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There should be laws to control the amount and type of violence

shown on television programs.

To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement?
Television in the last decades has become one of the most common source of
entertainment in the developed world. Usually, as far as I can see, the variety
of types of shows is very wide and, moreover, at the same time every user
could choose what to watch because there are a lot of different channels.
However, no one can deny that sometimes the shows use too much violence as
a form of entertainment and this could be a problem for some segment of the
audience. First of all, children shouldnt be allowed to watch these programs
because this behavior could lead to the willingness to emulate the violence.
Indeed, childrens behavior could be modified easily, especially when they are
too young to discern what is good and what is not.
Last but not least, from my point of view violence shouldnt be a form of
entertainment: there is already too much violence nowadays.
However, its also true that everyone can choose what to watch and everyone
could evaluate if the program is worth to be viewed. I also agree that a
moderated use of violence could be accepted: lets think about horror or thriller
film and TV series. Indeed, to my mind the director is the one responsible for
the content of the show.
In short, I think that there shouldnt be too much control over the content of
the television programs but, as I have said before, some categories of users
should be protected against too much violence. Maybe a law is too much for
this extent but an etic code should be widespread among directors.