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Republic ofthe Philippines

City of Muntinlupa


I, HANS ANTON TAN, of legal age, l<ilipino, an inmate in the New
Bilibid Prisons with no. N21-P-1320, after having been sworn in

accordance with law, do hereby depose and say the following:

1. I am serving a life sentence in the NBP for the crime of Murder. I
have been here for the last six (6) years, since 2010. Before that, I
was detained in Quezon City jail since 2001 until my transfer to the
. I am a member of the Sigue-Sigue Commando group under the
leadership ofJAYBEE SEBASTIAN.
I met JOSE ADRIAN DERA, known to us as "]AD", in the afternoon of
December 15, 2014 - the day the N81 raided the NBP Maximum
Security and took nineteen [19) inmates. JAD called me in the
afternoon through a common friend. He introduced himself as a
nephew and close-in security of Secretary LEILA DE LIMA. I declined
the phone call.
About ten (10) months after (October 2015) when I got transferred
to Building 14, he re-established contact with me. This time, he told
me he is now connected with NCRPO-RAID (National Capital
Regional Police Ofce Regional AntiIllegal Drugs) under GEN.
PAGDILAO. He came to visit me a couple of times and I was able to
introduce him to PETER C0 and IAYBEE SEBASTIAN.
Sometime of March 25, 2016, PETER CO was visited by his niece and
nieces husband. After the couple left, we received a phone call
saying they are under the custody of NCRPO-RAID. They claim that
though no evidence was recovered, a test-buy has come out positive.
At first, they were demanding Five Million Pesos (P5,000,000.00). I
spoke to the man on the phone and told him we don't have that
much money, since PETER C0 cannot speak or understand Tagalog
They threatened to le charges against the couple and their
IOSE ADRIAN DERA happened to call me and I remember he is with
the group so I asked for his help. We haggled on the phone later that
day. He called us and said that the group agreed to One Million Pesos
(P1,000,000.00). PETER told IAD, through me, to pick up the said
amount in one ofthe popular casinos in Metro Manila and to deliver
it to the alleged group to buy the freedom of PETER's niece and
husband plus that of their companions, which IAD did successfully.
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Later on, I found out that PETER also gave JAD another One Million
Pesos (P1,000,000.00) for some other reason. In total, I found out
that PETER has given JAD around Five Million Pesos
[P5,000,000.00) throughout the entire time until the senatorial


We lost contact with JAD just right after the election. Now, JAD is
reported to be with Senator LEILA DE LIMA as her personal security


Record ofJAD coming to see me in NBP Building 14 has been found.

PETER likewise has proof of IAD claiming the amount of One Million
Pesos (P1,000,000.00) in one of the popular casinos in Metro
Manila, as well as the deposit slip of the said amount to IAD's

10. I also helped IAD to acquire ve [5) kilograms of Shabu during the
entire campaign period.

I i, I am executing this afdavit to attest to the truthfulness and veracity

of the foregoing facts and circumstances.

IN TESTIMONY HEREOF, I hereunto afxed my signature this _th

day of September 2016 in the New Bilibid Prisons, Bureau of Corrections,
Muntinlupa City.


LxfeGMbC/ 2016 in the New Bilibid Prisons, Bureau of Corrections,

Muntinlupa City.

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