mordor.
GANDALF (V.O.) The Board is set
Minas Tirith sits on its mountain, a huge army within and on
its walls.
The Orc army is even closer to Minas Tirith then ever
before. Another few minutes and they will reach it. Drums
are banging loudly.
GANDALF (V.O.): The Pieces are moving.
The Rohirrim army rides at full speed to reach Gondor.


The army at Minas Tirith stands around, waiting to go to
Gandalf is sitting on Shadowfax, next to Faramir on his
horse as he finishes.
GANDALF: We come to it at last
Elrond is sitting in his chair, eyes close, meditating.
Arwen is sitting, also meditating.
Galadrial is standing above her mirror, seeing the army in
Gandalf pauses then continues.
GANDALF: The Great Battle of our time.
And with that, the giant doors open and the army rushes out
to meet the Orc Army.


The Orc Army sees the Gondorian Army heading towards them,
so they stand their ground and growl, hiss, sneer, and wait
for the attack, brandishing their weapons.
Up on top of the walls, the Archers raised their bows,
preparing to fire if the Orcs got any nearer.
On the ground, the Gondorian Army rushes on in an army of
horses and Riders, taking out their swords. Gandalf and
Faramir ride beside each other and Gandalf takes out his
sword and raises it up.
GANDALF (Shouting): Onward to victory!
The other soldiers all raise their swords as they yell.
The Orc army bangs their weapons on the ground, much like
that of Helms Deep, to the beats of the drums pounding.
LEAD ORC: Attack! Leave none alive!
The Orcs shout, snarl, and roar as they move forward from
their spots into a run, heading to meet the Gondorian Army.
The two armies clash together in a gigantic wave, and in
that moment, many soldiers are knocked from their horses and
forced to fight on their feet. Fighting breaks out right

away. Orcs swing their bladed staffs up, knocking men from
their horses.
Gandalf rides through the Orcs and as he does, he swing his
sword out, up, down, back and forth, at anything that
attacks him. He manages slice off a few heads as he rides.
An Orc swings its bladed staff up, just as Gandalf rides by,
and knocks him off of his horse.
Standing up, Gandalf glances around at the battle, seeing
all the men fighting the Orcs, some on horses, some on foot.
Some attacking, others defending. Some dying. Some living.
He holds his sword and take his staff from behind his back
and holds that at the ready with his other hand. An Orc
comes upon him but he starts to spin around in a circle,
slamming the top of his staff into the Orc's face. Then with
his continuing momentum as he comes back around, he slits
the Orc's throat with his sword. As the Orc falls, another
tries to jump at Gandalf. Gandalf rams his sword forward as
the Orc jumps at him, and impales it in the chest. He lowers
the sword, the body falling off. Gandalf takes another
glance around the battle, and spots that Faramir had just
entered his own fight as well.
Faramir has taken out a bow and fires an arrow at an Orc,
shooting it in the head. Other Orcs go down nearly the same
as he turns and fires a few times, then turns and fires a
few more times. Suddenly he hears an Orc growl and turns
around to see an Orc swing a sword at him. He takes a hop
back, but the sword cuts down through his bow. Faramir takes
out his sword, swings it down, killing the Orc in front of
him, and readies for more close combat.
Another Orc comes his way. Faramir ducks and spins, slicing
the Orc's leg off. He straightens as he comes back around,
and rams his blade through the Orc's chest. Bringing his
blade up from the thrust, He swings it out and slices
another Orc's chin, making it stumble back a bit, and fall.
Another Orc runs at him from behind, and just as he turns,
he whips out a dagger and flings it, embedding it into the
Orcs neck. The Orc falls to the ground, allowing the dagger
to go right up through the neck. Faramir turns his head and
glances at Gandalf, and nods once. He faces in front of him
and continues fighting.


The Archers have their bows raised high in the air, each one
loaded with an arrow. One of the Gondorian Archers was in
charge. He had his name sketched into his shoulder armour,
and it read Isurgon.
ISURGON: Fire the arrows!
A barrage of arrows shot by the Elves whistle through
the air towards the battle below and hit a small amount of
Orcs that have gotten through the defences and have been
running towards Minas Tirith. The Archers reload their bows
and fire again, hitting a few more of the remaining Orcs
that had broken through. Isurgon takes his own bow and arrow
and shoots down, hitting an Orc in the knee. The Orc falls
and is run over by many of his peers. The Orcs are getting
Isurgon turns and runs down the stairs to the ground,
followed by a small group of the Archers. The gates open
again and they run out, firing their arrows point blank
range at the Orcs. All the Archers, the ones on the Wall and
ground, re-load, aim, and fire at the Orcs running toward
them. Many Orcs fall. Isurgon drops his bow, for he is out
of arrows, and readies his sword and a dagger as he runs to
join in the battle.
An Orc tries to slice at Isurgon, but he blocks the hit with
his sword and slices the Orc in the chest with his
dagger. He uppercuts an Orc with his dagger hand, splitting
the chin and causing the Orc to fall back. Isurgon then
decapitates the Orc in one slice. Isurgon spins to see
another Orc coming his way. Before he knows it, an Elvin
Archer shoots the Orc in the head.
A horse that has lost its rider is running back towards the
city, but Isurgon grabs it, turning it around, and hops on,
riding more into the battle, swinging his sword at any Orcs
he passes by.

An Orc is running at Gandalf. Gandalf tips his staff down,

and brings it up with all his might once the Orc gets close
enough, throwing the Orc through the air over his head.
Gandalf turns to see another Orc coming at him when an arrow
strikes the Orc in the head. Gandalf turns, slashing his
sword down, striking an Orc that was running towards him,
about to attack.
Pippin is staring out the window behind Denethors chair,
staring at the battle. Denethor sits in his chair, his hand
on his chin, his eyes closed.
PIPPIN (Looking back at Denethor): Will you not even glance
at the battle?
DENETHOR: There is no point if there is no hope.
Pippin sighs and turns back to the window.
A Gondorain is riding a horse, swinging his sword down as he
rides through the battle, slashing at the Orcs. One slash
however, hits off the helmet of an Orc, and bounces off, the
momentum causing the rider to loose his balance and fall of
the side of his horse. He curls up into a ball, so as not to
be trampled by the hordes of fighting men and Orcs that
surrounds him. Suddenly he starts getting kicked around by
all the feet that are moving about, clanging off his armour.
In the moment that he is remaining still, he opens his eyes
to look around and sees a hand reaching down to him. He
takes it and the soldier helps him up, handing him back his
fallen sword.


BERGIL: Well Beregond, lets fight these Orcs together!
They turn, putting their backs together as they swing their
swords, blocking and attacking.
Faramir slices an Orc in the gut, spinning the blade
counter-clockwise. He is ready to slice another Orc when a
second comes up from his side and swings its sword, slicing
his side. Faramir screams as he turns and swings his sword,
killing the Orc, then swings back to kill the one he was
going to kill from before. He tries to stand up all the way,
but only manages to stumble.
He hears a cry and turns, seeing another Orc, and swings his
sword, but the Orc holds up a wooden shield, blocking the
blow, then swings its own sword and slashes Faramir across
the stomach, causing him to stumble back and fall to the
ground. The Orc stands above him and is about to make the
final blow when its head gets chopped off by a sword blade,
as a horse with a rider rides by. The Rider is Isurgon. He
slows the horse down and gets off, swinging his sword at any
Orcs that come close, killing a couple instantly. A third
runs at him, and he swings his sword, but is blocked from
killing the Orc by its heavy armour. It punches Isurgon and
he flies back.
The Orc walks over, an evil smile on its face as it looks
down at him. Isurgon takes out his dagger and flings it
upward, hitting the Orc in the face, causing it to fall
backwards, dead. Isurgon stands up and runs back over to
Faramir, picking him up and putting him on the horse.
ISURGON: Come, we must get you back to the city.
He helps Faramir onto the horse and slaps it, sending it off
towards the gates of Minas Tirith. Isurgon whips around to
block an attack, and kicks the Orc away, as he swings to
block another.

The horse runs through the battle, running past the Orcs.
Running past the Gondorians. Running past the Elves. Running
past the fighting, running to reach the city gates. An Orc
sees the oncoming horse and turns to kill it, when suddenly,
just as the horse passes by, an arrow flies from the wall,
killing the Orc. Another Orc stands in the way, preparing to
kill the horse with its bladed staff. Then, just as the
horse is going to run into it, it leaps, jumping over the
Orc, using its back legs to kick it in the head as it jumps,
landing behind it after it had been kicked away. The horse
continues to run, reaching the gates of Minas Tirith with
the wounded Faramir.
Denethor sits in his chair, much as before, when the door
opens and he glances up, just as Pippin turns around. It is
one of the villagers.
MESSENGER: Sir, Faramir (Beat) Hes injured badly.
Denethor stands up and turns to Pippin.
DENETHOR: Go set an extra bed in my quarters.
Pippin nods and runs off as Denethor walks towards the
DENETHOR: Bring me to my son.
Gandalf swings his staff and close-lines a running Orc, then
he rams his sword down into the body. He brings it up just
in time to block another oncoming sword, and then block a
second attack from that Orc. Then a third. Gandalf then
thrusts his sword forward, but the Orc blocks. Gandalf
brings his sword up and swings it down at an angle, hitting
the Orc in the shoulder, crumpling him.

One of the Elven swordsmen runs up to Gandalf.

ELVEN SOLDIER: Sir, word has it that there is a second army
coming forth from Mordor.
Gandalf sighs.
GANDALF: Will this battle never end?
He looks around at the chaos happening.
Beregond and Bergil are still fighting, side-by-side,
protecting one another. Beregond rams his sword behind him,
killing an Orc, then swings it out and down, killing another
that was in front of him. Bergil swings his sword in a
circle, above his head, the swings down at an angle, the
momentum causing it to dig through the Orcs armour, and
into the Orc. Bergil turns and swings, but is blocked by a
wooden shield. The Orc thrusts its sword, but Bergil blocks
it and swings his sword towards the Orc, which then brings
up its own sword and blocks. It swings its shield sideways,
hitting Bergil, knocking him sideways to the ground. Bergil
looks up just in time to see the sword connect with his
BEREGOND (Shouting): Bergil!
Beregond runs at the Orc and swings his sword down, getting
it blocked by the shield, and every time he slashes his
sword down, its always blocked by the shield or Orcs
sword. He is using his anger more the skill, to attack, and
he is blinded by rage as he swings, is blocked, swings, is
blocked, swings, is blocked, over and over and over. Then an
Orc runs up behind him and lifts its bladed staff, when
Beregond swings around, slicing open the stomach of the Orc,
then swings back around to attack the Orc that he was attack
before. The Orc punches Beregond in the side, causing him to
loose balance and stumble over, but not fall. The Orc swings
its other hand and hits Beregond in the side of the head
with its shield, causing him to stumble even more, the other

way. It runs at Beregond, raising its sword up. Suddenly

Beregond swings his sword out blindly, and chops off the
Orcs head.
After he regains his balance, and he shakes his head,
Beregond looks up, seeing the line after line of Orcish
Archers that had finally reached the battle. One of them
eyes Beregond as it loads its bow. It raises the bow and
fires, but the arrow bounces harmlessly off Beregonds
armour. Beregond begins to smile as the Orc reloaded,
getting closer with each step. Beregond stands his ground,
readying his sword. The Orc raises his bow again and fires,
the arrow zipping through the air, and hits Beregond in the
forehead. Suddenly the lines of Orcish Archers all raised
their bows at once and fired.
All over the battlefield, the arrows fall, killing Men,
Elves, and Orcs alike, striking them down dead.
Gandalf is blocking an attack by an Orc when it suddenly
straightens and falls forward, an arrow in the back. Then
Gandalf swings his staff out, knocking away any Arrows that
come towards him.
Isurgon swings his sword, blocking an attack, then raises
his foot up and kicks the Orc away as he swings his body
around, blocking another attack. He swings his sword at the
head of the Orc, but bounces off its helmet. He then swings
at its body and it bounces off its armour. He blocks an
attack by the Orc, then rams his sword up, into the chin of
the Orc, hearing it scream as he removes his sword, watching
the beast fall. Isurgon turns, just in time to get his
armour ripped open by a slash of a giant scythe swung by an
Orc. Isurgon jumps back and swings his sword down as the
scythe comes back, chopping the blade off from the staff.
The Orc takes a couple of steps and slams its fist into
Isurgons head, causing him to turn around, just as another
Orc comes up and rams its sword forward, into Isurgons
stomach through the slit in the armour caused by the scythe.
The Orc removes its sword and swings it again, chopping off
Isurgons head, just as he starts to fall onto his knees
from his injured stomach.

