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What is the definition of a world city?

To begin it is a multibillion city but also a cosmopolitan city with a specific

landscape who reflect power. It's a place of political and economic decision and
a major financial center. Finally, a world city is the place where the tertiary
activities are represented and which contains a major transport hub.

Zoom of London:
London is a very large city entered into the world economy and is a decision center
worldwide. She has got a big population: near 13 million people and her superfie: 1572 km.

London is a major hub of mondialization for several reasons:

London is an international hub with several leading multimodal platforms. Indeed, London
has five airports:
Heathrow, the oldest and largest airport. It is a major hub for British Airways, for
example who is an airport company.
Gatwick, second international airport in London.
Stansted, third London airport that primarily provides flights to Western Europe.
Lutton, specializing in airport Low cost flying situated in Greater London
London City Airport, in the heart of London, integrated into the global
communications system for business flights principally. The proximity to the City,
Docklands and London Bridge Quarter give him an advantage in this area.
The ZIP at the mouth of the Thames gives to London an access along the Northern Range
(the busiest shipping roads in the world).
More over, the Eurostar provides access to the rest of Europe

Cultural place:
London is also a cultural city. The importance of
the Anglo-Saxon world with English as the
international language. Events and cultural trends
London is transmit grace to the English.
In London there are museum that brings together
art collections around the world, like the British
Museum or the National Gallery. In contemporary art
or music creation, London maintains a global reach.
In the field of sports, the city is at the forefront of
the media with the 2012 Olympics.

Political and diplomatic functions: Birmingham palace and Westminster Abbey, the seat
of parliament and crowning place of kings of England etc.
Economic functions: London is one of the leading financial centers of the world. This
economic function is marked, in the East, by skyscrapers grouped in the City, the CBD
(Central Business District). The business center of the capital and the London Stock
Exchange is the greatest in the world . Economic functions are very important because in GB
we can see that they have lot of social seat.
Intellectual functions: London accounts about thirty universities and at least six
technology parks with great ethnic diversity (migrants etc) and tourism functions (27
millions of tourist/year) with many monuments which reflect the greatest of the Great Britain.
(Tower Bridge, Globe Theater).

Globe Theater

Heathrow airport