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De Leon 1

Juan Carlos de Leon

Philosophy 1301

Anselms Ontological Proof

Does God really exist? Archbishop Anselm of Canterbury a Benedictine monk and catholic
philosopher gave us an approach to try to answer this question. In essence, what Anselm philosophy
theorizes is that there is a logical path to deduce God existence in reality, as if we were talking about a
math equation variable. His reasoning was that if God endures in our understanding, then he must exist in
reality as well, because if we can imagine a being that which nothing is greater and it cannot be conceived
not to exist then it must be God. In contrast, the weakness of this theory is that is based on assumptions.
Anselm says and defends his philosophy with if you cannot conceive God being because you are not able
to, then you cannot conceive that he does not exist. The creator did it this way so we cannot rise over him
conceiving something greater than himself. But if we cannot conceive God, then we cannot confirm that
he is indeed real, we just have the presumption that he must. To continue, I will explain further about the
strengths and weaknesses of this philosophy.
To preserve his belief of God existence, Anselm gave us his philosophy of why the almighty has
to exist in reality by his logical conclusions. He claims that God gave us the understanding of his
existence as we can imagine perfection and infinite, but not the understanding of his being. In other
words, without the understanding of his being then we cannot deny his existence without belying
ourselves. This is the fortitude of his philosophy, that since we have acknowledged God apparent
existence, we cannot reject the idea of it due the lack of knowledge of the nature of it.
In contrast, the hefty flow of this thought is that one has to assume God exist in the first place.
For instance, not because you believe something it becomes true. Beliefs may or may not be real, but they
are always real in their consequences over who believes it. Further, there has been a lot of Gods of all
kinds; we have used them to explain the inexplicable. That is the reason Anselm attributes things like
perfection, and infinite to God because it is something we can only imagine and we cannot explain at its
To conclude, I agree with Anselm that there can be a being that which nothing greater can be
conceived in our understanding, but I disagree it has to exist in reality. I explain, people need a reason to
give meaning to their lives, a reason to behave in a self-imposed rightful way, a way to explain the
inexplicable and then we created God for those matters. In the archbishop's words, I did not say in my
heart, because I could not conceive. Maybe I am just a fool, maybe it was Gods plan to make me fool so I
cannot overthrow him. Does God exist?