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For Immediate Release

Tiny, Programmable Robotic Turtles with Four Play Modes of Great Itty-bitty Fun!
Six Fruity Candy
Color Variations

Walkie bits

Mix & Match the Shells in

36 Color Combinations

Just a Few Clicks of the Shell and They Come to Life! Walking, Singing, Racing & More!

Tokyo, Japan, June 21, 2005: Takara Co., Ltd (President, Nobuyuki Okude) is excited to introduce
Walkie bits robotic turtle toys which not only walk, trot, race and play music but at only five
centimeters in length, are certainly among the smallest ever programmable robot toys in production.
They are activated and programmable simply by pressing on the turtles shell. Walkie bits come in
six color combinations and have an MSRP of 1,344. They will be sold at toy stores, department
stores, and variety shops nationwide.
Walkie bits move at a pace that is a step
slower than the world around them, bringing
a touch of the slow life that makes real pet
turtles fascinating. The turtle shaped toys
have a colorful fruity candy design and
each comes with its own tin case, perfect for
carrying in a pocket or bag. Users can
choose one of four modes to make the toy
walk, play a song, to program a rhythmic
walk, or to race or play Turtle Roulette
(set the turtle walking and try to guess where it will stop) or other games with one or more Walkie
bits toys. Of course, with such a cute and colorful design many users will also want to display
their Walkie bits on their desks, next to the PC, in a flower box or anywhere that needs a cheery
little touch of turtle!
Walkie bits Four Play Modes
1. Walk Mode: In this mode, Walkie bits moves about using eight different movement and sound
patterns, specifically, (i) Eight Fast Steps (ii) Eight Slow Steps (iii) 12 Fast Steps (iv) 12 Slow
Steps (v) 16 Fast Steps (vi) Walking and Making Short Motor Sounds (vii) Walking and
Making Long Motor Sounds and (viii) Walking in Rhythmic Pattern. To activate Walk
Mode, click once on the shell when the toy is off.
2. Rhythm Mode: In this mode, Walkie bits walks in a rhythmic pattern programmed by the user.
For example, by clicking the shell in the pattern 3 fast clicks, 2 slow clicks, 3 fast clicks, the
turtle will similarly walk 3 fast steps then 2 slow steps then 3 fast steps and will repeat the
pattern three times. The user can enter up to 15 clicks to program the pattern and the turtle will
begin walking five seconds after the last click is entered. To program the Rhythm Mode, the
user clicks the shell once, activating Walk Mode, then immediately clicks one more time, to
enter Rhythm Mode.

3. Race Mode: In this mode, Walkie bits races forward, but varies its pace randomly, switching
from fast to slow to stop at random intervals. When using two or more Walkie bits
side-by-side in Race Mode, the turtles race each other toward the goal in front them. Since
each turtle moves with its own combination of fits & starts, nobody can predict which turtle will
win any given race. To activate Race Mode, click twice on the shell when the toy is off.
4. Song Mode: In this mode, Walkie bits plays a short electronic version the classical piece, Toy
Symphony by Leopold Mozart. To activate Song Mode, click three times on the shell when
the toy is off.
Walkie bits comes in six different fruity-candy
color variations, each with its own color-coordinated
tin carrying case.
The six varieties are Melon,
Peach, Orange, Mint, Pineapple and Soda. All
Walkie bits turtle shells are easily removable and
interchangeable, so they can be traded, mixed and
matched, for a total of 36 variations. Additionally,
by customizing the shells with decals, paint or even
sequins, users can create their own completely
original Walkie bits design.
Product Details
Product Name:

Walkie bits

Color Variations:

Six Varieties: Melon, Peach, Orange, Mint, Pineapple, Soda


JPY 1,344 (incl. 5% tax)

Date on Sale in Japan:

June 24, 2005

Date on Sale Internationally:


Product Size:

Toy: H28 x W33 x L50 (mm), Wt. Less than 15g ; Tin Case: Diameter 55 x H25 (mm)

Required Battery:

CR2032 Button Battery X 1

Package Contents:

Turtle Robot, Tin Carrying Case, User Manual

Sales Channels:

Toy and department stores, mass retailers, et al.


Takara Co., Ltd. 2005

Sales Target:

150,000 units in the first year

About Takara
Established in 1955, Takara Co., Ltd. is Japans 2nd largest toy company and fourth largest public toy company

It specializes in the creation of innovative toys and life entertainment products such as Beyblade,

B-Daman, Transformers, Microman (aka Micronauts) Choro-Q (aka Penny Racers), Licca and Jenny dolls, e-kara and
Bowlingual/Meowlingual dog and cat translation devices.

For more information contact:

Takara Co., Ltd.,
Public Relations Department
4-19-16 Aoto, Katsushika-ku, Tokyo 125-8503
Tel: 03-5680-2041 Fax: 03-5680-4403