The sounds of the battle are carried by the wind. Even all
the way to the Citadel, where three people stayed. Faramir
is laying on a bed, near death and unconscious, while
Denethor sits by the bed, crying for his son, and Pippin
stands by, watching over the two.
DENETHOR (Crying): It is hopeless. My last remaining son
will die and my Kingdom will fall.
PIPPIN: Do you wish for me to send for someone?
DENETHOR: Send for no one. For I refuse to see anyone,
unless it is my son back from the dead, or God himself, to
give me back this one.
The Orc army is getting closer to the walls of Minas Tirith,
slowly pushing the defences back, and not all the Orc forces
had yet reached the battlefield.
The Archers on the wall fire another set of arrows down into
the crowd of Orcs, striking down a few. The Orcish Archers
aim and fire up, their arrows hitting and killing some of
the Archers on the wall, causing some to fall back, others
to fall forward off the wall.
Gandalf swings his sword to block an attack, then swings his
staff out, tripping up the Orc, then swings his sword down,
ramming it into him. He looks up, seeing all the fights
around, seeing the Orcs slowly pushing the men back, and
sees the huge army still coming towards the battlefield.
Gandalf sighs for he knew what must be done. The battle is

over. The Orcs have won. There is nothing they can do

anymore. He takes a deep sigh.
GANDALF (Shouting): Fall back! Fall back to the city!
He looks around and sees a man get killed by an Orc, then
sees another and another, and then he sees a couple of Elves
get killed. He looks to the other side and sees pretty much
the same thing.
GANDALF (Shouting): Fall back now!
As he turns, he swings his sword, killing an Orc. He begins
running towards the city, blocking an attacked here,
swinging his sword to attack there, others quickly following
his example. It was time to return to the city and prepare
to die.
Gandalf is one of the first to reach the gates, which open
for the retreating men, who run inside, the other survivors
close behind. While a few of the men are running, the Orcish
Archers fire their arrows, hitting some of the men in the
back, killing them. When all the Men and Elves were behind
the gates, they shut closed with a clang. Suddenly, another
Man who had been slow, runs up to the gate and starts
pounding on it. Gandalf looks over and sees a couple men
about to open the gates.
GANDALF (Shouting): No! You open that gate, we are all
They move away from the gate, very sad at having to leave
their comrade out there.

The Solider turns and draws his sword. He is going to fight

until the bitter end. He moves his feet, slowly at first,
but it slowly turns into a run as he runs toward the
oncoming marching army, raising his sword. An Orc with a
spear brings its hand back, then forward, letting go of the
spear as it flies through the air and pierces the soldiers
armour and skin, exiting his back.
As the army continues towards the city, some of the Orcs are
pushed aside or trampled when giant catapult machines are
rolled by, by the Orcs. On the end, in the stone bowls, are
giant stones.
RANDOM SOLDIER: What are they doing? The Outer wall is high
and of great thickness. Surly they do not think they will
bring them down with mere stones.
Another Solider runs down the stairs from the top of the
Outer wall.
SECOND SOLDIER: The roads are blocked. Rohan cannot come to
our aid.
GANDALF: We are on our own against an army of thousands.
All the catapults line up next to each other, making a line
that goes on for 3 miles, each one with a dozen Orcs tending
to it. Suddenly, one by one, the Orcs cut the rope with
their weapons, causing the catapults to swing up, throwing
the rocks through the air, over the Outer wall of the city.

The giant rocks fly through the air, most of them going over
the wall, landing on the other side, either on top of one of
the many other walls, demolishing the bricks as they land,
or into the city itself, making craters in the road,
destroying houses or buildings. But either way, all the
rocks did something similar: exploded on impact, causing a
great fire to start up wherever one landed. Two hit the
giant tower looking out over all of Minas Tirith, and by the
time it crumples to the ground, it is no higher then a
normal house.
One exploding rock lands on top of the Outer Wall, killing
all the Archers caught below it, as well as any caught in
the blast, and destroying that section of the Outer Wall,
raining rocks and debris down on the soldiers below. Another
slams into the front of the Outer wall, exploding,
destroying that part of the wall, any Archers standing above
it, and any soldiers directly on the other side as the
debris was blasted inwards towards them, are killed.
After all the rocks have been flung, the catapults are
pulled back and reloaded with small, round objects. Many of
these objects can fit onto one catapult. After they are
loaded back, the Orcs fire again, sending hundreds of these
small round objects over the walls.
On the other side of the wall, the remaining soldiers are
standing around, preparing for the onslaught the Orcs bring
when they enter the walls. Suddenly small objects start
pelting down on and around them, hitting them with heavy
thuds, causing them to all scramble and take cover. One of
the soldiers bends down to pick up one of the objects,
seeing it all hairy and fury. He reaches down and holds it
up, turning it over. He suddenly drops it, backing up as he
gasps. On the ground, looking back at him, is a human head,
the grim face looking up. The objects that the Orcs are

pelting are the heads of the soldiers that had died out on
the field. Some are crushed or mangled beyond recognition,
but others could have a name put to them.
These heads fall all over the city as well, hitting
buildings, people, and streets.
After the heads have finally stopped falling, the men look
back up, and as they do, they hear multiple shrieks coming
from high above their heads. Gandalf glances up.
GANDALF (Whispering): The Nazgul have arrived.
Inside the Citadel, Faramir is laying on the bed, still
unconscious, cold sweat breaking out on his face, as
Denethor, crying, sits close by, Pippin standing by his
PIPPIN: Do not cry. He may get better. Gandalf may be able
to heal him.
DENETHOR: Do not comfort me with the mention of wizards. The
old fools hope has failed. We will fall.
The door opens as 3 Soldiers run in.
SOLDIER 1: Sire, we need you down by the Outer Wall. We are
under attack!

DENETHOR (Not even looking up): No. I will not come down. I
must stay beside my son. He might still speak before the
end, which is near. Follow whom you want. Even that Grey
fool, whose hope has failed us all. But I stay here.
Pippin turns and looks out the window, seeing parts of the
walls, including the Outer Wall, on fire, and parts of the
city on fire, from the destruction caused by the exploding
SOLDIER 1: The first circle of the city is burning, Lord.
PIPPIN (Still looking out the window): And the rest of the
city by the looks of it.
SOLDIER 1: Not all will follow Mithrandir. Some flee from
their spots, despite his orders. You are still the Lord of
Gondor, and many will only follow you.
DENETHOR: Why do they flee? Is it not better to burn sooner
then later. Go! Go back to the battle.
SOLDIER 2: What of you?
Denethor looks up.
DENETHOR: I will go to my Pyre! There will be no tomb for me
or my son! We will burn like heathen Kings!
The three soldiers turn and run out of the room, to carry
out their orders. Denethor finally stands up, looking
DENETHOR: Farwell, Peregrin Took. Your service has been
short, and now draws to an end. I release you from what
little command I have left. Go and die in what way suits

you best. Send for my servants, if any are still alive, and
then go.
PIPPIN: I will not go, sir. I will leave, if that is what
you wish, but I refuse to be parted from your service. And
if the Enemy comes at last here, to the citadel, I wish to
be by your side.
DENETHOR: Do as you want, but my life is broken. Send for my
Denethor turns back to his son.
The Nazgul circle high above the city on their dragons, as
if they are vultures circling over a dead carcass.
Gandalf is at the front of the remaining resistance, waiting
behind the Outer Wall, by the gap from where part of the
wall is destroyed, waiting for the rushing Orcs to reach
them. Suddenly three soldiers push ahead of the others.
SOLDIER 1: Mithrandir, Our Lord refuses to come to our aid.
Gandalf looks out at the oncoming Orcs, then back to the
GANDALF: I must speak with him. (Lays a hand on one of the
soldiers.) You, young Juraham, must defend the remaining
soldiers until my return, which I fear will be after the
next attack. Defend the front Gate at all costs. It is the
only strong gate. All others will be beaten by punches.

The soldier, Juraham, stands tall and nods.

JURAHAM: Yes, Mithrandir.
Gandalf turns to start up to the citadel, but he is stopped
as Juraham continues.
JURAHAM: But there is a question among the people. When will
the rightful King come to us? In legend, it has said he
would come to us in our time of most need. Surly that time
is now.
Gandalf turns to face him.
GANDALF: At one time I would have had an answer to that
question, but not now. Im starting to wonder if thats all
it is: a legend. Defend well!
And at that, he turns and rushes to the city. Juraham looks
out, waiting for the Orcs that would reach them in a matter
of minutes.
In the streets, walking among the decapitated heads, Pippin
follows after Denethor and the four servants that are
carrying a casket with Faramir in it.
PIPPIN (Shouting): Your son is not yet dead! You cant do
DENETHOR: His time is near. We shall go together, in the
Death House of the Stewards.

They climb a steep hill, to a small, one-story building,

which sits by itself. They walk into the building and enter
into a long hall. They walk across the long hall, and into a
huge room, filled with closed caskets. One of the caskets is
knocked over onto the side, and Pippin goes to straighten it
as the others go to put Faramirs casket on a stone stand.
Pippin bends down to pick it up, but he has to use all his
strength to move it, for it has been there for a very long
time. He manages to lift it a few feet up, part way back up
onto its stone stand, when suddenly the lid falls open, and
the skeletal remains of the body falls out at Pippins feet,
causing him to scream and drop the casket down, on top of
the bones. The four servants and Denethor turn around to
look at the loud crash, but soon ignore it and go back to
what they are doing. After the casket is set, opened,
Denethor turns to his servants.
DENETHOR: Bring me wood that burns quickly, and lay it all
about us, and pour oil upon it, and when I bid you, you
thrust a torch onto it. Do this and speak no more of me.
Pippin turns and runs from the building, in hopes of finding
Gandalf, and that he might be able to talk Denethor out of
his madness. He is going to kill Faramir and himself, and
none were yet dead! Pippin runs down the hill, and towards
the town, which is still burning in some places.
The Orcs have reached the city, and were trying to swarm in
through the break in the wall, where it had been destroyed.
All around the walls, many places are still on fire. Juraham
is among the many soldiers that has the gap covered,
swinging their swords around at any Orc that tries to cross
over, stabbing one here, slashing one there, decapitating
another one there, chopping off an arm or leg of one here.
JURAHAM (Shouting): Hold the defences!


