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Two-Column Notes


Name: David Jenkins

Class/Subject: Intro to Social Studies

Topic or Chapter
Beyond Personally Responsible

Page #

The Text Says

Notes (key concepts, direct quotes, etc.)

I Say
My notes, commentary

Schools are the primary vehicle for civic education,

where the goal is to help young people acquire and
learn to use the skills, knowledge, and attitudes that
will prepare them to be competent and responsible
citizens throughout their lives (CIRCLE, 2003: 6).

This ties into what we learned from why teach social

studies. Its about us doing the job to help prepare them to
be proper citizens and take part in the goings on in their

The companion question of What are the qualities of

a good citizen? yielded responses that were
inconsistent with the high rank teachers placed on the
citizenship purpose of social studies.


Involvement was characterized by attention to issues

in the local community and beyond. Their concern
was not communicating what they knew to students,
but rather helping them gain a broader understanding
of perspectives uncommon to them
This study shows that teachers conceptualizations of
citizenship education can have a tremendous impact
on the sorts of citizenship learning experiences
students receive, and that these conceptualizations
may pose barriers to effective social studies teaching
This news can be taken as good or bad.

This I think shows diversity amongst teachers in what is

important to being a good citizen. I do not believe this is a
bad thing because intellectual diversity is extremely
important. Why kids hate Social Studies can also be
rebutted with this information as it can be used to show how
kids need to be aware as citizens.
When it comes to helping students gain a broader content I
think this is extremely important because it helps people
open their minds. This makes me think I would register well
in the participatory group, that said the other groups have
their point.
This fits well into the point Ive been making with my notes
and concepts up to this point, how we teach has tremendous
effect on our students and how well adjusted they are to the
world we live in.


What I mean is it is good that teachers have a set way of

approaching a class, and I believe that if you blend these
you have a formula for success. It is when we bend too hard


to one extreme or another that we run into trouble.

Dopen, Frans, Thomas Misco, and Nancy Patterson.
Beyond personally responsible: A study of teacher
conceptualizations of citizenship education. Education,
Citizenship and Social Justice. 2012, pp. 191-206.