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Susan Bingham, Instructor

Syllabus and Information for 2016-17


Overview Letter
Course Syllabus
Attendance Policies
Lab Safety Information
Acknowledgement Form and Email Authorization

A. P. Chemistry 2016-17

Oakton High School

2900 Sutton Road
Vienna, VA 22181-6109
September 6, 2016
Dear Parents/Guardians:
I welcome your child to my AP Chemistry class this year. I look forward to a year during which the students
will achieve their full potentials in learning and understanding the principles of chemistry through the
textbook, lectures, class discussions, laboratory work, and supplemental materials.
Attached is a packet of information on safety and administrative matters for you and your child. Please read
it over and discuss it with your child, with special attention to the lab safety requirements and policies on
grading and attendance. After you have reviewed the information with your child, please sign the
sheet on the last page. Your signature assures me that you and your child have read and
understand the lab safety procedures as well as other policies in this packet.
I will be using Blackboard at the FCPS website (click on 24/7) to communicate assignments and
expectations. There students will find the course syllabus, which shows the topics we will cover to prepare
for the AP Exam to be given in May, a homework outline that includes problem sets for each chapter that we
cover, all lecture notes in PowerPoint format, and various lab activities.
I would also encourage you to stay apprised of your childs progress in my course by accessing ParentVue.
More information on ParentVue can be found on Oaktons website. I will post grades to the electronic
gradebook within seven school days after the due date with the understanding that major projects/tests may
require additional time to ensure quality feedback.
Students who need help beyond what is given during class time will find me available during all Cougar
Times and after school on Mondays and Wednesdays. The late bus day will be on Wednesdays. I
encourage you to email me with questions or concerns about your child. My email address is
Together we will give your child the guidance he or she needs for success in the course.

Susan Bingham
AP Chemistry Teacher
A. P. Chemistry 2016-17

Please dont forget to sign the Acknowledgement Form and return it

to me after you and your child have reviewed the information in this
packet. Thank you.

A. P. Chemistry 2016-17

AP Chemistry Course Syllabus

Course Description:
Advanced Placement Chemistry represents a full year (two semesters) of college chemistry. The purpose of this
course is to prepare students to take the Advanced Placement examination, for which college credit and/or
placement may be given if a qualifying score is achieved. Advanced Placement Chemistry is a second-level,
laboratory-centered course that provides an opportunity for students to undertake a more comprehensive
investigation at a level above Chemistry 1. It is designed for students who have completed a core science curriculum
and are now ready to pursue more advanced and specialized studies.
A detailed course and exam description from the College Board can be found here:
Expectations for the students:
1. Attend class regularly.
2. Practice courteous classroom conduct by arriving on time and listening quietly when others are speaking.
3. Contribute actively in class, especially when working in groups.
4. Conscientiously attempt to work all problems and check your work using the teacher or solution manual.
5. Keep an open line of communication with the teacher and other students.
6. Abide by the honor code.
Chemistry by Brown & Lemay, 12th edition. ISBN-10: 0132175088

Course Outline: (chapters grouped together by testing schedule)

1, 2, 3
Introduction: Matter and Measurement, Atoms, Molecules, & Ions, and Stoichiometry
Reactions in Aqueous Solution
10, 15
Gases and Chemical Equilibrium
5, 19
Thermochemistry and Chemical Thermodynamics
6, 7
Electronic Structure of Atoms and Periodic Properties of the Elements
8, 9
Basic Concepts of Chemical Bonding and Molecular Geometry and Bonding Theories
11, 12, 13
Liquids and Intermolecular Forces, Solids and Modern Materials, and Properties of
Chemical Kinetics
16, 17
Acid-Base Equilibria and Additional Aspects of Aqueous Equilibria
Nuclear Chemistry
AP Exam Review
AP Exam
Monday May 1 @ 8:00 AM
The Chemistry of Life: Organic and Biological Chemistry

A. P. Chemistry 2016-17

A. P. Chemistry 2016-17

A. P. Chemistry
Grading Policies

Grades will be based upon the FCPS grading system is as follows:






below 64


Grades will be based on the following work: (Point values are approximations)
Homework & Classwork

5-35 points


10-50 points


60-75 points


Every chapter will have a problem set that will be due the class period after we finish lecture on that
topic. Late homework will be accepted for up to 75% credit if it is turned in before the test for that


A lab will be done for every chapter or group of chapters. Students will answer pre-lab questions before
each lab, and understanding of the lab topics and calculations will be assessed through a lab quiz given
after each lab. On occasion, students will turn in a lab packet in lieu of a lab quiz. Lab packets will be
accepted late for up to 75% credit if it is turned in before graded labs have been returned to the class,
which is generally 7-10 days after the lab has been performed.


