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Introduction to RTL-SDR using

EE423 Applications of Digital Signal Processing
Dr. Prust

RTL-SDR Hardware

RTL-SDR Hardware

Rafael Micro R820T

(flexible RF front end)

Realtek RTL2832U
(ADC, I/Q Demod, USB data pump)

RTL-SDR Key Specs

Frequency range: 24 MHz 1766 MHz
Gain Settings:
Automatic Gain Control (AGC)
Manual Gain Settings: 0dB 49.6dB (29 settings)

8-bit I/Q samples (complex baseband)

delivered to host PC over USB

RTL-SDR Key Specs

Sample Rates:
Low speed: 225001 to 300000
High speed: 900001 to 3200000
Note: Sample rates above 2.4MSPS tend to drop

Output data is complex baseband

Can choose int16 (raw I/Q samples), or
single/double (normalized to [-1,+1]) types

RTL-SDR in Matlab
SDRRTLReceiver system object
Specify radio parameters (e.g., fc, fs, gain)
View parameter settings and status
Receive data
% Create receiver and spectrum analyzer System objects
hRadio = comm.SDRRTLReceiver(
'CenterFrequency', 91.7e6, ...
'EnableTunerAGC', true, ...
'SampleRate', 1e6, ...
'OutputDataType', 'double');

RTL-SDR in Simulink
RTL-SDR Receiver block

Example flowgraph
in Simulink

Block Parameters

Block Parameters

Spectrum Analyzer Example

Open: sdrrSpectralAnalysisExample

Play Time
Some items to investigate:
Tuner gain setting
Relationship between sampling rate and BW
View some other FM radio stations
Tune to your favorite, OR do a web search to find local stations

Consider the theory:

Baseband spectra are NOT conjugate symmetric, therefore
time domain signals must be complex
Carsons Rule

FM Receiver (Mono)
Open: sdrrFMMonoExample

View Demodulated Waveform

Double-click FM Receiver block
In Simulink Library Browser, select
DSP System Toolbox

Drag Spectrum Analyzer block to model

Connect it to output of FM Demodulator
Set RTL-SDR block to FM station (e.g. 91.7e6)

Back to MATLAB
Download getRawData_RTLSDR.m
function [ data, t, infoRTLSDR] = getRawData_RTLSDR( freq, gain, fs, duration )
% function [ data, t, infoRTLSDR] = getRawData_RTLSDR( freq, gain, fs, duration )
% This function reads complex envelope data from the NooElec R820T SDR
% and returns the raw data to the Matlab workspace
% freq is the carrier frequency (in Hz)
% gain is the reciever gain (in dB)
% fs is the sampling rate (in Hz)
% duration is the record time (in seconds)
% data is the vector of raw data samples
% t is the vector of time samples
% info is the data structure providing actual RTL-SDR settings for the
% recording


[data, t, infoR] = getRawData_RTLSDR(91.7e6,30,240e3,1);

hold on;