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Sept. 2016

Independent Fundamental Baptist Missionaries in the Philippines

Sent by Mt. Zion Baptist Church, Brogue, PA | for the latest contact info visit the about us tab at hardecker.com
Praise Reports:
Praise God for granting us safe travels to the Philippines. The flight was long and arduous, but we safely
arrived in the Manila Ninoy International Airport,
and immediately got all of our luggage in no time.
Praise the Lord for a wonderful sending service from
our home church, Mt. Zion Baptist Church, Brogue,
PA. Their outpouring of love and prayers was a huge
encouragement to my family and me. Along with my
sending church, we also thank the Lord for the many
friends that were able to attend our sending service.
We want to praise and thank the Lord for my parents taking us into their home while we are shaking
off jet-lag (fun with two little boys), adjusting to the
climate and culture, and as we are searching for
housing in the Metro Manila area (Taguig/Makati).
Praise the Lord for opportunities to plant the Gospel
seed. W.T. has been working on Grandma Hardecker
He has been talking to her about how to get saved &
that she needs to get saved. Marcia has been able to
witness to my younger brother, Mickey. I have been
trying to share the gospel with my new friend, Angel,
the FedEx delivery man.
Praise God I was able to preach for the Shepherds
Independent Baptist Church in my hometown Angeles City. It is a blessing to re-connect with them.
Prayer Requests:

Pray for souls to be saved. Particularly my mom, my

younger brother, and for Angel.

Pray for wisdom as we are search for the right house

in Taguig/Makati.

Pray for a building or space that we can rent as we

will commence our first term as missionaries.

Pray for my dual citizenship petition to be received.

A Special Sending Service at Mt. Zion Baptist Church

We are humbled by the way our church family took such great
care of our family during our brief interim between staying in the U.S. and
leaving for the Philippines. We were blessed to be housed in our churchs
lovely guest-house. It takes a lot of work to clean and maintain such a
wonderful place and the Mt. Zion workers are up to the task. We also
received a huge love offering which aided us with our passage funds. The
sacrifices of our partners in ministry is greatly appreciated and is not taken
for granted. The sending service was loaded with spiritual blessings of
prayers and preaching, as well as a farewell gala with friends and family.

Adventures of the Trip

Whenever you take a airplane ride, people always ask, Was it a
good flight? I always say, Anytime the plane lands it is a great flight.
During the boarding of our first flight, I lost my wallet (yep, theres just
nothing in the world like that). My wallet is still lost. Thankfully, my replacement cards came in via FedEx and my drivers license is on its way.
This event drove me to depend more upon the Lord. I got to meet our
FedEx delivery man, Angel. He professes to be a Christian, but in conversation with him I can tell that the Lord is the farthest thing from his mind.
He is from my hometown of Angeles City. Please pray that he would accept my invitation to come to Shepherds Independent Baptist Church or
that I would have more opportunities to speak with him.

The Need is Great but our God is Greater

The Philippines has an estimated population of 100 million people (from the 2010 census). The city that we are targeting has 530,000
people, and the city where we are desiring to live has 600,000. We can see
the need is great, but we know that our God is greater than all the needs.

Sending Church:

Mission Funds:

Contact Information:

Relevant Dates and Info:

Mt. Zion Baptist Church

Central Missionary

Bill & Marcia Hardecker

Bill (01/10) & Marcia (09/30)

Pastor Chris Starr


17-A Magsaysay St.

Anniversary (06/15/04)

48 Muddy Creek Forks Road

P.O. Box 219228

Plaridel 1, Angeles City

W.T. (09/14/10)

Brogue, PA 17309-9400

Houston, TX 77218-9228

2009, Pampanga

Joe (12/28/12)

(717) 927-9227

(800) 262-7729





Email: hardecker@gmail.com
Skype #: (717) 862-8921
Twitter: @hardecker