A test will be given for each chapter or group of chapters indicated above and all tests can include
questions from previously covered material. Just like the AP exam, all tests include a multiple choice
section and a free-response section.

C. After every test, students will be offered a reassessment opportunity to demonstrate mastery of the
material. The reassessment will be 30 multiple choice questions, some of which will be taken from
the original test while others will be new questions. Students are eligible to take the reassessment
IF the student has signed up for a time slot during a Cougar Time (reassessments will only be
offered during Cougar Time). Sign-ups will be done via a Google Form with the link posted on
Blackboard. Students have three weeks from the original test date to complete the reassessment.

A. P. Chemistry 2016-17

D. The final grade for the course will be determined from an average of the percentages earned for
each quarter and on the final exam. Each quarter will be worth 20% toward the final grade, and the
final exam will be worth 20% as well.


For successful completion of the course, a 1.0 boost will be added to the final grade. The 1.0
is NOT reflected on the report card (transcript); it is only used in calculating overall GPA. Also, the
student will only receive the 1.0 boost IF the student sits for the AP exam at the end of the year.

A. P. Chemistry 2016-17

Making up missed work due to an absence:

1. It is the students responsibility to inquire about work missed and to make arrangements for make-up work.
2. Any kind of work (classwork, lab, test, etc.) missed during an unexcused absence CANNOT be made up
and will be counted as a DNS (Did Not Submit) in the gradebook.
3. If a homework assignment was due on the day of an excused absence, the homework assignment is due
the next time the student is in class.
4. If a lab activity is performed on the day of an excused absence, arrangements need to be made with the
teacher about collecting data. If a lab quiz is given on the day of an excused absence, the quiz will be
taken on the day of return.
5. If a test was given during an excused absence, it is the students responsibility to make arrangements with
the teacher about a time for making up the test.

General Information:
1. All notes are in PowerPoint format and are posted on Blackboard. Students should print the notes out
before class.
2. Any serious breach of the lab safety rules will result in expulsion from the lab and a grade of a DNS for that
3. Each student should bring the textbook and a scientific calculator to class every day.
4. All lectures have been filmed and can be found at the following site:

SiS Parent & Student Accounts: We encourage parents to stay apprised of their childrens progress in each course by

accessing SiS Parent Accounts and SiS Student Accounts. More information on SiS Accounts can be found on
Oaktons website. Please note that all teachers will post grades to the electronic gradebook within seven school days
after the due date with the understanding that major projects/papers may require additional time to ensure quality

A. P. Chemistry 2016-17

Oakton High School Honor Code Mission Statement

Oakton High School strives to be recognized as a school of honor. Students, teachers, staff and parents uphold high
moral values focused upon fostering a love of learning and pride in individual accomplishment. Oakton students will
gain an understanding that giving their word has real meaning. To avoid compromising their values of integrity and
honesty, students recognize the importance of communication with their teachers.
Oakton students know not to:

Use unauthorized study aids during a test.

Use unauthorized digital/electrical devices (i.e. cell phone, cameras, etc) during assessment activity.

Copy another students work (i.e. test, quiz, homework, paper) without authorization.

Deliberately allow another student to copy their work.

Give or receive signals during a test.

Coerce another student to provide unauthorized help.

Take or copy the test key and use the key.

Steal intellectual property.

Students will:
Support one another in the learning process, but not during individual assessments or on individually graded
Utilize a range of sources to broaden their knowledge and properly credit sources used.
Communicate honestly with faculty and staff.
Respect the intellectual property of others.
Understand and follow the Honor Code as well as individual teacher guidelines.
Be familiar with the consequences resulting from Honor Code infractions.

Honor Pledge
Integrity far outweighs any grade I could receive because it is a true representation of my character. In order to
respect myself, I pledge to only put forth work that is my own and will encourage my peers to do the same.


A. P. Chemistry 2016-17

Acknowledgement Form
Student Name _____Xingyao Gong___________________

Period ___6_

We have reviewed and understand the syllabus, grading policy, classroom procedures, and student
safety contract for A.P. Chemistry.
Parent signature ____________________________________ Date _____________________
Student signature ___________________________________ Date _____________________

Contact Authorization
The Science Department would like to encourage you to remain involved in your students
education by communicating with us anytime you have questions or concerns.
Our policy is to try to contact you within 48 hours of receiving notification from you.

Parent/Guardian 1

Parent/Guardian 2

Name: Xiaofang Zhen

Name: Shaw Yu

E-mail zhenxf1@163.com

Phone-Home 703-9382068
E-mail jennyxzhen@yahoo.com

Parents: Please indicate by checking your preference describing how you wish to be
contacted regarding your childs progress:
I prefer to receive email updates about my child

I prefer to be contacted about my child by phone

A. P. Chemistry 2016-17