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Diata Cruz, Christine Airah M.

Blood Bank

Terumo Penpol Tube Sealer

Blood bag tube thermosealers are used to seal the pilot tubing of bags used
to collecting and processing blood. Some designs include radio frequency
systems that can seal a tube in less than 2 or even 1 second, without causing
hemolysis or leakage. Blood bag tube thermosealers are available as both
hand-held and bench top devices.
1. Ensure that the electrode cover is in position.
2. Turn ON the power switch. Power and Ready LEDS will glow.
3. Hold the tube at both ends and place the tube in between the sealing
electrodes through the slot provided in the electrode cover.
4. The tube detection lever gets depressed in this process. Moving
electrode pushes the tube against the fixed electrode. Seal LED turns
ON. Tube melts and the sealed pattern forms.
5. Do not stretch the tube while sealing. This may cause leakage.
6. After a time delay, the electrode will release. Seal LED goes OFF.
7. Take out the sealed tube.
8. Turn off the power switch.

Presvac Plasma Soft

- Allows the plasma to thaw quickly and safely and heating of blood
- Programmable defrosting time for each unit.
- Capacity of 8 units of plasma from 50-450 ml
- Panel with LCD viewer
1. Turn ON the power switch.
2. Set the time at the designated racks where the fresh frozen plasma
or cryoprecipitate will be placed.
3. Wait for the temperature to reach 37 degrees celsius before placing
the plasma.
4. Thawing time is finished when the alarm goes off.
5. Remove the thawed plasma.

6. Turn off the power switch.

Presvac MSP 4650R Refrigerated Centrifuge

- Motor high performance centrifuge brushless with free maintenance
- Program up to 50 alphanumeric programs with all the variables of time,
speed, temperature, braking, acceleration, program name, run command
and detention
- Programmable electronic timer with automatic stop, up to four bags of
500 ml quadruple, triple, double and platelets obtained by method of
Buffy Coat.
Security system with optical and sound alarms for imbalance and open lid
that interrupts the run with automatic detention.

Blood Bank Refrigerator

Blood bank refrigerators keep blood and plasma at temperatures between 2
degrees Celsius and 6 degrees Celsius, so that they are constantly prepared
for emergency transfusions. Blood bank refrigerators utilize stringent security
measures to prevent tampering.

Refrigerator is installed in setting of use.

Line power is plugged in.
When refrigerator reaches desired temperature, it is safe to use.
Laboratory staff should continuously monitor the temperature of the

Immunology and Serology

Blood Bank
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Bernales, Ma. Isabelle
Diata Cruz, Christine Airah M.
Gaba, Christian Joy
Sena, Jenz Lou

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