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FS 4

Exploring the Curriculum

Episode 3

Name of FS Student Jolina V. Macaranas

Course Bachelor of Secondary Education Major in Mathematics

Year & Section Math 4-1

Cooperating School Dalandanan National High School

Your Target
At the end of this episode, you should be able to deliberate on the principles
involved in designing the curriculum and the learning activities provided.

Your Map
In your observation, please do the following steps:
Step 1: Critique the information from the curriculum
theory and practice through observation of the:
a. Learning Environment
b. Subject Matter
c. Books and Internet
Resources used
Step 2: Write your observations including the information
you gather.
Step 3: Reflect on your experience.

Your Tools
My Observation Report on Interaction
Name: Jolina V. Macaranas

The Learning

Table and chairs are

properly arranged and
there are also chairs for
Well ventilated, some of the
classrooms have 4 to 3
ceiling fan.
There are inspirational
quotes on the walls with
Theres an bulletin board
for announcements, officer,
cleaners and list of
outstanding students.

Date of Visit: August 24, 2016

The subject matter follows
whats on the curriculum
The teachers mastery of
the subject matter.
The examples given by the
teacher, seat works and
weekly quizzes.
The objective are attained.

Everyone is welcome in the
library even visitors and
Some shelves are full with
books and few are not.
There are available books
for grade 7- 10.

For this episode, please use the Activity Forms provided for you below.


The Learning


The learning environment

must be conducive to
It should be well ventilated.
The room is clean to avoid
distractions to students.
The blackboard, table and
chairs are in good
condition and enough.

The subject matter must
follow what on the

The resources must be
prioritize because it is
where all the knowledge
can be gained and it must
be accessible to all.
When I visit the library, I
expect that theres a group
of students studying
together but theres no one.
Im so disappointed about
that. Maybe they are not
informed of how helpful
the library is. I hope that
soon it will be formally
introduced to them so that
the books will be very
happy because theres
someone who will use

Your Analysis
Why should teachers know about curriculum design?
The teacher should be knowledgeable about the curriculum design because this is his/
her guide throughout the school year. The resources, assessment tools, modules and last but
not the least the objectives that she needs. All the knowledge that the students must learn is
anchored on the curriculum. If the teacher failed to follow that her teachings will also fail.

What do most principles and theories of curriculum development have in common? How is
this commonality expressed or spelled out in the curriculum of the class you have
As of now, we have a class about curriculum design. From what I have learned, most
progressive principles and theories about curriculum development revolves around the total
learning experience and how the students are the center of learning. The curriculum, unlike
before is designed basing on the needs of the students. It is no longer designed for the ease of
the teachers implementation. In the class observed, the instruction is modified for every
student. If they think that the students cannot cope up with their classmates in doing the same
task, they provide another task for this student. If a student fails to do a task because he
simply cannot do it, learning must be a continuous process.

Your Reflections

From your FS experience, keep in touch with our most meaningful learning and
express it through abstract visual representation. Please use appropriate colors to
represent your feelings and significant learning.