Suddenly some of the Orcs begin to make way as many other
Orcs push a battering ram along. This battering ram isnt
normal however. It is held by chains, which are connected to
stands of wood. This battering ram is shaped like a Warg. It
is long, narrow, and the front is shaped like the head of a
Warg, with eyes, ears, teeth, and snout. It also has two
feet, pointed forward, with metal casings in the form of a
claw at the end. The other two feet are at the back, pointed
The Orcs ram it forward, hitting the gates of Minas Tirith,
causing a loud booming noise to sound out.
Juraham looks to his side at the men behind the gate.
JURAHAM (Shouting): Protect the gates!
The soldiers
their bodies
driving them
back up, and
boom sounds,

rush forward and run up to the gates, forcing

against it, as another boom shudders it,
away, causing them to fall backwards. They get
rush to hold the gates yet again, as another
but an even louder sound was that of the gates

Juraham looks over at the soldiers defending the gates.

He turns back around to slash at an Orc, and then runs over
to help the men hold the gates, using all his strength to do
so. Suddenly the gates shatter in an explosion of wood and
splinters, causing the soldiers to fly back, as the ram
brakes through.

Orcs flood inside the walls, into Minas Tirith, grunting and
roaring as they slash at the injured and fallen soldiers,
showing no mercy. The soldiers that had been defending the
gap in the wall turn and start defending themselves from the
rushing Orcs, and as one of them swings his sword, blocking
an attack, he looks over and sees Jurahams dead body lying
on the ground.
High above, one of the Nazgul circles with the rest, then
flies down to the ground, landing his dragon, right into the
midst of the Orc army. The dragon stands up, tall, making
the Ringwraith be seen high above the heads of the Orc army,
staring at the burning, fallen city. The Orcs rush through
the gates and broken wall, into Minas Tirith. The Nazgul fly
high overhead, circling, and shrieking once in awhile. The
one Nazgul on the ground sits on his dragon, overseeing the
entire invasion.
Suddenly horns sound out from their side and the Ringwraith
turns, seeing an army riding on horses, pushing their way
through the Orcs blocking the roads leading up to Minas
Tirith, and leading up to the main army of the Orcs. Rohan
has finally arrived.
Theodon and Eomer lead the army of Riders up the road,
slashing, cutting, and pushing their way through the Orcs.
EOMER: The city is burning! We have come too late!
Eomer swings his sword, striking down an Orc here, another
THEODON: There may still be time. But we must hurry.
Theodon kicks an Orc in the face, sending it back as he
swings his sword at another. A few of the Riders continue to
blow on the horns as they ride.

Merry, riding with Dernhelm, takes out his sword, just in

time to kill an Orc, while Dernhelm swings his sword on the
other side, killing another Orc.
Before long, the Rohan army has reached the main
battlefield, the majority of the Orcs turning their
attention from Minas Tirith to meet their new adversaries.
As the army rushes through the Orcs, they come to a small
area where no Orcs stand. They stop their horses, and look
around at all the Orcs heading towards them. Many of the
Riders that had yet a chance to draw their swords, draw
them. Theodon continues to look out.
THEODON: Out of doubt we came singing in the sun. Sword
unsheathing. To Hopes end we ride, and to hearts breaking.
He looks around and sees that the Orcs are practically upon
THEODON (Cont.) Now for wrath. Now for ruin. And a Red
And with that, the Riders plunge into the army of Orcs.
Gandalf is running up a small hill towards the city, when he
looks back and sees the Lord of the Nazgul overseeing the
war from the ground, on top of its dragon. He turns and
starts to head back down, when he hears his name being
shouted out.
PIPPIN (V.O.): Gandalf!
Gandalf turns back around and sees Pippin running towards

PIPPIN: I am frightened! I fear Denethor may do something

that all will regret. He is out of his mind! He is trying to
kill himself, and Faramir too!
Gandalf looks down at the battle, then back at Pippin.
GANDALF: I have to return. The Lord of the Black Riders is
upon us.
PIPPIN: But Faramir is not yet dead! They will burn him
GANDALF: Where are they?
PIPPIN: At the Tombs. He says we are all to burn and he will
not wait. Can you not help?
GANDALF: Perhaps I can.
He looks back down at the Orcs rushing through the gates and
walls, the few men defending.
GANDALF: But I fear others will die from it.
They start up the hill, towards the Tombs, and as they go,
the sky draws even darker as even more darkness from Mordor
grows out.
GANDALF: Darkness lies heavy on this city.
Theodon slashes his sword down, striking an Orc as the
darkness begins to fall. He kills another. And another. And
another. An Orc fires an arrow at him, but he blocks it with

a shield. An Orc is going to ram a spear into Theodons

side, but Eomer rides up and chops the end of the spear off
with his sword, then swings his sword, killing the Orc.
Fighting brakes out all around yet again, as the Riders
attack and defend.
Dernhelm and Merry both swing their swords, until Dernhelms
horse brakes into a run, catching Merry unbalanced and
causing him to fall to the ground. He soon jumps to his
feet, and starts swinging his sword around, even though no
Orcs were attacking him.
Many of the Orcs have broken through, even though there are
still many soldiers fighting.
As the Riders ride around, fighting, they also trample many
THEODON (Shouting): Fear no darkness!
Theodon rears his horse up, slashing an Orc that gets
too close. Suddenly another Orc rams its sword into the side
of Theodons horse, causing it to fling him off. Theodon
lands hard on the ground, but he stands up, and for the
first time, sees the fires actually burning in the darkness,
casting light over the area. He turns, slashing an Orc, then
turns back around, stabbing another one. He turns in another
direction, and sees some Orcs heading towards him. Suddenly,
one Orc is flung through the air in one direction. Then
another in another direction. Suddenly a huge Orc, big,
strong, muscular, and very intimidating-looking steps up.
ORC LEADER (Growling): You will die. You will die a painful

It runs at him, raising its sword, and bringing it down.

Theodon blocks with his sword, but it is smashed as the Orc
brings his sword down. Theodon ducks as the Orc swings its
sword again. When he comes back up, he picks up the sword of
a fallen soldier, and rams it up, chopping off the arm of
the Orc, causing it to cry out in pain. He then swings his
sword and it goes part way into the Orc, and then gets
stuck. Theodon lets go of the sword and the Orc falls.
Theodon picks up a spear he finds on the ground, and turns
just in time to see the Nazgul that was in the battlefield,
land his dragon in front of him. In his hand, he holds a
giant round Mace. Theodon stands his ground, preparing to
Eomer rams his sword down, into the top of an Orcs head,
then turns his horse around, to slash the throat of another.
He turns to face the city again, and starts riding towards
it, swinging his sword this way and that, blocking or
attacking any Orcs that come close.
Dernhelm rams his sword forward, killing an Orc, as he
rides. He did the same again, but an Orc blocks with its
wooden shield, causing the sword to stick in the wood.
Dernhelm continues riding anyway, taking out his extra sword
from its sheath, and then continuing to fight in the battle.
Merry stands and swings his sword, slashing an Orc across
the waist, then turns and rams it into the waist of another
Theodon goes to plunge his sword forward, but the dragon
snaps, causing him to take a small step back. When he looks
back up, all he sees is the giant Mace head towards him and
hit him full on, causing him to fly through the air,
breaking every bone in his body.
Gandalf and Pippin reach the entrance to the Tombs. They
walk into the long hallway, seeing the door at the other end
blocked by two servants. When they reach the doors, the
servants refuse to let them through by stepping in their way
and holding a hand up.

GANDALF: You will grant us access. (They stand their ground;

shouting) Fools! (Raises staff) Now is not the time for your
petty foolishness!
He swirls his staff around, causing the servants to go up
into the air, get banged together, and then flung in
opposite directions across the room. Gandalf swings the
doors open and walks into the Tomb room, Pippin close
They look and see that Denethor stands beside Faramirs
casket, gasoline poured all over Faramir, his casket, and
the surrounding floor. Slabs of wood layered the floor
around the casket. Denethor holds a lit torch in one hand as
he looks at his son, tears in his eyes. Pippin stays back
near the doors, watching as Gandalf moves and starts to pick
Faramir up out of the casket. Denethor does nothing but
watch with sad eyes.
GANDALF: It is not right for you to decide your sons death.
DENETHOR: The West has failed. All of Middle-Earth will
Suddenly Faramir twists his head slightly.
FARAMIR (Weakly; whispering; Moaning; from his sleep):
There is a flicker in Denethors eyes as all madness leaves
him. He starts to cry.
Denethor (Crying): Do not take him from me!
Gandalf lifts Faramir all the way out of the casket.

DENETHOR (Crying): He calls for me.

GANDALF: He calls, but you cannot come to him yet. He must
seek healing. Where as you must go out to battle.
That thing that used to be in Denethors eyes returns.
DENETHOR: He will not wake again. Battle is in vain. Why
should we wish to live any longer? Why should we not go out
GANDALF: You have not the authority to decide the deaths of
your own kin. Come. There is yet much you can do.
Denethor starts laughing as he walks towards the wall and
places the torch in a holder. He then walks towards the back
of the room, to where there is a cloth with a round bulge in
it, lying on the floor. He stands in front of it and removes
the cloth, standing up and turning around, holding in his
hands, a Palantir.
DENETHOR (Shouting): Despair is on its way! Do you think
that the White City has been blind? I have seen more then
you know, grey fool. There is a great fleet of Orc Warships
heading our way from the Anduin River. They are coming to
join the already massive army. Against the Power that now
arises, there is no victory.
And then with that, he takes the torch from the wall and
casts it into the empty casket that Faramir had once
occupied, causing a great fire to roar up. Denethor walks
towards it.
GANDALF (Shouting): Denethor, do not do this!
DENETHOR: This is my hope, Mithrandir.

Denethor climbs up and lies down in the burning casket,

holding the Palantir as he burns.
GANDALF: Come Pippin!
Gandalf turns and leads Pippin out of the room, carrying
Faramir. Pippin closes the doors behind them. The two
servants that had been flung, are now standing up, swords
GANDALF: You serve Faramir now.
At first they hesitate as Gandalf outstretches his arms for
them to take Faramir, but they hear the crackling of fire in
the other room. They quickly put their swords away and grab
GANDALF: Take him to the House of Healing. (Beat) If it
still stands.
The servants turn and leave with Faramir. Gandalf and Pippin
start to walk out of the room.
PIPPIN: What happened back there, Gandalf?
Gandalf sighs.
GANDALF: I often
resided here, in
thought Denethor
spirit dark with

thought that one of the lost Palantirs

Minas Tirith, but I never would have
so foolish as to use it. It turned his
fear of Mordor.

They leave the building and enter into the dark air.

GANDALF: I want you to go to the House of Healing as well.

