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Classroom Management Plan


Welcome to Kindergarten!

Classroom Management Plan

Tara Soule

Classroom Management Plan

Table of Contents
Taras Classroom Layout for Kindergarten

My Classroom Mission Statement

Physical Classroom Organization

Basic Classroom Layout, Features, and Reasons

Classroom Operations
Student Records
Student Materials
Procedure for New Students
Procedure for Substitute Teachers


Discipline Procedures and Class Code of Conduct

Clip Chart
First Offense
Second Offense
Third Offense
Referral to the Office


Routines and Procedures

First Day of School
Student Jobs
Small Group Activities
Leaving the Classroom for Services
Bathroom Procedures
Lunch Choices


Student Differentiation

Parental Involvement


Classroom Management Plan

Taras Classroom Layout for Kindergarten

Classroom Management Plan

My Classroom Mission Statement

In our classroom, we are kind, helpful, and promise to work together so we can enjoy school and
achieve our goals!

Physical Classroom Organization

The main purpose of my classroom is to inform and engage children. Children will be informed
by abundant bulletin boards and student created art projects, which connect to the standards and
objectives being taught. Children will be engaged by the different areas of the classroom which
allow students to explore interests and gain further understanding of concepts.

Basic Classroom Layout, Features, and Reasons

The kindergarten classroom is designed to allow whole group instruction, small group
conferencing, and individual choice time. For example, the large carpet provides plenty of space
for morning meeting and group time. There is a quiet reading corner for students wanting a calm
choice time activity. Dramatic play is located near the art table as they both can be noisier
centers. In addition, art is located near the sink as it can be messy. The kidney table on the other
side of the room allows the teacher to be able to conference with small groups, while students are
at centers. The teacher is facing all the students to monitor them while at the kidney table or
teacher desk. Storage in the back contains science and math manipulatives and games, as well as
literacy games, which students can work on at their tables during choice time.

Classroom Operations
Classroom operations are essential for effective transitions, organized lessons, and the fair
treatment of all students. These operations include establishing systems for collecting and
organizing materials and records, enacting discipline procedures, and encouraging students to
contribute to the classroom.

Student Records
Student records collected will be determined by the school district, building principal, and
individual teacher. Some of these records in individual student folders will relate to basic student
information, such as the students emergency contacts and if an IEP has been created. Academic
records will include both summative and formative assessments done throughout the school year.
Since records are confidential information, I will have them on a password protected teacher
laptop or locked in a filing cabinet near the teachers desk. The student folders will be for the
teachers benefit, and student portfolios will be for students and families to view progress.
Weekly, students will take an activity or worksheet they are most proud of and add it to their
portfolio. Portfolios will be shared with families at conference times, as well as sent home

Classroom Management Plan

Student Materials
Student supplies will be kept in supply caddies and kept
on a shelf. When students need supplies, they will need to
talk as a table and decide who is getting the supplies. This
will provide students communication practice, as well as
providing more table space when supplies are not needed.

Procedure for New Students

If a new student comes once the year has begun, I will
make them feel welcome by having their name labeled
throughout the room on their table, coat hook, and bulletin
boards. Before they come, I will pre-teach the skill of
getting a new friend and asking them to play. I will do so
by having a puppet as our new friend and having each
student practice introductions on the puppet. I will ask a
student, who is especially responsible, to partner with the
new student and sit by them at lunch, play with them at
recess, and help them as needed.

Procedure for Substitute Teacher

In case of an unplanned emergency, I will have a sub binder
on my desk. It will contain lesson plans, class transitions, a
class list, important emergency information about the
school, information about if any students have an IEP or
leave the classroom during the day, duty assignments, and
people to rely on for help. I will email a teacher on my grade
level team to let them know I am gone and to please help the
sub as needed.

Discipline Procedures and Classroom Code of

"Children may not remember everything you taught them,
but they will ALWAYS remember how you made them
feel." When effective discipline procedures are in place,
then the teacher can maximize instruction time, as well as
individual time with students. Besides our classroom
mission statement, I will have the following rules in place:
1. Be respectful
2. Be responsible
3. Be safe

Classroom Management Plan

I will send home a letter to families informing them I have discussed these rules and
consequences with their child. I will ask that they please review the rules and consequences with
their child before signing a form so students know parents are aware of the rules as well. I will
keep parents informed of their child's behavior, as needed, by phone calls or emails depending on
what the parents prefer. Students who behave appropriately will be positively awarded with
awards, verbal praise, stickers, free time, and class parties.

Clip Chart
In order to monitor the class code of conduct rules, I will
utilize a clip chart. Students will be able to clip up and down
on the chart, in order for them to understand that behavior
can always be changed and improved if they have clipped
down that day. If they must clip down, I will verbally state
the choice they made that they have to clip down for. I will
ask them how that can be avoided in the future. If the
behavior occurs during whole class instruction, I will pull
them aside to avoid embarrassing and shaming them.

