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Salem E.

S Al arjani
Rafah, Main St. Sofa branch, 98/24 Palestine/Gaza Strip/Rafah
salem.alarjani@gmail.com 08-2154005 059-7070727

E d u c a t i o n a n d Q u a l i fi c a t i o n s
Mater of Public Health (Mph)2005
Al Quds University- Jerusalem, Palestine

Bachelor of Nursing (BSN) 2001

The Islamic University Gaza (IUG), Palestine

Certifi cate of Secondary school, Scientifi c Branch, 1997

Khaled Al Hassan Secondary School, Gaza, Palestine

Training Of Trainers (TOT) [March, 2011 24 credit Hours]
Small and Medium Enterprise Business Training Programme (SMET UNRWA)
Statistical Package of Social Science SPSS [May, 2010 21 Credit Hours]
Small and Medium Enterprise Business Training Programme (SMET UNRWA)
Project Management [November, 2009 December, 2009 60 Credit Hours]
Small and Medium Enterprise Business Training Programme (SMET UNRWA)
Financial Management & Budgeting [November, 2010 40 credit Hours]
Palestinian Physiotherapy Association & development pioneers
Strategic Planning [October, 2009 November, 2009 80 Credit Hours]
Gaza Sustainable development Institute
Open learning and Electronic learning [2012-12 credit hours]
Al Quds Open University Continuing Education Center

Employment History

Academic supervisor [2006-2010]

Al Quds Open University Rafah Educational Region
Academic supervisor [2006-2010]

Al Azhar University -Gaza

Training supervisor [Part time] [2009 2012]
Al Quds Open University Middle area Educational Region
Project Manager [Full time] [2003 2009]
Nussirat Rehabilitation and Social Training
Training Manager [Part Time] [2009 2011]
Nussirat Rehabilitation and Social Training
Mental Health and psychosocial Specialist [Part time] [2007 2010]
AFAQ association for community development
Social Worker supervisor [Full time] [2009 2011]
Palestinian Organization for development POFD

Computer skills

MS Office
Surveysystem V. 10

Data management
Excel Spread Sheets

Internet applications

Email and social media

Data analysis using SPSS program

Data interpretation and discussion
Scientific Paper writing

other skills

Research and methodology skills

Training skills
Projects and reports writing skills
Projects monitoring and evaluation

Tr a i n i n g P r o g r a m s a n d w o r k s h o p

Active learning
Computerized interactive learning
Data collection procedures
Best hygiene practices
Research methods and methodology
Sampling procedures
Skills of evaluation and monitoring
Skills of diction and speech
Skills of presentation
Skills of Health education
Food and water safety
Caring of elderly people

Training 20hr/4 days

Training 30/ 5 days
Training 7 days
Training 15hr/3days
Training 15hr/ 3days

Worki ng w ith pro jec ts:

Support to the rehabilitation of the psychological and social conditions of the
children and the families affected by the violence in Gaza , 12/2010-05/2011
Trainer and external Evaluator
Disabled needs and requirements (surveys) , 2009
Data collector supervisor
Conditions of deaf children and their needs for hearing aids, 2009
Team leader for rapid assessment
Health Promotion and Safety for CP children (outreach program), 2008
Health educator

Conferences attended
Islamic University conference [24-25 April, 2007]
Conference title: "Nursing between theory and practice"
Participation title: Coping strategies among traumatized children who experienced
father loss
B i r z e i t U n i v e r s i t y c o n f e r e n c e [ 7 - 8 J a n u a r y, 2 0 0 9 ]
Conference title: Academic Research; "achievements and challenges"
Participation title: Palestinian Academic Research

Al arjani, S., Thabet, A. and Vostanis, P. (2008). Coping strategies of traumatized children
lost their father in the current conflict. Arabpsynet Journal,5 (18-19):226-232.
Farajallah, A.M., and Al arjani, S.E. (2012): The Impact of using "Active Learning" At the
Achievement of the Sixth Primary Grade Female Students in Geometry. International
Journal of Computer Applications 47(2):31-42.
Farrajallah, A.M. and Al arjani, S.E (2012): The Obstacles of using Computerized
Interactive Learning in the Teaching of Mathematics from the Teachers' Perspective at
UNRWA Schools in Gaza Strip Governorates. International Journal of Computer
Applications 52(3):43-51

Valid Palestinian driving licence.
Re f e re n c e s a v a i l a b l e u p o n re q u e s t .