There you shall wait for me. (Beat) Or your doom. Whichever
comes first.
PIPPIN: Please hurry, Gandalf.
They turn, heading in different directions, Pippin going to
the House of Healing, Gandalf going back towards battle.
All around Theodons now dead body, soldiers are dropping
like flies, trying to defend from the Orcs reaching the
body. Some Orcs are dying, but even more Riders and Soldiers
are dying.
Merry had seen Theodons fall, and has tried to rush to his
side, but cant get through the hordes of Orcs. Merry
slashes an Orc, stabs another. Blocks an attack, then
strikes back.
Dernhelm is fighting a few Orcs away from the body, with
some of the other Riders, when he turns and sees the Orcs
closing in around the defenders of Theodons body. He turns
and starts riding in that direction. As he rides, he takes a
shield that was tied to the side of his horse, and ties it
to one arm, while he holds his sword with his free hand.
Merry turns from his spot to see Dernhelm ride by, heading
towards the Black Rider. He jumps off from the horse,
landing on his feet. Dernhelm then starts to walk towards
the Nazgul leader. An Orc gets in front of him and hisses,
but before anything else can happen, Dernhelm swings his
sword, killing the Orc. Another Orc gets in the way, and he
rams his sword into its stomach and pulls out. An Orc
charges at him, but he blocks the attack with his shield,
then swings his sword out, hitting it off the Orcs sword.
He then swings the swords around, causing his sword to be on
top, and then continues to go around, behind the Orc, and
brings it back, chopping off the Orcs head from behind.
Dernhelm reaches the Black Rider, standing in front of him.

DERNHELM (Shouting): Be gone!

tears are coming to his eyes. As a few of the tears trickle
down his face, it washes away some of the dirt, revealing a
smooth, gentle skin texture underneath. The Ringwraith
hisses in a raspy voice.
RINGWRIATH (Hissing; Raspy voice): No man can kill me.
Dernhelm laughs.
DERNHELM: I am no mere man you look upon.
Dernhelm reaches up and removes his helmet, allowing long,
golden hair to fall down. The voice goes from masculine, to
DERNHELM/EOWYN: I am Eowyn! You stand before me, my lord, my
kin, and my people. Living or not, if you touch my King, I
will smite you! Be gone!
Merrys face goes to an expression of surprise as he
The Ringwraith shrieks. The dragon beats its wings and leaps
forward, hissing, snapping its jaws. Without flinching,
Eowyn swings her sword up with all her might, cutting
through the neck of the dragon, decapitating it. She jumps
back as the body falls to the ground with a thud, flinging
dirt up. All around her, the sounds of swords clanging
together is still loud in the air. The Lord of the Nazgul
rises up from the carcass, holding his Mace. He takes a step
towards Eowyn. Then another. Then another.
Within a few steps he stands right before her, tall and
menacing. He swings his Mace forward and Eowyn holds her
shield forward to block it. The shield cracks all over in a
spider-web fashion, and a loud cracking sound comes from
Eowyn as all the bones in her arm also shatter. She stumbles

back from the pain, and then falls forward on her knees. The
Nazgul brings the Mace back for the final swing.
Merry had snuck up behind the Nazgul lord in a fit of rage
for hurting Eowyn. He brings his Elven blade back, and then
rams it forward, into the back of the knee of one of the
Ringwriaths legs.
The Nazgul Lord lets out a loud shriek, causing every
single fighting Orc, Soldier, and Rider to stop and look in
its direction. Eowyn uses this opportunity to use the last
of her strength and rises up, ramming her sword under the
hood of the cloak, into the unseen face of the Ringwraith,
with all her strength.
A great amount of dust shoots from under the cloak and hood,
flinging all over the place as if a great wind is blowing
it, and after all of it has settled, the cloak falls to the
ground, flat, as an old, rusted crown rolls out from under
the hood. The dark sky lets up a small bit.
Eowyn falls backwards, onto her back on the ground, eyes
closing. Merry rushes over and stands above her, watching
over her as the battle resumes all around.
Eomer looks down at his father, then over at his sister,
both lying motionless on the battlefield. He knows that now
Theodon was dead, he is the rightful King of Rohan. He
fights his way over to Eowyn, climbing down off his horse as
he looks at the crying Merry, then at Eowyn. He bends down
to kiss her forehead, when he feels a small wisp of air on
his neck. He looks down at her and puts his head on her
EOMER: She breathes! Eowyn is still alive!
Merry looks up, wiping tears away.
EOMER: We must get her into the city!
He lifts her up gently and places her on his horse, then
climbs up.

EOMER: Fight well, Master Hobbit.

Eomer nods and then takes off back to his father. Merry
looks around for his fallen sword and picks it back up,
turning around, seeing that the battle has moved away from
him to other places. Some closer to the city, others further
away. He switches arms with his sword, for his good arm had
been injured while attacking the Nazgul lord.
Eomer stops by Theodons body and gets down off his horse,
picking up the body and also placing that on the Horse.
Eomer turns to a near-by Rider, who happens to be Hama.
EOMER: Hama, take My Uncle and Sister into the city. Eowyn
is still alive, but not well. I refuse to leave my people
while they still fight. Take them now into the city!
HAMA: Yes MLord.
Hama climbs down and gets up onto Theodons horse, taking
the reins and heading towards the city. Eomer climbs up onto
the Riders horse and follows closely behind, covering Hama
from any attacks.
They ride through the battle at top speed, rushing by so
fast that an Orc wouldnt have been able to attack, even if
it had wanted. That didnt stop Eomer from swinging his
sword out from time-to-time though, killing or injuring a
few Orcs along the way. They soon reach the city walls, and
see that some of the Orcs have crossed over to the other
side of the wall. They also see that very few Soldiers still
remain defending the city, and those that do, are quickly
being overrun.
Eomer knocks an Orc from its feet as he rides by, and then
slashes at another. Once Hama has safely gotten out of reach
of the battle, Eomer turns his horse around and rides back
out to the fight.

The Orcs are still overcoming the Riders, and entering the
city, walking past the walls, and into the actual streets of
the city itself.
From out on the large lake, a huge fleet of War Ships are
seen coming out of the darks mist that hung over the water,
heading towards the shore.
Eomer sees the ships heading towards the battle, and sees
that they are of Orc design. Merry stands beside him.
EOMER: Will you ride with me, Master Hobbit?
Merry nods.
MERRY: I will.
Eomer reaches down and helps Merry up as a few other Riders
join in beside Eomer.
EOMER (Shouting): We ride now, onward to our deaths, to meet
with our new foes, as we leave our old ones to the city. We
ride now for glory. For the honour that our deaths will
bring. Let us all ride together, as one Nation!
And with that, all the Riders from all over the battlefield
stop their fights and start riding with speed towards the
docking ships, ignoring the Orcs that were just as surprised
at this new movement from the Riders, as the remaining
defenders of the city. The Riders ride through the
battlefield, heading towards the ships, the armies that were
on them, and their deaths.


The ships dock on shore, with the Riders getting closer and
closer. Suddenly, giant flags are raised on the War Ships,
flapping in the wind. On these flags, is the White Tree
symbol of Gondor. At that instant, from somewhere close by,
a Rooster crows. Part of the darkness in the sky moves away,
allowing bright sunlight to shine down, at first right onto
the boards, and then moving outwards, until the land was
free of the darkness.
Eomer stops his horse, right in front of the ships, putting
up his hand to halt the other Riders. All is quiet as a
drawbridge is let down onto the ground, and they peer into
the darkness beyond. They suddenly see a flicker of
movement, and then it takes shape as a horse and Rider, both
clad in armour. As the Rider moves out of the darkness and
into the light, everyone sees that it is Aragorn! On his
chest plate, he bears the White Tree of Gondor.
Behind him moved out more Riders. Halbarard. Legolas and
Gimli still sharing a horse. And after them follows a
massive army that is joined by other soldiers that are
unloading from the other ships. Aragorn rides towards Eomer.
ARAGORN: Thus we meet again.
GIMLI (Seeing Merry on Eomers horse): The little Hobbit!
EOMER: You come none too soon, my friend. We have suffered
much loss and sorrow. Theodon, my uncle, is dead. Eowyn is
greatly injured and on the verge of death herself. Young
Merry here has injured his arm. Many have died. The city is
ARAGORN: Then let us avenge them! (Shouts) Forth Eorlingas!
He takes out Narsil and raises it high in the air as he
kicks his horse, leading his army of Rangers, soldiers, and

Elves into battle, quickly being joined by Eomer and the

Riders of Rohan in an army that rivals that of the Orcs.
As Aragorn rides, he swings his sword, killing an Orc. He
swings again, killing another. He swings yet again, killing
again, another Orc.
Halbarard is on foot, and as he runs, he rams his sword
forward, killing an Orc, then he turns it around and rams it
backwards, killing another Orc. He brings his sword back
forward, and ducks when a spiked staff swings out. While he
is ducking down, he looks over and rams his sword into the
chest of his attacker, causing him to loose grip on the
staff and fall, dead.
Eomers sword clangs off a few Orcs swords as he stayed
above them on his horse, Merry sitting in front of him.
Legolas and Gimli are riding around. Gimli has his axe
drawn, swinging it down at any Orcs that they pass by.
GIMLI (Shouting): Three!
His axe buries into an Orc.
LEGOLAS: Im at nine.
He fires an arrow.
GIMLI: How do you do that?
LEGOLAS: I dont waste time figuring things out in my head
when I could be fighting.
He fires once. Twice. A third time, killing Orcs with every
shot. Gimli looks at him, then back at the battle, swinging
his axe down with fury, then over, then back, then up and
down again.

GIMLI: I (Swings down, killing an Orc) Will not (Swings

again, hitting the flat top of his axe against the face of
an Orc, sending it tumbling back.) Be beaten (Swings the
axe forward, chopping off a head as the Horse continues to
run) By an Elf (Raises the axe up, then down, ramming it
into the top of an Orcs head.) Again!
He turns to the other side of the Horse and swings his axe,
killing an oncoming Orc. Legolas loads three arrows into his
bow and fires all of them, shooting three Orcs at once.
An Elf with a spear rams it forward, impaling two Orcs in a
row. He pulls it out, hitting an Orc with the end of it,
causing it to stumble back. The Elf then turns around and
rams the spear through that Orc.
All the Archers that had come with Aragorn stand in a line,
pointing their bows outwards, and fires at the Orcs, killing
a lot of them.
Many of the other members in the army are holding spears,
and they also stand in a straight line, their spears held up
at their side, watching as many Orcs from the Orc army run
towards them, growling and brandishing their own weapons.
Right before the Orcs reach them, they kneel down and ram
their spears forward, impaling the rushing Orcs upon them.
From high above, the remaining Nazgul are shrieking and stop
flying in circles, and start flying back towards Mordor.
From the ground, Legolas sees this and raises his bow to the
sky, tracking one of the dragons. He fires, letting the
arrow sore through the sky. One of the dragons looses its
balance and squirms while in the air, but quickly rightens
and continues on.
Gandalf runs down the street, rushing to get to the battle.
An Orc runs up to him, but he stabs it with his sword. Then
a few more Orcs rush him and he blocks one attack as he
swings down and slashes an Orc. Then he returns his sword to
its spot from a second before to kill the other Orc. He then
brings it around to block an attack from the third Orc, just
to hit it over the head with his staff, and when it is

distracted, rams his sword forward. He continues on down the

hill, heading towards the Outer Walls, when he sees them
swarming with Orcs, heading up towards the city.
He puts his sword away and clutches his staff in both hands,
pointing it outwards. He mumbles a few words and soon the
end starts to glow. He mumbles a few more words and a great
blast of light shoots forward from the staff, hitting the
rushing Orcs that are coming up the hill and towards the
city, causing them to get severely burned (Enough to die) as
they are flung back through the air. Gandalf takes another
few steps forward and does it again, clearing the path a bit
more. After every couple steps down the hill, he stops and
fires again, clearing the path a bit more each time, and
lowering the number of Orcs in the opposing army.
Before long, Gandalf has cleared away all the Orcs that has
passed the Outer Walls, and the only threat lies out in the
field, which even that threat is diminishing.
The remaining Orcs that are still alive, began to try to
retreat back to Mordor, trying to leave the battle behind,
but they are not allowed. As they are running away in the
other direction, Aragorn, Eomer, and other Riders and
soldiers rush by them on their horses, stabbing them,
slashing them, decapitating them. By now, Halbarard had
gotten on a horse and was doing the same. The army of
Archers fire their arrows, killing even more of the
retreating Orcs. Gimli and Legolas ride by as well, Gimli
ramming his axe into the back of nearby Orcs, Legolas firing
arrows at them.
Soon enough, all the Orcs that had been retreating, and all
the Orcs that remained in the fields, has been slaughtered.
Only the soldiers of Gondor, The Riders of Rohan, and the
reinforcements that Aragorn brought, are left standing. All
the soldiers let out a victory cry as some of the Riders of
Rohan blow on horns as they turn around and look at the
carnage on the ground. They slowly ride their horses, or
walk, back towards the city.

