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Intermediate RWV

M. Prazuch/F14; adapted Fall 2016 A. Bartosik

Learning Style Inventory: Written

Assignment: Write a one-paragraph reflection about your preferred
learning style. Begin your reflection with a general statement that tells
your reader the main idea of your text. Develop the body with reasons and specific examples and
end it with a concluding sentence. Remember to give your reflection an interesting title.
To prepare for this assignment, you may want to do some research on the Internet by doing Google
search on visual auditory and kinesthetic learning styles. However, copying from the Internet or
getting someone to assist you with your work will result in a grade of zero.
Presentation: Your reflection should be typed in a 12-point font and double-spaced with your
name and the date in the top right corner.
Due Date: You should hand in your printed reflection along with this assignment sheet at the
beginning of class on Wednesday, September 14.
Plan your reflection by writing your answers to these questions:

Your Answers


Three different ways of learning.

I am a Kinesthetic learner.

Most general idea: What are different learning

Main idea: What kind of learner are you?

1st point

Whats one reason you know youre a (visual,

auditory, kinesthetic) learner?

2nd point

Whats a second reason you know youre a

(visual, auditory, kinesthetic) learner?

Reason: Take advantage of

communicating with other people
Examples: I am learning different ways to
deal with more environment.
Reason:I am a talkative person.
Examples:I do not worry about making

3rd point

Whats a third reason you know youre a

(visual, auditory, kinesthetic) learner?

Reason:To get the knowledge we do not

get from books and classroom.
Examples:Take advantages of others
strengths by making conversation.


How does your learning style relate to other

activities in your life?

Visual learning and auditory learning need

to include in kinesthetic learning.

Evaluation Scheme: This assignment is worth 1% of your final grade (plus 1% for rewrites or your
Content and Organization: Your reflection fits the assignment. It begins
with introductory sentences, presents three reasons and specific
examples, and has a good conclusion. The content is original and
interesting and the ideas are presented in a logical order.
Language: correct grammar, good range of sentence structures and
vocabulary, effective use of connecting words

Mechanics: correct spelling, punctuation, capitalization

Format: typed, double spaced, 12-point font, name and date in top right
corner, title centred at top of page




Intermediate RWV
M. Prazuch/F14; adapted Fall 2016 A. Bartosik