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Personal Injury

Any injury to the body, mind or emotions, as opposed to damage to property, can
be regarded as personal injury. Legally one may claim for damages due a
personal injury incurred through the negligence of another person, a company or
the state.

Legal claims for damages incurred may be initiated as a result the following
types of incidents:

Motor vehicle, train, bus, boat or aeroplane accidents

Slips, falls and trips in a private or public place
Assault by the police or other state employees
Dog and animal bites
Medical malpractice or negligence

In order to claim compensation for personal injury, it is vital that certain

elements concerning the incident can be proven. It has to be proven that the
other party was negligent because they failed to take the necessary
precautionary measures to prevent the injury, or that the action of the other
party resulted in the injury. Should the other party be a company or the state, it
must also be proven that the action was unlawful and that it was done against
the regulations set out by that company or organ of the state.

Furthermore, it must be proven that the negligence resulted in the injury; for
this, proper medical attention must be sought immediately after the incident has
occurred. Any medical records, counselling records and records of any treatment
received due to the injury should also be kept. Specialist personal injury
attorneys, like Josephs Incorporated Attorneys, have the necessary legal
knowledge and expertise to help determine whether you could have a successful

Claims for damages are often calculated by taking the following expenses into

Past hospital and medical expenses

Future hospital and medical expenses
Loss of income, both past and future

Legal expenses
Any other general expenses

If you suspect that you have been the victim of negligence or have suffered
personal injury and would like advice on how to proceed with a civil case, contact
an expert personal injury attorney today.

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