As they start their slow walk back, a light rain begins to

fall, creating a mist on the ground and extinguishing the
burning fires of the city.
Pippin has snuck down to the city walls to greet the
champions, and as he does, he stands alongside Gandalf, who
looks proud at the marching army.
GANDALF: The legend came true. We must welcome the return of
the King.
As the Riders get closer, Pippin sees Merry on Eomers
horse, and quickly rushes out to greet him.
PIPPIN: Merry!
Merry climbs off the horse, holding his injured arm.
MERRY (Smiling): Pippin!
They hug each other, but as they do, Merry winces in pain.
Pippin quickly backs up.
PIPPIN: You are hurt.
MERRY: Its nothing. My arm started to hurt when I used my
sword to injure the Black Rider.
PIPPIN: You must follow me. Ill bring you to the House of
Healing. Id carry you if I could. You arent fit to walk.
Here, lean on me.

Pippin puts an arm around Merry as he helps him walk inside

the city. Part way up the hill between the gates and the
city, Pippin looses his grip on Merry, but instead of Merry
falling, Gandalf has come up from behind and catches him,
and helps Pippin help Merry to walk.
GANDALF: You have both showed great courage and bravery
today. I am very proud of the both of you.
They walk among the houses to a certain building.
GANDALF: But the fate of Middle-Earth still hangs in the
balance. There is not much we can do now. Only Frodo and Sam
can decide what happens from here.
They enter the building and there are many beds set up, two
of them are occupied by Faramir and Eowyn. Gandalf and
Pippin brings Merry over to a bed and help him lay down as
an old lady walks over.
OLD LADY (Pointing to Faramir): Him, I can help. He will
live. (Turning to Eowyn) But with her, my art and knowledge
is baffled. She has been touched by the Black Shadow.
GANDALF: This one as well.
He helps Pippin lay Merry on a bed.
OLD LADY: Those touched by it fall into an eternal sleep,
where they pass onto for many days, then die. But it is said
that The hands of the King are the hands of the Healer.
The King of the Throne of Gondor has the knowledge to heal
them, and only him.
Gandalf stands.

GANDALF: Pippin, stay by Merrys side. I must go and fetch

Gandalf turns and rushes out of the building.
Aragorn sits on his horse, Legolas, Gimli, Halbarard, and
Eomer around him. All the other soldiers have gone to take
up residence in the city.
ARAGORN: I cannot enter. Unless granted by the Steward
Gandalf appears on the other side of the wall.
GANDALF: You must come, Aragorn. The need for time is
ARAGORN: But I have not
GANDALF: (Cutting Aragorn off; Shouting) Dont be a fool
now! Denethor is dead and Faramir is badly wounded. There is
no Steward to grant you access. No one rules over this city
at the moment. You may enter.
Pippin has his head hung over Merrys body, tears in his
eyes. Merry lay still, eyes closed. Suddenly the door opens
and he turns his head.
PIPPIN: Strider!

Aragorn walks in, followed by Gandalf and Eomer. Eomer

quickly rushes over to his sisters bed. Aragorn laughs at
Pippin and suddenly Pippin was on his feet, hugging him.
ARAGORN (Smiling): Well met, Pippin.
The Old Lady looks at Aragorn.
OLD LADY: You are the King? Well we call you by such a name,
or when you get crowned, will you be called by a different
ARAGORN: I will be Aragorn, son of Arathron, but Strider
shall be the name of my house, if that is ever established.
Pippin lets go of Aragorn and sits back next to Merrys bed.
Aragorn turns and looks at Merrys face, sweat breaking out
on the Hobbit. He turns and walks over to Eowyns bed, and
as he peers down, his eyes show affection, and fear. He had
seen these effects before. He looks up at the Old Lady.
ARAGORN: Do you have any Athelas?
OLD LADY: I know not of that plant.
ARAGORN: Kingsfoil. It is also known by that name.
OLD LADY: Oh that! No, we have none in store. It is grown
out in the woods behind the city.
ARAGORN: Then make haste and retrieve some. That is all that
may save these young souls.
She nods and starts to head out the door when Gandalf stops

GANDALF: Take Shadowfax. He will burden you with great

speed. You may find him at the stables.
The Old lady nods again and leaves.
ARAGORN: In the mean time, I will tend to Faramirs wounds.
The Old Lady has returned and Aragorn has boiling water
standing by. He takes some of the herbs and brakes them into
the boiling water. While it boils, Faramir, bandaged up,
snaps his eyes open.
FARAMIR (Weakly): WhatWhat happened?
Aragorn looks over and walks over with some bread.
ARAGORN: Eat. And rest for many days.
Aragorn turns back to the boiling pot of water.
FARAMIR: Lord? (Aragorn turns back to him.) I knew it was
you. The King has returned.
Aragorn smiles.
ARAGORN: Rest now. I must move on to others who need my
Aragorn takes the boiling water that the herbs have been in,
and moves on to Eowyns bed, Eomer sitting beside it.
Aragorn looks down at her with sadness on his face.

ARAGORN: Here is a grievous hurt and a heavy blow. (He looks

down at the arm, bandaged) The arm will heal. If she has
strength to live. But the main injury comes from her sword
arm, for there appears to be no more life in it, although it
is not broken. She had been against a mighty foe and her
strength had bested many men.
He breaks two more leaves into the boiling water and holds
the kettle close by, the steam covering Eowyns face.
ARAGORN: Listen to my voice and come back to the light.
Leave the darkness behind.
Nothing happens. Eowyn does not wake.
EOMER (Tears in eyes): Sister, come back to us. Your time
here has not yet ended.
Suddenly Eowyns eyes start to flicker.
ARAGORN: Return to us.
Aragorn bends down and kisses her on the forehead.
ARAGORN: Your enemy has passed.
Eowyns eyes snap open and look right up into Aragorns. He
looks back down into her eyes, but then turns his gaze away.
She shifts her eyes to look at her brother, a smile coming
across both their faces.
EWOYN (Weak; whispering): How long was I dreaming?

Not long.

ARAGORN: You must rest.

She looks back into his eyes and nods.
EWOYN: If you insist. (Beat) In one dream, I had seen Arwen.
She was greatly fearing the outcome of this battle. Shes
worried about you. (Aragorn looks back down at her; She
sighs) You must go to her to ease her worrying. Then there
you must stay, to live your lives together.
Aragorn nods.
ARAGORN: I will go as soon as I have news to bring her. Then
she shall return with me to my Kingdom.
Eowyn nods then turns back to Eomer. Aragorn turns to
Merrys bed with Pippin and Gandalf close by it. He sees the
fear in Pippins eyes.
ARAGORN: Do not fear for him, Pippin. I have come in time.
He will live. But he is hurt much like Eowyn was, for he
dared to smite that evil creature.
Aragorn breaks two more leaves into the water and lifts it
so the steam floats towards Merrys face. With his other
hand, he touches Merrys eyes.
ARAGORN: Merry, come back to the light. Your friends are
waiting for you here.
Suddenly Merry opens his eyes and looks up, seeing a smiling
Gandalf, Pippin, and Aragorn.
MERRY: Im hungry.

They all chuckle, including Faramir, Eowyn, Eomer, and the

Old Lady.
ARAGORN: I will send for some food. But now I must be gone.
Get some rest.
And with that, Aragorn walks out of the building, Gandalf
following him.
Aragorn and Gandalf walk down the streets. By now the rain
has stopped again, leaving a grey, misty evening behind.
ARAGORN: Eowyn will wish to leave. When she gets well
enough, she must not leave for ten days.
GANDALF: Once Faramir is well enough, he must be told the
story of his father.
Aragorn nods.
Aragorn: I have yet to hear that story myself, but I only
wish to hear it, after all threat is gone. Merry may be well
enough to walk around for a bit tomorrow with Pippin, but it
must not be a lot.
As they walk down the street, people look out from their
windows, murmuring things about the King having returned.
GANDALF: How did you manage to capture those ships?
ARAGORN: We had traveled to the top of the River. We
overthrew the fifty ships of the southern army. Many other
Armies of men had gathered around, and they offered their
allegiance to me. I told the Army of the Dead that their

oath was finished and they left. We got on the ships and set
sail for here.
GANDALF: That is quite a story. But now we must all meet to
discus what we wish to do. I will go to the Citadel, for the
White Tower where such meetings are held, no longer stands.
You should gather all who should be involved in our
discussion and bring them there.
Aragorn nods and soon parts from Gandalf.
Sam and Frodo had been resting under a small rock
formation, and they both awaken and slowly stand up and

SAM: We should get going, Mr. Frodo. We still have many

miles to go before we reach our destination.
Sam looks out over the long plains and sees Mount Doom,
sitting tall, a red glow coming from inside.
FRODO: This sleep did nothing for me, Sam.
Frodo rubs his neck and Sam sees that the chain in which the
Ring rests on, is chafing Frodos neck. They start out
walking again.
Frodo starts to slow down.
FRODO: I need another rest.

SAM: Not yet, Mr. Frodo. We are being followed. High up.
He helps Frodo walk as, high above their heads, in between
clouds, a black dragon with a rider on it can be seen for a
second before disappearing into another dark cloud.
Sam had his arm around Frodos shoulder, helping him walk
across the barren landscape, when the only sound is their
feet, and once in awhile the distant sound of flapping wings
from above. Suddenly, in the quiet, they hear the sound of
another pair of feet, and Sam darts his head, seeing
something small crawl into the shadows, out of view.
SAM: Oh dear, Mr. Frodo. I fear that Gollum is not dead. It
appears hes following us, again.
FRODO: His thirst for the Ring drives him on. He will not
find peace until he has the Ring. I fear what he will do to
himself once we destroy it.
SAM: No better then he deserves, thats for sure.
Sam glares into the darkness. Suddenly they hear the sound
of marching feet, and they begin to run. After a few
minutes, they come to the edge of the plain, only to find
themselves on a cliff, the plain continuing below them.
But what catches their attention the most, is the large army
of Orcs moving across the plains, stronger Orcs standing
around them, whipping them with whips, yelling at them to
move faster. It is a second army. One more vicious then the
last they saw, though not as great in numbers.
Sam and Frodo stays at the top of the cliff, waiting until
the army passes by.
The army has passed and is out of view.

