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4 Travel Policy (revised)

Primary change is to update language to reflect the new per diem

reimbursement policy for meals.
Names of Documents, Definitions and Forms have been updated to reflect
current information and to be consistent with the Employee Reimbursement
Section X.D. - indicates that travel advances are no longer an option.
Expenditure Limits section (1.) - explains the new per diem meal reimbursement,
and references the Employee Reimbursement Policy.
Expenditure Limits section (5.) - refers to "EBCO", as opposed to Vice President.
Expenditure Limits section (6.) - clarifies that reimbursement for personal
calls will only be allowed where there is an additional cost to the employee.

11.1a Food & Beverage Policy (revised)

Under Section X, added subsections A & B

A: The following guidelines apply when using GRCC funds for food
B: The following are limitations for food expenditures related to food

6.24 Drug & Alcohol Policy (revised):

Adding definition of student to section IX. Definitions (which was provided by

Lina Blair)
Added this sentence under X. Procedures:
The College will conduct a Biennial Review, provide a report to Cabinet, and post
the Biennial Review on the College Drug and Alcohol website by the end of each
calendar year.

6.4 Sexual Misconduct Policy: September 2016 Revisions as recommended from

Updated Clery Act Handbook

Section IX-E: Updated Sexual Assault definition to comply with VAWA, per
updated 2016 Clery handbook recommendation. Also incorporates ATIXAsuggested definitions, which are broader than VAWA-required definition.
Section IX-H: Added definition of reasonable person under definition of stalking,
also per Clery recommendation.
Section X-A-1: Specifying that programming is aimed at new
students/employees, as well as ongoing education for all.
Section X-B-1: Clarifying that Title IX coordinator reports Clery information
without including personally identifying information.

Section X-B-2: Clarifying the content of the written documentation we give

reporting students and that protective measures could last throughout duration of
process including going forward as sanction. Clery handbook states we need to
identify specific information we provide in writing, and state details about our
protective measures.
Section X-B-6: Clarifying that investigators and those involved in Title IX process
receive regular training and will not have a conflict of interest in any case where
they are directly involved. Also clarifying parties have equal notice of relevant
meetings and equal access to information provided.
Section X-B-7: Adding language from Clery handbook that complainant and
respondent receive simultaneous notification of result, and will receive notice of
any changes to finding, as well as when finding becomes final.
Section X-B-7 (iv): Added language suggested by Clery handbook that we
separate out and identify possible employee sanctions.