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Humanity is the quality of being humane; kindness;

Humanity is simple sense:

The condition of being human
A set of strengths focused on "tending others"

Authors about Humanity:

Humanity is the key stone that holds nations and men
together. When that collapses, the whole structure
crumbles. This is as true of baseball teams as any other
pursuit in life. _ Connie Mack.
My humanity is bound up in yours, for we can only be
human together._ Desmond Tutu

Definitions of humanity:
Humanity is a virtue associated with basic ethics of
altruism derived from the human condition.
Humanity includes three things mainly love,
kindness and social intelligence.

5 biggest crimes against humanity in this

1. Cambodian Genocide: 2.5 million dead
2. Nigerian Civil War: 3 million dead
3. Holodomor: 7.5 million dead

4. Holocaust: 17 million dead

5. European Colonization of the Americas: Up to 100
million dead

Killers of humanity:
Yes, we people are the killers of
humanity. When we talk about humanity it deals with
people who add real meaning to humanity. Past
centuries prove to be a greater lesson for the people of
current century as it says about the cold blood murders
and all about world war one and two. Where we could
hear, read about people who lost their life. We also
could imagine only the weapons and blood nothing else
but people had to fight for their rights, recognition, etc.
It was not about individual rights but for whole country.

Coming to current century its absolute to

talk about humanity which is dying and people are
trying to bury it. In Todays world Humanity is
regressing. We live in a world that finally recognizes
all religions and beliefs it proves that any person can
choose any religion and live according to its verses. But
the other side of humans are so dark and scary that still
we are able to realise the smell and feel of wars from
our past centuries. People can put questions and have
various doubts do we kill each other still? And occupy
others place or position. But the truth is yes we do just
to satisfy our own desires. This thought cultivates the
strong enemity towards each other where individuals

come to a conclusion either to kill or be killed.

Instead of winning the race n rendering support
to others.

The main reason for not being human nor

showing humanity is purely about every individuals
craving towards religion, community, money, politics,
etc. we could see killers in form of humans who dont
care about others around them just for the own
material benefits. Here one treats another one as a
corpse not as a human being. Best example is religion,
where those people who convert themselves into
terrorist and they justify it in the name of getting liberty
and recognition for their religion. Where the holy wars
or public mockery campaigns starts which results in
large amount of deaths. This denies us from realising
the other persons religion or community and people
start blaming each other for being cruel. But the real
reason lies in the mind of every human who are trying
to reach the extreme by stamping the other.

We live in a world that could printout tri

dimensional copies of almost any object. But in the
same world nearly half a million people go to bed every
night hungry. This is because the wide gap between
rich and poor. Riches keep growing and the poor still
remains to be poor. Have technological progress and
human regress where we move forward just through
our inventions but not through helping or

understanding our own people in our home, work and

society. Our preference today is based on investments
that are money and materials to have a quality and
luxuries life where we deny supporting the other
humans who are battling to survive in this society every
minute. Best example is, this generation tries to invest
in research for new smart phones rather than finding
cure for HIV/AIDS and feeding the world.

Olden days people fought using weapons

whereas now people fight using their technological
advancement. Just to prove this we can cite any nation
as an example where they invest in arming themselves
and preparing for inevitable next war. Even childrens
are thought to protect themselves under their mask as
Christian, Muslim, and Hindu. Where at small age they
are diverted and start falling on the side of dominant
animal where when they enter their adulthood they
fight for their society or community rather than
understanding all are one and under one god. This
brings no peace to whole world and thats why people
still feel thirsty for peace.

In current scenario we have to realise that we

live in a world that has given birth to great leaders but
still we let dirty politicians to overrule us. Voting even
becomes insignificant here money and power is
preferred where service and duty are buried. They can
change our lives, as they have power but they dont.

But we still continue to support them as we dont think

beyond them.

Whole world respects women as the world

quotes. But whats the reality? Women are raped and
harassed. Every two second a child is being abused as
per the survey conducted in 2013. If at all the so called
humanity is alive among every individual will that filthy
sadist boldly continue to harm and spoil kids and
womens? Work, education, family & society still
dominate women and say women are not equal to men
in brute strength. Humanity is not about being beautiful
or thinking we are humans its all about being ethical
and respecting the other soul. We only see the humans
as bodies around us and not the soul which is thirsty
about peace and belongings.

As humans lets realise the power of god as we are

equally gifted by him. Stop thinking we are the best
and others are worst. We can be best but really not the
worst of all. Our potential lies on our mind and others
beliefs around us. We should lead our lives by an
example not by simply following the herd or ancestors.
We advise our kids to be best never to be an average
one. If we train and try them to be best its okay. But if
we dont train and support them its even better to be
average. Where we still need carpenters, plumbers,
electricians to help us at emergencies. If we are one of
them or our future generations are one of them its not

meant we are average. It simply teaches how to be the

best in that field.

Discriminating and dominating people can be the

leaders to kill humanity by playing various hard games
towards society. The humanity is dying because of the
absolute knowledge & power that makes a person feel
like a god.

Nietzsche's Madman says: Humanity Is Dead

Whither is humanity? He cried by saying. We have
killed it. We are its murderers.
To brief his saying in my own words simply.
I say every person should know that we are not gods
and we cannot rule or decide the fate of others as per
our intentions. We can only promote good knowledge
towards each other and its the right of the other
person to change their life and mind to fit in a good
society and change the cruel thoughts and world on the
whole. Its not an easy task but it requires unity to
guide the upcoming centuries to give birth to
liberty and peace and to grow the humanity.

Being Human Is Given but Keeping Our
Humanity Is a Choice. And thats how people prove
being hard and selfish for their own sake. Its easy to
conclude by saying humanity is dying because people
keep it as a choice. Though its shameful we need to

accept the truth that we can see humans but no

humanity among them in 21st century. Lets kill the
dominant animal ruling us and make the humanity

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