FRODO: Come on, Sam.

They start down the side of the cliff.
Before long, they are continuing across the plain, below the
cliff, only a few miles away from Mount Doom.
SAM: It isnt far now, Mr. Frodo. Only a couple hours or so.
Frodo suddenly smiles as he stops and looks out across the
FRODO: Its almost over, Sam. Our very own adventure will be
over soon.
SAM: That it well be, Mr. Frodo. Then we can go back home to
the Shire. Be in our nice warm Hobbit holes with our
families. (Tears come to his eyes.) We can be sitting down
by the fireplace, smoking a pipe and telling a tale to our
children. The tale of how Master Frodo Baggins and Samwise
Gamgee saved Middle-Earth.
FRODO: They will enjoy it. Especially Sams bravery. Many
will try to live up to it, and want to play as their
favourite hero, Sam, when they go into the yard to play
SAM: Well you cant forget yourself. Little children love
playing as the hero. Then they will come inside and ask to
hear more, while sitting around a nice cooked diner.
FRODO: Sam, Im sorry for what I said before.
SAM: About what, Mr. Frodo?

FRODO: When I said that I had wished that you never come
along. I didnt mean it. Im glad youre with me. Id settle
for no one else.
Sam wipes a few tears away.
SAM: It was the Ring talking. And actually, Mr. Frodo, I
wouldnt mind having Gandalf or Strider here. They could
help a great deal. Now if you dont mind, Id like to make
sure that Ring can do no more harm, if you understand what
Im saying.
Frodo smiles again.
FRODO: Of course Sam. Lets finish our adventure.
And with that they set out once again, to go the last bit of
distance on their quest.
Aragorn, Gimli, Legolas, Gandalf, Halbarard, and Pippin are
leading a great army out of Gondor, and onwards to Mordor.
Pippin looks sad.
PIPPIN: I wish I didnt have to leave Merry behind.
GANDALF: I know. But he needs his rest, and you will do more
good with us. Eomer stayed behind with many men to defend
the city from any further attacks. Your place is here.
They enter the ruins of Osgillath, dead bodies of both men
and Orcs lying around, the horses walking over them.

GIMLI: Ay, we wasted too much time preparing, and not enough
time fighting.
ARAGORN: We did the best we could, Gimli. We still defended
Minas Tirith and all the lands beyond.
LEGOLAS: Why are we going onward to Mordor? There will be
more armies there.
HALBARAD: We must go to distract Sauron.
GANDALF: Then Frodo can complete his task, if Sauron is
concentrating on us.
Suddenly, a dirty head pokes around the corner and Gandalf
sights it.
GANDALF (Shouting): Come out!
All the Riders come to a stop as a person walks out from
around the corner of a house, and before long, the entire
town of people who had survived the attack were walking out
toward them.
GANDALF: The King has returned!
There are low murmurs.
ARAGORN: You are free of Mordor. Rebuild your town. When I
return, I will send you assistance.
And with that, the riders started moving once again.
LEGOLAS: You will be a very kind ruler, Aragorn. Your people
will be very fortunate to follow you.


The army is riding with speed across the green lands of
They had left Gondor and are in the barren lands of Mordor.
They ride more slowly, since this terrain was much more
harsh then that of Gondors.
GANDALF: Be weary in this land. Many foul things have found
a home here, and many of those wish to see us fail.
As they ride, they all start looking on all sides of
themselves, close to the ground, and in the distance,
looking out for anything mischievous.
Legolas looks up in the sky with his Elf eyes and spots
seven black shapes up there.
LEGOLAS: Nazgul. Seven of them. Where the eighth is, I do
not know.
GIMLI: Could it be after the young Hobbits?
GANDALF: Possibly. But that is not our concern. Neither are
those Black Riders above us, unless they attack.
They enter a valley, where cliff faces were are on either
side of them, and the entire army has to travel single-file
in order to fit through.

ARAGORN: I dont like this. We can be ambushed.

GANDALF: It is the quickest way, Aragorn. Unless you want to
take days, even weeks to get there, then this is the only
Aragorn continues on, leading the army, looking back and
forth from the two sides. They exit the small valley, and
continue on.
It is now Evening and they have reached the Black Gates of
Barad-Dur, and come to a halt. The Gates are between two
giant cliff faces, and remains closed.
ARAGORN (Shouting): Come forth! Let the Lord of the Dark
Lands come forth!
There is a great silence for many long minutes, as no answer
is heard. Suddenly they hear drums banging loudly from the
other side of the Gates. Then horns begin to play and a
great moan sounds out as the Gates slowly open.
Only one Rider is coming out to meet them, and this Rider
has no weapon. He wears a helmet, but his face is greatly
disfigured, as if he is a skeleton with a thin layer of
flesh on him. He rides out as the Gates bang closed behind
EVIL RIDER: I am the Mouth of Sauron. (Looks at the army and
begins to laugh an evil laugh.) Is there anyone in this army
worthy of speaking with me? (Looks at Aragorn.) It takes
more to be King then mere Elfish blades and armour.
Aragorn begins to take out his sword, but stops when the
Mouth of Sauron continues.

MOUTH OF SAURON: You cannot slay me, for I am only the

Aragorn lets his hand off of the hilt of his sword. The
Messenger pulls up Frodos cloak.
MOUTH OF SAURON: You will move your forces out of Gondor,
and away from these lands. And in exchange, we will give you
your companion.
Everyone shows surprise and fear as they see this messenger
hold Frodos cloak up. Even Gandalf.
ARAGORN (Hoping that they had not found the Ring): How does
your master expect one prisoner to be worth so much? We will
not retreat.
The Mouth of Sauron opens his mouth and a great screeching
fills the air.
Giant trolls are on top Barad-Dur, being whipped by Orc
handlers. They start pulling and pushing a giant device,
allowing the giant Gates to moan open.
From down on the ground, the Gates slowly open, revealing a
great Orc army, banging their weapons on the ground. They
roar and rush out at a run, and as they do, two more Orc
armies start running down from the sides of the surrounding
mountains, closing in around Aragorn and his army. The
Riders all draw their weapons, the Elven Archers loading
their bows.
PIPPIN (Shouting; Drawing his sword): For Gondor!

ARAGORN (Shouting): For Gondor!

ENTIRE ARMY (Shouting): For Gondor!
As the rushing armies continue to run at them, they hear
screeching as the seven Nazgul start to swoop down towards
them. The armies all met at once.
Aragorn swings his sword, killing an Orc.
Legolas fires an arrow, killing another Orc, while Gimli
rams his axe down on another one.
Gandalf fires a great blast from his staff, causing many
Orcs to fly back as their skin boils.
Pippin raises his sword and brings it down on the head of an
Halbarad swings his sword, chopping off an Orcs head, then
rams it behind him, right into the face of another Orc.
All around, men are fighting and defending, blocking and
attack, swords clanging, many men falling.
The Elves are about to fire their arrows, when from behind,
the Orc Archers fired first, killing the majority of the
Elven Archers in one wave of arrows.
Halbarad Lashes out with his foot to kick an Orc, but it
catches his foot and yanks him off his horse, causing him to
land on the ground, hard. An Orc rushes at him, but he
swings his foot up, kicking it away. He starts to stand, and
gets shoved back to the ground by an Orc that was running
by. He tries to stand again, but this time, he looks up,
seeing an Orc look at him, growling. Then it rams a spear
forward, impaling Halbarard. His eyes shoot open and he
gasps. Aragorn looks over and sees this, stopping all his
ARAGORN (Shouting): Halbarard!

Halbarard falls to the ground, lifeless as the Orc pulls its

spear out and lets out a victory cry. Aragorn starts running
towards the Orc, killing any Orc in his way. Rams his sword
into one, swings it at another. He finally reaches the Orc
that killed Halbarard, only to have its back turned to him.
Aragorn taps it on the shoulder, and when it turns around,
he punches it, causing it to take a couple steps back. He
then takes his sword, and with all his strength, swings
sideways. The sword goes part way through the Orcs
midsection, and gets stuck. Aragorn uses the last of his
strength to continue pulling it through, until it was freed
on the other side.
The Orc looks at Aragorn and growls, taking a step forward.
Thats when his top half fell away from his legs, which were
left standing for a few seconds before also falling. Aragorn
turns around and continues to fight.
Gandalf swings his staff around, hitting an Orc over the
head, then tripping another up, then ramming it into the gut
of another.
Gimli rams his axe down, splitting a head in half, then
swings it again, killing another Orc. Legolas fires an
arrow. Then another. Then another. Then another. Killing
Orcs with each shot. But no matter how many Orcs were
killed, more always seemed to replace them.
Pippins horse starts to panic and throws him off. Pippin
lands hard on his back, with an Orc glaring down at him. He
uses all his Might and rams his sword up and forward,
killing the Orc, but causing it to fall on top of him,
pinning him to the ground. He hits his head off the ground,
causing him to go dizzy and his eyesight to go fuzzy.
RANDOM SOLDIER: Look! The Eagles! The Eagles!
And then Pippin slips away into darkness and sees no more.

Frodo and Sam are getting closer to the base of Mount Doom,
when Frodo suddenly stops, looking very sick. Sam looks at
FRODO (Whispering): Its the Ring. Its hurting my neck.
SAM: If you want, Mr. Frodo, Ill carry it.
Suddenly Frodo gets a new burst of energy, but not a good
FRODO: Get away from me, you little thief! Dont touch me!
Sam takes a step towards Frodo.
SAM: But Frodo
FRODO (Cutting Sam off): No!
Frodo backs up and takes Sting out.
FRODO: Its mine!
Sam quickly takes a couple steps back as Frodo seems to
return to normal, putting his sword away.
FRODO (More kinder and gentler): It is my burden, Sam. I
would not dare give you the danger I have put myself in.
besides, I cannot give it up. If I try to, it will drive me
Sam nods, still visibly frightened.

SAM: I understand. But there are other things we do not

need. We should lighten our load. (Looks at Mount Doom.)
Theres no point in taking anything were sure not to need.
FRODO: Very well.
Sam takes off his pack and starts taking everything out
except for the remaining food. Tears come to his eyes as he
throws his cooking supplies away.
SAM: Do you remember the day we had the cooked Rabbit, Mr.
Frodo chuckles as he lets some small objects fall to the
ground from his pockets.
FRODO: Yes Sam. It was a very tasty meal.
SAM (Sadly): Im afraid we wont be having any more of those
on this journey.
Once everything they dont need is thrown away, they stand
back up and continue onward to the base of Mount Doom.
Before long, they reach and start up the side of the
mountain, the air getting thicker, making it harder to
breathe. Before long, Frodo collapses from being too weak.
SAM (Shouting): Frodo!
Sam rushes to him and kneels by his side.