First Offense
If a child chooses to break a rule, the 1st time they clip
down to Owl Try Harder will simply be a verbal reminder
of what positive behavior they should be engaging in

Second Offense
The 2nd time a child clips down to Not A Wise Choice they
will miss 5 minutes of the next recess. This will allow me to
conference with the student in private, but still allows them
the majority of recess.

Third Offense
The 3rd time a child clips down to Not Hooting Anymore,
they will miss all of the next recess. This will provide the
child time to reflect on their behavior, and meet with the
guidance counselor if available.

Referral to the Office

I will only refer students to the principal in the case of extreme violent behaviors, where the
student and others are in eminent danger. I would explain to the principal in advance, through a
phone call or email, why that student is being sent. I would follow up with the principal about
consequences, prevention steps so the offense does not reoccur, and whether or not the childs
family was contacted.

Classroom Management Plan

Routines and Procedures

Establishing and maintaining classroom routines and produces
maximizes the efficiency of a classroom. These include
behavioral, working, classroom supplies, and transitional
routines and procedures. A checklist will ensure I have covered
teaching all of these within the first couple weeks of school. I
will explain, model, and have students practice these routines
and procedures starting the first day of school.

First Day of School

I want my students to feel safe, respected, and cared for in their
classroom. I will welcome parents to walk their child to their
classroom. I will be by the door to individually greet students as
they come in. Instead of academic morning work, I will have
play dough at tables. Once all the students arrive, we will start
morning meeting and the daily routine so students start
adjusting right away. I will read the book First Day Jitters so
students know teachers are just as nervous as students. As a
class, we will talk about the mission statement and class code of
conduct rules. The students will sign their names on the class code of conduct as a visual
reminder to be posted in the classroom. At the end of the day, we will go over the schedule for
the next day to excite students for the next day of kindergarten.

Students Jobs
I will have a few daily student jobs, in order to give students ownership of their classroom. I will
have a line leader, paper passer, lunch counter, and calendar helper. The line leader and paper
passes help the teacher throughout the day. The lunch counter will tally and share how many
students picked each lunch at morning meeting time. The calendar helper will report what the
weather is like today and help lead the class in counting how many days of school have occurred.
The students will be rotated to jobs by the teacher.

Small Group Activities/Centers

Depending on my school district and curriculum, I will be working with small groups for
language arts, math, or both. This small group time will happen when the independent practice
for that content area occurs. For example, when students are working on silent reading, I will
work with reading small groups. I will first call a few students to come over to the kidney bean
table. For the next group, I will ask students currently in small group to quietly tap a teacher
selected student to come to small group next.

Leaving the Classroom for Services

As students come and go from services, it is important the classroom teacher knows where they
are. I ask when my students leave for special education, TITLE I, resource, ELL, speech, and
other services they give me a high five first. This creates minimal distraction, whether I am
helping one student or teaching the whole class, but allows me to know they are leaving.

Bathroom Procedures
If I have a bathroom outside of my class, I will have a pass located near the door. The students
will put the pass on their desk, and be responsible for hanging it back up when they are finished.

Classroom Management Plan

Lunch Choices
When my students come in they will hang up their coats and bags,
empty their backpacks, make a lunch choice, and start in on
morning work at their table. Students will move their name clip
to the lunch choice they want or a packed lunch. There will be
pictures of each food above the choices.

Student Differentiation
I will differentiate all lessons for gifted students, struggling
students, and English Language Learners. It is important to
make both accommodations and modifications. These include
shortening or adding to activities, as well as changing time
restraints and providing further supports, including visual
supports. While differentiation takes additional time, it is
necessary to ensure students make academic as well as social
gains. As a teacher, I can utilize fellow special education, resource, and ELL teachers as a

Parental Involvement
Parental involvement will be welcomed always in my classroom. To keep families up to date, I
will send home a weekly newsletter. I will send home notes and emails not just about
misbehavior, but about positive accomplishments from children as well. Family members can be
guest readers and share a favorite book with the class, I just ask that they email in advance to
plan a time and so I can preview the book. If parents are able to volunteer on a weekly basis, I
will have them pair up with struggling readers to listen to them read or pull out a few children at
a time to play file folder games related to a content area. Parental involvement for some families
means donating supplies, rather than time. I will have a class giving tree with items we could use
in the classroom Parents are their childs first teacher and advocate, and should be utilized as a
valuable resource.

Classroom Management Plan


Classroom Floor Plan Website: http://classroom.4teachers.org

Pictures from Pinterest Boards: Classroom Ideas and Classroom Dcor/Organization @ Tara Soule