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Giselle Quilatan


A Framework to Select Public Sector Leaders

Selecting our leader is very important in our society today. With

todays issue regarding the pork barrel scam, choosing a great leader
is a must. I believe that Filipinos can be easily carried away by the
false-promises of the leader they selected. Since, I cannot yet vote, I
am so frustrated by the way on how Filipinos were voting nowadays.
They voted based on the popularity of the running candidates if he/she
is a famous actor/actress or if the running candidate is a family
member of the current leader. Its annoying on how those leaders in
the position right now claims that they have the knowledge or potential
to be a great leader but sadly, they arent. In my opinion, Dick Gordon
should have won the position. He is a great leader because he helps
people especially in calamities. I have seen so many pictures of him
lending his hands on people who suffered from calamities. He is a man
of his words. It is just sad that Gordon didnt win.
I agree with the authors proposed framework in selecting
leaders in Philippine government because they have given concrete
explanations on how a Filipino leader should be. According to Ronald
Heifetz some of those in power in government are more appropriately
called politicians and bureaucrats rather than leaders because some of
them use their positions of authority for their own self-interests rather
than to serve the public. They are in the position because they wanted
to stay in power and not to serve others. And according to Rajeev
Peshawaria, Leadership is not about occupying a position or about
having power and authority at all, he further emphasizes that
leadership is about first visualizing, then working endlessly towards
creating a better future. The better future leaders strive to create is not
for them alone; it is for others around them as well. He explains that
leaders arent self-centered. The things the leaders were doing are for
the sake of everybody rather than himself. This concept of leadership is
very important to the public sector. A leader assigned in the public
sector should have a longer patience because he/she is being looked
upon by his followers and is expected to give a helping hand. And
lastly, according to Bass, the values that leaders hold influence their
behavior. He cites two types of values: terminal values such as
freedom and equality which are basic to systems of political philosophy
and instrumental values or values that are the means towards a
desired end such as courage, imagination and obedience. He also cited

an example that Jessie Robredo was one of the best examples of how a
leaders behavior influences on how he leads.

I believe that the type of leadership that our country needs is a

type of leader wherein his values reflects his/her way on how he/she
will be leading people. Since, his/her values affects on how he/shell be
managing, it would be best for us Filipinos. Surely, it all boils down on
what are the values this leader has. Ive also realized that when a
leader frequently helps Filipinos, Filipinos tend to be dependent on the
help; which was given to them by a leader. And they wouldnt work
hard anymore but just to rely on them. As a grand daughter of a former
politician, I have noticed that people keeps on pouring on to my
grandfathers office asking for alms. A day isnt complete without
people asking for help. Asking help for a death on a family, money for
medicines, or a fare to go home in their province. Filipinos, in most
times, sees other politicians as their rescue. When times get rough,
they tend to seek help on our politicians and later on, theyll just
depend on them. But I am not generalizing those people who are
asking for help; it is just based on my observation when my
grandfather was still in the position.
One of the best Filipino leaders aside from Jessie Robredo is the
late president Ramon Magsaysay. Ramon Magsaysay was best known
for his barong tagalog, wherein past presidents before him always wear
coat and tie which is from the western influence. He values what is
ours. He is also best known to people as: tao para sa masa wherein
he makes sure that the Filipinos were the number one priority of our
It is just sad that Filipinos today doesnt know how to vote
anymore. My grandmother used to tell me stories about on how
previous presidents made a huge change in our economy.