SAM: Oh, Frodo! Dont give up now. Not now that were so
close to finishing our task!
FRODO (Whispering): I cant go on, Sam.
SAM: Its almost over. You cant give up after all weve
been through to get here.
He tries to help Frodo to stand, but it is no use.
FRODO (Whispering): I cant stand. Im too weak.
Sam turns around and sits on a rock.
SAM: Then its been all for nothing. Everything weve been
through. All the people who has died. Its all for nothing.
We mind as well stay here until death claims us.
Suddenly Frodo gets a last ounce of Hope in him.
FRODO: No Sam, we must complete our task. I will crawl if I
have to.
And with that, Frodo turns his body around and starts to
crawl up the side of the mountain. Sam smiles and also
crawls, going up Mount Doom with Frodo.
Part way up, Frodo and Sam turns around to look behind them,
and in the distance, they see the top tower of Barad-Dur,
with a large, flaming, red Eye of fire. But the pupil is not
on them. It is turned the other way.
FRODO: We should hurry, Sam. While were not being seen.

Sam nods his agreement as they continue on up.

A little further up, they come to a flat surface, and in
front of them stands a cave entrance.
SAM: Look Mr. Frodo! There it is!
They stand up and start walking towards it, when suddenly a
boulder lands between them, smashing. They look up, and on
the mountain, above the cave, Gollum stands.
GOLLUM: Wicked masster cheatsss us.
He jumps down, tackling Frodo to the ground. Sam starts to
run forward with his sword, but knows it was useless. Frodo
and Gollum are locked together, with Gollum trying to force
his way to the Ring. Frodo suddenly fights back with an
ounce of strength that amazes both Sam and Gollum. Frodo
throws Gollum off of him and to the ground. Frodo clutches
the Ring in one hand.
FRODO (Furious): Down! Down and out of my way!
Gollum moves away from the path leading into the mountain,
and Sam rushes over to him, pointing his sword at him.
SAM: Go on, Mr. Frodo. Do what we came here to do. Ill stay
and watch Gollum.
GOLLUM (Shouting): You mussstnt go that way!
Gollum cries out as Frodo jogs into the tunnel, leaving
their view.

GOLLUM (Shouting): You musssnt harm the preciousss!

He reaches out his hand, but Sam brings his foot back and
then forward, kicking it. Gollum quickly brings it back,
rubbing it.
GOLLUM: Nasssty Fat Hobbit.
He glares at Sam. He jumps at Sam unexpectedly, knocking him
to the ground, then turns and runs inside the tunnel.
SAM (Shouting): Frodo, watch out! Gollum is coming in after
Sam stands up and also rushes inside the cave.
Sam runs through the tunnel and comes to an area that splits
off into three directions. He quickly continues on, ignoring
the side tunnels, and soon he enters into a large chamber
that is lit by the glow of the lava below. Sam has entered
the cavern that they are supposed to destroy the Ring in.
The Lava is boiling, twisting, and turning it the pit.
He sees Frodo standing on the edge, looking down into the
pit of lava. Sam sighs with relief.
SAM: So you have done it. Youve destroyed the Ring. You
have completed our quest. Middle-Earth is saved.
Frodo turns around, an evil sneer on his face, the Ring
between two fingers, no longer on the chain. Sam gasps.
FRODO: I come, but I do not choose to do what I came to do.
I will not do this deed. The Ring is mine!

And at that instant, Frodo slips the Ring on, disappearing

from view.
From high atop TH furious battle, all the Nazgul suddenly
shrieks and takes off in a different direction, leaving the
battle behind.
SAM (Shouting): Frodo! All this way for nothing. Just to
loose. Just to give in.
Suddenly he is shoved hard against the wall, and all he sees
is blackness.
Sam opens his eyelids and rubs his eyes as he sits against
the wall of the cavern. He gets a look of surprise as he
sees Gollum jumping around, snapping at some unseen force.
At times Gollum appears to stay in the air for a few
seconds, on one spot, and then gets flung away.
Gollum quickly jumps back up, and continues snapping his
teeth around. Suddenly Sam heard Frodos voice cry out as
Gollum tears something away and Frodo becomes visible as he
collapses to the floor.
SAM: Mr. Frodo!
Sam runs over to Frodo and stands by him as he sees Gollum
dancing around with glee. Sam looks down and sees that
Frodos hand is bleeding from

Where his Ring finger is supposed to be! Gollum had bitten

it off! Sam looks back up and sees Gollum prancing around.
GOLLUM (Happily): Weve gotssss it!
He keeps repeating that as he continues to prance around the
cavern. As he prances, he gets too close to the edge, and
the ground starts to crack. Suddenly part of the edge
crumbles away, causing Gollum to loose his balance and fall
over the side, down towards the lava.
GOLLUM (Shouting): Precioussssssssssss!
The Ring slips from his grasp as he falls. Gollum sinks into
the lava, the Ring close behind him. Suddenly there is a
giant roar as the fires and lava shoot up, and start
exploding in fits of fury, causing the entire cave system
and mountain to shake and tremble.
Sam uses all his strength to pick Frodo up. He puts his arm
around his shoulder and helps him walk out of the cavern,
and down he tunnel as rocks fall loose all around them.
The Tower of Cirith Ungol is breaking away, bricks falling.
After so many falls loose, the tower collapses.
Barad-Dur also starts to fall apart, bricks raining down.
High on top of the highest Tower of Bard-Dur, the Eye of
Fire turns furiously in the direction of Mount Doom, and
then suddenly explods in a shower of sparks and stars,
lighting all of Morder, and freeing the lands from the


The Nazgul are flying towards Mount Doom when the bright
explosion of the Eye happens. They get caught in the blast
of light, and they begin to disintegrate, cloaks included.
The dragons are blinded by the light and fall to the ground,
the fall causing their deaths.
Sam and Frodo are nearing the entrance to the cave.
FRODO (V.O.): Well this is the end.
Sam turns his head and sees Frodo looking up at him, his
skin deathly pale. They exit the tunnels and run out onto
the side of Mount Doom, into the new light of day. A light
Mordor has not seen for a long time. Sam sets Frodo down.
SAM: Your hand!
FRODO: Its alright, Sam. It was meant to happen. Do you
remember Gandalfs words, back in the Mines of Moria?
Gandalf and Frodo are standing together, peering into the
darkness, in the Mines of Moria.
FRODO: Pity Bilbo didnt kill him when he had the chance.
GANDALF: Pity? It was pity that stayed Bilbo's hand. Many
who live deserve death, and some who die deserve life. Can

you give it to them? Do not be too eager to deal out death

in judgment. Even the very wise cannot see all ends, but my
heart tells me that Gollum still has a part to play, for
good or ill. Before this is over, the pity of Bilbo may rule
the fate of many.
FRODO: I could not have destroyed the Ring. Gollum was able
to do, what I could not.
Then he looks at Sam as tears come to both their eyes,
knowing it is finally all over.
FRODO: Im glad youre here with me, Sam. Here at the end of
our adventure.
Suddenly part of the mountain explodes as the fires shot up.
The ground starts to break away, collapsing into itself.
SAM (Shouting): Run, Frodo!
Sam helps Frodo to run down the side, lava quickly shooting
up from many creaks, flowing down after them. They stay
ahead of the lava for quite some time, until they discover
that the mountain is now an island, lava flowing at its
base. They stop on their spot, seeing that they are trapped.
Lava flowing in front of them, cutting their escape off,
lava flowing towards them from behind. They look back and
forth between the two lava flows.
SAM: I dont want to give up yet. Its not like me.
FRODO: Maybe not, Sam. But its like things are in the world


FRODO (V.O.): Hopes fail
Gandalf, Aragorn, Legolas, Gimli, Pippin, and the remainder
of the army are fighting a battle. Pippin knocks his head
off the ground, just as Barad-Dur starts crumbling. Suddenly
a flock of giant Eagles are seen and someone points up,
shouting something. (We dont hear any sound other then
Frodo talking)
FRODO (V.O.): An end comes
The Giant eagles each take a person into the air, leaving
the panicking Orcs below. The Eagles fly away, away from
We see Sam and Frodo caught between the 2 lava flows, from
an Arial shot.
FRODO (V.O.): There is no escape.
We cut down to Frodo and Sam as they look back one final
time, seeing that the lava will reach them any second. They
are already feeling the heat from it. They close their eyes,
waiting for their deaths to come.
Suddenly they hear a caw and look up, just in time to see
two giant Eagles swoop down and pick them up in their claws,
carrying them away from Mount Doom and the lava. Frodo then
passes out at that time, seeing only blackness.

Frodo opens his eyes, and looks around, seeing he is lying

on a bed. On the bed next to his is Sam, who also opens his
eyes. Frodos hand has been bandaged up. Standing around
them is Gandalf, Aragorn, Legolas, Gimli, Merry, and Pippin,
who are all smiling.
GANDALF: So they awake.
Merry and Pippin fling themselves on the two Hobbits,
hugging them.
FRODO: Where are we? How did we get here?
GANDALF: You are in the House of Healing, at Minas Tirith of
Gondor. You were brought here by two Eagles dispatched from
The Lord of the Eagles.
GIMLI: You have saved us all, little-ones. And if in anyway
I may lend my axe to you again, just let me know.
LEGOLAS: You have seen much. And I long to hear your tails.
ARAGORN: First they must rest more. For that is more
important right now.
GANDALF: I agree with Aragorn. You have been through much
and need your rest.
MERRY: We wish to stay by their side.
ARAGORN: You may do so, as long as you do not disturb their

And with that, they all leave the building, except for Merry
and Pippin.
Eowyn opens her eyes from her sleep, seeing Faramir sitting
on his bed, looking over at Sam and Frodo, who sleep, and
Merry and Pippin who also sleep, sitting in chairs next to
the two beds. Faramir stands up as Eowyn also climbs out of
FARAMIR (Near tears): I almost stopped those two from
completing their quest. I could have been the downfall of
all Middle-Earth.
Eowyn puts a hand on Faramirs shoulder.
EOWYN: But you werent. In the end, you allowed them to go.
You did the right thing. (Tears come to her eyes) I must
leave this room. I have to prepare my Uncles funeral.
Faramir turns to her.
FARMIR: You cannot leave yet. Your brother is taking care of
those arrangements.
EOWYN: But I must
Faramir takes her into his arms, cutting her off, and looks
into her eyes.
FARAMIR: Eowyn of Rohan, I say to you, you are beautiful. It
would make me happy for you to stay near me.
She looks up into his eyes, completely forgetting about her


A few days later, after everyone is healed, they all stand
in a great hall, along with the citizens of Minas Tirith,
and a few people from all over Gondor. Also in the crowd are
Arwen and Elrond. At the front of the room stands Faramir,
Aragorn, and Gandalf. The only two people missing are Frodo
and Sam. A low murmur rises in the crowd, and suddenly the
doors burst open with Sam and Frodo running in.
FRODO (Running down the aisles): Sorry!
The entire crowd stands and applauds and cheers the two
Hobbits as they slow to a walk. Sam moves into a seat next
to Merry and Pippin, in the front row, as Frodo continues on
to the front with Faramir, Aragorn, and Gandalf. Faramir
faces the crowd.
FARAMIR: Men of Gondor and guests, It is custom of old that
the King shall receive the crown from his father. But since
things must now be done otherwise, using the authority of
the Steward, I have today brought hither from Rath Dinen,
the crown of our last king, whose days passed long before
our forefathers. Let Mithrandir pass it onto The RingBearer, who then in turn, will place it upon the head of the
Faramir nods and Gandalf takes a case and opens it,
revealing a bright, golden crown. He holds it up, and passes
it to Frodo, who in turn, places it on Aragorns head.
FARAMIR: Now come the days of the King. May they be blessed
while the thrones of the Valar endure. (Aragorn turns and
looks at the crowd.) Behold the King!
In that moment, trumpets are blown, and all the viewers
start clapping, a huge smile coming on all their faces,
including Elronds. Faramir turns to Aragorn.

