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In this project, a level-shifting voltage-copier circuitry is introduced to convert one or two

input voltage levels to eight different voltage levels. The voltage copier consists of five kinds of
conversion circuits they are summation circuit, subtraction circuit, reduction circuit, doublers
circuit, and inverting circuit. Each circuit includes only six to seven electronic components,
which can ensure the simplicity and reliability of the voltage copier. The summation and
subtraction circuits are the same as other circuits, which include only two switching devices, two
diodes, and two capacitors. The proposed circuit aims to serve the purpose of eight different
circuits. A resonant inductor is further added to improve the performance of these circuits and
also to limit current, and it avoids the shortcomings of switching current being too large. A highefficiency resonant voltage copier is introduced. Simulation and experimental results verify the
performance of the voltage copier and the design method. The circuit family provides a useful
method for voltage conversion under multiple-input sources to multiple outputs.