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Migration to HANA made easy with DMO

This document explains the DMO (Database Migration option) and describes
the procedure for upgrading and Migrating your SAP NetWeaver BW system to HANA
DB. Here in this case the screenshots are taken in the process of migrating an NW
BW 7.30 system running on Oracle DB to NW BW 7.40 release running on HANA DB.
DMO Intro
DMO is an option of SUM (Software Update Manager) for a combined update
and migration: update an existing SAP system to a higher Software Release and
migrate to SAP HANA database. The procedure is only available for systems based
on AS ABAP, hence the executable SAPup is used in background. DMO migrates
from an existing relational database type (anyDB) to SAP HANA. Software Update
Manager (SUM) is the tool for system maintenance: Release upgrades, EHP
implementation, applying SP stacks.

The SAP system has to be a single ABAP stack, so a dual-stack split may be
required before.

For non-unicode systems, the procedure will include a Unicode-conversion

which is planned to be implemented in SUM1.0 SP10.

Source system release has to be based on SAP NetWeaver 7.0 SP17 or


Target system release has to be based on SAP NetWeaver 7.31 (or higher).

Regarding the source database, all versions listed in the PAM of the source
release are supported.

Regarding the operating system, all version listed in the PAM of the target
release are supported.

SAP First Guidance - Migration BW on HANA using the DMO option in

Related SAP Notes
SAP Note 1799545: Conditions for using database migration option of SUM

SAP Note 1813548: Database migration option (DMO) for Software Update Manager
Overview of Steps involved in the process
1. Install SAP Host Agent
2. Start DMO option of SUM
3. Run as per the SUM roadmap steps.
Below is the step by step screenshot of the DMO flow to Upgrade and Migrate your
system to HDB. First extract the SAP Host Agent sar file

Install it as below and configure the host agent

The DMO UI needs to be started as below. On the OS level command prompt


On your client or in the OS, invoke the DMO UI by using the URL as below.
Login using sidadm user and password

The Initial screen asks for stack.xml file which was generated from your MOPZ
transaction in the Solution Manager.

The rest of the screens of the DMO procedure are all self-explanatory and provides
enough information for the consultant to carry out the migration process

Most of the screens are self explanatory and resembles the usual migration

In the above screen, the option of Migration to HANA DB is available.

The Upgrade and Migration of the system to new release of NW 7.40 running in
HANA DB is completed now. DMO process offers intersting features like estimation
of time to complete, Errors and Infos, the individual list of steps in each phases of
the Migration procedure. The screenshots of these features will be uploaded in the
next version of the document.