FARAMIR: Take your throne.

Aragorn turns, and sits down in the Throne, causing everyone
who has been clapping to suddenly stand up as they continue.
All the chairs had been removed, and the majority of the
crowd has left. Aragorn sits on his throne.
ARAGORN: Faramir, You will be the General of my armies.
(Turns to Eomer) Eomer, from this day forth, Rohan and
Gondor will answer each others calls for help, as a new
alliance is formed.
Eomer nods.
EOMER: Wished of nothing else, King Aragorn.
Stars lit the sky. Arwen, Evenstar of her people, stand in
the glimmering light of the stars of night, wearing a dress
of magnificent beauty. Standing beside her, is her father,
Inside the Citadel, another great crowd sits. Aragorn, King
of Gondor, stands before his throne, facing the crowd. The
doors at the back open and Arwen, holding arms with Elrond,
walks into the room. They walk up the aisle, and once they
reach the front, Elrond sits down as a priest stands before
Aragorn and Arwen. Aragorn smiles at her.

ARAGORN (Whispering): Now not only the day shall be blessed

by your beauty, but the night as well.
ARWEN (Smiling; Whispering): Such beautiful words.
As the Priest begins the marriage, and starts talking, we
pan down through the crowd, seeing Faramir and Eowyn, sideby-side, and as the priest performs the marriage, we see
that their hands find each other.
After the ceremony, again, many of the guests have
left. Frodo and the Hobbits approach Aragorn and Arwen, who
sit on their thrones.

ARAGORN: I know what you have come to say, young Hobbits.

You long for your home. As the saying goes, The Tree grows
best in its homelands. But you well all be forever welcomed
in these lands. Your names will be forever sung in the songs
of my people.
FRODO: It is true that we wish to return to the Shire. But
first I must go to Rivendell. I missed Bilbo, and I was
surprised that he has not come here.
ARWEN: Your uncle grows old, Frodo. The Ring is destroyed,
and with it, its power. He is aging quite fast, and will
make no more journeys, save one.
FRODO: Then I beg to leave soon, for I long to speak with
ARAGORN: Then gather your things, for at Dawns light
tomorrow, you will leave.

The Hobbits turn to leave, but are stopped by a voice.

ARWEN: But first!
She stands up and walks to Frodo.
ARWEN: A gift I will give to you. My father soon departs to
the Grey Havens, but I will not be joining him, for I have
forsaken my immortal life to live beside the one I love. But
in my place, you shall go if you choose, when the time is
right. If your hurt grieves you, and you feel your burden is
still to heavy, you may pass into the West. But wear this
now, in memory of Elfstone and Evenstar.
Arwen takes a white star-shaped gem necklace, much like the
one she gave Aragorn, and places it around Frodos neck.
ARWEN: When the memory of the fear and darkness troubles
you, this will bring you aid.
Frodo nods as him and the other Hobbits turn to leave.
The next day, everyone is set to leave. Eomer leaves
with the Riders of Rohan, carrying Theodons casket. Eowyn
stays with Faramir in Minas Tirith, watching her brother
leave. Gandalf has Shadowfax prepared, and he has two other
horses prepared for the four Hobbits. Gimli and Legolas
GANDALF: Do you wish to come as well?
LEGOLAS: Nay. I will be staying here and helping where I
can. Aragorn has given me a place among the Archers.

GIMLI: And I go where the Elf goes. We well represent the

new treaty between Elves and Dwarves.
GANDALF: Then I bode you good fortune in your future.
LEGOLAS: Well we ever see you again, Gandalf?
GANDALF: Only in memory. For I will be leaving for the
Northern Shores as well. But you may visit the Hobbits at
The Shire.
Gimli looks at the four Hobbits standing before him and he
brakes down crying, trying to hug all of them in a giant
bear hug.
GIMLI: I will miss you, laddies!
He starts to sniffle his nose, and as he bear hugs them, he
takes the back of Sams shirt and uses it to blow his nose.
He starts crying even louder, starting a commotion.
GANDALF: Gimli, you must let them go, if they are to have
any air to breathe with afterwards.
Gimli lets go and they all start breathing again. They all
shake hands with Gimli and shake hands and hug Legolas as
they climb onto their horses. Suddenly Aragorn walks over.
FRODO: Good-bye, Strider.
ARAGORN: Good-bye, Frodo, and may you have good fortune. I
wish to see you again in the future, but I fear in my heart
that I will not. (Turns to Gandalf.) You too, old friend.
You have shown me much, and you have returned me to my
rightful place.

GANDALF: All I did was what I had to, to insure the safety
of Middle-Earth. But as I said when we met in the woods of
Fangorn oh so long ago, I must leave now that my business is
ARAGORN: Then I bid you good fortune as well.
Legolas, Gimli, and Aragorn stand, watching the Hobbits and
Gandalf ride away. Arwen comes up and Aragorn and her hold
each other in their arms as Gimli continues crying, awfully
The group makes it to Rivendell, where Elrond is already
waiting, having reached it before them. Also waiting for
them is Bilbo, looking much older then the last time Frodo
has seen him. Bilbo and Frodo hug.
BILBO: Frodo, my boy! Elrond insisted that I go to the Grey
Havens with the elves, but I told him that I wanted to stay
to see you complete the task. You must tell me all about it!
FRODO: So you mean to tell me that you are not returning to
The Shire?
BILBO: No. I mean not to, like I said long ago. I well be
going to the North when Elrond and Gandalf leave.
That evening, Merry, Pippin, Sam, and Frodo share a room.
They are sitting around a table in the room, discussing
their future.

PIPPIN: Well I wish to return to Gondor one day and see

Aragorn and all the others again.
MERRY: I wish to join you in that. But first Id like to
settle down with a nice Hobbit family.
SAM: Oh, that sounds wonderful! I long to do that myself.
Frodo is dazing off, looking into space.
MERRY: And whos the lucky lady you had in mind?
SAM (Looking Embarrassed): Well (Beat) I was thinking
about(Beat) maybe(Beat) Rosie.
They all start laughing and fooling around, making jokes.
Suddenly Sam stops and turns to Frodo.
SAM: And what of you, Mr. Frodo?
Frodo snaps out of his daze and looks at them, a sad look on
his face.
PIPPIN: What is it?
FRODO: I give my Hobbit hole to you three equally.

They are all shaken up by this and are surprised.

SAM: What are you talking about? Where are you going to
live? You are coming back, arent you?

Frodo is silent.
SAM: Arent you?
Frodo slowly shakes his head, feeling tears in his eyes. The
three Hobbits gasp.
SAM: But Mr. Frodo
FRODO (Cutting Sam off): No use trying to talk me out of it
Sam, I have made up my mind. As long as I stay here, my
heart will always long for that in which it cant have
(Beat) The Ring. Arwen told me that this would be healed by
going to the Grey Havens. And I also wish to be with my
Uncle in his last remaining years.
MERRY: But Frodo, We can help you get through it.
FRODO: No Merry. No one can. Not as long as I stay here.
Arwen warned me of this.
SAM: Oh, Mr. Frodo.
Sam gets up and hugs him. Soon the others join in and they
all begin to cry.
The next day, The Hobbits stand on a hill, looking at the
SAM: The Shire. Only a few days more and we will be home.

Elrond, the remaining elves, Gandalf, and Bilbo appear on

the hill.
GANDALF: It is time, Frodo.
The hobbits turn to look at Frodo, tears still in all their
SAM (Crying): Take me with you, Mr. Frodo.
FRODO: You well not be able to Sam. Besides, you need to
return to the Shire and live a life with Rosie. Tell your
children stories of how Samwise The Brave got Frodo out of
many bad situations. About how Samwise the Brave helped stop
an evil lord from dominating all of Middle-Earth. You have
to return to give the stories to the children, so they can
play make-believe, and fight over who gets to play Sam.
By now Sam is crying even harder.
SAM (Crying): Oh, Mr. Frodo, I wish to see you again, though
I know I never will.
FRODO: I know, Sam. But perhaps in another life, we well
meet again.
SAM (Crying): Oh Mr. Frodo.
The other Hobbits couldnt take it anymore and they also
join in the hug once again and also cry.
We see Sam, Pippin, and Merry enter the Shire, long looks on
their faces. However the Shire is even more beautiful then

they remembered, and that with the fact that they are now
home, brightens their spirits.
GALADRIAL: Merry, Pippin and Sam returned to the Shire days
later, to find it having grown more beautiful then they have
ever remembered.
A commotion starts among all the Hobbits that are witnessing
their return. Pippin and Merry go to their families as Sam
goes to his. As he approaches his Hobbit hole, his little
sister runs out to greet him. He picks her up and hugs her
as his father appears in the doorway.
ROSIE (V.O.): Samwise?
Sam turns and Rosie runs up and hugs him, and he hugs her
back, still holding his younger sister in one arm.
Legolas and Gimli are riding together across multiple
terrains, all shown on a map.
GALADRIAL (V.O.): Legolas and Gimli stayed in Gondor for
many years, before going off on their own adventures.
Faramir and Eowyn are getting married, Arwen and Aragorn
standing close by.
GALADRIAL (V.O.): Faramir and Eowyn married and lived in the
city of Gondor.

Aragorn and Arwen are out in the town, among the people,
talking with them.
GALADRIAL (V.O.): Aragorn and Arwen ruled over Gondor, and
were hailed as its greatest rulers
Aragorn and Arwen are lying in caskets outside, leaves
falling around them as many mourn their deaths.
GALADRIAL (V.O. Cont): until their deaths came to pass,
which claimed both Aragorn, son of Arathorn and Arwen, the
Evenstar, at the same hour.
Frodo, Gandalf, Elrond, Bilbo, and the remaining elves are
getting into a boat and setting out.
GALADRIAL (V.O.): The Quest did not claim Frodos life
physically, but it did claim his mental life. He had to
leave his home, all his friends and everything he loved, to
go to the Grey Havens to free his mind of the burden that
still lay on it.
The place is completely deserted.
GALADRIAL (V.O.): And as for me, Galadrial, lady of the
woods, I soon joined them. And thus ends, the Third age of
Middle-Earth, and my story.

The boat carrying Frodo and the others is sailing through an

ocean, no land in site. Suddenly in the horizon, they spot
the Northern Shores and the Grey Havens.
As the Credits roll, a scene pops up beside the words.
Two Hobbit children are shoving and pushing each other.
HOBBIT CHILD 1: No, I want to be him!
HOBBIT CHILD 2: No! You were him last time!
HOBBIT CHILD 1: But you ALWAYS get to be Sam!
HOBBIT CHILD 2: Thats because Im the oldest and Sam was
definitely older then Frodo.
Hobbit Child 1 turns and runs inside, crying.
HOBBIT CHILD 1: Daddy, Frilip wont let me play Sam!
The Hobbit door opens again, and a hobbit we see as a much
older Samwise Gamgee walks out, holding one of his sons in
his arms.
SAM: Frillip come inside! Im going to tell you children
more adventures of Frodo and Sam.

Frillip looks excited as he runs up and the three go inside

the Hobbit hole, closing the door behind them.
FADE OUT, allowing the credits to take up the entire screen